2003 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.


Come relax in the cool shade of our garden. The Black Rock City Municipal Utilities District (BRCMUD) will take its neighbours’ greywater, clean it, and use it to grow plants in the desert.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA


Come discover yourself beyond your current belief of who you are and where you are. You will thank yourself.

URL: http://www.beyondthemachine.orgHometown: Ashland, OR

Barter Bob's Forgotten Supplies

Tent stakes, pots & pans, cups, glasses, shampoo, hardware, towels, books, blankets, sunglasses, art supplies, etc. Bring your extra stuff to share with those in need. Barter Bob, and Wendy Bob are here to help.

Hometown: Houston, TX

Beauty and Truth Lab

PRONOIA is the opposite of PARANOIA: It’s the realization that all of creation is conspiring to give you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. At the Beauty and Truth Lab, we offer EXTREME PRONOIA THERAPY: 888 clues to becoming a lyrically logical, aggressively sensitive, ironically sincere, ingeniously loving, radically curious, wildly disciplined, mysteriously truthful, teasingly healing, fiercely tender, blasphemously reverent, lustfully compassionate, eternally changing Master of Rowdy Bliss.

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Belief Relief Camp

Join our daily Belief swap-meet and nightly burn. Post yours for all to see, borrow, or scorn. Try someone else’s on for size. (Want to believe in supply-side economics for a day?) Too toxic for world health, then join the nightly kneel on the prophet’s quilt, burn that sucker, and exit, cleansed, through the Turnstile of Heavenly Relief.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Benevolence by Moonlight

Hometown: Ventura, CA

Better Fun

Come discover a Better Fun way of living! Confess your sins in the Church of Better Fun, barter for services from one of our Holy Whores, or spend your evening making your rockstar debut on our Kostume Karaoke stage: you provide the talent (or lack thereof) and we provide the outfits and entourage.

Hometown: Alameda, CA

Beyond Beauty

Alpine Butterfly Lodge brings you Beyond Beauty, a camp offering a beauty parlor, altar, and ideas cave to provide relaxation, beatification, and guidance through ritual body art, exfoliation, hair plaiting, massage, nail painting, meditation, confessions, and ideas swapping. We will be hosting ballroom dances to allow expression of yourself and celebration of your body, along with bodycentric relaxation, admiration, and exercise.

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Beyond the Catwalk

Wanna be a high fashion super model? Come to Beyond the Catwalk where fashion designers and hair and make up artists will find the look that is just right for you. The fashion show will feature the best in burning man attire, anything and everything that is beyond what you believe of fashion. Champagne party to follow.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Beyond The Dead (aka The Dead Sea)

Deconstructing Black Peter’s notions about this mortality or the lack of immortality. Without any dogma.

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Beyond the Golden Door

Enter Beyond the Golden Door. Experience staged settings in spiritual adventures of emergence, transformation, liberation, and enlightenment through the guidance of a fortune cookie.

Hometown: Nevada City, CA

Big Bang!

TEARDROP art installation
Take it all the way back to the beginning. How did we get here, anyway?

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Big Puffy Yellow Camp

There will be a Full Moon this year on the playa!!! Visit BPYC during the day and worship our Daily Diety, play with our theramin and give Big Puffy a hug! By night we will shed light, as a beacon, upon all of those seeking.

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Big Tribe At Big Bang Village

A Big Tribe at Big Bang Village and our eclectic members from all over the world are returning again with our courtyard of time. New members are always welcome and guests are encouraged to stop in for a cocktail in our western saloon, a burger or ice cream in our 50s diner, a soothing massage, dancing, live entertainment, PROM party, a ride on our dinosaur slide, a looksy at the stars through our telescope, participation in numerous zany games, or just for some friendly chat.

Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA


Our Mission: To boldly glow where no one has glown before!

URL: http://sulli.org/bm_2003/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Black Rock Body Painters Guild

Body painting by artists, airbrush and paint brush. Other artists with equipment welcome to paint in the camp.

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Black Rock Bookmobile

Black Rock Bookmobile, your Friendly Neighborhood Bookies! We remind you to Burn The Man, not the Books!!! Librarians; Rolin & Shyvonne Stutes. The books are FREE. No fees, no cards, no Fines! Where the Expiration is always Eternity…

Hometown: Washoe Valley, NV

Black Rock Boutique

Come on down to the BLACK ROCK BOUTIQUE and let our fashion consultants slip you into something a little more questionable… costuming your sweet ass for maximum fashion satisfaction. Oooh, don’t you look hot- grace us with your presence at STRUT YOUR STUFF, a nightly interactive runway show where YOU are the STAR.

URL: http://www.blackrockboutique.comHometown: Portland, OR

Black Rock Burner Hostel

URL: http://www.blackrockburnerhostel.comHometown: Sparks, NV

Black Rock City Black Light Body Paint Shop

We hope you will stop by to play and decorate yourself or your friend with our collection of fluorescent colors, airbrushed temporary tattoos, and a special mystery gel… By day, play with the variety of color that is available and by night, bathe in the glow of black light–we’re sure to have something for your imagination.

Hometown: Golden, CO

Black Rock City Cab Co.

The Black Rock City Cab Co is back for its 4th year! Come see us in the ConGLOMerate Village or hitch a ride on the playa.

Hometown: Winter Garden, FL

Black Rock City Canoe Club

Hungry for jazz or reggae? Tired of techno? Join the Black Rock City Canoe Club. Hungry for food?.Stop by, at the sound of the bell, and eat with us. Hungry for new friends and fun? Play chess, backgammon or chat. Hungry for spiritual enlightenment? Forget it! We are lost souls searching the earth for physical pleasures and stimulation. Instant gratification and enjoyment!

Hometown: Logan, UT

Black Rock City Lockout Team (Locksmiths)

We get you back into your car after you are locked out. Meet us in center camp near Playa Info and we will be there to save your day! Key Care Tips: Bring spare keys (especially for rentals), leave keys in camp, and turn in found keys to Playa Info.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Black Rock City Salon

Patterned after the Paris Salons of the early 20th century, the Black Rock City Salon is a meeting place that will host intimate, intelligent and creative conversations on specific topics related to Beyond Belief and Burning Man. All conversations will be recorded and a permanent transcript will be available for the Burning Man archive and participants who request such. Many magical things will happen in this space…

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Black Rock City Wedding Chapel

The Black Rock City Wedding Chapel performs unique no-cost weddings under a beautifully decorated canopy. Real weddings conducted by prior arrangement only.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Black Rock Country Club

Hometown: Reno, NV

Black Rock Gazette

The Black Rock Gazette (BRG) is the only newspaper written, produced and distributed daily in Black Rock City during Burning Man by volunteer participants. The BRG serves the citizens of Black Rock City with the news, sights, drama, poetry, satire and chronicles of our community. We endeavor not only to educate, inform and entertain, but also to seed and inspire the community of which we are part.

Hometown: Hayward, CA

Black Rock Hotel & Casino

The best of all worlds… in the center of it all.

The Black Rock Hotel & Casino is a luxury destination resort, conveniently located in Black Rock City, Nevada. Our guests enjoy the understated elegance of our exceptional facilities and service, as well as the rich cultural opportunities that abound just outside our entrance.

Facilities include a spa, lush garden pool, wedding chapel, funeral parlor, grand lobby, 24 hour concierge, valet art car parking, and of course state-of-the-art Bingo and other games. Look for our grand opening in late August, 2003.

– A subsidiary of Central Services.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Black Rock Montessori

PARADOX LOUNGE presents Black Rock Montessori / Back to School.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Black Rock Paper

Turn your old paper, cardboard and fabric into works of useful art.

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Black Rock Park

Black Rock Park. Come rest your tired dogs on our real grass while you sip one of our cool beverages.

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Black Rock Real Estate

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own parcel of land? Have you felt like you’re ready to settle down and really put some roots down into the playa? Well then you need to head on over to Black Rock Real Estate where we’ll apraise, deed and then mortgage your property up to your eyeballs. Just think of the sense of pride you’ll have when you finally have that piece of paper that says I own this here dirt!

URL: http://blackrockrealestate.tripod.comHometown: San Jose, CA

Blacklight Graffiti Wall

Anyone can come and be a part of creating the Blacklight Graffiti Wall. Flaggers are invited and encouraged!

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

bLinKiNgmAn cAmp - DRAgnEt

oncE again blinkingman camp will present a giant joe friday from dragnet for you to stop by and get interrogated in a no holds barred ‘police’ grilling… graB the mike drop the bike, i know you will like the time you spend retorting, cavorting and sporting your creativity as you cower from his hard hitting questions, watch some wacky video, check out our blinkingman suits by night, and go out and visit our PHenceFish out on the perimeter fence…

URL: http://blinkingmancamp.comHometown: Manhattan Beach, CA


Bliss will offer citizens of BRC an interactive ritual experience. We are pleased to be able to create altars for each of the four directions, honouring their associated elements, colours and aspects. Please join us at Bliss during your magical journey to participate in the altar activities, have your cards read, or to share your magic, music or meditation with others. Blissed be!

Hometown: Victoria, BC

Blue Oasis

Hometown: Concord, CA


The Bluehouse Collective holds that the conditions under which we live and labor in an information age society are the product of human artifice. The constructed nature of our world allows for the possibility of different interpretations as well as distinct practices. Members of the Bluehouse Collective hold that it is their inalienable right to actively participate in building the society of which they are citizens. We support active thinking and involvement in our individual and collective lives to bring about a dialectic of action and reflection to serve as a catalyst for growth and improvement. The collective seeks to expose the current mechanisms that structure our lives so that we may challenge, modify, improve or affirm. We seek to ensure that each of us exists in a society responsive to and supportive of our individually directed lives within the collective whole.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Boditch Navagational Database

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Body Hair Barber Shop

The Body Hair Barber Shop is back and we are solar powered! We have new more comfortable chairs and a suction powered pube management system… anything for a cleaner playa.

URL: http://dragondebris.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Borrachos Y Bicicletas

Bicycle Repair, cool people, kinetic sculpture, shade… who could ask for anything more?

URL: http://www.borrachosybicicletas.orgHometown: Concord, CA

BRC Bike Repair & Divinity School

Once again we will thrill and amaze by repairing bicycles using nothing but the junk we found lying around when you went home last year (ok, we’ll also use a cutting torch, and a couple of hammers). If you’re lucky the students in the divinity school will have learnt some manners by the time you need their help.

URL: http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~nigel/brc/Hometown: Springfield, OR

BRCVFD Fire Camp

Fire Camp, the official home of the BRCVFD.

Hometown: Deming, WA

Budgetcamp 3.0

Budgetcamp is the evolution of minimalism and lifestyle suited to the desert experience. Budgetcamp 3.0 attempts to create a spiritual zone where objects and luxury are not necessary. Burn your material possessions and come to budgetcamp for perspective.

URL: http://www.wormhole.org/budgetcampHometown: Eugene, OR

Burning Man Information Radio

Hometown: Orinda, CA

Burning Sky

Visitors are invited to Burning Sky to share the skydiver’s perspective of Black Rock City. Aerial video and stills will be on display and citizens can enter our lottery for a chance to win a ride in our jump plane!

URL: http://www.burningsky.orgHometown: Eloy, AZ

Burning Stars Image Xchange

Dress up, play and release your spirit to the world while I capture a little of you in my box of images. And for playing in my fantasy world, you will walk back out on to the playa with a cool and groovy outfit from our unique Black Rock City boutique and photo studio.

Hometown: Napa, CA

Burning Woman Camp

Home of the Dragon dome, BW camp will house the hottest fire troupe in SoCal…

URL: http://www.tedward.org/village/2003Hometown: Culver, CA