2001 Theme Camps

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Decadance Camp

Come to Decadance Camp where you can find your personal reset button.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Deep Blue Sea (Ballroom)

The Deep Blue Sea is a large ocean ballroom that will relax you with rolling waves and sparkling windchimes. At night, we are the most wonderful performance space and dance floor on the Playa, seeking musicians, DJs, and other artists.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Deepsea Aquanautics Mausoleum

Where we call the shots as we seem ’em.

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Department of Built Exceptions

Agents from the Department of Built Exceptions makes random and scheduled inspections of structures at Burning Man. It is our mission to promote the creative act of building; with sensitivity to the environment, participation and ingenuity; in accordance with the mottos of Black Rock City.

URL: http://www.shiftdesignstudio.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Department of Public Miracles

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Department of Tethered Aviation

Department of Tethered Aviation: Your firefly flight headquarters. Also home of the Loose Nut Bike Hut and Flailing Camp.

Hometown: Inverness, CA

Dionysian Den/Coliseum Camp

A Greco/Roman theme of good living and cushy digs for the Coliseum and Alternative Games crew and participants. Indulge your senses and brainstorm a game with us!

Hometown: Corte Madera, CA

Disco Head Hunters

Hometown: Eugene, OR


The Discovery is the first camp in the Obelisk Village, and it’s flagship. A 30’x100′ replica of the Discovery from the movie 2001, this camp will provide guests with a visit to the cryo-sleep tubes (sensory deprivation tanks). While you wait, you can sit comfortably and watch showings of the 2001 movies and special interview(s) with the cast of the movies that will be seen only at Burning Man (all originals go into the man on Saturday).

URL: http://www.tedward.org/2001.htmlHometown: Venice, CA


Come on by at 1am for fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches or anytime for a jump on the trampoline or a wedding performed by your choice of 5 legal ministers.

Hometown: Boise, ID


Disorient is an immersive playground which uses devices such as mirrored mylar, large scale video projection, virtual reality, 3d graphics and sequenced light as means of transportation. Come on a tour of the Disorient as you relearn to navigate in our new and liquid spaces…

Hometown: New York, NY


The Village of Disturbia returns in 2001 for its 4th year, bigger and more interactive than ever! Visit the Ancient Kaos Funerary, chill out with a cup of hot cocoa in Antarctica, get examined in the Facility 0463 Lab, play with the naughty but fun animals in the Heavy Petting Zoo, rate yahoos in SpectatorCamp.com, and enjoy interacting with all the silly disturbed individuals who call Disturbia home.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

DMV - Department of Mutant Vehicle

Department of Mutant Vehicles… not your usual DMV experience. Contact DMV with your art vehicle questions. After checking the guidelines on the Burning Man website, of course!

Hometown: Oakland, CA

DNA Beatles Holiday Camp

It’s A Good Day Sunshine, Here There And Everywhere but first I Want to Hold Your Hand and lead to the DNA Beatles Holiday Camp. Help! Day Trippers needed to play amongst the images and icons of the Beatles.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT


To honor the heroes journey, the Dododen will host music, fire performance, dancing, and two lounge domes: The Elysian Fields dome which will reflect earthly delights, i.e. Plants, misters, and squishy stuff to lay around on. The Hades dome will reflect a more sinister aesthetic, i.e. Fucked-up dolls, chains, candles, and of course, plenty of squishy stuff to lay around on.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Getcher Oxoff Medicine Show

Who needs to go through all the trauma and hassle of the Seven Ages? With Doctor Getcher Oxoff’s Seven, er, Eight Age Elixir, we will show you how you can become fully enlightened with just one little bottle.

Hometown: New York, NY

Dragon's Orb

Hometown: Elk Grove, CA

Draka The Dragon's Lair

Draka The Dragon’s Lair: Learn how to build a dragon! Welding, mechanics, electric wiring demonstrations. Come play with fire if you dare! Get your Dragon tickets here!

URL: http://www.drakaarts.orgHometown: Oakland, CA


We love dust. Dust makes us high. We are dust. Open your gills and breathe deep.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA