2003 Theme Camps

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Oaktown Crackups Hardcore Heaven

Hometown: Novato, CA

Oasis - Recycle Yourself

-Recycle Yourself- Wandering the roads of Black Rock City, we seek enlightenment. Our illumination received is through expriences, knowledge and awareness. Our camp offers a gift of commmunity service to the Burning Man community with knowledge and understanding of organ donation awareness. Come visit the Oasis to rejuvinate with a bottle of our exlixer of life and take with you the thoughts of a gift of life – how to recycle yourself. Sages and neophytes of the experience welcome, as are all others.

Hometown: Auburn, CA

Oasis of the Gullible

Where nothing is Beyond Belief.

Come in and tell us about your SAT score of 1600, how Nicole Kidman left you because she didn’t think she was good enough for you. Don’t be all that you can be, be anything you want to be. We will listen, nod our heads, serve you iced tea and record the more outrageous lies, er… extraordinary accomplishments for posterity.

Hometown: Kekaha, HI

Obstacle Court

Checks and Balance Beams – Great people of Black Rock, we announce the establishment of a Judiciary to rein in the abuses of the Executive and the Legislative. The Obstacle Court is now in session and available to hear your cases, redress your grievances, and sentence you to the trampo-flop.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Opera Omphalos Arkipelago

Join us as we prepare ourselves to be the ritual dancers, singers, servants, and oracles of the Omphalos Lantern and Temple Oracle, a passage from the rational to the reality of the irrational. We are from around the world, from the Americas, from the S.F. Bay area. Stop in for our sessions in Ketchak (monkey chant), throat singing, medieval chant, Balkan dance, sacred navel decoration and Mehdi application, story of Ishi, morning tai chi exercises, and initiation into the Washan Bear Clan. Look for our Ark, a two masted ship atop a sea serpent, and 8 sided Arktagon structure. Web site has images of past years.

URL: http://www.burningmanopera.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Oracular Madness

Musical oracles and high hospitality in the Oraculon with travelers of the Poison Path.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Organized Confusion

Relax and have some refreshing conversation and water and shade. Entertaining you at Black Rock City. Every one welcome.

URL: http://www.burntheirishbar.comHometown: Charter Oak, CA and and Moab, UT