2003 Theme Camps

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ECO-Dance /Party without Petroleum

ECO-Dance /Party without Petroleum is dedicated to the idea that we can dance, have lights and have fun without the need for petroleum. B.I.O. Tour bus is powered by vegetable oil converted into biodiesel. Sound system and other electrical needs met by solar and wind power. During the day we’ll spin the chill tunes with information, literature, displays, explanation of the how to of renewable energy use on the playa. DJs will spin solar-powered tunes without any stinky, noisy, polluting generator.

B.I.O. Tour and EarthSustainable.org are dedicated to promoting sustainable, renewable energy use on the playa and on Earth!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Ecstasia Villa

Body art for those who love art and dance.

URL: http://www.ecstasiavilla.comHometown: Mt. View, CA


Eleccentricity – a kinetic old-skool village featuring such playa luminaries as Dr. Megavolt, the Mutaytor, Spherocity and the Orange Kids.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Explore the world between the elements and the etheric.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Hometown: Portland, OR


We like ommm. We like touch. We like volleyball and frisbee. We like music of all kinds, sometimes ambient, sometimes something else and sometimes, nothing at all.

We prefer no labels. Pansexual has been used by some to describe their Burning Man. That label would be fine, but none of us feel obligated.

We are Emo. We feel free to express emotion. If we’re feeling good, we spread it around. If we’re feeling down, we acknowledge it. We share a sense of play and a willingness to question our own, sometimes irrational, boundaries.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC


A place to dance the night away with a different decade every night with light show and cocktails. Come see our Gasoline driven Blender.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

ESD Medical Camp

Hometown: Rocklin, CA


Hometown: Portland, OR

Exquisite Deity

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Eyes of God (c)2003 The Tribe

Guy walking across the playa: Whoa dude, what the hell is that in the sky?! Naked guy walking next to him: It’s God man! Quick, put your clothes back on!

Hometown: Colfax, CA