2019 Theme Camps

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2019 Camps

P Canadensis

Want to meet some Canadian circus freaks? Come hang out with us and watch us stick hot things in our faces, play with balls, & get all tied up for your entertainment!

Hometown: Edmonton

P3 Oasis

Verbalized as “P-cubed Oasis” as in P to the third power, we are Participants Participating in Participation. And we don’t play techno! Come roll the dice, enjoy an adult beverage, and climb the ladder to the observation deck for an amazing view of your city. It’s our 12th year!

Hometown: Arcata

Pajama Burn

Make the Least of your Burn. Come join us for slumber parties and morning cartoons.

Hometown: San Francisco

Palm Tree Country Club

Our camp welcomes you to come sneak a groove at our bingo night on Thurs for a change to win many fun prizes, including the opportunity to metamorpihize into the most majestic of unicorns. Come enjoy the art of slapping a bag of wine while enjoying our exquisite cheese which we airdrop into the playa each night, being hosted in our club lounge on Tues and Fri. We’d love you to enjoy our interactive art zone and mini golf course, both open 24/7. Looking for a bass-y dance party? Come to our Alien Welcoming party on Wed night as dance under to stars to beats down low. We’re also hosting a special festival fashion attire giveaway on Monday afternoon. We hope to see all you beautiful burners at one of our events. Look for the LED palm trees erupting with FIRE !!!!!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Palm-Tree-Country-Club-1296876547074778/ Hometown: Los Angeles and all corners of the USA

Pam's Parlor

Welcome one and all to Pam’s Parlor, where you can find shade and get shiny with our custom flash tattoos designed specifically for this year’s Burn, or enjoy other scheduled events such as hair decoration, meditation, body painting, and more! Please feel free to climb up onto the back of our art car to get a great view of the neighborhood at any time of day or night–we look forward to seeing you there!

URL: http://pamsparlor.dance Hometown: Los Angeles

Pamplaya: Running of The Balls

Just like Pamplona, Spain’s Running of the Bulls… except these runners will be chased by six angry, giant BALLS, each day through the streets of Black Rock City! Chilled sangria will accompany all events.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Pamplaya-The-Running-of-The-Balls-704171739771480/ Hometown: Orange County, CA

Pancake Playhouse

Tired of the never ending thump thump of electronic music. Give your ear drums a break and come have a pancake on us while listening to soothing 80’s rock. We are open mondays to fridays from 9ish to noonish

URL: https://www.facebook.com/PancakePlayhouse/ Hometown: oakland

Panda Camp

We often discover ourselves when we are out of our element. Panda Camp wants to take you out of your element and into ours as we host an array of experiences that take you on a journey through the cosmos using a celestial environment, virtual reality, yoga, themed parties and a seductive mutant vehicle.

Hometown: no majority of campers in any one place. Several from London, Chicago, Orange County, Denver, Florida, Australia


Come one, come all to Pandaland!: An Interactive, panda-themed carnival with healing, games, activities & events open for 4-6 hours in the afternoon/evening, Tuesday – Saturday. Pandaland is run by pandas (i.e. people wearing panda heads) Pandaland consists of mainly 2 structures: a Panda Healing Teepee and a Panda Carnival Tent. The Teepee will serve hot tea and host healing & wellness events such as psychic readings (palms, cards, runes), reiki, meditation & yoga. The Panda Carnival Tent will host carnival games with prizes, live DJs, a polaroid photo booth, beer & wine tastings, and other events.

Hometown: San Francisco


Pandemonium – where chaos becomes joy, where pain becomes pleasure. Stop by and tease the darkest pits of your soul.

URL: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9522562@N02/? Hometown: los angeles

Pandora's Lounge & Fix-it Shoppe

Our camp keeps our fellow Burners biking: our repair shop offers education, tools and parts, for bike repair. Actually we’ll help you repair just about anything, but bikes are our specialty. We also love to mix drinks and host visitors in our adjacent lounge.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/pandorascamp/ Hometown: Saint Louis


PANORAMA – home of the Deep Playa Diver (a passenger friendly land submarine).

Hometown: Seattle

Paper Cranes

Come find your refuge from the elements of the Playa – Paper Cranes nourishes your soul at our geodesic Dome, where you’ll find an array of tasty beverages, pickle backs, juicy beats, and our homemade balms and salves. Make a paper crane with your best wishes and we’ll deliver it safely to temple before the Sunday burn.

Hometown: Bay Area


At camp Papillon you will meet friendly Swedes and a local guy or two. Come enjoy our enchanted magical forest that will give you a magic pitch black experience during broad sunlight. During the evenings we will give you Swedish chill tunes.

Paradise Motel

Come experience the American Dream that is Paradise Motel. Established in 2008 and designed to resemble the most garish of ’60s roadside motels, we are dedicated to sharing the spirit and ethos of the noble flamingo. We’re a flamboyance of fun-loving goofballs from all over the country (and all across the gender and sexuality spectra) who invite weary travelers to stop in for a snow cone and enjoy featured music and activities every day while lounging in the shade by our “pool”. Since we have become a pretty close knit group we are only looking to bring in people that want to join our family, stay long term, and be productive, dynamic members of our tribe, so membership is limited and by sponsorship of 2 current members.

Hometown: SF / LA / NY


Paraluna is the camp where the people who run http://ledlabs.co/paraluna live!

Hometown: Oakland

Parched Albatross Lounge & Bar

The Parched Albatross Lounge & Bar is a place where citizens of Black Rock City can come and “Get That Burden Off Your Neck!” It is a Bar that provides alcoholic beverages to patrons aged 21 and Older. Swing by during the day to get out the sun, and meet other folks in the neighborhood. A welcoming environment for Parched Albatross regulars or meeting new people to develop friendships that last a lifetime.

During our Happy Hour Adult beverage service, be ready for party games, fun exchanges, and an all around good time.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT


We are Parea, a community of artists who believe that everyone can be an artist.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Particle Accelerator Camp

Hometown: Palo Alto

Partner Dance Adventures

Discover what it’s like to hold a dance partner in your arms and move to the music. Tango. Blues Dance. Fusion. Experience the magic of creating dance together with a partner.


URL: http://pdacamp.org Hometown: San Francisco

Parts Per Million

Parts Per Million is the camp for love, earth, the largest love letter movement ever conceived. The purpose: to inspire a clean climate future by spreading simple commitments to our planet. The art is intended to mobilize citizens to use the power of sending and receiving letters of love from Earth to change, contribute and commit to an environment that we can all be proud of.

Write a love letter at Parts Per Million and bring it out to the love, earth installation in the open playa to hang your love expression in a growing collection of completed letters, contributing to a siren call from Earth, distributed around the world after the event by the artists.

URL: http://love.lettersfromearth.org/installation Hometown: Vancouver

Party Naked Tiki Bar

Cold alcohol Tiki Punch is served, for those age 21 and over (ID required), starting at 11:00am daily. Enjoy the sounds of classic rock in a cool, relaxing clothing optional environment. Stop in and have a seat where you are bound to meet someone new. You never have to get naked to enjoy but if you do, you may get “leid”. Come party with us for our 11th year & please bring your own cup to be LNT friendly.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sincityvillage/ Hometown: Las Vegas

Pathogen Trackers

At a time when the inhabitants of Black Rock City are in need of food and water, and shelter from the midday sun’s relentless heat, our camp is here to help provide sustenance to the people of the playa.

URL: http://www.pathogentrackers.com Hometown: Gerlach

Patsy's Hangout

Patsy’s Hangout is a fabulous lounge in the gayborhood to connect with old friends and make new ones while enjoying a refreshing Playa Bolli cocktail or Patsy Spritzer. Enjoy high-energy tunes, good company and a comfortable space all day, every day. Join us at the bar, move your groove thang, chill, or just hang out. Participate in our featured events and be sure to show off your fabulous playa couture.

URL: https://www.patsyshangout.org Hometown: Sacramento

Peace Camp Community Pantry

Forget something for your Burning Man kitchen? Come visit us! Both fresh and canned food, plates and silverware and screen printed fabric made table cloths. Take what you need! Peace and Dusty Love!

Hometown: Chico

Peanut Butter Jellyfish

Peanut Butter Jellyfish is a playful nourishment and refueling lounge which brings people together to replenish their bellies with food and drink, and reinvigorate their hearts with laughter and dancing. We draw our inspiration from the jellyfish “blooms”, a process which brings together thousands of jellyfish for a short period of time.

Hometown: San Francisco

Pedal Pies

Pedal Pies is a culinary experience camp. Look out for our delicious wood-fired pizza (cooked by mobile pizza ovens when and where you will least expect it), and come stand on our soapbox to declare your love for cheese, tomato sauce, and bread.

Hometown: Washington, DC

Pele's Fire

An elemental adventure for the weary traveler. Will you take the road less traveled? What rewards will come to those who dare to crawl into the unknown?
Come find some shade and refreshing beverages here at Pele’s Fire where you can enjoy a drink from an elevated sky bar and a creative exit with a slide back down to the dance floor. Offering fruit infused water during the heat of the day, workshops and yoga from 8am -12pm, continuous music from 12pm-8am, and a nightly fire jam from 8pm-10pm.

Hometown: Honolulu

Pennies Elongator

Pennies Elongator – visit us to make an unforgettable gift for yourself and loved ones. Pick a penny – make jewelry. Hide from the sun or get a tattoo.

Hometown: Los Angeles

People of Color Camp

People of Color Camp (POC) is a Melanin kaleidoscope. All hues, all colors, all nations, all gender identities, and all religions are welcome to express their visions. We invite dreamers sprung from every corner of the Earth.

POC is an intentional tribe with an eye on recreating our Playa family in the real world.

A living experiment in creating a family outside America’s socioeconomic defaults. We are a foundation for a peaceful future, a rainbow fountain of experiences. Come and build with us!.

Hometown: Brooklyn

People's Art Congress

We are a collection of various artists working in diverse mediums, seeking a range of expression and serendipity. We have interactive art and performance each afternoon and some presentations that are 24-hours per day, all week long. Our Gnostic Neuron discussions are Mon, Wed & Fri at 10:00 AM.

URL: http://mudbluff.org Hometown: Fallon, Nevada


Our great, welcoming camp is a 12-year landmark, with all kinds of fun and diverse, active participation for everyone on the Playa. See our colorful website, too, for more fun and info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/198208360209399/

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/198208360209399/ Hometown: Sacramento


At Perihelion, we soar as close to the sun as possible. Welcome a brilliant morning at our Planet Brunch (Mon-Fri, 11-1) or soak in an incandescent sunset with stellar frozen cocktails at our Star Bar!

Hometown: Chicago

Perky Parts

Hometown: Orange County

Personal Space Camp

Personal Space Camp is a group of eclectic humans who want you to invade our personal space and just chill out for a second. Come sit on our platform swings, have a drink, watch one of our performers, argue with us about Star Wars, or have a chocolate chip cookie (while available). Mischief, debauchery, and general silliness all welcome and encouraged.

Hometown: Oakland

PG Squirt House

Its golden hour on the playa. You are excited for another night’s adventure but wonder, “just what do I do between then and now?” Answer: come lounge on the coziest of couches, have a drink with a squirt of b-vitamin energy or some electrolytes and relax amongst your new-found friends at PG SQUIRT HOUSE. Good vibes, good music, and adult beverages featuring electrolyte squirts await you.
This year PG Squirt House also feature a lecture series and poster session from our resident neuroscientists. Want to know how psychedelics affect your brain, what happens to your brain as you age? Relax with a sangria and heckle our over-eager PhD’s.
Always friendly and a little snarky, PG Squirt House is your Pre-Game playa oasis.



Hometown: Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, California

Philosophy of Distraction

A Burning Man camp where the interactions between humans and puppets will inspire deep and unresolved philosophical discussions in search of the ultimate distraction, to break all our existing loops and projecting us in a new unexplored reality.

Hometown: San Francisco

Phoenix rising and Dragon

Traditional Chinese lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting performance in the camp, and decorated with traditional Chinese lanterns and umbrellas.

Hometown: Shanghai

Phoenix Rising Camp

URL: http://www.flyingphoenix.biz Hometown: San Antonio, Texas and Nothern California

Piano Bar

Come join us for nightly for dueling piano players!

Hometown: Reno

Pickle Joint

Serving crisp, brisk refreshing pickles, pickletinis and comic relief on the playa since 2003.
Daily bar service, scheduled events, and your favorite cast of characters at your service!


URL: https://www.facebook.com/picklejoint Hometown: Los Angeles

PickleBack Mountain

PickleBack Mountain is the place you should go if you want to buck a pickle, have the most amazing picklejuice on the planet, meet decent people, and did we say buck a pickle!

Hometown: San Francisco


We are The Picklebackers, your one-stop shop for all things pickle. Be sure to attend our notorious Get Pickled with the Picklebackers Party Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 11:30am – 5:30pm! There will be plenty of whisky and pickle brine and if you don’t feel like getting off your bike just pull up to our Pickle Bell Drive Through window also running at the time listed above as well as Wednesday and Friday from 5:00pm until 7:30pm.

Hometown: Seattle and Vancouver Canada

Pickled Beats

Pickled Beats – come see us for salty pickles and sassy beats!

Hometown: Vancouver

Pig Nest

Nest: Come shade and rest in the hammock zone soothed by sounds of nature and bubbles.
Roast: Feast like a king with a multi course meal featuring a playa roasted pig and live music.

Hometown: Oakland

Piggloo's Piglandia

No beast is greater than our glorious saviour Lord Piggloo!

Before he liberated the North Pole, Lord Piggloo was nothing but a hungry farm piglet with ideals of freedom and equality for all animals.

Our scrappy piglet hero would grow up to inspire the hardworking farm animals to overthrow their patriarchal farmhand oppressors. Today, four-legged and winged friends live in peaceful harmony, free from the rule of mankind.

Come experience the historic charm of the birthplace of the Animal Era. Tear the saddle off your back and graze the evergreen pastures under gentle sunny skies. Chew on fresh alfalfa under the shade. Or watch the golden future rise from the top of Piggloo’s Pigly Igloo.

Do what you want, but the best thing to do is nothing… under the protective eye of Lord Piggloo.

Hometown: San Francisco


“BACON AND BLOODY MARYS!” For the past 19 years, Pigmalions has been gifting this savory food and drink to good neighbors, old friends, and future lovers. Come visit this classic camp to fill your cups, get a snack. Stay and hangout for a while under our rose-tinted shade structure for witty banter, impromptu pedicures, or even a hammock nap. Everyone is welcome, including kids, who get Virgin Marys and always have a blast with us.

Our planned schedule is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11am to 2pm. This year we’re going to share our amazing Body Mary recipe and offer a onetime bartending class on Monday at 10am.

Self-service pedicure station open all other times.

Hometown: San Francisco

Pile Palace

At Pile Palace, we value your need to party just as much as your need to pile on a comfy couch and chill out. Our dreamy Moroccan-themed palace serves as a place to dance your heart out to the best of the best in House & Techno, grab an icy cold craft cocktail, or to take a snooze (mid-party, if you so choose) in one of our daybeds or pillow pits. Either way, it’s nothing but love. One dance with us, and you’ll truly understand our motto: Party til you Pile, and Pile til you Party!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pilepalace Hometown: San Diego, CA, USA

Pinecone Parlour

Welcome to the Pinecone Parlour! During the week dusty travelers can rest in our wilderNEST lounge under Willow the Travelling Willow Tree and get refreshed by the forest scented mist. Avoid the forest fyre and join us at the Pinecone Parlour where forest creatures will serve up the finest forest affair during Forest Funk at the Groovy Grove Oasis.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Pink Fuzzy Monkey

The Pink Fuzzy Monkeys have a deep appreciation for our environment and the community that surrounds us. We love to play, dance, and monkey around. Our lounge spins tunes for every taste all day. Our DJ sessions at sunset and, offer an intimate experience. Party with tasty monkey juice at our Monkey Bar. We keep the playa charged up with our giant black light twister board. Three nights during the week we organize themed twister game nights. We also host a light saber battle to quench our thirst for swinging big sticks around during a Homo Hoe Down. With a large community shade structure we invite anyone to stop by and chill for a bit, get out of the sun, and meet new friends, any time of the day.

Hometown: Reno

Pink Heart

We welcome all Metamorphosing Burners! Whatever state you are in, you are welcome at Pink Heart. Recalibrate your body, mind and spirit with chilled cucumber water, vegan ice cream, and transformative buffer massages. Process how Black Rock City has blown your mind and changed you into something different. Find your way home via our Pink Heart Beacon or stop and feel safe in our comfy pink cocoon of shade. Share your experiences (and yourself) on our pink fur couches while gazing upon the open Playa and help us celebrate our 10th year in Black Rock City!

URL: https://pinkheartcamp.wordpress.com/ Hometown: San Diego

Pink Lightning

Pink Lightning is the home of running on the playa: the Burning Man Ultramarathon (10th annual), 5k, beer mile, naked mile, easy run, mooping run, costume relay, and lots of other things, like yoga for runners, beer yoga, beard spa, bobbing for raw potatoes in grey water, and MORE. We love the color pink, running, and having fun! For more info on the race, camp & events, check out www.burningman50k.com

URL: http://www.burningman50k.com/running-at-burning-man/ Hometown: Brooklyn

Pink Mammoth

Pink Mammoth is a not for profit house music and creative arts collective based in San Francisco. We strive to create an environment of love and compassion, selflessness and support, health and vitality, that encourages everyone we encounter to shine and thrive, and we throw a pretty good day party too.

URL: http://www.pinkmammoth.org Hometown: San Francisco


A fine Fake French camp filled with fine Fake French people! Look for our flying flamingo flag!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/plaisancecamp/ Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Planet Earth

Planet Earth is Black Rock City’s favorite indoor 80s night club. Every night we are playing Music With Words! Two dance floors with two different themes per night invite you to shake the dust off while you shake your booty. You can find us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PEatBM/

URL: https://www.facebook.com/PEatBM/ Hometown: SF Bay Area

Planet Hula

A world dedicated to bringing and spreading aloha to the playa and the world. Come check out our camp for some fun cultural activities, yummy treats and some epic Hawaiian hula dancing.

Hometown: San Francisco

Planned Playahood

Planned Playahood Will Un-F*ck Your Burn
We offer “second-aid” services to the burner who may have made mistakes last night. Daily events at our bar “The Rusty Speculum”, an interactive birthing canal, pregnancy testing, goal brokering, bike repair, LED art, and our big ice cream social on Tuesday afternoon. Sometimes your burn gets fucked. Planned Playahood is here to un-fuck it for you.

URL: http://plannedplayahood.org Hometown: Los Angeles

Platybus & the Band

Unleash your inner rockstar. Come jam on the roof of a psychedelic school bus everyday at sunset (6-9pm.) Musicians of all abilities welcome. You’re in the band. If you just read this message you are officially a member of the band. Black Rock and Roll.

URL: http://www.platybusandtheband.org Hometown: Planet Earth


PLAYA 54 – An Afternoon Delight – We spin the best of the 70’s, 80’s and SO much more. We have a Lounge Ole’ to comfort you, and other amazing events to dazzle you. And, we can sit down and chat too. Remember to stay dusty and dance!! )'(

URL: https://www.facebook.com/playa54/ Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Bears Bearoke Brunch Party

Come chill and get your bearings at Playa Bears Present: Bearaoke Brunch Party! Where we’re always bruin’ up a good times and kodiak moments. Our forebears believed in dancing, strong drinks, Bearaoke Brunch Party, beary waffles, and koality time with friends. We’re serving up all of the above in our Playa Bear Den! Do you need a place to get away from the pandemonium of the playa? Fur the love of the man, honey! Come join us for our soothing sound healing and aromatherapy session to paws and reflect on your time at the bearn.

Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Bike Repair

“Playa Bike Repair” is both a service and a theme camp. ON-Playa: We run a “Bike Lounge,” with a bar, music, shade, and tools. Mechanics drop in. Friendly, nurturing, and supportive, they will gladly help you fix your bike! Last year, we helped over 4000 people fix their bikes! PRE-Playa, we offer bike rentals; your support funds Playa Bike Repair. Volunteers, mechanics, and campmates wanted.

URL: http://playabikerepair.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Circuit Boogie

Here at Playa Circuit Boogie we use circuits and science to spark ideas and bring strangers together, all while jamming out to groovy tunes. Come learn the basics of soldering and circuit building; ride away with your very own light-up pendant and the skills to make an even better one next year.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Playa Court

Playa Court!! We’re back baby!! Creating, resolving, and making worse your Playa gripes, hopes, and desires throughout the week and as always providing you with our refreshing Playa Court Lemonade for 21+ with ID. Cases will be heard Monday-Saturday from about 10am-5pm and sometimes all night!

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Playa de la Luz

Hometown: Santa Rosa

Playa Glass

At Playa Glass we harness the energy of the sun to make glass out of playa dust. We provide the Fresnel lens and materials, you bring your creativity, and the noontime sun brings the heat.

At night we will have several micro-projectors along our street frontage. These will project enticing images on the ground in front of our camp and will invite passersby to stop and discover other hidden images projected in ways not visible from the street.

Hometown: Cambridge

Playa Info

Playa Info is located in Center Camp and is a central location for on-playa information. We have people to answer mundane and esoteric questions, bulletin boards filled with information, and computers with access to our Digital Directory that contains camp locations, events, messaging, ride-share, and Lost & Found items. Also Lock out and towing services info.

Hometown: Bay Area

Playa Jazz Cafe

Our premier Jazz Club offers nightly live Jazz and Jam sessions, daily Jazz history and theory workshops, and Mingus & Mimosas concert/ party on Saturday afternoon. The cafe bar is open for all events serving coffee and various specialty drinks.

URL: https://www.playajazz.com Hometown: San Jose

Playa Penthouse

Elevated, restful, shady platform, from which to view the entire Playa. Lively discussions about life and relationships. Coffee in the mornings, cocktails in the evenings, as long as they last. Our interior chill space playpen is perfect midday or midnight. People from all over the world come to share experiences or simply enjoy our view in silence. Our view doesn’t suck! Informal discussions all week on topics as varied and vital as “Living The 10 Principles”, “Couples Communication”, “Self-acceptance in sexual transition”, “Finding a safe space for partners to express and discuss fantasies” and “Do not fear”. We’re not real doctors, but many claim we are.

Hometown: Camarillo

Playa Pete's Plaza

Playa Pete’s Plaza. Home port for the Monaco Artship and the Kaleidoscope Art Tower.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MonacoBRC/ Hometown: Alameda


Aligning with 7 days of Burning Man with the 7 stages of alchemy, join our growing community at PlayAlchemist to “Transform yourself, Transform the world.”

URL: https://www.playalchemist.com/ Hometown: Vancouver


Playasophy hosts a hookah lounge to help weary travelers escape the afternoon heat, complete with iced coffee, a bar, and a Slumber Dome. At night we serve tea as well as convert the Slumber Dome into a Wonderdome, illuminated by dancing lights to enhance your evening

Hometown: San Francisco


We have toys!
Enjoy our shade, sip a drink and participate in one of our many daily workshops.

URL: http://www.playcreate.org Hometown: Monterey

Playfully Yours Village

We are an adult play area focused on the more playful side of adult activites. Our dungeon caters to beginners and those curious about the softer more sensual side of dungeon (BDSM) play. We provide the use of all our equipment in a safe and supervised atmosphere where we can provide instruction and demonstrations, as well as, help facilitate your dungeon experience. Take a chance with our spinning wheel located in the camp lounge where you can partake in our famous cherry bombs, get a spanking, do a strip tease or lap dance, get tied up on our 8 foot spider web, or if you’re lucky, step inside our popular petting zoo. If you’re feeling pretty naughty, come in for an erotic photo shoot. Check out our themed nights in the Marshmallow Lounge or watch old classic B movies.

Hometown: Monterey


Come one come all to Playground. This desert oasis tantalizes all of the senses, bringing world-class music, delectable beverages, astounding light art, special effects and more to the blank canvas that is Black Rock City.

URL: http://www.playgroundbrc.com Hometown: San Francisco, Miami and Melbourne

Plays Well With Others

We are a friendly and inclusive group who wants to contribute to the joy of attending Burning Man. During lavender hand wash we will pamper you and give you the attention you deserve. We love to have the community join us at our Friday night party or any time in our community area so we can get to know you. All are welcome and we strive for your comfort and enjoyment. The layout of our camp is welcoming to all. We provide shade structures, misters and relaxing seating for our Burner guests.

Hometown: Reno


PlovKraft is bringing Uzbek Plov to the Playa for the 4th time! Come enjoy delicious dish served daily and nightly along with the music, smiles and always good vibes!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/plovkraftbm/ Hometown: Burbank

Plug n Play

24/7 Solar-Powered Charging Station. “Plug” in your iPad, iPod, cell phone, or any small i-­device with your electrical adapter for a recharge utilizing our camp’s solar­-powered 120-­volt inverter, and then “Play” with us. We encourage you to not leave your device unattended, so stick around, have a refreshment on us, play some games, learn about solar-powered camping, or sample some of our chill and deep house electronic dance music.

Hometown: Sparks


Come visit The Museum and play in our virtual reality sandbox, ignite your wishes into the Universe with our Fiery Flowers and Zen Garden, ground yourself in the Peace Palace or grab a delicious beverage, served with a smile, in our bar or relax under our Flaming Hellebore Bouquet.

Hometown: Various Places throughout the Northwest of America


We connect you with the world, we are the ONLY way to get USPS mail to the playa, as we have been for years. We do: USPS to the Playa, Playa to any (international) address with a unique artistic postmark! (US postage encouraged/required), and friendly (and not-so-friendly) posties: stand in line, and fill out your form… in triplicate… with crayon.

On-playa updates: http://twitter.com/brcpo9

URL: http://brcpo9.com Hometown: Worldwide


PO@6 is the Post Office located near Center Camp. We’re open everyday from 9am – 9pm. Stop by to send a post card. We prefer that you bring your own stamps, but if you don’t, we’ll gift one to you. On-Playa mail does not require a stamp. You can also volunteer to work a customer window or deliver on-playa mail.

Hometown: Meridian

Polar Bar

Welcome to the Great White North! Pass through the Polar Vortex into our giant, icy, inflatable igloo for the chilliest day parties on the playa! Experience the 24hr sun with our Aurora Borealis inspired light show that dances across our pillowy igloo. The chilliest cocktails and hottest beats await you! It’s true, all Canadians DO live in igloos.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/PolarBarCamp/ Hometown: Vancouver


Cyberia seeks to elevate the human spirit through activities that encourage us to look inside, to understand ourselves, and to connect with our fellow human beings. Our camp motto is ‘love and care for one another’ and these words are manifest in everything we do, from our camp architecture to our workshops, classes and lectures. Come join us for meditation, yoga, shibari, or chill music in our chillax lounge.

URL: http://www.campcyberia.org Hometown: Orange County

Polaris (w/ Camp Cyberia)

Polaris, a mutant vehicle constructed from a military truck chassis, named as a guiding light and for its iconic intention as a navigational icon of humanity, a fusion of art and technology

URL: https://www.campcyberia.org Hometown: Orange County, California


Full service Instant Weddings performed under whimsical
floral art in Pollination’s Love Chapel. Enter into a life long
union on a whim. You probably might not be sorry.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/PollinationBRC/ Hometown: Santa Cruz


Come visit our “Emerge Tunnel” and cool off with our mint oil rub and tea.

Hometown: Los Angeles


The Village of PolyParadise has been influencing the Hearts & Minds and Washing the Bodies of Playa Citizens from ‘2:00 – 10:00’ since 1999 celebrating 21 years in BRC in 2019.

Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty among all partners. We welcome ALL Poly & Poly Friendly folks to camp within our borders.

The Village of PolyParadise 2019 welcomes the addition of two Theme Camps within its borders | Twisted Swan | Temple of Bacchus.

PolyParadise is NOT a Swinger Camp. Being Poly or Practicing Poly is NOT a requirement for camping with us, but being OPEN MINDED about other people’s lifestyle choices IS!!

URL: http://www.polyparadise.com Hometown: Phoenix

Pongo Lounge

Come and play with us!

The Pongo Lounge is an SF-based community dedicated to interactive games, art and music; stop by and take a ride in our HUMAN GYROSCOPE, take part in our interactive installations with us, watch our LEDS, or just lounge and chill. We throw parties on Tuesday and Thursday

URL: https://www.facebook.com/PongoLounge/ Hometown: San Francisco

Pookah Lounge/SNAFUBAR

Pookah Lounge—an old-school burners’ paradise, complete with fine shisha, xmas lights, art & music, thrills & chills… But what makes it really cool is YOU. Drop by and be cool. And if you’re a new burner, don’t worry, we’ll have you walking the walk and talking the talk in no time! SNAFUBAR—the better beverage bar! Drop by and be cooler… we’ll mix you the best drink on the Playa!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pookahlounge/ Hometown: Los Gatos/Santa Cruz


PopoVille is about honoring and sharing our patron saint Popo, and how we contribute to making the world a better place one burn at a time. We invite our fellow burners, new and returning, to join us daily for art, drinks, music, games and friendship.

Hometown: San Ramon

Porta Party

Porta Party – Home to the one and only remote controlled porta-potty on the playa. We bring fun, food, music & love to the playa. We are an international all inclusive camp of all races and genders. We bring fun and love to the playa and leave the drama behind.

URL: http://www.campportaparty.com Hometown: Carmel, Ca

Portal Party

Portal Party Camp is comprised of a team of Burners who pride themselves on knowing how to really party. Our intention is to lure other burners into our portal party vortex, where will show them how old school burners party. We think we really know how to have good time out there in the dust, and we hope to share in our love of partying with others.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/PORTALPARTYCAMP Hometown: Nevada City

Positively BRC

We are committed to positively encouraging everyone to be in constant contact with their radical self. Express yourself fully without holding back. We want you to be the love everyone sees in the world.

Hometown: Redmond

Post Nuclear Family

The Post Nuclear Family virtual home ~ mutants are welcome!

URL: http://postnuclearfamily.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Pour Decisions Winery

Pour Decisions Winery is a place where people come and make good decisions on wine. Stop by and we will pour you delicious wines from across the lands and play mediocre music.

Hometown: Venice

Pour Your Heart Out

Come enjoy a cup of tea and communiTea! Over the last 4,000+ years, the preparation, serving, and enjoyment of tea has evolved into a meditative and social experience that teaches us that something alchemical and magical can happen when two seemingly unrelated elements are brought together in a warm, inviting space, allowed to soak each other up, and co-create a new flavor. Our aim is to gift fellow burners with this experience by lovingly and intentionally creating a space that invites guests to come in, soak each other up through radical self-expression, and leave reminded of our interconnectivity.

Hometown: Los Angeles

PP - Petanque and Pastis

Come by and say hello to learn how to play pétanque and maybe enjoy a glass of pastis.
Spending time with us will definitely feels like visiting the south region of France and will let you discover the charming accent of Marseille !

Hometown: Montréal

Practice Camp

Home of the Shitty Kitty Art Car! Come be shitty with us! Practicing since 2012. Practice makes camp!

Hometown: Kauai Hawaii

Presence Camp

Right now is the perfect time to connect more deeply with the present moment. We offer mindful experiences for groups of one, two, and more. Our meditation station is open 24/7, with hosted experiences from 12-6 daily. Emerge refreshed and more connected with yourself and those around you.

Hometown: San Francisco

Preservation Society

Preservation Society: Come find what has been lost in the dust. Our events refresh you with movement and dance, challenge your frame of mind with talks on topics far and wide, and satiate your hunger with delicious roasts.

Hometown: London / LA / NYC / SF

Pretentious Fox

A diverse gathering of pretentious FOX and other eclectic and venerable animals! We provide an essential neighborhood BAR with good MUSIC, a giant SWINGSET, and many EVENTS including Bloody Mary Brunch with live music!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pretentiousfox Hometown: SF, Chicago, LA, NYC

Pretty Pickle Camp

Pretty Pickle Camp is a relaxed and open outpost on the road to nowhere. We have daily afternoon cold pickle service for the community Monday through Friday. We invite passersby to step under our shade and enjoy a refreshing pickle. Take your photo with our giant face-in-a-hole pickle. Ride our giant pickle swing.

Hometown: Denver

Priscilla, Queen of the Doof!

Our trashy drag queens will spin you off the street and straight into our loving, weird and fabulous theme camp, Priscilla, Queen of the Doof!. Here you’ll find yourself participating in our LipSync Battle, The Doof party, and our famously infamous DILDO OLYMPICS! We are a camp that comes from Australian each year that welcomes ALL people, and have the moto of ‘wear whatever makes you feel fabulous at that particular point in your life, not something that you have chosen to fit in with what’s seen as fabulous for other people’. We are open to all and we hope our way of living and thinking rubs off on you.

URL: https://www.priscillaqueenofthedoof.com.au Hometown: Melbourne


A community of LED light artists. Join us each night at dusk for prismatic reception, the interactive LED Pleasure Dome, our other in-camp LED interactive art installations, our LED art gallery, and our nightly community LED procession to the night Playa. Also see the schedule for daytime interactive activities including LED fabrication/programming classes, Yoga classes, and Zen Bell ritual.

URL: http://www.prismaticamp.org Hometown: Berkeley

Pro Camp

Pro Camp hosts a secret night club that runs 24/7 called The Interkozmos. Come find us and enjoy a cold Michelada or some frozen yogurt while hearing some of the playa’s top DJs playing back to back without a set time or lineup.

Hometown: Mexico City, MX and Truckee CA


Bringing the gift of Fire to humanity since the dawn of time, Prometheatrics has been a fixture of Black Rock City’s Esplanade since 2002 and hosts a fine interactive collection ready to surprise and delight you!

Step inside the Tesseract to experience yourself as you truly are: infinite! Trace your face at our Self Portrait Studio and take home a masterpiece or shoot a selfie in Clesthyra’s Eye. Enjoy a bounce on our Danpoline or enter the dream-space of the Infinitipi. Admire the playa’s colors through the radiant FrameBows, or cast your fortune on our giant I-Ching.

Join us for dusk and dawn spin jams on our mirrored stage, where there’s a safety on duty and all wicks are welcome. We’re honored to be a part of what makes our city magical, and eager to share what makes us shine!

URL: http://www.prometheatrics.com Hometown: Los Angeles


Come explore how to create a real-life utopia, take the stage for a music jam, sit down for a coffee date and connect with a perfect stranger, play the Life Size Game of Life, or simply join us for our nightly gratitude circles.

URL: https://prototopiacamp.org Hometown: San Francisco

Psychedelic Foam Village

Visit Psychedelic Foam Village to find ‘Foam Home presents: FoamOGenesis’, where you can relive your foamy origins & destiny Wed thru Sat from 1-4:20pm, and ‘Entheogenesis’ featuring an interactive speaker series on Psychedelics running Wed thru Sat from 1-6pm.

Hometown: San Diego

Pure Playa

Pure Playa brings Russian Banya to the Black Rock City.
Come share the experience and chill with us!

Banya increases blood circulation helping to detoxify the body, particularly in difficult areas like the teeth, bone and sinuses. The steam opens your pores and promotes cleansing for cleaner, healthier skin. The heat from the Banya creates an artificial “fever” ramping up your immune system.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/600089680383699/ Hometown: Seattle

Pussy Avalanche

Introverted nerd? Love cats? We’ve got a camp for you.
We have lots of events every day – and are always available for folks who want to stop by and play a board game or just get out of the sun for a while.

URL: https://pussyavalanche.net Hometown: Houston

Pussy Day Spa

Do you like fun? Then visit the Pussy Day Spa. We offer a choice of refreshing body wash, pubic hair trim, and pussy massage. What’s not to like?

Pleasure and bliss awaits as we pamper and delight you. Your boundaries will be respected, your feedback / adjustments encouraged, and your wishes fulfilled.

We guarantee it will be the best experience you will ever have at Burning Man, or anywhere else. Open daily from 1 to 4 pm, we take reservations (recommended) as well as walk-ins. Contact us at pusdayspa@gmail.com

Hometown: Redwood City