2001 Theme Camps

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Hair of the Dog Lounge

Hair of the Dog Lounge invites you to wet your whistle, wiggle your wammy bar, whittle your wits, and woof your wittle heart out at the wackiest weather-beaten watering hole and wock-and-woll stage awound.We provide the drinks and music, you provide the drinks and music; bring brilliant stuff to barter like songs, anything that goes into a drink, fashion accessories, good food, or love.

Happy Trails Weatherstation Camp

Hometown: Wadsworth, NV


Happyland – Be Happy or Die.

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers

HeebeeGeeBee Healers are coming back to Black Rock City to help in our, oh so out of the ordinary way. Come to our huge shade structure, recline on our floor chairs, enjoy the shade, be prt of a healing community of massage, reiki, aura healers, chiropractors, and healers that will be drawn to our space to do their work. Also enjoy the healing music and smart drinks during the day. At night we will turn up the vibe and invite you to play in our home to during the evening. Our beats and and vibe will draw the fire out of the playa and into our Shadows and Fire Sculpture garden. Here all of the Fire people on the playa will be invited to play in our shadow garden. Fire and Shadows are a hipnotic combination that will astound your optic nerve. Sorry though, you can’t burn down the Sculptures.

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO

Heretic Hotel

Hometown: Houston, TX

Holiday Haven

Drop by and join the N-gon to help us celebrate the Holidays!

Hometown: Martinez, CA

House of Games

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

House Of Indulgence

The good voice tells you one thing and the bad voice tells you another. The House of Indulgence wants to let you know you are not crazy! It has been us all along. Throughout the Seven Ages of Man, we have been fighting for your soul, and this is the big showdown; Come by for some extra planar ethical advice from the denizens of the outer and lower spheres of existence. Make sure to be part of the Baring of All Souls!!! Let your spirit SHINE! Come by for the eastern spirits re-union and meet tortured souls and angelic spirits alike.

Hometown: New York, NY


HulaSparkle* Hula, Hula, Glitter and Glow, Twirly and Whirly at nightime we’ll flow, with trippy lights flying going round and round, In Gigsville with WhirlyGigs is where we’ll be found! *An official affiliate of GlitterCamp!

URL: http://www.odeo.net/pix/2000pix/bman/index.htmlHometown: Auburn, CA

Human Interest Research Institute

The Human Interest Research Institute, world leaders in informational systems resources and data fabrication. Keeping you out of harms way through careful analysis and removal of unstable communication. If you have any information which conflicts with this, please consider this to be tainted information and very dangerous. If you have come into contact with tainted information, please report to us immediately for data removal.

Hometown: Seattle, WA


Hushville is an auditory oasis providing a relatively quiet home to anyone who chooses to stay with us. Residents are encourged to be as creative and spectacular as possible, provided they follow three rules: 1) no generators at any time, 2) no amplified sound, 3) clean up after yourself.

URL: http://www.playachicken.com

Hymen Effigy Clergy

Hometown: San Mateo, CA