2003 Theme Camps

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Valhalla Lounge

Valhalla Lounge, where the gods and goddesses come to playa. We’ll be chillin not killin on the play. Come play, dance and celebrate with us.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Vampire Camp

Hometown: Haifa, CA

Velvet Soulmine

Dissipation Nation’s Velvet Soulmine, a plush, cozy, chill space, will welcome you, body and soul, to relax and explore the tactile fabrics of our Morocan style tent. Join us for the annual rock/paper/scissors tournament, the Vodka party, and body painting during the day. Check the schedule or just stop by and touch.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp

Come be refreshed with yummy caffeinated drinks! Hang out in our shaded bamboo grove while you enjoy your authentic Vietnamese coffee hot or cold.

URL: http://www.noeboys.net/VICCHometown: San Francisco, CA

Virgin Sacrifice

What have you never done? Bring yourself to Virgin Sacrifice for redemption.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Vogon 42

Several dozen huge yellow chunky slablike somethings huge as office blocks, silent as birds, found themselves marooned in Black Rock City. Vogon Constructor Fleet #42 will torture all with Vogon poetry.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

VW Bus Camp

VW Bus Camp is maturing like a fine wine. Join us for our 6th consecutive year. Eclectic bus owners unite, share the nomadic spirit in the Bus Camp Lounge with good food, good drink, and of course our world famous great vibes. (And yes, our water-cooled friends are welcome also).

URL: http://www.vwbuscamp.comHometown: Phoenix, AZ