2003 Theme Camps

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Are you having more trouble getting up off the floor than you used to and are you taking more prescription drugs but enjoying them less? Then Geezerville, the focus of BM activity for older postal workers and their guests is the place for you to pass the endless afternoon until it is late enough to go to bed.

Hometown: Carmichael, CA

Genital Portrait Studio

Back by VERY popular demand, particpants of Burning Man ’03 will once again be graced with the Genital Portrait Studio, BRC’s most exciting stop for the nether-parts connoisseur. A plethora of choices await burners in showcasing their beloved bits & pieces including various props, celebrity cutouts, and the ever-popular laminated Genital ID cards, which may be requested for entrance into other select genitalia-friendly camps, or by random playa size queens.

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Get Lost

If you’re here you’re here… if you’re there you’re there… in between… get lost!

Hometown: Kingsbury, TX


Basketball, urban movies, and DJ dancing await you at Ghettopia. Ghettopia is a place where corporation control and societal judgement do not exist. All are welcome to Ghettopia!

Hometown: Sanger, CA


Glittercamp: Naked and shining as nature intended!
Glitter Glitter Everywhere!
On our bellies and pubic hair!
Don’t be shy sat over there!
Come, boys or girls, round or thin
The glitter’s warm, jump on in!
There’s plenty more here to share!
We’ll rub you down – we don’t care!

Because we can.
Because everyone is beautiful,
Especially in GLITTER.

URL: http://www.gigsville.orgHometown: Davis, CA

Glowball of Happiness

Visit our Glowball of Happiness, an interactive exhibit where your movements control the color of our Magic Glowball and your own destiny. Experience Glowballization tonight! Interact with our Sphere of Influence. You Have The Power!

Hometown: Newark, CA

Green Fairy Bar Camp

Learn how to make homemade absinthe, and then bring something to barter for a drink at the Green Fairy Bar.

Hometown: Ventura, CA

Green Penis

Male fertility ritchul… free facials

Hometown: Federal Way, WA

Green Tortoise Camp

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Greeters Camp

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


GroovePharm, come shake your butt, and surround yourself in beautiful visuals as you groove to our funky beats.

Hometown: Austin, TX

Group W

Hometown: Bay Point, CA

Gypsy Witch Farm Camp

Gypsy Witch Farm Girl Camp, Meditation, Catering to First Time Burners or those who come alone. Fire – Fire!

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Gyrational Bliss Asylum

Gyrational Bliss Asylum is a day spa, providing foot washes, manicures, pedicures, tarot card readings, massage, energy treatments, and spankings. Hang-out in our Asylum of Bliss or our hammock chill structure.

URL: http://www.std.org/hotdHometown: Sun Valley, CA