2019 Theme Camps

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2019 Camps

A Playa Home Companion

A Playa Home Companion camp is a welcoming camp, full of burners from all over California. We are focused on being informative and educational about the Burning Man Principles, and emphasize the importance of volunteerism. Our camp provides a small stage in a shaded, lounge like atmosphere to host live talks and trainings on playa, karoke, live comedy, and even podcast recordings! We also provide a bar for those suffering from stage fright. Stop by for some learning and a lot of laughs!

Hometown: Sacramento

A Shack of Sit

A place where Sit Happens (formerly Gray Matter Gym) since 2004. We have games, hair braiding, discussions, cool water and a place to chill out. We do karaoke, and we can Emibigginate you (think of the Wizard of Oz “pay no attention to the man behind the screen”). There is always something happening in the Shack, so come on over and sit with us, we promise you will have fun!

URL: https://burningmansig.com/ Hometown: San Jose

A Transformation Station

A Transformation Station …

An art school, A cultural exchange hub, A place of learning and sharing … & Gifting Galore

Hometown: London, New York, Boston


Breath easy with the Maskman’s quality N-95 dusk masks with their non toxic psychedelic Burning Man logo. And don’t forget our Breath Pure nose plugs, BM stickers, and pins.

Hometown: Santa Monica

About Time Art Support

We are the art support camp for About Time (it’s a sundial!) This camp provides space for the creators and builders of our art installation to live, relax, and rejuvenate. Stop by for a drink of ice cold water, get to know us, and find out more about the inception of our art project and what it took to build it!

Hometown: San Diego


Abstininthe is the friendly bar on the playa, providing our special drink to the thirsty of BRC since the last millennium. Come try our many flavors and enjoy the music, ambiance and conversation of our neighborhood bar.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/abstininthe/

URL: https://www.facebook.com/abstininthe/ Hometown: Bay Area, Santa Barbara, Portland and Seattle

Academy of Arts and Sciences

We’re the scientists who are artists. And the artists with a passion for science. We can show you how a crystal is born, and then teach you to make wearable art with it. Want to look at the sun? Want to look at the sun and NOT go blind? We got you, and we’ll even paint you up once you’re done. Greet the dawn with qigong. Put the more entertaining parts of your anatomy to work by learning just how dancers make those tassels spin.

Or, just kick back in the shade, trade a bad idea for a bad drink, and relax at the Bad Idea Bar – worst bar on the Playa (since 2010!).

URL: https://www.facebook.com/brcbismuthcrystals/ Hometown: Seattle


Acapplaya has been Black Rock City’s organic soundtrack, sharing a cappella jazz to its creative citizens every year since 2004.

Hometown: San Francisco


Acavallo – the dirt-circus apocalyptic carousel crash pad. Come by and bother us! Check out the car. Chill in the shade.

URL: https://acavallo.camp Hometown: Tonasket WA & Brooklyn NY

Access to Elysium

Bring your tired body and soul to our relaxation destination to regroup, recharge and rejuvenate. First you will be offered dust-free spa water, as you soak your feet in one of our oiled footbaths or revitalize your cracking hands at our lotion station while enjoying deep conversations that lighten your soul. Second comes our signature pure bliss back massage with our special lavender massage oil to complete your Elysium Transformation. Finally with a hug and pat on the ass (optional) you will sent on your way knowing you have made new friends on your Burningman journey.

Hometown: Orange County

Acro Oasis

Acro Oasis is your home for acroyoga in Black Rock City!

Learn acroyoga basics at ‘Beginners Acroyoga’, enjoy a challenge at ‘Advanced Acroyoga’, or come to our ‘All-Levels Acroyoga Jam’!

Burning Man is a GREAT place to learn new things, so come and play!

Hometown: Vancouver


Making and giving away lampwok glass beads.

Hometown: Seattle


AdramaNation is a diverse camp focusing on a drama free, meaningful, interactive and fun filled burn. Engaging workshops, delicious delicacies, hydration, art, weddings, burnercise, and good company are to be found with us.

Hometown: New Orleans (members are from all over the US and internationally from France, Venezuela, and Canada)

Adult Novelty Shoppe

Stop in and enjoy the best Chicken/Vegetarian Tacos on the Playa! Then stay to play dancing, poetry and drawing games for great Sex Toys!

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Aer Jiraffa

Come by Aer Jiraffa and play on our 20′ climbing gym day and night, with tree house suspended 15′ in the air, some swings on the bottom–an amazing place to catch the sunrise or sunset. Come by and grab a drink at our craft beer bar or sit by the fire at night, or just come hang out; we’re pretty nice.

Hometown: San Francisco

Airport - Point 5

Black Rock City Municipal Airport (88NV) is located at Point 5 on the trash fence, at the end of Airport Road. Come visit on a bike, or ride in on a Mutant Vehicle. Volunteer with Airport Operations teams and help run an airport! Geek out with pilots and aviation enthusiasts all day.

URL: http://airport.burningman.org Hometown: We are international and from all over within the US.

Airstreameri and What Not

Airstreameri and What Not – the Best Playa Post Cards & Dusty Science Talks in Black Rock City. Because ‘nothing to write home about’ doesn’t apply here & ignorance is not bliss. We love you people.

Hometown: Genoa

Al-Bukake - DIY HQ

Camp Al-bukake is focused on bringing experiential gifts to our playa community to help people grow by learning and practicing new skills, embracing the BM principles, and fully expressing themselves. Every day we will hold a DIY – “Done Innovate Yo’ self” craft workshop and provide participants with a natural refreshing beverage as respite from the mid-day heat.

Hometown: Austin


If you find yourself parched and disoriented, listen carefully. Follow the melody and you may just stumble across camp Alborz. We’ll be happy to nurture your body and soul before we send you back off to find the next adventure.

Hometown: New York City and Los Angeles

Alchemists' Cauldron

Mixed camp of seasoned and new burners creating a space for new and fulfilling experiences, meaningful self expression and self exploration.

Hometown: San Francisco

Alchemy Stop

Alchemy Stop is a dusty sanctuary for anyone to enjoy a quiet musical retreat with a cold limoncello or a steamy Italian coffee in hand. Look for our old timey piano, bar and block printing stations – we will be welcoming you with open arms.

URL: http://www.alchemystop.org Hometown: San Francisco

Ali Bar-Bar

ALI BAR-BAR is a theme camp that provides shelter day and night, drinks, and edgy entertainment for the citizens of Black Rock City with the mission to have fun in a welcoming and comfortable environment to chill, relax, drink, and dance. We have a full service bar, and a lineup of DJs daily from 4pm – 4am. Our motto is “Top shelf music & bottom shelf drinks!”

URL: http://www.alibarbar.org Hometown: Palo Alto

Alice in Slumberland

Alice in Slumberland is a Hookah Lounge Chill Space, next to the Drink Me Bar and The Red Queen’s Croquet Court.
Come by to share some hookah with strangers and wonder who-you-are. Grab some Flaming Turkish Coffee, a potion from Alice at Drink Me, and make a friend to play Giant Card games with, join us for LED croquet!

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA and New York, NY and London, UK


Camp Alittle! Where there’s alittle something for everyone!

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Alkalita: Alkaline + Margarita

No matter what you do and where you go over the nine days of Burning Man, you have to visit Alkalita. No it’s not a country. It’s a very cool theme camp run by people who LOve people.

The name ALKAL-ITA, is the “blended outcome” of giving away fresh ALKALine batteries and the best margarITAs at BRC in a fun and loving way. Alkalita provides a funky, social cantina environment where people can mingle and dance to 80’s Yacht Rock music while sipping a cold margarita. Alkalita also provides a valuable service to all Burners by providing fresh alkaline batteries that we all so depend on.

That’s Alkalita…engaging, inviting, and in servitude to our fellow Burners.

We will be open Monday through Thursday from 11:30pm – 12:30pm and from 4:30pm – 6:30pm

We so hope you’ll drop by and see us!

Hometown: San Mateo

All IN

Come and learn to DJ your favourite kind of music then go b2b in a live set. Look for the large lotus shaped bell tent illuminated with led lights!

Hometown: London

Alter Ego

Camp Alter Ego wants to create experiences through art that challenge and expand one’s sense of self.

URL: https://www.campalterego.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Alternative Energy Zone

A Burning Man village free from combustion driven generators and no “dues” required.

URL: http://aez.green Hometown: Reno

Altitude Lounge

Climb our 50-ft tower and see the City you helped create. We offer magnificent views, downtempo music, and couches that will suck you in as you watch the world go by.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/loungeluv/ Hometown: Boise


Pink-Green-Yellow-Pink-Green-Yellow… Do you have the wits to find your way out of our logic maze? Stop by any time day or night to step up to the challenge!

Hometown: San Diego


AmaZONE Camp is a place for those who love science, spirituality, shamanism and diverse themes that surround the universe of self awakening and consciousness development. We have two complementary art installations based on Water. One in the Camp and another on Playa. Come connect pieces of our universe’s puzzle. Our Camp is a place to lean and to teach, a place to feel and share experiences and understanding about the phenomenons that rules our existence.

URL: http://www.brazilianburners.com

Amber Dust

We know silly, and have all of the amber love to share: Amber, Amber Dust, Amber people, Amber drinks.
Home of THE Sausage party!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Amberland is the nonhierarchical home of The Cosmic Conversation, a giant lotus-headed bee made of flowers embodying the coextensive swarming superorganismic headless collective intelligence of the nondual whole www.cosmicconversation.net

URL: http://www.cosmicconversation.net Hometown: Winters


Join us at Amulet where our highly trained Amulet Counselors will guide you in the use of metal stamping tools to create your own amulet, memento, or talisman made from a brass dog tag blank. When you’re finished, share your creation with amazing new friends at the Amulet table and let us tie a necklace cord or put it on a chain for you.

Hometown: East Bay, SF Bay Area

An Emotional Roller Coaster

An Emotional Roller Coaster camp is an international emotional support crew based within the Are You Fucking Shitting Me village dedicated to making art on the playa, getting the job done, then chillin, then finishing the job, then chillin.

Hometown: Global,

Anahasana Village

Anahasana Village brings awareness to a fully embodied knowing of the power and the wisdom of our own hearts. Through movement practices, emotional sharing, dance, yoga, meditation, breathwork and more, we aim to allow for freedom and honesty to be a part of all of our relationships. We believe in a decentralized world where everyone takes responsibility and collaborates to create beauty.

URL: http://anahasanavillage.org Hometown: Decentralized

Ancient Cult of the Alligator

The Ancient Cult of the Alligator is a place for worshippers to live in the NOW. Come by for daily afternoon activities, featuring specialty drinks (Alligator Bites!), music to replenish your soul, activities to refresh your mind and body, and, the hallmark of any good cult, a soupcon of brainwashing so light you won’t notice till it’s too late and you’re one of us.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/705136196225882/ Hometown: Los Angeles

And Other Droll Activities

At And Other Droll Activities Camp, we have a large variety of random yet exciting events planned for you. At every event, you can expect what is listed in the description, but you can also expect a number of other droll activities!

Hometown: Reno

Anonymous Club

Come enjoy our shaded lounge while you sip on a coffee, tea, or other restorative drink 🙂

Hometown: Phoenix

Anonymous Village

Anonymous Village provides safe, sheltered, shaded venues for 12-step groups to hold meetings and to gather and help one another. It is also a drug and alcohol-free space for participants to camp during the event (please pre-register at www.burnanon.org ). If you are feeling unsafe in your camp because of drug or alcohol use, please consider staying with us for the night or for the event.

URL: https://www.burnanon.org/ Hometown: Black Rock City


A camp with so much love for our beloved ship it hurts.

Hometown: Big Sur

Anti M's Home for Wayward Art

Established in 2005, Anti M’s Home for Wayward Art is a place for small art, medium art, amateur art, but especially Bad Art, Lost Art, Found Art, Art which Needs a Good Spanking, and of course, Wayward Art. This is not a gallery, it is more like juvenile detention for art, an orphanage, a half-way house for misfit art. All art in the Home is up for adoption, all the prospective new parent needs to do is fill out a small adoption form and clip it to the Home in place of their newfound art darling. Art may also be committed to the Home, just put it securely in place and say good-bye.

Hometown: OGDEN

Apocalypse Wow

American by birth; Black Rock City Citizen by the grace of the gods! Come see us at Apocalypse WOW, the place to be for all the things you love about America (and don’t): Mac and Cheese, Vietnamese iced coffee, jousting in patriotic spandex, cold beer and the famous spaghetti burrito… We’re here to quash those vibes of impending world doom and give you a chance to prove you’re not a Narc while doing a naked handstand. We love you already, we look forward to giving you a high five and shaving your eyebrows.

Hometown: San Francisco


We are proud to be an eco conscious kamp that strives to re-envision waste materials into art. Come chill out with us and have a margarita in our Post Apokalpytikally themed sunset bar and lounge, or play with our eclectic collection of installations and games.

URL: http://www.kampapokalyptika.com Hometown: San Francisco

Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum

From our culture to yours, come join the Dragons for a Tea & Turban ceremony, parasol and hand fan painting, dim sum and so much more! Founded in 1825 and located in Black Rock French Quarter, the oldest city in Black Rock.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/AppropriatedDragon/ Hometown: Los Angeles

AquaZone Love Water Bar & Oasis

Come join us in the revitalizing Ritual of Drinking Love-Infused Water. Replenish your soul and your water bottle at our 24-Hour Self-Serve Water Buffet. Recharge your body through the healing powers of our Reiki Masters — as well as recharge your cell phone/device at our Solar-Powered Cell Phone Addiction Retox Station. Participate in a spiritually cleansing Sweat Lodge. Reorient yourself as you return home to the playa at our Welcome Home dome. Reinvigorate old and new friendships at our “Do Your Friend” Nail Polish Stations. The Life-Changing Power of Positive Ritual happens when YOU show up.

URL: http://www.aquazonewaterbar.com/ Hometown: Berkeley

Arabella's Lair

Arabella lives here.

URL: http://fromtheash.es Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area


Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens

Arctic Jungle

Arctic Jungle is bringing back the Dirty Dusty Day Spa for a second year. Stop by Monday, Wednesday, or Friday mornings for a moment of rejuvenation for your body and spirit, and a cold cup-of-joe.


Arctica Ice Sales

Arctica Ice Sales is your downtown resource for ice. Crushed and
block ice are available for $4 each.
During the event, ice sales hours (at this location) are Mon-Sat
9am-6pm, Sun Noon-6pm and 10am-Noon on Labor Day.

Pre-event sales are Thurs-Sun Noon-6pm at this location only.

URL: http://arctica.burningman.org/ Hometown: Iceland

Arctica Ice Sales - Ice Cubed

Ice Cubed is the ice sales igloo located on the 3 o’clock side of the
city. This year it is located a few streets back from where you
normally find it. Crushed and block ice are available for $4 per
bag/block. Ice Cubed sales hours
are Event Week: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm and Sun Noon-6pm.

URL: http://www.arctica.burningman.org Hometown: Iceland

Arctica Ice Sales - Ice Nine

Ice Nine is the ice sales igloo located on the 9 o’clock side of the
city. This year it is located at the 3 and G plaza. Crushed and block ice are available for $4 per bag/block. Ice Nine sales hours
are pre-event Sat and Sun 12pm-6pm, Event Week Mon-Sat 9am-6pm and Temple Burn Sun Noon-6pm.

URL: http://www.arctica.burningman.org Hometown: Iceland


Cherish the uncertain, challenge fear, welcome the odd, and seek thyself! The Argonauts bring a unique and infectious spirit to the playa which they share through a number of camp activities including their ArgoShine-enhanced induction ceremonies, lunchtime ArgoDogs, Argonaut dust, sun & fashion bandanas, and individual Quests assigned to each newly inducted Argonaut for the coming year.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/argonautsunited Hometown: Los Altos Hills

Armageddon Bike Camp

Think Armageddon for all your bike needs. We offer professional bike repair daily, providing bike-love to the 3:00 sector for over 10 years, and we host an Alley Cat bike race on Wednesday from 2-4pm (post-race party from 4-6pm!). Drop in any time!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/armageddonBRC/ Hometown: Salt Lake City UT and Chico CA

Arrakis Spice Market

The spice must flow! Arrakis Spice Market is a communal spice market and gathering place for culinary exploration and sharing the flavors of the world. We gift cooking spices and spice-infused craft cocktails or shrubs every afternoon. Enjoy a beverage, smell the spices, or just relax in the shade of our market.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Arrow Dynamic

Arrow Dynamic hosts a nightly low key, Jazz Bar dedicated to fostering neighborhood community and providing a space for conversations, connections and deep interactions.

Sunday after the temple burn is the Post Burn Soul and Funk party that is now 3 years running. Always a great send off after a reflective day and quiet burn.

Hometown: Grass Valley


O NOME DA ROSA – The Portuguese art suport camp
Includes public area to receive visitors. It is thought to be a Portuguese embassy of artistic, etical and knowledge of “lusofonia” the Portuguese speaking contries.
Area of ​​support for the performers of the O NOME DA ROSA instalation.
Part of the space will be private zone for accommodation of the technical and artistic team.

Hometown: Portugal

Art Car Bus Stop

Art Car Bus Stop is A spontaneous autonomous municipal service. Do you desperately crave the civil Structure? Our primary purpose is placing individually themed Art Car Bus Stops across the playa, but visit our camp, step inside our Pyramid, aka the Terminal, and enjoy a variety of fun and creative activities, while meeting the Art Car Bus Stop Family! Hail Yeah, hurry up and wait!

URL: http://www.artcarbusstop.com Hometown: Los Angeles / Denver

Art Car Camp

Art Car Camp at Burning Man
on Playa since 1994
Visit our Mused Car Lot to explore beautiful Art Cars and Mutant Vehicles and learn about our crazy world where anything is possible if you can imagine it.
Join us for our Meet the Artist session on Wed and Make a Shrine with Temple Trip art car

Hometown: Douglas

Art Haus

Art Haus brings classical music and dance to the playa! Come experience classical music in a whole new way!

URL: http://www.arthausonplaya.com Hometown: San Francisco

Art of Steam

Art, Steam and Herbs. Mastery and culture of the steam healing.

Hometown: Moscow

Art of Such n Such (A.S.S.) Camp

Stop by Art of Such n Such (A.S.S.) late- late night to warm yourself next to Infanity. Times/ dates listed on our frontage wall.
Check out MIS Information/ Bad Advice for your burn during the day.

URL: http://www.sparceland.com/otherprojects#art-of-suchnsuch-theme-camp Hometown: Atlanta

Art Wall for All

Exercise your freedom of expression! Join us in creating a Black Rock City community mural. All supplies are provided, all we need is you!

Hometown: Portland OR, LA and Cape Cod MA


The ARTECH CAMP is an art support camp, providing a home for local and international artists involved in various art projects and installations on the playa.

URL: https://www.artechcamp.org Hometown: Reno

Aruna Fire Camp

Aruna Fire is the place to go if you want to burn, aerial, acro, and flow.

Hometown: Austin


Get ready to share your ideas and sculpt the future. Arx is an ancient Latin word for the Citadel in Rome. At the new and improved Arx, we believe everyone’s voice matters, and we’d like to hear what you have to say about things that are important to you. Whether that’s global warming or what you had for breakfast, Arx is your forum to share big ideas. Join us for a drink or two at our Spirited Discussions!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

As You Wish

Reminiscent of an arabian minaret in a mirage beckoning you to enter. Once inside, the swirling points of light create a mystical chamber for your wishes. The magical lamp turning with myriad points of light dancing across the desert. Inside, the light carries your wishes up to the stars. Our camp will carry this theme over to our home on the Playa.

Hometown: Truckee


ASAP is a San Diego based Arts Collective, a talented group of friends – welders, woodworkers, artists, and creatives who have been making beautiful things, building art, and integrating their work into the BM community throughout San Diego for the past couple of years.
ASAP projects include: “Pieuvre”; “Fan Coral”; “Lionfish Lounge”; and “The Punkin Project” Art Car.
Art Serves A Purpose – Art Support And Party

Hometown: San Diego

Ascending Fire

Welcome to Ascending Fire, the hospitable manifestation of your personal journey. Revisit your past, be one with your present, and explore your possible futures. Together.

Ascending Fire is a theatrical camp experience, where during ‘showtime’ all guests are welcome to explore the space, interact with the humans that bring it to life, and walk away with a gift, a reflection, or meditation.

Hometown: San Francisco

Ashram Galactica

Ashram Galactica – The Grand Hotel | Your Home Away From Home Away From Home

Located Directly Above the Center of the Earth

URL: http://ashramgalactica.com/ Hometown: Venice / Los Angeles


Camp Asterix and Turbo Bar invite you for some afternoon fun and to play a round of Burner Family Feud! Don’t have a family? We’ll make one for you! If you’re not into that, come sit and watch as our live audience and fill up your cups with our Turbo Juice.

Hometown: Victoria

Astral Outpost

The Astral Outpost is a rest stop for astronauts en route to other planets. Know us by our Space Lounge and radio tower with a rocket sculpture.

Hometown: San Francisco

Astro Cats

We invite all burners to chill at the Flying Saucer Lounge with special drinks during the day, and hot or cold sake at the Dragon Sake Lounge at night. You can enjoy acrobatic performance and workshops at scheduled times, and a place to practice and spin fire and Cyr Wheel with us. If you want to join our kitties for morning yoga, bring your mat to stretch and pose with us. Or, you would like to learn Capoiera in the afternoon with us. You can chill on our chairs and watch people pass by while sipping our special drinks. You can learn to be a puppet master and perform at our Improv Puppet Theatre. You can challenge yourself to manipulate the LED Matrix, walk the plank, or play the game of Giant Jenga or Simon Says while enjoying your sake.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Astrocats.2014/ Hometown: San Francisco

Astrological Dreamers

Astrological Dreamers is here to wake you up and keep you moving!

At the Oasis

For many years, “At the Oasis” has been a Maker Camp. We provide the materials for Burning Man attendees to create personalized jewelry using the many materials on hand. Four times during the week we will offer Jewelry-Making, the ability to brand the Burning Man symbol on leather items, a Rockin’ Moroccan Photo Booth, and on Thursday, a Rockin’ Moroccan Disco Party open to all.

We have long-time and Burgin Burners in our camp, and we welcome all to our 24/7 chill lounge.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1664792900406691/ Hometown: Palm Springs


“Ataraxia” is a serene state of calmness. We are a chill space hosting daily events and sharing all that we have with our fellow burners. Enjoy our music and video, our daily yoga, and other movement workshops. Have some fun or just relax. Ours is a safe space for everyone.

Hometown: San Francisco


High Tea – Late Afternoon, Daily
Open Bar – Post Tea, Daily
Art Lounge – 24/7
Sunset Sound Dance Parties – 4pm till Sundown, MWF

URL: http://campatlantis.com/ Hometown: San Francisco / New York / Amsterdam / 20 Leagues

Atom Cult

The Most Radiant Camp at Burning Man! Come over to taste our Hot Fusion pancakes and Nuclear Winter Brew coffee in the morning and Cold Fission ice cream at noon. Enjoy the magnificent views of BRC and bounce off the trampoline at the top of our 25′ tall Chilling Tower. Or relax in our Reactor Dome to the soothing sound of the Geiger counter.

URL: http://www.atomcult.com/ Hometown: SD-OC-LA-SF-BOS-NYC

Atomic Pussy Photo Lounge

Come visit what is easily the 3rd best Bar/Lounge and Photo Booth on the playa. We serve ice-cold beverages to fuel your spiritual transformation and ultimate metamorphoses to a higher flow state. New this year is The Elaine Benes Dance Experience (dance classes for dance-introverts), Guided tours of the inner workings of our solar-power, shower, and grey water systems, and Believing the Unbelievable–tales of paranormal experiences – come to listen or come share an experience. Returning this year is our twin-tip, reverse camber Shot-Ski (for those playa face shots) – and of course the photo art and photo gifts.

Hometown: Salt Lake City


Authentic Relating is the art of building deeper connection, vulnerability, trust, openess and playfulness with each other. Join us to experience deeper connection and learn the tools to bring them into your connections on the playa and beyond

Hometown: Earth


The home of Awesome!(ness) and the Crafts n’ Cocktails series. We invite everyone to come by and enjoy art, music, crafts, performances, healing, drinks, and good times. Come get AWESOME with us!

Hometown: Tahoe


Do you ever wonder what the ball feels like when you’re watching the game? Now’s your chance to find out! Come join us for Awesomeball in 2019 and strap in for an exhilarating experience. When you’re safe inside a cushioned see through sphere you’ll find whole new ways to move. Be The Ball – Awesomeball at Camp Awesomesauce

URL: http://www.campawesomesauce.org Hometown: Bozeman


A camp founded on the principles of radical self-reliance and coordinating group costumes, AwesomeTown once again expects to win Burning Man with Breakfast of Champions, a daily cereal offering, and Sock Puppet Cartoon Theatre, all brought to you in a 50s-inspired kitchen and living room. Welcome home!

Hometown: SF Bay Area and Los Angeles (co-hometowns)

Awful's Pit Crew

A home for Awful’s Gas & Snack pit crew. Come by if you’re interested in getting involved with the last gas station on earth.

URL: http://www.awfulsgas.com Hometown: San Francisco

Awkward & Tawdry Lounge

Part bar. Part theater. Part chill. Part Shoot Your Balls Off. Part Haunt.
100% Awkward & Tawdry.

URL: http://049events.com/AwkwardAndTawdry/ Hometown: Sacramento and San Francisco