2019 Theme Camps

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2019 Camps

Galactic Caravan

The Galactic Caravan will lead you into an earthly oasis of ancient, healing, shamanic arts. A portal into space sharing the songs of multiverse. By day our Shape Shifters will provide comfort, healing, music, movement therapy, future forecasting and more, as they transform and channel energy from all the Galaxies. By night our caravan transforms into a wildly entertaining space station theater. The minstrels and muses of the Galactic Caravan have traveled throughout the cosmos to create visual beauty and soul stirring pageantry for your enjoyment. The stories, choreography, and artist’s skills are all tools used to share in the human experience, bringing forth insights to wellness, purpose, and conscious alignment with the planet.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Galactic Jungle

Galactic Jungle is a unique, interstellar destination committed to cosmic connectivity and progressive, inquiring discovery.

The camp has grown and evolved over the years and has become a thriving colony of regular resident campers from every continent who, together infuse the camp with diverse, creative energy.

The Galactic Jungle colony is proud to continue to develop and share a generous range of engagement opportunities and to build a camp which is a lush welcoming sanctuary for all intrepid explorers and seekers both within the camp and beyond.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Galactic Relay

The spaceport of love on the playa. Home base of Out Of Band III.

Hometown: San Francisco


Hometown: San Francisco


Barbarella and Blade Runner come together to bring you Snyth, Space and Retro Future Bliss.

Hometown: Sierra City


Ahoy from the Pirates of the Playa (infamous creators of the Mutant Vehicle USS Nevada)…look for us “Gallavanting” around the playa spreading fun and adventure and hop a ride with us! ! Our mighty USS Nevada will be doing 2+ tours around playa daily from our home port so come visit us, enjoy our signature grogs concocted with our homemade distilled rum in an awesome full-fledged pirate bar, The ArrghBar. pARTicipate in our 2+ daily theme parties 10am and 2pm, come get your drink on, play games, and then relax in our Pirates Den – an amazing chill space with couches. Visit our Wayward Wenches Bazaar because we got what you forgot and a Pirate Fueling Station complete with water spritzes, protein drinks and icy otter pops … Come Party with us – it will be a sure adventure.

URL: http://gallavant.us Hometown: Reno

Game of Cones

Winter is coming for all at Game of Cones, who is celebrating its first trip to the playa by gifting snow cones to all. Each of the flavors even has its own house name! We strive to make our serving space as interactive and open for all burners. Stop by our camp in the mid-afternoon to hydrate, laugh, and enjoy our wicked afternoon dance party.

Hometown: San Diego

Game Train/Bump Bed

The Game Train is a super fun and interactive mutant vehicle support camp. Featuring full motion arcade simulators, tons of fun people and good vibes !

URL: https://www.flickr.com/photos/8706312@N03/albums Hometown: Knightsen California

Ganesh Camp

Ganesh Camp is a lush retreat for dusty desert denizens. Noon 5, Tue Fri, celebrate and beat the heat in the bar in a large, cool desert tent from India or sit by the fire at night! Or play hoops during the day or night with glow-in-the-dark gear. Check out the gifting tree.

URL: http://www.johnkane.com/2015-08-28-BurningMan/index.html Hometown: Berkeley

Garden of Geeky Delights

The Garden of Geeky Delights welcomes curious travelers! Test your skill on our Tricycle Racing Track, with optional performance enhancing spanking. If you’re feeling brave, climb into our Spiderweb Dome and enjoy the view from the top!

Hometown: Zurich


For the bursting joy of all visionaries, chillers and music lovers the Garden will strike the playa for its first time! Garden Olympics is a cosmopolitan melting pot based about inclusion and gentleness that becomes home. Join us during the day to relax, chill and talk, come at night to love and shake. Gardeners unite and shine!

Hometown: Bolzano - Italy

Gauchos del Fuego

Come visit us at Gauchos del Fuego and enjoy some mates every morning from 9am till noon and meet with burners from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Spain and Uruguay. Looking to explore Burning Man beyond Black Rock City? Visit us and learn about Fuego Austral, the Argentina burn, the first regional in Latin America. This is our 5th year at BRC!!!

URL: http://fuegoaustral.org Hometown: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Spain and Uruguay.

Gay Turtle Matriarchy

We are a camp of 20 gay turtles, of the order of Testudines, undergoing the annual cyclical migration of our species. Instinct has directed each member of our species to end our pilgrimage in Black Rock City. The migratory patterns of our species will continue to lead us back home each year, where we are driven by instinct mediated, group-behavioral attainment. www.g-t-m.org

Hometown: New York / Los Angeles

Gaylactic Invaders

Gaylactic Invaders Village is returning to the playa in search of intergalactic love slaves. Out-of-this-world aerial performances, beverages, and workshops held throughout the burn. Resistance is futile – stop by and be assimilated!

Hometown: San Diego

Gears & Beers

Gears & Beers: Vehicle and art car repair camp and bar with Microbrew from Seattle


URL: https://www.facebook.com/gearsandbeer3/?view_public_for=1582760765100159 Hometown: Seattle

Gender Blender

Are you tired of gender labels? Are you over being told you need to look, be, or behave a certain way? Are you ready to smash the bonds of gender oppression and metamorphosize into gender liberation?! Do you believe in creating safe spaces for trans, non-binary, genderqueer, non-conforming, bending, and blending folks than Gender Blender the place for you!

Gender Blender is fun, interactive, educational, and a space to explore your gender identity. We are a safe space community of trans, non-binary, genderqueer, and gender out-laws and radicals. We support each other, heal the wounds of gender oppression, run workshops, play parties, and create magic. We welcome all genders all-ways.
Check us out at www.genderblenders.org

URL: https://www.genderblenders.org/ Hometown: Bay Area, California

Genital Portrait Studio

Genital Portrait Studio, the playa’s premier genital photography studio since 2000, celebrates genitalia as glorious and beautiful. A body positive and consensual space, we are welcoming to all genders and we invite you to capture your most intimate side in a keepsake laminated ID badge. We also feature a lovely bar with craft beer and mixed drinks on tap for those 21+, and a Tuesday night GLOW PARTY!

URL: http://www.genitalportraitstudio.org Hometown: San Francisco

Geometric Punk

Hometown: Beijing

Get Toasted

We are a interactive cinnamon toast experience!

Hometown: Portland

Giants Workshop

Hometown: High Falls


Gigsville is one of the oldest villages on the Playa (we’re turning 22 this year, hooray!). We’re dedicated to fire, fun, and good old fashioned jackassery. You’ll find us gathered around the car that’s on fire in the center of camp, probably arguing about whether or not ocelots should be allowed in camp, and whether or not that was, indeed, our camel.

URL: http://www.laburningman.com/theme-camps/gigsville/ Hometown: We have campers in LA, SF Bay Area, NYC, Pittsburgh, Raleigh/Durham, Louisiana, Texas, New Zealand, and Canada

Gilded Cage

The concept of the “Gilded Cage” camp is an exploration and understanding of the modern social self-representation where someone appears to live in luxury but where he or she has very little freedom. Interactive elements and structures help to explore the avenues of possible combinations between physical and spiritual values within comfortable but confined situation with it’s false freedom and artificial peace. You can enter the gilded cage with it’s playground of a slat swing, comfy floor pillows and bath accessories and enjoy it’s superficially attractive but nevertheless constraining space you reevaluate your freedom by changing your perspective between being outside or inside of the cage.

Hometown: San Francisco

Glam Clams

JOIN OUR CULT! The Glam Clams are a self-care cult offering interactive and self-service experiences tailored to meet the human needs of connection, reflection and transformation. Visit our experience vending machine, The Care Console, dispensing personalized interactivity M-F 12-2pm, or the self service option, available 24/7. If self care looks like a stiff drink, come get drunk off our Micheladas (clam juice NOT optional).

Hometown: San Francisco


GlamCocks is a global family that was started at Burning Man, and is dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences that celebrate and encourage burner principles, GlamCockery, bringing people together to find inspiration and creativity, and to express their fabulous, authentic selves. We believe that creativity, authenticity, and love for yourself and others are critical to having meaningful connections that make life fulfilling.

URL: https://www.glamcocks.com/ Hometown: Seattle


We embrace diversity and serendipity, and we have a history of making the burn accessible to first-timers, along with experienced burners, all originating from multiple countries and continents all over the world. In effect, we bring together people from all walks of life, and provide a family, a base on the playa, and an ideal platform for planting the seed toward deep personal transformation. In that, we believe we are a microcosm of what Burning Man is all about. We stand for togetherness and diversity with our multinational members. We are one global and glorious family. We are GloryWhole.

Hometown: San Francisco

Glowskull Asylum Int'l

Glowskull Asylum Int’l brings heavy metal and rock radical inclusion to the playa. Are you craving some good headbanging and want to meet exotic misfits from random places all over the world? Our bar, SkØllushery, and art car “Castle Glowskull” will be hosting mischief, ultra-violence, and METAL (and other forms of rock) daily!

Hometown: Prague

Gluten Free Toaster camp

Gluten-Free Toaster camp. This is a Mutant vehicle themed camp. We’re busy getting our vehicle ready to take you on a gluten free ride!

Hometown: palo alto, ca


gNarnia is a small cozy camp providing cold brew coffee and iced matcha tea, Monday- Thursday from 9:30am-1:30pm. yes, we do have a lion, a witch and a wardrobe. Ice included. Find us at the lamp.

Gnomeman's Land

We’re a merry bunch of gnomes who took over someone’s lawn and we’ll have everything a good gnomely neighbor should have – a welcoming grass lawn, rainbow picket fence, lawn games, picnic tables and hammocks (see more below).
– Lemonade stand: We’ll catch people’s eyes as they pass by in the hot afternoon sun with a lemonade stand and popsicles
– Lawn games: Hula hoops, bocce, giant jenga.
– We’ll host a variety of events, including a block party, neighborhood BBQ, Gnomaste yoga, improv and juggling classes, and Gnome Tini trivia

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Go The Fuck To Sleep Camp

Go the Fuck to Sleep Camp offers a space where we help burners go the fuck to sleep!

Our playa famous bartender EZ Cheez serves up boilermakers and excellent conversation to help you go the fuck to sleep!

The Crib is a soft, snuggly space where you can rest, snuggle, and go the fuck to sleep! In The Crib we will offer sleep masks, ear plugs, and valerian root tea.

Throughout the week, in The Crib, we will host dramatic readings of the book Go the Fuck to Sleep.

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Goa People

Goa People welcomes everyone interested in Goa culture to stop by and attend our Goa Trance sessions, along with getting a chance to touch the aspects of hippie culture and have a taste of Indian cuisine and spirituality.

Hometown: Moscow

Goetta Life

Serving GOETTA, a Cincinnati sausage, most mornings in our Lounge, with misting and hammocks and DRUMS!

Lounge is open in the hottest part of the day to relax, cool off with 4 types of misters, and DRUM!

Hometown: Cincinnati

Gold Dust

Hometown: Jackson Hole

Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha is a 12th Century Silk Road theme camp focused on consciousness, wellness, and love. Come visit our camp for a refreshing daily tea service. We promise you’ll leave feeling more enlightened and alive!

URL: http://www.goldenbuddhacamp.com Hometown: San Francisco, California, USA

Golden Gate Project

We are the Golden Gate Bridge. From our camp we will post our schedules for you to come be apart of our infamous art tours. Or ride along as a commuter to meet and greet everyone,as they get on and off the bus during our daily public transportation shifts.

Hometown: Reno


3 Times a week, late afternoon Camp Golshan will be serving delicious quesadilla with vegan cheese options!
Come enjoy a slice of deliciousness with exotic alcoholic beverages brought in from our international campers from different parts of the world. Don’t drink alcohol? We got you covered as well, cold electrolyte will be available for you to rejuvenate all the lost body fluid!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/campgolshan/ Hometown: Toronto

Good Intentions Camp

Good Intentions asks – What do you want from your Burn? Come by for a consultation with one of our Certified Metaphysical Psuedo Scientists. Feeling adventurous but lacking direction? Take your chances and spin the Wheel of Intention. Plug into our powerful Wish Machine Technology to manifest your heart’s deepest desires. Make a ceremonial commitment with a Lime in the Coconut and take a piece of authentically charged Orgonite with you when you go. Refresh and recharge, then get back out there and make shit happen.

Hometown: Toronto/St. George

Good Question

Whats our camp called? Good Question! Come on by, play some games, and you might just learn something about the event…or maybe even a little something about yourself. All are invited, all are welcome (just don’t yell at us if lady luck is not on your side)

Hometown: San Francisco

Good Vibe Tribe

The Good Vibe Tribe camp presents a unique and immersive experience complete with DJs, live music, numerous workshops, fire performances, and burlesque at the Badlands Bordello. Come by, chill in our groovy lounge with some awesome beats and let us serve you a hand-crafted cocktail. Themed costumes and/or vintage formalwear are encouraged but not required.

Hometown: Houston

Goodbye Horses

Goodbye Horses is a union of global Burners (USA, Japan, Sweden & Saturn) who have met and connected through Burning Man, regional Burns and local events. We are filmmakers, inventors, circus performers, designers, rockstars and more. Best known for Kernel’s World Famous PopCart, home of the best popcorn on the Playa, the one and only original, no bullshit authentic desert C~O~R~N for your grit. NO WOO-WOO LA TURNKEY CORN HERE FOLKS.

Hometown: Brooklyn


Step into a digital realm of perceptual vastness, defying the physical and mental limitations of your perceived reality. Gravitate towards your dream experience in one of many time and space altering attractions. You will surely find your true center of gravity here.

URL: https://www.gravitycamp.org/ Hometown: San Francisco

Greeters Camp

Greeters Camp

Hometown: N/A

Grilled Cheese Experiment

The Grilled Cheese Experiment is a warm, gooey, crusty mix of Canadian Burners, mostly from Vancouver, BC. Each year we experiment with one of the 10 Principles, and this year we are experimenting with Radical Self Reliance. Join us for our Grilled Cheese parties and communal canvass! We also host the Bureau of Playa Name Changes – current processing times are 6-9 months, thank you for your patience.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Groove lounge

The Groove Lounge

Hometown: Los Angeles

Groove Oasis

Groove Oasis is your refuge in the dusty desert to rest or move your body. We are hosting dance workshops and parties throughout the week so check the playa schedule and come get your groove on! Chill out in our Tea Lounge or Ball Pit before or after.

URL: http://www.grooveoasis.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Groovy Brew

Groovy Brew is a small camp that’s passionate about keeping the community caffeinated! We offer daily coffee service and a cozy lounge for everyone to enjoy. Swing by for a visit and get groovy!

Hometown: Ontario, Canada


Gymnasium celebrates the ancient Greek tradition of nude exercise and competitions, a fun and practical way to keep your clothes from getting covered in dust. Our clothing optional camp hosts a variety of events include naked oil wrestling, nude yoga, an aerial rig, pottery and an interactive art wall where everyone is encouraged to contribute and participate. We welcome attendees of all genders, races, sexual identities and athletic abilities to join us – a smile is the only thing you need to wear.


URL: http://www.gymnasiumburningman.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Gypsy Kitties LOCO Hive Dive

Gypsy Kitties LOCO Hive Dive the home base of our mutant vehicle Catterfly. When we are not cat napping or flying about playa we are home busy hosting our Loco Kitty Hive Dive bar. So come say hi and spin our Gyspy Wheel of Misfortune where you may get dared, have to dance a jig, tell a story, kiss your bestie or empty your pockets. So be ready for gypsy trouble and children and persons under 21 are not aged enough to enter sorry.

Hometown: Vashon

Gypsy Witches Camp

We welcome Virgins and international travelers! We host games and serve chips, salsa and witches brew. We deliver most anything anywhere in Black Rock City. Bring your Virgins by for a Virgin Letter. Ask to be deputized as a deliverer!

URL: http://www.virginletters.com/ Hometown: Portland

GYST- Get Your Shit Together

Sometimes you are new to BRC.
Sometimes you’ve been here before.
So have we!
Stop by GYST and we will help you Get Your Shit Together.
Drinks, directions, info sharing, advice, naming, burner hacks, tips, tricks, beats, meets and greets, family, feels, and focus.

Hometown: Sacramento