2001 Theme Camps

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W.W.A.T.D. What Would The A-Team Do

A-Team imposters on the loose. Claim to be fighting oppression.

Hometown: Ft. Walton Beach, FL

We'ed Go Nuts

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Wet Spot

The Wet Spot is a playful, visually stimulating camp – a true product of love. Cum join in our daily egg volleyball game with Team Wet Spot; check our camp for times.

Hometown: Venice, CA


Wiggledome is an interractive music and fire performace camp.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Woo Woo Field

For the past three years, The Woo Woo Field has been an interactive, fun camp that features LIVE music and performance. We aim to generate amazing down-home energy and bring people together.

Hometown: Portland, OR

World Cup Qualifiers

The ‘World Cup Qualifiers’ are a group of desperate English and Irish pilgrims and Saturday morning (sept 1st) is our time to do a hell of a lot of praying. We may be miles from the action but we’ll do our damndest to re-create the glory of the inevitable wins for the Irish and English… 7:30 in the morning… live link-up via internet? We don’t know how… But We’ll find a way! The games (sound only!) will be repeated at set times throughout the days and nights. Come on the boys! Five a side pitch available too!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA