2003 Theme Camps

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DaguerreoDrome. When does the expectation of individuality become it’s own conformity? Can you participate in watching- even yourself? How does Victor Turner’s concept of Liminal Space fit in here? How about Deborah Harry? Discuss.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

DANKA World Experience

Art and film from around the globe. Something to experience and MANY new experiences for everyone.

URL: http://www.deathguild.com/gallery.htmlHometown: McFarland, WI

Department of Tethered Aviation

Come fly with us on Thursday the 28th for the best kite festival of the year!

Hometown: San Geronimo, CA

Detective Dante's

Dante the (Private) Dick! Black Rock City’s only Bureau of Missing Persons. Are you missing? Planning to be? Why not stop by early, so that when those who seek you desperately arrive, you’re already on file.

URL: http://dante.etuttle.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Deviant Liquid Latex Lounge

Paint your Lover in Liquid Rubber at the DEVIANT LIQUID LATEX LOUNGE! Or, find a new lover and paint your Heart-On! Spend the day with us painting bodies, being painted, relaxing, drinking, coming down, chatting, and/or meeting new friends!

Hometown: San Jose, CA


Dharma Darts and Karma Repair: Come visit and play darts, draw/confess on our wall, perform on our stage, decorate your bike, create art, or just chill and enjoy aromatherapy in our shade.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA


Hometown: Wasilla, AK


Got anger? Got something to say? Want to memorialize a loved one? Want to give Karmic justice to that jerk. DirtNapCamp is here to help. Enter our graveyard of tombstones and decorate one of the stones or our new feature scroll-o-tomb. DirtNapCamp will provide paints and markers for your convience. Your inscriptions will be immortalized by the consecating fire of the burning man experience. Brought to you by your hosts @ DirtNapCamp!

Hometown: Sparks, NV

Dirty Dance Club

Adults only Dirty Dance Club opens around eleven. Tuesday get aquatinted, Wednesday Masquerade Ball. Thursday Prom Night, Fetish Friday, Small dance club for couples with select singles being admitted.

Hometown: Lake Forest, CA

Divination of Fire

In the morning we will train you in the fire arts performance, everything from safety to advanced wraps. Come during the day and have your fortune read for you. As the sun sets the fire begins. Fire Arts Collective will be burning up the night.

Hometown: Tracy, CA

Doomocratik Republik of Gigsville

Welcome to the People’s Doomocratic Republik of Gigsville! March with the Revolutionary Party, get wet at the Baath Party, or come start your own peasant uprising!

URL: http://www.gigsville.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Dr. Z's Lounge

Hometown: Chico, CA

Dragons Layer

The TaKillYa will flow, The Dragon will play, and the butiful people will celebrate. LIFE IS TO SHORT NOT TO PARTY WITH US!!!

Hometown: Truckee, CA

Draka Camp

A Reptilian Oasis where sharing food, drink, good spirits and massage will be found in the shade of Draka-the-Dragon’s Lair and under a Mermaid’s Tail.

URL: http://www.drakaarts.orgHometown: Gerlach, NV


Enter the world of the Dreamcatcher where you can explore your past, present and future dreams with the assistance of the Oracle of Dreams, the Dream Web Chair, the Dream Kaleidoscope, the Wheel of Dream Karma, and the Dream Storytelling Corner. Prepare your body for pleasant playa dreamin’ with a massage, vinegar footbath, or dreamy aromatherapy spray and remember your Dreamcatcher experience by getting a T-shirt transfer or an original, handcrafted ceramic dream token. May all your playa dreams come true!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA