2003 Theme Camps

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Surreality television! Watch it! Be it!

Hometown: New York, NY

K-Svert 106.5 FM

K-SVERT 106.5FM the 1/10 watt flame-thrower on the playa. K-Svert FM radio is your source for music, information, dis-information, rants, and grooves as well as YOUR public forum. Musicians, poets, pundits, priests and pornographers are invited to share our airwaves.

URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~bvontbridge/KOFK/KOFKsplash.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Kabala Kabana

The Kabala Kabana creates a portal for the energy and inspiration of the Qabala to flow through for those who choose to walk its paths.

Hometown: Arvada, CO

Kamp Krotus

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Kamp Tea Bag

Where the play begins and your thirst is quenched. Welcome to Kamp Tea Bag for a spot of shadE, refreshing tea, verbal intercourse, and when the stars and men line up-tea bagging. Bring your own, share a bag, or have one of ours. Oh the splendor of variety. Tea Dance anyone!

Hometown: Antelope, CA

Karma Chameleon Camp

Beyond believe it’s all karma – and chameleon. Be invited to the most colorful interplanetary space.

URL: http://www.blueandorange.infoHometown: Hamburg, Germany


hoooooodiddlidooowah. -!!!!- Kathanika Cafe returns this year as KATHANIKA: LAND OF RICE PADDY WAGON! ok no. i sure hope i can edit this later! oh well, if not then this is just another dorked-out quickie story to share with burners at our daily event: STORYTIME SHISHA!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


KidsVille, the Village for today’s Burning Families. Bring your kids and camp with us, or come by for a view of Burning Man through the eyes of a child. All families are welcome.

URL: http://www.blackrockkids.orgHometown: San Pablo, CA

Kostume Kult

Inside the Kostume Dome, haberdashery, fabric, paints and accessories will be offered to all, by the benevolent Goddess. An unruly gang of artists, gnomes, fairies and elves are on hand to inspire your costume transformation.

URL: http://www.KostumeKult.comHometown: New York, NY

Kundalini Rising Camp

Kundalini Rising Camp is offering daily yoga and meditation classes as well as Satsang(coming together in truth) and screening of videos of key spiritual teachers.We are located in the Alternative Energy Zone and will post a schedule in front of our yoga dome and meditation tipi.

Hometown: Soquel, CA