2001 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.


Valhalla camp is a place to feast, to drink, to dance, and to carouse. Come join us in the Great Hall for a cup of meade! We’re just across the rainbow bridge.

Hometown: Richardson, TX

Vegan Tofu Hut and Lagoon

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Vespertine Dohm

We hope to provide our guests with a variety of day and nightime performers on a small stage with class A sound and lighting All performers will be welcome and results will be documented and hopefully broadcast locally on the radio and over the internet.

URL: http://www.32b.comHometown: Germantown, NY


Viaticus, an interactive atonement for any grievences or hopes of love. A place for lovers or the heavy hearted to spend an hour, a day or a week in my wire care.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Victims of the Elements

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Village Blacksmith

Let our talented artisans weld, cut and pound your conveyance or project into submission. Let our animate and unpredictable bartenders entertain and intoxicate you.

Hometown: Fallon, NV

Violet Hour

Have you ever been in Love? Do you know what it is to love? Then prove it with the one you’re with. Get a poloroid and get a passport stamp. Reserve your time now.

Hometown: Fullerton, CA

Voodoo Shooting Gallery

Test your aim. Make the dolls dance. Cast a spell for fair weather. Become a Zombie of the playa.

Hometown: Lake Oswego, OR

VW Bus Camp

Good vibes, good times, nomadic spirits unite at the 4th annual VW Bus Camp. Owner or worshiper, air or water cooled, all are welcome.

Hometown: Antelope, CA