2019 Theme Camps

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2019 Camps

Earth Community

Earth Community Camp is helping to further the metamorphosis of Burning Man from Black Rock to an Earth Community. We show a six minute film EarthView in which campers experience the “Overview Effect” that astronauts feel when they look back at Earth from space and realize the unity and inter-relatedness of all life on Earth. Come join us!

Hometown: San Francisco

Earth Guardians

We inspire, inform and encourage our fellow Black Rock City citizens to apply the Green & Leave No Trace principles and practices to life in our temporary desert home and to leave positive traces in our desert home. Come, volunteer and participate in our daily talks about Black Rock and Leave No Trace or just grab a MOOP bag!

URL: http://www.earthguardians.net Hometown: Nevada City

Eat Your Heart Out

We’re a collection of burners from Southern Ontario, NYC, and beyond! We come together, first and foremost, to foster a deep sense of community for our week at BRC. We work together, play together, and support each other in everything we do. All of the events we run at our Heart Bar hold up this ethos of inclusion and support that we live by. Come by!

Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario

EBB & Glow Village

Theme camps come together here to form a community of artists, servants, and performers. Get your portrait taken, fix a bike, get dizzy in the black light tunnel, serve snacks & drinks, perform on stage, ride on the Candy Heart Car, taste amazing cupcakes (randomly!), tell your secrets and much more!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ebbandglow/ Hometown: Oakland, CA


EGGS Bar returns for 2019!
Building on years of well-honed playa experience, EGGS Bar crew of veteran burners will once again create a welcoming venue of deepest interaction. A jewel on the playa; it is a beautifully designed bar with amazing artifacts. While disguised as a friendly tavern, the space we create is so much more than a place to grab a drink… a storytelling station, meeting place of the minds, incubator of adventures, spontaneous dance party spot, sometimes even a Burning Man debate forum. All that and so much more, we are YOUR local on the playa!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/499722046857896/ Hometown: Alameda

El Tesoro

El Tesoro: a place for the weary souls (and soles) to unwind, have some delicious drinks, dance, and then get the hell out (kidding). El Tesoro is ‘the treasure’ of BRC. Come hang with us and play some life size jenga and connect four… or, have a few turns and sinking our battleship (with shots). Expect a stamp, a spanking, or a game of ‘mousetrap catch’.

Hometown: Reno/Sparks

Elation Ship

Geeky goddess hangout. Come to worship, stay for science lectures, hands-on art workshops, and tasty flavors!

Hometown: San Francisco

Electric Cheese Land

Say “Cheese” and enter our Electric Cheese Land, where delicious cheese dishes are being served. We will be serving Cheese Fondue, Raclette, Mac and Cheese and hosting 5th Year in the row Polish Vodka Bar – Na Zdrowie. Come and join us!

Hometown: Zurich

Electric Giraffe Safari Park II

Lindsay, The Play Zebra and his big friendly Giraffe Robot, Russell, are celebrating 21 years in a row at BM-2019!!!

Hometown: Ramona

Electric Sheep + Shots for Shocks

Your favorite zappy bar with lovingly hand-infused liquor, cattleprods, and experiential performance art! Don’t forget to try The Invisible Maze: you can’t see the walls, but you’ll certainly feel them when you wear our shock collar!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/shotsforshocks/ Hometown: Seattle


Camp elev8 will take citizens of BRC through an interactive experience that interweaves the body and the mind. First, we will elevate participants off the ground to change their physiology and mindset. Then together, in co-creative coaching sessions, we will explore how the mind & fear often limit our experiences and how we can transcend this to reach our true, magnificent potentials. We will also offer daily meditations, speakers & classes.

Hometown: Los Angeles

EleVant Rising

Come take care of yourself at EleVant Rising! Eat the best taco of your life Tuesday through Thursday afternoons, relax on our “Living Room” high above the Playa, chill out, do some yoga, or join a guided meditation. Multiple flavors of tacos, salsas, and toppings including Vegan options.

URL: http://www.elevantrising.com Hometown: Lake Tahoe

Elliot's Bicycle Service

Open daily from Noon to 6 p.m., and D-I-Y shop 24/8.
We have a supply of inner-tubes and other parts, but please bring your own replacement parts if possible. And please take your scrap parts with you — thanks!
Also battery charging for mobility vehicles, massage, body painting, a grand piano for all to play, and cold beverages.

Hometown: Clearlake


“What do they do over at camp Elliphyno? Hell if I know…. Come get some popcorn and snow cones and help us figure it out!”

Hometown: Reno

Elvis Wedding Chapel & Gardens

“Happily ever after” begins here! Now in our ninth year of hosting ersatz Playa weddings for the nuptially needy, EWC welcomes individuals, couples, trios and other configurations without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, species or any other limiting factor. The Moist Rev. L. Ron Presley (No Relation), assisted by the Good Rev. Bubba Ho-Tep, officiates over a variety of custom-tailored ceremonies, each climaxed by the dramatic revelation of the spirit of Lord Elvis himself—as embodied by the amazing, life-size, audio-anatomically accurate ELBOT 2000, Black Rock City’s most venerable robotic resident! But first, Fashion Director Quinton Lovelace and his experts outfit the bride, groom and attendants in dazzling Playa finery in our legendary Bridezilla Lounge!

URL: http://www.elvischapelbrc.wordpress.com Hometown: Scottsdale


Emergence is a safe place to share knowledge and ideas that reflect the magic of Burning Man and conscious living.

Hometown: Topanga

Empire of DIrt

Empire of Dirt is the landing base for the long thought lost spaceship EMPIRE.

Hometown: Oakland

Enchanted Booty Forest

The Enchanted Booty Forest is the gathering point for a worldwide collection of artists, thinkers, media creators, scientists, healers, teachers, professionals, and other amazing and humble humans. . Our aim is to foster and grow our community and share that through creation and attendance of transformational events and local community engagements.

Hometown: Los Angeles


A Family style house to come hang out, eat, drink,play games be family and encounter one of our interactive rooms. You may come as a stranger but you will leave as family!!

Hometown: Redding


Visit Entheogenesis! Conversations on psychedelics, plant medicines, and culture. Join us for our speaker series Wedensday-Saturday 1pm-6pm.

Hometown: Santa Cruz


Entheos is an active, global community of makers, healers, artists, thinkers, organizers and leaders from all walks of life. We have gathered around our common interest in the exploration of healing trauma, raising consciousness and manifesting creativity to sculpt a new way of living in the world. Many of us actively participate in shamanic healing communities, work in medical and psychological research, facilitate intimate experience with sacred medicine and are active leaders in exploring the evolution of consciousness.

URL: http://www.entheosrising.org Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Epiffany & Co

Epiffany & Co.

Hometown: San Francisco

Equal and Opposite Camp

Tai Chi feels like dancing the tango with the Universe. Your body ebbs and flows like the tides. You’re feeling it now- the bliss of acceptance, the warmth of the chi, and the power of metamorphosis. Come move with us so we can be together. There is no division.

URL: http://www.bryankemler.com Hometown: Moraga


Equilibrium: “The Center for Corn Bong Equilibrium, a Wuice Co-Op…Yeah Baby” (EQ for short), has been established as a destination to represent the pinnacle for the collective first world culture in which we live: vacation. Adhering to a strict belief that our shared time together should be one of joy and relaxation, we seek to strike the all too difficult balance of hard work and play.
It is here that we have constructed a series of spaces and activities to ensure that all who step through our threshold experience the relaxation, camaraderie, and playfulness that we all deserve outside the hectic worlds of which we live the other 51 weeks of the year. “Because it’s vacation for fucks sake.”

Stop by and ask Matt to help with your tent.

URL: https://equilibrium.camp/

ESD Station 3

ESD Station 3, Fire Camp is the home of the Black Rock City Fire Department. Come on by to meet the volunteers who come from around the world to share their skills (Firefighters, Rescue technicians and HazMat specialists) with the people of BRC.

Hometown: Glacier

ESD Station 4:30

ESD station 4:30 site of the medical station at 4:30 & H is also the home of “Rebel” camp for ESD volunteers.

Hometown: Glacier

ESD Station 7:30

ESD Medical Station 7:30and Comm camp

Hometown: Glacier

ESD Station 9:00

ESD Medical Station 9:00, Medical volunteer camp

Hometown: Glacier



We are bringing your TRIP(https://vimeo.com/332373340): a multi-sensory cosmic voyage! Re-tuned for the playa with maximum participation! When we’re not on a TRIP we’ll have DJ’s, cold beer, and playa ready board games.

Hometown: Austin

Eurotrash Sangria Bar

Serving the best sangria at Burning Man, along with simple tapas and music from around the Latin world!

Hometown: London


The Burning Man Art Department’s headquarters in Black Rock City. Home of the ARTery, Art Support Services (ASS), Fire Art Safety Team (FAST) and Eyes on Art.

Evil Camp

Free wifi at Evil Camp in Gigsville! Come enjoy access to Burning Man’s most appropriate wifi network. Visit us at night Mon, Wed and Fri to get your evil groove on and get an evil photo taken using our Evil Augmented Reality Wall.

URL: http://www.existentialcrisishotline.com/evilcamp2019 Hometown: Montreal

Eyes of the Soul

We are dedicated to enhancing the 3 forgotten R’s of Burning Man. (Replenish, Refresh, and Reflect) We host events that help Burners thrive in those aspects during their journey.

Our Signature event is an Eye Make-up, Astrology Reading, and Tea event.
Often called the windows to your soul, your eyes hold special meaning and represent so much of your inner beauty. We hope to enhance your unique eyes and allow your inner beauty to shine through!
Beyond the eye make-up, we will also complete an Astrology. Spending time thinking about who you are is a great way to think about who you want to become. We hope this reflection allows for you to open up to everything the universe has in store for you at Burning Man.
We will also serve you a delicious cup of organic tea!

Hometown: Sonom

EZ Tiger

EZ Tiger is a watering hole with music. Yes, there are libations – please wrangle one from the bartender and nurse it slow. There’s sound art here, too. It’s loud enough to feel. But we’re NOT set up for a sea of zombie ravers throbbing in front of a DJ pulpit and an endless row of speakers. This is a place to explore sound and space on your own terms. There’s plenty of shade and comfortable seating – you can find a place to relax or conversate. And of course there’s room to dance, if you please.

Hometown: Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Denver, Melbourne