2001 Theme Camps

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Ignited Parcel Service

#1 for your Burning Man shipping needs… Ignited Parcel Service! Here at IPS our brown shirts are on a mission to dominate… I mean… serve you (Ve have Vays of making you ship). Stop by IPS camp and visit our friendly customer counter and ship goods, notes, or even yourself! We accept barter, silly acts or simply flash us for free shipping. Ignited Parcel Service… Global Domination one box at a Time.

Hometown: Sparks, NV

Illumination Village

The Illumination Village Creating World Class Art and Lighting it on Fire.

URL: http://www.burningart.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


Using music, dance, performance and ritual, we invite the citizens of Black Rock City to join us in defining the 8th Age of Man which we believe to be Transcendence!

URL: http://www.oacious.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Image Node

Come to our big dome to make slides and film/video loops during the day. Lounge in a universe of projected images and sound at night.

Hometown: Solvang, CA

Immolation Monk

A trip to the far east. Come meditate, enjoy a cup of tea, burn incense, take a leap of faith through the Ring of Fire.

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Infernal Noise Desert Outpost

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Infinite Kaos Zone

Come chill at our art-filled dome and attend our daily staff and chain spin lessons.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Info Boobth

The Gigsville Information Booth and Breast Appreciation Center will be the Primary Clearing House of Information for the Greater Gigsville Metropolitan Region of Black Rock City, as well as a major center of research and teaching on the interdisciplinary topic of Breast Appreciation (Background classes on breast and appreciation may also be offered.) We strive to creatively expand the appreciation of breasts, as well as ways to express that appreciation to new horizons Traditional Western methods will be considered alongside Eastern and Holistic approaches. All photographers must obtain explicit consent prior to capturing images of staff or guests.

URL: http://www.gigsville.org/residents/bm2001/camps.shtmlHometown: Hollywood, CA

Instant Re-Play

Welcome to the playdome, please leave your age at the door. If you could play again as a child, what would you do? Would you climb in a giant spider web high above everyone? Play games? Interact with a (mature-themed) puppet show? Make a plaster cast, adding a piece of yourself to a sculpture? Don’t forget your passport.

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

Irrational Geographic Society

The Irrational Geographic Society – so sue us!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA