2003 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

Mad Cow Country Club

Yearnin’ to be Burnin’??? Then come visit the Mad Cow Country Club! For the third year in a row, we will be featuring Red’s Red Hot Nail Salon – a full service salon offering nail painting, facials, moxie sticks, body painting, and bare ass spanking. In addition, we will be offering a DIY prayer flag craft dome… we provide the materials, you provide the inspiration! And don’t miss the ever popular sno cone giveaways!

URL: http://www.magicglasses.comHometown: Portland, OR

Marina de Bohemia - Altared States

The crazy bohemians are back and this time slightly altared with plenty of phun for your playa pleasure so, come by to check out our altars and take your chance at the Wheel of Doom, maybe YOU too can shower with Jason, then heal your dirrrrty chakras when you’re done!!! REWARD – Help find our lost SACRED TIKI HEAD somewhere on the playa!

Hometown: Carmichael, CA

Media Mecca

Hometown: Felton, CA

Mehndi Body Oasis

Mehndi Body Oasis: Get out of the heat at out Oasis, to get mehndi body art (henna tattoos), to have your face decorated with bindis, to have your feet lovingly washed and massaged, to be entertained by spontanious belly-dancing and drum circles, to be misted with water, fanned with palm leaves or to just lounge in a relaxing oasis with harem girls and sultans. Camel parking is available.

URL: http://www.formandfunction.com/mehndibodyoasisHometown: Benicia, CA

Mekka Outpost

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA

Messiah For A Minute

Messiah For A Minute! Might you be the Messiah? We will decide and reward you accordingly. Give us your Words of Wisdom and be acclaimed or cast down! Accept our devotion or feel our wrath.

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI


Metamorphosis inspired by the larva to adult transformation of insects.

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Militant Love Warriors

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Ministry Of Mutation

Prophet Paul Peter puts the fun in fundamentalism! Ministry of Mutation has the best vodka baptism, rock & roll worship service, and gong in all of Black Rock City.

URL: http://www.blueberryjoe.com/statisticsHometown: Oakland, CA


Experience Mirage fullfillment, as you revive, refresh and relax your body and soul during the heat of the day. Your pleasure is ours to make, in a place where mirages are real.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

MobileSecurityCheckpoint & Permits

All burners can (and must) be PERMITTED for all activities, actions and thoughts. In addition to issuing and revoking permits of all kinds, Permit Camp and our Mobile Security Checkpoint will screen ‘suspicious’ playa citizens for concealed items, proper permits and conforming attitudes.

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Mohammeds Mini Martini + Sex Story

The ritual of the Pouring of the Martini is important all around the world. At Mohammeds Mini Martini and Sex Story camp we will pour the coldest martinis in exchange for a sex story to be written by you and placed in Scheherrezzade’s Book of 1001 nights.

URL: http://firecircle.comHometown: Aptos, CA

Monkey Town

Monkey Town is the home of the two great religious denominations of Cacophony–the Church of the Monkey, and the Church of the SubMonkey. Come cower before the awe and mystery.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Monkey vs Robot

The monkey — primal, concrete, whimsical — and the robot — intelligent, thoughtful, abstract — engage in an epic battle, with the soul of humanity hanging in the balance. In the land between the Robo-temple and the Monkeypod Tree they will settle this battle royale.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


At the JungleGym dome, guests will be in invited to stretch their arms, swing around, grow tails and access their monkey minds through the manifest rhythmic entity.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Monks & Mandala

Let your senses enter the spiritual world through the torri gate to Monks & Mandala. Meditate, practice yoga, listen to poetry or have a glass of chilled sake with the artists.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Moons of Mongo

Prepare yourselves, Earthlings! Moons of Mongo has landed on the Playa! See! Our mothership, our many blinking consoles, our superior sparkly costumes! Taste! Drinks of our homeworld that will control your mind and make your head spin! Play! With our otherworldly Theremin. Challenge! Our space warriors to daily games of bicycle laser tag! Relax! In our stargazing dome!

Hometown: Oakland, CA


Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Mouth Full of Playa Dust (MFPD)

Mouth Full of Playa Dust presents Botanical Desire for BM03. Drop by our dome, swing in our fuzzy throne, view BRC from aloft, get down on our tri-floor dance floor!

Hometown: Richmond, CA

Ms. Pac Camp

Live Ms. Pacman games run during the night! Come play as a ghost or Ms. Pacman! Sit inside her belly and meet crazy sexy things!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Mt. Olympus

Which Olympian are you? Come find out at Mount Olympus – dress up as one of the Olympian deities, hurl thunderbolts, cause mere mortals to fall in love, engage in some socratic dialog, or come and steal fire from the gods (if you dare).

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Murder Cafe

Murder cafe where death awaits you and rebirth welcomes you.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Mystick Krewe of Satyrs

Hometown: New Orleans, LA