2001 Theme Camps

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Radio Anarchy

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Radio Free Burning Man

Burning Man’s longest running radio station is back for its 8th year. Tune to 99.5 for the most comprehensive place on the dial.

URL: http://www.rfbm.orgHometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Radio KBK 104.3

Radio KBK 104.3 (Kanadian Broadkasting Korporation) is Black Rock City’s interactive all-hits-all-the-time FM station! Join our krazy Boss-Jock DJ krew (as either audience or participant) for kontests and general wackyness while we satirize your favourite mass-market radio station.

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Rainforest Refugee Camp (RRC)

Rainforest Refugee Camp Once again brings the mists of the jungle to the desert. We are an oasis out of the heat Our members come from very wet climates, so to survive we have recreated the cool high humidity of our native lands in the middle of the Black Rock Desert.

Hometown: Hoquiam, WA

Raku Fire Fuckers Theme Camp

Interactive raku ceramics firings at Burnig Man to inspire creativity in clay and glass. Artists please contact us.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

RATTS: Reno Area Trailer Trash

RATTS, the Reno Area Trailer Trash is moving into your neighborhood. Come see the sacred Elvis art.

Hometown: Reno, NV

RC of RC

Hometown: Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo

Recess Camp

Recess Camp fulfills your deepest desires to revisit the joys and confront the horrors of your elementary school playtime experience. Tag! You’re It!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Red Shoe Krew

We wear red shoes and drive around Black Rock City in the giant red pedal-powered high-heeled shoe. Remember: Brown Shoes don’t make it and will be dealt with! Based in Some Place.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Refugee Camp

Refugees from the real world who cannot afford the building costs of the flashy themecamps need not camp far beyond the Esplanade in the BM ghetto. We will do nothing for a theme, but exist as an anti-thesis, in a better location. MOVING ON UP!

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Reincarnation Location

The Reincarnation Location. Serve Pennance for your sins and be… Reborn! (Literally) Re-birth certificate included.

Hometown: Van Nuys, CA

Requiem for the 20th Century

Will provide with drawings.

Hometown: Sausalito, CA

Restaurant At The End Of The Playa

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Rhythm Society

The Rhythm Society offers you the Blyss Abyss — a mysterious place in the darkness of the night. The Abyss represents the realm of fantasy, the birthplace of artistic inspiration, the boundary between reality and dreaming. Entering the Abyss, the Soul journeys into madness to face the illusory self and then returns, giving birth to a higher, truer self. The dark feminine energy of the soul awaits you.

URL: http://www.vibrata.addr.com/blyssabyss.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Ripe For Tonight

Ripe for Tonight is all bout enjoying the fruits of your labor. Come lounge on our giant bowl of cherry, play on our giant banana teetter totter, or be inducted into the Ripe For Tonight’s web of close friends and family and receive a delicious fruit smoothy. Drop by our camp to find out how to be inducted or look for the fruit covered bicycles and ask for a ripe for tonight decal.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Risa – An infamously lush resort planet renowned for its breezes and easy-going, uninhibited sexuality that plays host to thousands each year.

Hometown: Carson City, NV

Roasted Peeps On A Stick

Welcome to the home of Roasted Peeps. Ask and you can have one. Tell us a joke and you can fly 300′ on our 30′ tall Peep-line.

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA

Rock Bottom Meets Euphoria

Rock Bottom Camp Meets Euphoria -Come celebrate the best of the worst. But after you’ve hit rock bottom, it’s time for Euphoric Bliss.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Roller Disco

Roller Disco returns to the playa this year playing funky 70’s music while you skate under the disco ball. Start shopping now for your outfits and bring your skates ’cause we’re gonna be gettin’ down and boogieing playa-style every night.

Hometown: Oakland, CA