2003 Theme Camps

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Lamplighter Village

Home of the volunteers who light up Black Rock City every night, and meeting place for the participants (i.e. YOU), who join their ranks to make it happen. Meet you in Center Camp at dusk. Whiteout or shine, we light tonight!

Hometown: Kensington, CA

Lamplighter's Workspace

Lamplighter’s Shrine of 500 Lamplighter Villagers and all our Lamplighter volunteers are invited to bring one precious object(s) to be a part of our great shrine. This sacred installation, created by 500 or more people, lit by our lanterns at night, and all night, will be a quiet, intimate addition to the heart of center camp.

Hometown: Kensington, CA

Lance Brown for President Camp

Lance Brown is running for president in 2008. This will be his 5th Burning Man, and he’s ready to get serious about selling you on his campaign. Stop by and find out more, and/or visit the website!

URL: http://freedom2008.comHometown: Nevada City, CA


LaserKaba will beam laser love over BM 2003. Fallow the laser and come play with us!

Hometown: Portland, OR

Latch Hutch, Return of the Patch

We will be BATCHING, LATCHING, and HUTCHING with live performances from the founding members in all the glory of the original BUTCH PATCH! Due to some truly innocent bystanders assuming ‘BUTCH’ had something to do with lesbians (where did they get that from? What were they THINKING?), we decided to go ahead and break the mold to rename our camp. But not to worry, interactive LATCH HUTCH newcomers and BUTCH PATCH veterans alike will be able to sit back and experience the pure ecstasy of a DUTCH or demonstrate their new found ability to HUTCH. In addition, daily BATCHINGS will occur without notice. Also, classes will be available to those who qualify to receive their *LATCH HUTCH CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR BADGE* See y’all on the playa….


URL: http://www.dzm.com/lawngamesHometown: Eugene, OR

Liminal Lounge

Thresholds hold promise. It is up to each of us to fulfill that promise. Check in to the liminal lounge. Check your baggage. Check your fears. Submit to our security and then CROSS OVER TO THE OTHER SIDE.

URL: http://www.zorca.com/liminalHometown: San Francisco, CA

Lions Camp

Bring your used eye glasses to Burning Man and help someone see who would otherwise not be able to see. These glasses will be cleaned, sorted and given to those in need through an eye glass program of Lions Clubs International.

URL: http://www.lions4N.orgHometown: Reno, NV

Liquor In The Front, Poker In The Rear

Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear Camp will feature cold refreshing liquor in the front and absurdist poker in the rear.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Lost Temple of the Waterboy

We have lost our way-lost the temple… -lost our direction as a culture… a nation… a humanity… and we seek to find once again a new fresh moistness that is not as stale as the waters we have been drowning in… submerged in terrorist mud and polluted run off from greed. I am unsure of the country and political system I live in… the water may not be safe. We need filters, and there are those that say water will be the biggest $ commodity in the future… and with globalization… it could be the power… could it be a Disney or Enron brand? Can we trust this water? Do we need to generate our own moisture? We need to keep the wells safe and full. The temple has been lost, and we need to not only find the lost temple-but keep it lost to those who would destroy it. Where is that safe place? Where is the lost temple of waterboy?

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Love, Sex and Nudity

We are a group of people who find great joy in these wonderful activities, and we believe in an open and sharing lifestyle. Come join us if you like to party naked. Couples who believe that physical monogamy can get boring will find like-minded people here, and a place to call home. Our slogan — “Naked is good, and sex is wonderful.”

Hometown: Tigard, OR

Lumerian Tribe

In our beautiful Lumerian Goddess Temple, we offer play, rituals, ceremonies, and rites of passage, designed to awaken and reveal the God/Goddess within, creating empowerment, freedom, and self-expression. We are also home to Rock’em Sock’em Robots and grant project Pillar of Fire.

Hometown: Clearfield, UT


At Luv-A-Fair you can find and express your Luv. Post a personality profile with your picture on our signboard to find one or more of your life-mates, or read and write poetry displayed in our heart garden.

URL: http://www.luv-a-fair.comHometown: Fair Oaks, CA