2003 Theme Camps

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Hands Across the Playa

Citizens of Black Rock! Link up with all of the inhabitants of the city! On Friday afternoon, we will stretch our collective bodies across the Playa, including the Man! Stop by the camp for all the details!

Hometown: Arlington, VA


What’s Beyond Belief? Actually doing something… like Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god. Hanuman battled demons, carried mountains & won wars. Come on by & add something to the altar or bang a drum in honor of the ultimate participant Hanuman.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


HeadSpace – a sanctuary on the playa for all Psychonauts, or anyone interested in consciousness exploration. There will be a small library of consciousness texts and periodicals, as well as talks and discussions over many aspects of consciousness exploration, shamanism, and harm reduction information. Come let your mind roam in cozy dome filled with chill, eclectic beats. Located in the Sanctuary village!

URL: http://www.sanctuaryvillage.comHometown: Oakland, CA

Heaven and Hell

Hometown: New York, NY

HEC Pyra-moydal Guild

Ancient vows of ReHymenization?… The ritual lives on, but the outcome is errant.

Ancient life has come into the ReHymenator bringing mad visions of things long gone. Come revel in delight like the small child you once were!

URL: http://honisoitcroquet.comHometown: San Carlos, CA

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers

In the midst of the desert, we are your home for healing, quiet meditation, massage, energy work, yoga and grounded community. Come and revel in our 4000 sq feet of quiet, carpeted, cool shade where you are sure to meet new friends and connect with healers from previous years.

URL: http://www.heebeegeebeehealers.orgHometown: Steamboat Springs, CO

Hobo Logistics

Prong 3, Phase 3 nearing completion; IGNITE your Potential, the infomercial will be ready for your viewing, and subsequent transformation into the ‘you’ you always knew you had in you! Hobo Logistics: The Business of Science, The Science of Business.

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Holy Karaoke!

Come Karaoke with us at Holy Karaoke! We’ll provide the equipment and song lists, as well as a Japanese decor. All you have to do is let your inhibitions go and grab the mic. You can also bounce on the trampoline, sculpt rock garden designs or just chill out and support your fellow burningman stars.

URL: http://www.digitalrites.com/bm/index.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Honisoit Croquet & Cosmo Lounge

Bang some balls and shake it up!! Cool Cosmos and hot play. Come enjoy some croquet, cosmo’s and karaoke on the playa with us.

URL: http://honisoitcroquet.comHometown: Grass Valley, CA


An oasis of luxury in the desert offering an extraordinary measure of hospitality, we set the mood for enchantment through flavored tobacco smoking, sunset ceremonies, and evening fire-dancing rituals. Tribal rhythms and soothing melodies bathe your senses as you enter the Altar Dome and spin the Wheel of Faith, travel the playa in style on the Magic Flying Carpet, or enjoy the intimate pleasures of the Cuttle Shuttle.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Hookey Pookey Camp

Hookey Pookey Camp, Really is that what it’s all about. Hookey Pookey every morning at 10 Am and meeting at 6pm for friends of Bill W.

Hometown: Calexico, CA

Hot Wheelz

Hot Wheelz wheelchair Camp is intended to provide camping space with easy access for Burners in wheelchairs to the City’s Center Camp support and entertainment services. A limited number of specially equipped electric handicapped golf Carts with hand controls will be provided for use by qualifying disabled Burners.

Hometown: Reno, NV

House of Lotus

The House of Lotus kindly offers beats to move yo’ feets inside the giant yellow temple of funky house and breakbeats. Just follow the light poles…

URL: http://www.houseoflotus.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


Hushville is an aural oasis in an undulating sea of chaos. The village is open to anyone who wants to camp with us, as long as they abide by three simple rules: 1) no generators; 2) no amplified sound; 3) clean up after yourself.

URL: http://www.playachicken.com/hushvilleHometown: Seattle, WA