2003 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

N-gon's Holy Cow ReCreation Center

Rejoin the N-gon at our Holy Cow Neighborhood ReCreation Center. Games, sacrifice and ritual. Drop by, join us and recreate!

Hometown: Martinez, CA

Naked Lie Camp

Free yourself and go beyond truth.

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Naked Truth Art Exchange

Come show off your favorite piece at the Naked Truth Art Exchange! Share beauty with us in an expression of truth as we display creativity in its natural form.

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Necklace Factory

The Best Chill Space on the Playa! Come make your own fabulous jewelry with a collection of the finest people on planet earth–the citizens of Black Rock City!

URL: http://town-center.net/burningman/burn.htmlHometown: Kingwood, TX


If we don’t suck you in with our devilish sno cones then maybe one of our Cosmic Joke art cars are what you are looking for. Remember, Satan is in for consultation but so is the Happy Bar to lift your spirits, or give you some if you are in need.

Hometown: Fairfax, CA

Nomadic Nutria Hunters

Nomadic Nutria Hunters invite you to enage your manifest destiney and bring out your own Bad Pioneer in seeking the Nutria, as a physical source of sustanance and as a spiritual guide in your journey.

URL: http://ofrenda.org/theta/nutriaHometown: Portland, OR


Come and see, you might be warm you might have fun but of course you will get wet…

Hometown: New York, NY

Nuclear Family

Burningman’s favorite dysfunctional family is back with a whole messa thangs fer ya! Come on by Porch Camp to sit and yell at the hippies, lie to each other and have a complete redneck porch experience. Yuuup. We got some freaks banging on drums callin’ themselves the Drum Enforcement Agency, a real live Sultan holding court and the crazy youngins’ of Electric Mayhem Camp. Hell, we even got ourselves a genuine Shaman dispensin’ spiritual guidance! Need some help? Talk to the Playa Helpdesk. The Artsy Fartsy members of the family put together a little somethin’ called the NucFam Artwalk to honor this Beyond Belief business. We even got us a Goddess Camp and some Temples fer worshippin’ stuff.

We are also fixin to git into Politics. Our own Snortle the Mole is running for MAYOR of Black Rock City. He will be 3 in October, and this is his fourth Burningman. However you do the math, that’s experience you can trust. Due to massive voter fraud last year, come and sign up at the BRC Election Voter Registration Booth (ask for Danglin’ Chad) Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

URL: http://www.lulievision.com/nuclearfamilyHometown: Los Angeles, CA