2001 Theme Camps

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Sacred Love Womb Garden

San Francisco’s Yoga Tai Chi Collective and Mystic Family Circus present the Sacred Love Womb Garden. A healing and circus arts cradle featuring an astounding collection of artists, performers, musicians, circus freaks, healers, activists and all-around super heroes!

URL: http://www.mysticfamilycircus.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Safari Social Club

The Safari Social Club: On Expedition at a Playa near you!

Hometown: Studio City, CA

Safer Sex Camp

Safer Sex Camp distributes FREE Safer Sex Kits. Volunteer distributers – all orientations and ethnic groups – are needed.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Scrabble Bar

Welcome to the Scrabble Bar, join us for funky sounds and fun in our Disco Bar of general debauchery. We have a dictionary to fill and you are going to fill it with words and discriptions in order to gain entrance and/or beverages.

Hometown: Half Moon Bay, CA

Settlers Of Catan/Techno Boogeymen

Wanna play Settlers of Catan on a huge game board? Come play with us for a relaxing break before a big night on the town. Daily games in the evening hours. Bring your friends for low-key fun or tournament games. Alternate rules are welcome. See you there.

Hometown: Brighton, MA

Sexual Chocolate

Sexual Chocolate will create a fantasy candy-induced experience for your listening and tasting pleasure. Tea, conversation and helium-induced karaoke will be provided by day. Come hang out in the finger lickinist, ass kickinist nighttime chill space (candy included).

Hometown: Denver, CO

SINdicate (featuring Doctor MegaVolt)

The Sindicate in association with Dr. MegaVolt is the playa’s prime locale for electrifying live performance. Our high-wattage line up includes the return of Matty the Mutator with DJ Satan, The Insecto Blacklight Circus and nightly performances of the scientific spectacle of Dr. MegaVolt and the Tesla coil.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Singularity Point

Stunningly good memes. There’s more than one way to blow a mind.

Hometown: La Jolla, CA

Smooth Sounds of Noise Cancellation at 14 Megahertz

Using music as raw material, we specialize in the psylogical and physiological applications for “non-entertainment” functions. Hear Psychedelic Lounge Music designed to mitigate tension, boredom, melancholy and fatigue. (Guided by a board of scientific advisors.)

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Snake and Bacon

What is the cornerstone to desert survival? Bacon; served by a chef with a snake tattoo. Located in Some Place.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Snowflake Village

Snowflake Village is a village of diplomacy. Made up of people from the central US and all around the world, our symbol is the snowflake. We are all one, yet no two are alike. We bring the unique, intimate, smaller-scale perspective of our region. Visit Clevian Circularity, Camp Videogasm, Space Vikings, Camp Valhalla, and all the rest for an alternative to the alternative. Early evening is our peak time, come and get warmed up with us.

URL: http://www.clevian.com/snowflake2001/campmap.htmHometown: Milwaukee, WI

SnuggleDome: Ladies' Day Spa

The folks who brought you last year’s Leave it to Beaver Camp proudly introduce Snuggledome: A Competitive Ladies’ Day Spa, Burning Man’s answer to that other, less snuggly dome where people beat each other up. Ladies, come to Snuggle Dome and sign up for a day of pampering while competing in our giant Tuba Ruba game, or impressing the judges with your skills in the Jigglinator.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Solo Collective

The Solo Collective is The Camp For People Who Have No Camp; we are a collection of individuals and small groups from all over the country, converging to live together on the playa and share our experience. We welcome new members and hope to see you there.

URL: http://www.solocollective.orgHometown: Mesa, AZ

SomaFM 102.3

SomaFM 102.3 – The soundtrack for your trip. Downtempo, Jazzy Grooves and Ambient. Broadcasting at Burning Man since 1996.

URL: http://www.somafm.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Some Place

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Space Cowboy Camp

Welcome to the Space Cowboy lounge where the music rocks your soul and the tribe will catch your vibe. Bring a beverage to our barter bar and lounge with the best sound on the playa.

URL: http://www.spacecowboys.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Space Vikings

Hometown: Modesto, CA

Space Virgin Light Continuum

Noise and action on every side, their parched faces turned toward the brain like structure glowing in the distance, a deep ineffable longing began to build in them. They looked at each other, a shudder of sudden wordless understanding confirmed that they had all felt the pull toward its mysterious intelligence. They turned slowly, silently and began heading toward it, as if thirst for its teachings, wondering, like their ancestors; What are those lights?

URL: http://www.spacevirgin.orgHometown: Seattle, WA


SpaceLounge is back again (surprise).We’ll be helping you get your groove on, filling you with libations and watching the outcome w/ our usual cheery disposition. We may be considering taking on a few quality, committed kids who can build shit, tend bar and generally add something to our leetle collective. We are located in SF and NY so if you’re in either location we might be able to work something out.If you are interested email adam@spacelounge.com If you want to get on the spacelounge-announce list (party info etc) you can also email adam@spacelounge.com w/ “announce” in the subject line of the message.

URL: http://www.spacelounge.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Spaghetti Western Camp

Do you love Spaghetti? Do you love Clint Eastwood Westerns and its music? Well then, you need to visit SpaghettiWesternCamp! We will be serving to all those who come a hearty meal of spaghetti while enjoying the soundtracks of Ennio Morricone who helped make Clint Eastwood’s Spaghetti Westerns so famous. Each night at 5:00PM (tues, wed, thurs) you will hear the dinner bell sound in the form of the theme to “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”. We will be serving until 7:00PM. On Thursday a party will be following from 7:00PM until Midnight. We will have all of Eastwood films playing that night as well as music, dancing and libations. We may also have an impromptu stage show depending on the level of inebriation of our fellow campmates.

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

Spiral Oasis

Spiral Oasis is a place of a place of interactive calm and respite where weary Playaites recharge and regroup before heading back into the maelstrom. Our DJs spin restorative ambient musical webs all week long; our chill spaces are welcoming, our cocktail party legendary – come kick back with us.

URL: http://www.spiraloasis.org

Spock Mountain Research Labs

Jed Sanders and his band of cyberbilly hyperscientists bring their MOBILE SCIENCE SHACK back to the Playa for the 4th straight year! Come enjoy the fascinating world of beverage science and leisure technology in a relaxed, hillbilly atmosphere.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Spoon Return Center

Bring in your lost and wayward spoons and take a break from the playa sun as you reflect on the amazing feeling that comes only through returning spoons.

Hometown: San Diego, CA


Hometown: Seattle, WA


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Starlite Drive-In Movie Theatre

The Starlite Drive-in: Enjoy our nightly double-features and midnight movies from the comfort of your own art car or stop by during the day to watch movies in the shaded comfort of Sinema I & II. Each days screenings organized around a different theme!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

StarLust Lounge

The StarLust Lounge – Dusk till Dawn – the playa’s original and friendliest barter bar – featuring a virtual cornucopia of mac daddy bartering mixologists. Come by, chill, make us an offer, bring something to share, a joke, some drinks, a dance or ???

URL: http://starlustlounge.comHometown: San Anselmo, CA

Stars Upon Ours

We’ve stars upon ours, get stars upon yars! Visit the Sneetches and their new and improved Star Onning Machine. With your starred belly, you’ll be the envy of your block.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Station 1, FDBRC

Home of the Fire Fighters of Black Rock City. In a tough spot? Don’t break the glass. Don’t dial 911. Look for the FDBRC! Invertebrates welcome!

Hometown: Austin, TX

Stoke'n'Poke's Game'A'Lot

Stoke’n’Poke’s Game’A’Lot: Daytime and Nightime games including Crouquet, Badminton, Tag, FourSquare, and Doctor. A giant 2-story inflated 747 escape slide with padded landing area. A 28ft tall geodesic dome covered in a parachute.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Sultan's Oasis

The sultan is back at his oasis, offering weary travelers a place to rest.

Hometown: Petaluma, CA


We collect the words and images of the life forms that make Burning Man great. Dress up your details and represent!

URL: http://www.supersnail.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Supreme Cajun Rastafarian Luau

From the Big Easy to the Big Island, we be jammin’ mon wid loads of lagniappes, Cajun Hawaiian Reggae tunes, dancin’, fashion, “spexial” olympics, and our Sat. afternoon Mardi Gras parade and vodka party. Aloha and Laisezz Les Bon Temps Rouler Mon!

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Swinger's Lounge

Swinger’s Lounge – Burning Man’s Adult Playground in 2001. Featuring an elevated bar, shaded sofas in the lounge, a pendulum swing and an 80 foot zip-line.

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Synaesthesia Presents THE WOMB

Let the biorhythmic beats of electronic music and the lush, inviting interior of THE WOMB return you to your pre-identity, pre-language existence inside your mother’s body. Help us shape this organic, artistic experience by donating your dj skills, your dancing body, or just your unique and welcome presence.

URL: http://www.playadust.com/synaesthesiaHometown: San Mateo, CA