2008 Theme Camps

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2008 Theme Camps

Coming soon.

...and then there's only LOVE.

Come celebrate the First Amendment through daily discussions and nightly shows. Freedom of expression and spirituality is OUR American Dream.

URL: http://myspace.com/andthentheresonlyloveHometown: Colorado Springs, CO

667:The Neighbors of the Beast

BRC Hellions unite, and set-up at the invitation of the Dark Lords of Terminal Village. Hothshot the Robot, d6 audio damage, Spectralcodec participant-controlled Video Screens return for the 9th year, movie nite, Jackbot, HU-go2:the Intruder Alert! Robot Centurion, and more await!

URL: http://www.robotronia.comHometown: Reno, NV

Home Sweet Home" Camp

Everyone should feel right at home at this 50’s style suburban oasis, complete with nuclear family, vintage treats, and a big dose of irony for the wacko desert. Come by and reminesce about the good ol’ days as we welcome you “home sweet home.”

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Playfully Yours

“Playfully Yours” is a dungeonous experiance, our dungeonmaster will instruct and share the pleasures of S&M play in our fully equiped dungeon, you can also interact with others, under his supervision or instruction. An outside chain web is available. Experianced instruction available.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV