2003 Theme Camps

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Take away M

Hometown: Nantes, LA

Take the Garlic Challenge

Take the Garlic Challenge! Your eyes will well with tears. Your tongue and mouth will be aflame. Soon your belly may want revenge. But no doubt about it. You are a hell of lot more awake now.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Taosyty: taking Hushville a step further. Both an aural AND visual oasis in a sea of chaos. A village open to anyone with no generators or large sound systems, AND all vehicles will be disguised or covered to avoid the “camping in a parking lot feel”.

URL: http://www.harlanemil.com/taosyty2003.htmlHometown: Taos, NM


Tarwater: Scrabble your brain.

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA


Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Teahouse (the Experience)

Your tinfoil hat is no protection from our mind control rays… you -will- come to Teahouse (the Experience) and drink iced tea with us. You will drink with us. Drink with us…

Hometown: Corvallis, OR

TechnoFartz Camp

Alternative energy for off center people. While in the neighborhood, please visit the Church of the Holey Doughnut.

Hometown: Healdsburg, CA

Temple of Anubus

The temple of anubis will be an interactive camp. Come join us for massage, bodypaint, erotic massage classes and of course, rituals for converting to anubism.

Hometown: Los Banos, CA

Temple of Euphoria

Come visit our Temple Complex. Through various types of performance, playful interaction, and music we explore the connections between human beings, their cultures, the Cosmos, and time.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Temple of Poi

The Temple Of Poi is a community of individuals creating a mutually nurturing environment wherein we can explore balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit through dance, meditation and performance. As we embark on our journey through the study of poi, we will mutually inspire each other to evolve toward realizing Self in expression as poi artists.

URL: http://www.templeofpoi.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Temple of the Ass

Stop by and lend us your rear to help create a shrine worthy of the Gods. The shrine will be constructed using photographs of the human ass. We need all shapes and sizes, and a poloroid camera will be provided. After all: Why worship the Buddah when you can worship the BOOTY!

Hometown: Reno, NV

Temple of The Indifferent

Temple of the Indifferent will hopefully be once again displaying our cosmic indifference to the world and asking others to join in by drawing/painting/writing on rainbow colored WISH FLAGS. And (If all goes as well as we can hope) we will also be ‘broadcasting’ an in-house video projection of this and little interviews and little musical performances on our tiny mobile TV set that is a TV set, the set within the set ‘broadcasting’ live on the playa.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Temple of Twisted Truths

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Beaucoup Bucks Camp

Home of those wacky but loveable New York social climbers and socialites that love burn money as much as they love to spend it! Be sure to drop by for the various events scheduled, including the grand opening of the Legendary Chez Moi Da Mone’ nightclub, The Paparazzi Run, The Money Twirl Off Gym and much more!! The Beaucoup Bucks Camp.. Because it’s Beyond Belief we’re burning all this money!

URL: http://www.geocities.com/quad_princessHometown: Ridgefield Park, NJ

The Blacklight Aquarium

The Cabinet of Dr. Calamari: MEDITATE at the Temple of Reflection. VISIT the mermaid fortune teller and become one yourself. PLAY carnival games in the Midway of Squid.

URL: http://www.blaqua.com/projects/calamari.htmHometown: Folsom, CA

The Bruces' Philosophy Camp

Have a philosophical question you need answered, or simply some intellectual intercourse? Whatever your philosphical needs, The Bruces’ Philosophy Camp is here for you!

Hometown: Portland, OR

The Ca-Cuh Camp

Chilling, Misting, Fudgecicles, Flaming Robots!
Come get your pudding on…only at the Ca-cuh Camp!

Hometown: Hawthorne, CA

The Cartel

The Cartel: Re-discovering what Burning Man is about… Since 1996.

Hometown: Boise, ID

The Celestial Temple

Come join us in the Celestial Temple for music, dancing, crafts and a masque’ de ball Wednesday night. Become a Celestial God or Goddess by creating a mask or annointing yourself with body paint.

Hometown: Reno, NV

The Conglomerate

The Conglomerate returns to Black Rock City for the third year, featuring Sex Farm, Burning Band, Kisses, Tongue, Entomo, Hugs, Girl Camp, Bliss Breast Ranch, Troll Town, Salon du Butt Crack, Taxi, Madame Tushwacker’s Costumer, Massage-o-Rama and Bodypaint, gASSo, and more! Y’all come and join us at Sex Farm’s Squeal Like A Pig Bar for a Naughty Square Dance, ride on the Slippery Pig ride, get your ass branded, and see what else we come up with! Ride the Allah-vator, enjoy all of the automatic ass spankings you can handle at gASSo, or just laze around on the bondage wall. You never know what you will find at THE CONGLOMERATE!

Hometown: Boise, ID

The Cult of Distraction

Stop by The Cult of Distraction for your quintessential Burning Man experience. We have the best of your favorites and are eager to share, from the share bar (Altar of Distraction), Lava Lounge, and COD Club with awesome music and performers to the blacklight Trip Dome, Distraction Challenge 60-second gameshow, and monster Art. This is our Temple where the intrepid can undertake the Rites of Distraction to get a priceless gift, and win cool COD prizes along the way. Or simply stop by to relax and make some new friends at the COD Club, the most intimate and entertaining little nightclub in all of Black Rock City.

URL: http://www.cultofdistraction.org/index.htmlHometown: Kailua, HI

The Disco Jungle Project

Hometown: Watsonville, CA

The Embassy

Join moist bare-butted fairie creatures swaying to the pulsating rhythms of cosmic rainbow vibrations. Transcend a dusty sunbaked reality and enter a phantasmagorical world habitated by geeks, french maids, mimes, trolls, and fools.

Hometown: Eugene, OR

The Far Out Forest

Come frolic in the far out forest with the flamingkids from the north, and experience many far out things happening on a daily basis for you to be dazzled with, including a 5 day horn making workshop (Its our goal to make you all horny this year).

Hometown: Calgary, AB

The G-Spot

You may have found The G-spot, a Bemusement Park for your pleasure! Come join us for a cold beverage, an interactive day at our playground, and an opportunity to fufill the quest for the mystical G-spot!

URL: http://groups.msn.com/TheMysteryGSpotHometown: Concord, CA

The Gates Village

The Gates Village returns with the Burning Woman crew. The Dragons will be performing The Great Marriage, a fire show that has won them acclaim as the hottest fire troupe in So Cal. Plus, many of our old friends are returning to give the Gates its warm, homey feeling.

Hometown: Culver, CA

The Golden Cafe

A sidewalk bistro offering a casual respite from the ravages of the sun and the chaos of the city. Within the cafe’s elegant embrace can be found cocktails and music to relax the mind and delight the senses.

URL: http://www.goldencafe.orgHometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Institution

Commit yourself to The Institution and spend some quality time in our public padded cell. BDSM’ers of all flavors welcome.

Hometown: Portland, OR

The Isle of Avalon

Experience the enchanted Isle of Avalon! Make fairy wings, become an Astro Pup, invent new sacraments, watch the Avalon Fire Mystics perform, and enjoy our Vietnamese Iced Coffee in the warmth of the Playa’s only working steam room!

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

The Kaleidopshere

Experience the colorful, suspended spheres of The Kaleidosphere, or climb up to the observation deck inside and view Black Rock City as The Kaleidosphere rotates around you.

Hometown: Klamath Falls, OR

The Land of Enchantment

The Land of Enchantment eagerly awaits your visit. We will share the unbelievable beauty of our New Mexico region with visitors from every corner of the galaxy at our Restore Ant at the End of the Universe…

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

The Lost Penguin Cafe

The Lost Penguin Cafe is Black Rock City’s favorite watering hole and rescue center for disoriented penguins and other cuddly creatures. Come and participate in nightly Black Rock Idol shows, The Sheriff’s Election, and the Healing Waters of the BRC First Discount House of Worship. Many volunteer opportunities.

URL: http://lostpenguin0.tripod.comHometown: San Rafael, CA

The Mind Shaft Society

The Mind Shaft Society expedition chartered Playa Air last winter which flew us to Marsohpotamia where we believe we discovered the origins of belief! The Rhomboid artifact we discovered will be inside the Mind Shaft. It will enable you to go beyond your beliefs.

URL: http://www.arewereally.com/mindshaftsociety.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Monkey Tickle Temple

The Monkey Tickle Temple will be a place where burners can come to be healed using sacred monkey tickling. The temple will be a comfortable safe place to give and receive these healings. There will be much soft plushness to protect those receiving healing from any thrashing while their ailment is being driven from their body. Holy tickle implements will be provided for assisting the healing. Inquire at the temple to be part of the mystic monkey tickle ritual performance.

Hometown: Buena Park, CA

The Opulent Temple of Kaos

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Oracle

Explore your spiritual side through lectures, discussions and performance. Share your talents during the evening Bardic circle.

Hometown: Lafayette, CA

The Oracle at Black Rock

You have always sought answers… Bill the Cat has them, no matter how stupid the questions. Consult the wisdom of his very own tarot deck, and what you learn will be beyond belief. Come to him. Or maybe, he will come to you…

Hometown: Arbuckle, CA

The Paddle and Flog Pub

The Paddle and Flog Pub, a place for those who want to play with whips, paddles and floggers. Others can watch and have an ice cold beverage.

Hometown: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

The Philadelphia Experiment

Yo! The Philadelphia Experiment is back again! DJ’s Lee Major, Crazy Cooter and DJ Jet Set will be spinning the wheels of steel bringing you a bit of Philly flavor and hospitality from the 215. A bit of soul, house, funk and reggae and electronica to put you in the right state of mind. Come and get out of the sun and join us for cool drinks, good music and good people.

All brought to you by your friends from the city of Brotherly Love.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

The PILT Mammoth Camp

Two score disreputed Piltdown Savages, keepers of M’am, the Magical Dancing Black Rock Mammoth Skeleton Theater (Art Vehicle). Cave rumbling with primitive happenings, admiration exchanges and amusements for all, in the Embassy Village

URL: http://www.playapix.comHometown: Aspen, CO

The Playground at Vau de Vire

A community of Bay-area performance-art and dance groups, fire performers, circus and aerial professionals and visual artists will guide you through a day of Absurd-Nirvana on The Playground, climaxing in a choreographed production(s), by various groups, each evening at sunset.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Puck

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Rabbit Hole (Drive Thru)

There’s something not quite right about this Drive Thru. Window #2 has been warped and twisted to drop you into another dimension that is somewhat familiar but intrinsically out of sorts. Crash a tea party, jump into a chess game, climb onto a croquet match, or be flogged by the Queen of Hearts… who knows what’s awaiting you at the end of the Rabbit Hole.

Hometown: Cambridge, MA

The Reason of Ableton

A piece of software has revolutionized the face of all genres of electronic music called Ableton Live. It allows the user to manipulate sound files such as drum loops, field recordings, samples, etc. LIVE in realtime.

Our vision is to have a moderate PA with at least 16 stereo pair (32 1/4) inputs and a master midi clock to drive the performance. Users with laptops and Ableton live or Reason could then patch in via a personal midi interface and their audio outputs (1/8 to * adaptors) to the 1/4 inputs on the PA. This could easily be done in multi-channel surround and incorporate MIDI synced visuals.

The master midi clock is analogous to the peak of a giant MIDI pyramid, or the base of a giant MIDI-tree, branching off into a synchronous LIVE performance of numerous individuals able to drop-in and drop-out of the session as they’d like and contribute their personal sound files/loops/samples/etc. through a collaborative groove into the unknown…

We LIVE in a revolutionary time my brothers and sisters…

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Renaulter

To give is a simple idea. The gift economy is complex. Are you a believer?

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


At the SACRAFACTORY, we specialize in the prolific production of innovative new theologies. Whatever form of sacrament you choose, we have the experience and practice required to provide you with new state-of-the-art theologies custom tailored to fit your unique worship practices. Pick up a fondness for a certain new sacrament recently? Stop by for a theology adjustment and we’ll have your old theology working with your new sacraments in no time.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a collection of theme camps who offer spiritual exploration and physical celebration in a hospitable and inviting enviroment. Visit us for daily yoga, meditation, full body adornment, clothing gifts, discussions on shamanism & journeys of the mind, tea service, nightly audio/visual presentations – and enjoy our sacred refuge from the outside environment.

URL: http://www.sanctuaryvillage.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Shower Spotters

The International Brotherhood of Shower Spotters welcomes you to join our water truck advance warning network!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The SmoochDome

The rules of the SmoochDome are simple: you must be smooching and you can ONLY be smooching. Bring your own partner!

Hometown: New York, NY

The Solo Collective

The Camp for People Who Have No Camp: the Solo Collective is an opportunity to network with other solo travelers, share resources, and share your experience. Our members register ahead of time and utilize a message board system to get to know one another, creating a reunion feeling when we meet up in person. We value self-sufficiency and fun, and we warmly welcome new members; please see our web site for information on how to join us.

URL: http://www.solocollective.orgHometown: Portland, OR

The Spot

Hometown: Centralia, WA

The Surely Temple

Saints and Sinners…

Can I have an “Amen”? Is your soul weary? Are you heavy-laden? Come! Yes, come visit the Surely Temple! Where spiritual cherries are popped, and popped cherries are restored! Surely Her exuberance and youth will renew your tired soul once again… Surely you’ll bask in Her glory and make incredible contributions to our temple… Surely you’ll want to worship with us!

(and the whole congregation said…)


(and the whole congregation said…)


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Tabernacle

Our High Priest stands on duty 24 hours a day to assist you with a voluntary/involuntary cleansing of sins commited against the world’s organized religions. Relax in the Kodesh Ha’kadoshim (Inner Sanctum) Bar & Grill (sacrifices only) with the most Minimal Music and People you’ll find anywhere in our great city. Herectics/Blasphemous Indv. Welcome.

URL: http://burn.zevie.comHometown: Brooklyn, NY

The Temple of Atonement

Temple of Atonement: Black Rock city’s premier BDSM camp. Confess your sins and be atoned by our loving and punishing Dominants. Take part in the mystery rite of love, discipline and leather.

URL: http://www.templeofatonement.orgHometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Temple of Boobfoot

At the Temple of Boobfoot (the mysterious Boobfoot is a sacred icon from an alien culture), love reigns supreme. One can indulge in creative play in a matching game of breast and foot or one can converse with the Boobfoot oracles and be initiated into the clan simply by agreeing to the basic philosophy of Boobfoot, which will be determined daily.

Hometown: Red Bluff, CA

The Tittyman Camp

Remember, Bring Your Tittys to the Tittyman. And enjoy a shot of Titty Juice at The Titty Bar, it will kick your ass!

URL: http://thetittyman.comHometown: Modesto, CA

The Tribe of the Chattering Monks

Within the primal realm of living faith lies a group of artists known as The Tribe of the Chattering Monks… Visit the monks and bare your soul in the 3rd Eye Lounge to earn the coveted monk medallion or perform the Tai-Chi Horse Pose to receive a spiritual libation! After you have cleansed your karma and held the Horse, ascend the meditation tower to reflect on your spiritual achievements. Visit The Tribe of the Chattermonks to celebrate the profound, earn the medallion or to intoxicate your spirit.

URL: http://www.joygantic.net/triple-sHometown: York, PA

The Twilight Acapella Experience

Join us for the twilight acapella experience. Provide us your playa experiences and our cowboy and cowgirls will amaze and astound as they sing your adventures for all to hear.

Hometown: Portland, OR

There is no F in Peeps

Come visit the home of Roasted Peeps on a Stick. And this year leave with a blinky light you have made!

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Thermal Shock

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Tickle Camp

Enter if you dare, to the den of the tickling monster!

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Tiger Dome and Church of T

Get hitched on the playa in the mouth of a tiger while paying homage to Mr. T. Altars provided to bless your journey together.

Hometown: Portland, OR

TIMI Tribute Camp

Worship, wind up wars, and wheelies is what we’re all about. If you’ve got the nuts, you’re invited.

Hometown: San Jose, CA

To Venus & Back to Black Rock

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Tom Jones Roller Disco

Skate at Burning Man at the Tom Jones Roller Disco. We’re bringing Golden Gate Park to the Playa and Tom Jones is at the bar for you to get your roll on!!!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Tool Tyme

TOOL TYME on the playa, come enjoy the awe-inspiring soundscape that is TOOL. We will pay tribute to a different era in TOOL history every night.

Hometown: Reno, NV


TOTEM (Temple Of The Eternal Mysteries) offers the gifts of healing massage and gentle sanctuary to Black Rock City. We can heal your sore body, your battered mind, your weary spirit. Ineffably refreshing!

URL: http://eternal-mysteries.orgHometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Tower of Babel Camp

Tower of Bable Camp. RED WHITE GREEN WHITE. Please say the colors fast. One Mississippi two Mississippi three Mississippi.

URL: http://www.johnkane.com/BurningManHometown: San Francisco, CA

Tranquility Bay

Tranquility Bay will exist as a place of calm in a wild, dangerous sea. TB will be a refuge where wayfarers may seek solace in many forms… The sensual… the spiritual… the physical… and the unknown, unexpressed inside each of us. Tantric Pujas… Meditation… Yoga… Self Help… Massage… Talking Circles… Body painting… Drum Circles… Interactive art… Physical Threshold Modification and Adjustment… All this and much more awaits in Tranquility Bay.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tranquilitybayHometown: Buena Park, CA

Transcendent Funktions

Transcendent Funktions, the camp with the correct balance of intuition, character, esthetic beauty, experience, willingness to learn, submissiveness, insanity, and sense of humour. Live Rippin’ Metal and Groovin’ Funk by Night, Sunrise Yogic Ecstasy Transfusion Dance Parties, AC Dreamin’ by Day.

Hometown: East Rockaway, NY

Trashistan's Temple of Hot Dogma

We are the aristocrats of the Republic of White Trashistan – bow to the power of our hot dogma! This year’s camp features the musical rantings of Hot Dog Sandwich and Novaclutch. When they’re not playing, we’ll just rant and heckle, with or without puppets. Alchemy is our belief of the year, so we’ll be providing an Athenor, as well as an alchemical obstacle course which will gain you oracular access. All the bolts and half the nuts.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Tribal Harmonix

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Tribal Penis Gourds

From the highlands of Papua New Guinea to downtown Black Rock City, Tribal Penis Gourds brings you the latest in Playa fashion! Come on by, choose your gourd, customize it as you like, and revel in the power of the gourd!

Hometown: San Marcos, CA

Tribal Thunder Camp

Some for the Glories of This World, and some for the Prophet’s Paradise to come; Ah take the cash, and let the Credit go, Nor heed the rumble of a distant drum. Omar Khayyam

Hometown: Martinez, CA

Tune in Toyko (was BREX 2002)

Tune in Tokyo is a camp full of Rangers who staff Ranger Outpost Tokyo. Formerly known as the Black Rock Expedition, our research project has moved into a new phase; occupying Outpost TOkyo utilizing data we have ammassed over the years, and the lessons learned. We hope to tune in Tokyo to the common frequency of the city to better enable communication between BRC and the Muthaship.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Turning Hand Community (THC)

Turning Hand Community is back in 2003 to Rock the Plaza! SEE the Amazing Great Wall of Video, FEEL the Chill of the Misting Tunnel, PLAY with our Giant Toys and Games, EXPERIENCE the Awe and Majesty of the Hand of God, TASTE a frosty beverage while you ENJOY a drinking game. Forget the Man, we’re all about the Hand! On the amplifier of fun TurningHand Community Rocks it up to Eleven!

Hometown: Portland, OR

Turnip Head Cult

Are you completely satisfied with your current belief structure? Minds changed or your reality back, sermons given, secrets revealed, games played, prizes offered, all welcome daily at 4:20.

Hometown: Grass Valley, CA

Tyrannosaurus Rex Jesus Temple

Come to the Temple of Tyrannosaurus Rex Jesus and learn the mystery of Tyrannosaurus Rex Jesus — learn why he’s the greatest Jesus of all.

Hometown: Logan, UT