2019 Theme Camps

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2019 Camps

BAAAHS Station

The BAAAHS Station village is the framework for several queer burning man theme camps (and mutant vehicles!) to offer a nexus of activity to help facilitate queer art and participation on Playa. Our mission is to get queers out of the ‘gay ghetto’ and to drag any and all Black Rock City denizens into the our hood to mix things up.

URL: http://www.baaahs.org Hometown: San Francisco

Back in 5

Back in 5 is coming to the playa this year with a special interactive, sensorial experience. We’re curating an immersive tasting installation that inspires several senses and offers a momentary respite from the hustle and bustle of the Black Rock streets. We’re inclusive, elusive, and feature an air of mystery. Take a few minutes to join us on the journey and catch us if you can. Things aren’t always what they seem and we’re here to encourage your metamorphosis transformation.

Hometown: San Francisco

Back To Camp

Revisit the glory days of summers past and join us in heading back to camp! Write a postcard to tell your parents that you’ve run out of clean underpants, make your friends at home cool arts and crafts to remind them of your fun vacation, and tell your spookiest story at the campfire! But most importantly, get down with us for themed dance parties! The canteen is open, and we are serving fun!

Hometown: Berkeley


A small camp compromised of ASL signers that loves to bring a little bit of their community and experience to the citizens of Black Rock City! We host Vietnamese Coffee and ASL lessons most mornings of the week and look forward to throwing a big end of the week ASL Love Bash!

Hometown: San Francisco


The Baconeers are back! Visit us Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday for The Bacon Bash from 2 to 4. Tons of Bacon, Booze and Beats! Want to bang on something? Our huge drum tower ¡BANG! aims to please daily and nightly. Evening drums, video and karaoke, too. Come get Porked by The Baconeers!

URL: http://www.thebaconeers.com Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Bad Boy's Discover Your Kinks

Introductions to BDSM for the Vanilla but Curious

Hometown: Cupertino

Bad Idea

Hometown: Silicon Valley


A space-themed camp from Denver, Colorado. Come blast off with us!

Hometown: Denver


BADLANDS funky circus tent! Come and join us in the little top and put a little bit of chicken grease on your ankle bone to get you shaking proper on the playa!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Badlands Bordello

The badlands bordello is a post-apocalyptic brothel set a few years after the trump presidency ruins the entire planet. The first profession will be the last. We are a full service bar and speakeasy. Once you know the password, all the pleasures of the bordello can be yours. (we wrote it on the sign). This year we are adding a host of different workshops as well as our monumental parties. Come in and have a drink, have a seat in the parlor or try your luck at our games of misfortune.

Hometown: Coarsegold

Badlands Bordello

Badlands Bordello. A post apocalyptic brothel set in the post Trump presidential debacle. The first profession will be the last. Come one, come all. But only if you know the password. (its on the sign). ((Think LOTR). What pleasures await your senses? Speak friend, and enter.

Hometown: Coarsegold

badlands village

Badlands Village! Join us for live funk jams! Are you a musician, dancer, clown or other type of performer? Come by and get down with us! We usually get going in the early afternoon. Yeah!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Baggage Check'd

Check your Emotional Baggage with us and Set a New Positive Intention. By writing down your emotional baggage you don’t have to carry it with you. Then use that freed up emotional headspace to cultivate and commit to a new positive intention. We will be burning your emotional baggage at the temple burn. You have until Sunday to find opportunities to actualize your new positive intention, as we will be burning this as well.

Stop by any time of the day or night, treat yourself to our pamper station, get out of the sun, or join a dance party in progress. We have a full slate of events every day. Whether it’s a group sensory deprivation experience, a disco line dance or a cuddle workshop, we have something for you!

Hometown: Seattle

Bait Shack

We are a group of salty sea dogs that want to help YOU catch what you NEED! Please stop by and tell us about the biggest whopper you ever caught. “IT WAS THIIIIIIIS BIG!”

Hometown: Arroyo Grande / Oakland

Banya Camp

Explore the purifying and bonding experience of a traditional Russian sauna: dry and steam heat with birch twig lashings.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Bao Village

Come see the Bao village, visit Camp BaoChickaWowWow to taste our buns!

Fill your belly with our fresh and delicious steamed-to-order pork, red-bean, and custard bao (dim sum buns).

If a fully belly demands it, find rest in the comfort and shade of the solar infrastructure powered by Camp of the Rising Buns.

Join us for BrunchBao, NightBao or the food themed Far East Night Market!

Hometown: San Francisco


BAR MACTROPOLIS is where every body is a V.I.P. We solve all of your hydration, entertainment and chill needs and dreams.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pg/barmactropolis/posts/ Hometown: Oakland

Barbie Day Spa

This will be our 10th year of pampering on the playa. Stop by to relax, meet some new friends, enjoy a glass of wine, soak your feet in cool vinegar water, paint your nails, and maybe get a wonderful body wash or massage. The fingernail painting and foot wash stations are open 24/7. Main spa is typically open 10am-4pm daily. Located within Barbie Death Village.

Hometown: Austin, Tx

Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro

The sickest bastards on the Playa, 21 years of serving fine wine in cheap paper cups. Come by and be offended 24/7

URL: http://barbiedeathcamp.com Hometown: placerville

Barbie Death Village

Now in their 20th year on the playa, Barbie Death Village (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro) makes another return. Join the sickest bastards on the playa for wine, our piano bar, Fizzball, body painting, pewter necklace making, and all-around debauchery. Enjoy a cheap glass of Barbie Barbera, join in the Naked Bike Ride & Pub Crawl, or get your torso painted for Critical Tits. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. Warning: if weirdness or nudity offends you, please stay away.

URL: http://barbiedeathcamp.com Hometown: Meadow Vista


The Barbots are back! And so is our sexy futuristic cyborg bartender Volterra. Party like its 2099 while we spin jams in our futuristic dome on Thursday afternoon. Want to relive your past instead? Explore our PlayaGround with games, a Drunk tank and the Trampoline of Doom! Or live in the now, and join us for Brunch de los Muertos on Tuesday where we’ll toast cold bubbly to our dearly departed musicians – is Bieber dead yet? Are you struggling and it’s only 10am? We got you covered, our Struggle Bus storefront is stocked with odds and ends to un-fuck your day. Or check out our photobooth time machine that will take you WHENever you want to go – or at least provide a sexy selfie that will transport you back to the playa when you finally see it months later.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/volterrathecyborg/ Hometown: Santa Barbara

Bat Country

21+ participants entering Bat Country will be welcome to drink at Los Bastardos Flaming Bar, dance as Bat Country djs and guests play a variety of music, and will be able to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on 2 screens, which will be on our dance floor, or be visually stunned by one of our talented VJs. The original 800 lb, 6.5′ bronze statue of Hunter S. Thompson (only 9 were made) will be in the center of our dance floor, and participants will be able to pose with and snap a photo of the great piece of art.

There will be dance platforms to show your moves off on, and fire effects to gaze upon.

Hometown: San Diego, CA and Pittsburgh, PA

Bat Haus

Bat Haus offering a daily refuge from the giant ball of fire in the sky, with spooky aesthetic. Check out our events: Bats For Lashes Kink Hour, Slappy Hour, On Wednesdays We Wear Black, Spooky Campfire Stories and Adult Littles/Age Player Storytime, Coloring & Snacks. Make sure to commemorate your visit by taking a photo in our camp’s face in a hole photo op!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TheBatCarnival Hometown: Vallejo


BatCave is a brand new camp of veteran burners that is excited to provide the Burning Man community with artisan lemonade in 2019. Each glass will cost 2cents – worth of your thought and opinions, that is. We are going to be mixing unique flavors daily, Monday-Saturday from noon-3. In these peak heat hours, nothing is more thirst quenching than an ice cold lemonade!! We also have a relaxing chill space, The Roost, for you to enjoy during your visit.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Bathrobe Camp (within Gigsville)

Bathrobe camp is a state of mind–amble in adorned in the robe, caftan, muumuu, peignoir, or kimono of your choice, or borrow one of ours. Pull up a chair and have a seat in the shade with us. We will have multiple daily fashion shows, sunrise art tours (byo slippers and thermos of coffee!), discussion salons with notable visiting thinkers/speakers, and pool noodles at the ready for jousting or dueling with any fool that wanders by and attempts to proseletize the supremacy of onesies.

Hometown: Richmond CA / Detroit MI

Battle Born Burners

We are the friendliest Bar on the Playa! Come join us for a refreshing drink or just chill out in our comfy space. Everyone is welcome and we love meeting new people! We have a lot of Nevadatude!!

Hometown: Carson City,Reno, Portland and Australia

Bear Naked Tramps Camp

Camp: Bear Naked Tramps
Description: We bring a professional photo studio out to the playa and offer safe, fun, and private nude photo sessions to individuals, couples, or groups. Guests may choose their desired posing style, and we help each guest look as sexy and as awesome as possible. We welcome people of all sexual orientations, body types, and affiliations.

We hope that our photo sessions help people expand their personal boundaries; improve the own body comfort; and, maybe, result in a few memorable photos. We are consent-based, adult oriented activity.

URL: https://bentang.smugmug.com/Events Hometown: San Francisco


We are a rag tag group of (mostly) hairy queers from all over. We throw some filthy drag shows while serving up tasty drinks and tasty beats. We do beard massages throughout the week and gift homemade beard oil to the denizens of Black Rock City.

Hometown: San Francisco


They frame the wildest theories upon the most irrelevant facts, or upon the merest fancies. Mr. Darwin thinks that whales may be bears which have enormously increased their bulk, washed their paws into fins by constant swimming, and stretched their mouths by keeping them open to catch insects in the water. So also he thinks that men and women may have been developed out of monkeys, monkeys out of mushrooms, and mushrooms out of ” monads,” or little clots of jelly. Where is the proof? Where is a single instance of a bearwhale, or a man-monkey, to be seen? Of course there is not one.

Hometown: Reno

Beats 'n Deets

Don’t lose your shit when you lose your shit.
Label it!!
Every year burners lose 10’s of 1000’s of precious treasures and playa essentials.
If it’s labelled, your chances of getting it back are way higher.
And come back next year for our “label it after I’ve lost it” feature. (Still in development.)
Also join us for Eat, Drink, Dress, An Oriental Supper Club.
Featuring a themed dining room, tables for 20 and 5 Chinese Hotpots, we’ll be putting on dinners and providing BYO Hot Pot Pot Luck evenings for the community.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Beats Boutique

Beats Boutique is The Fleek of the Week! We will provide the sexiest thrift shop on the playa!!! Not only will you be able to come in and get a whole new wardrobe 24/7, we will have an open bar and banging beats to enjoy in the daytime hours! Beats Boutique is one of the most unique theme camps in BRC!

Hometown: Las Vegas


Camp Beaverton is an intentional, experimental, and experiential Burning Man community theme camp. We are a group of queer women/trans/genderqueer/lesbian/bisexual/heterosexual/etc… or folks who are simply as wayward as the playa is dusty. We celebrate sexuality, self exploration, and respect for one’s journey on through this life. Our goal is to provide a safe space for queer women and trans folks on and off-Playa. We encourage education, participation, inquiry, conversation, and self-reflection. We extend our goals to the greater Black Rock community by hosting workshops and social events.

URL: http://www.campbeaverton.org Hometown: Oakland


Your vibe attracts your tribe, here at bedouins theme camp we realize that your experience at burning man is overwhelming at times. All are welcome with open arms, we will rejuvenate you and send you back to the community feeling loved and fresh.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Bee or Not to Bee art Information

Visit Mr and Mrs Ferguson and their art team who have brought Bee or Not to Bee to the Playa. Friendly, inviting and answers to your questions about this project and our previous ones.

URL: https://www.mr-and-mrs-ferguson.com/ Hometown: Alameda


BeeCharge! We have been buzzing the playa for more than 20 years now, and we are ready for more! We are Bees. We take care of Beesness and rock out every year at Black Rock City in our yellow and black. We rely on serious energy, creativity, love, and silly shenanigans to keep our love flowing.

We seek to inspire, proselytize, and lead by spreading our love and care for our fair Black Rock City. This shows in our efforts to be a clean green camp, in our now eight years annual LiBeeito Bee’s Knees Wednesday Afternoon Party, in the way we BUZZ people (imagine a buzzing vibrating swarm!) in the way we welcome all passersby into our NectarSector to escape the sun or onto our newest Mutant Vehicle the Red Hot Beverly, and most of all how we love each other and all we meet!

URL: http://www.beecharge.org Hometown: San Francisco


THE BELLIGERENT GAP is a Western-themed, homebrew camp dispensing cold beer daily (from high noon to whenever we want), served up by the most lovable assholes this side of the 6 o’clock suburbs.

Hometown: OakEattToronColumLouisYork-ville

Berliner Sektor

Herzlich Willkommen in the Berliner Sektor! Home of the wall and the glorious east!

Hometown: Berlin

Bespoke Division

We’re curating meaningful events and an energy that welcomes Burners who are burned out from the party aspect of the burn. The camp is centered around self-discovery, self-growth, and efficacy.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Best Butt

Come check out our selection of top-rated booty at Best Butt! Get private lessons in the invaluable life skill of upside-down booty shaking on our Twerk Wall, and come by on Tuesday afternoon for the Second Annual Best Butt Olympiad.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/bestbuttcamp/ Hometown: Seattle

Between a Rock and a Weird Place

Give your butt rash a break or hop off that art car for a change in melody and come join our oasis in the desert. At Between a Rock and a Weird Place we have a daytime lounge and beverage counter open daily for all the lushes that wander by! Please bring your ID and enjoy great jams, drinks, scaffolding, and scantily clad sparkle ponies.

Bhakti the Future

In this camp, we will celebrate the Divine Love which is found in all people and things and surrounds all people and all things. We will do this by singing the name of the Divine, participating in ancient Vedic ceremonies, and drinking copious amounts of tea!

Hometown: Bellingham

Big Girtha

Hometown: San Francisco

Big Puffy Yellow

What began as a Burning Man Theme Camp in 1999 has grown into a collective of burners, artists, DJs, performers and general badasses who love all things Big, Puffy and Yellow! We are very happy to have Philadelphia-based Camp Phuck It It joining us this year. They are bringing their stoops and energy you’d expect from the East Coast events they contribute to.

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Bike Gods

Bike trouble got ya down? Come visit the Bike Gods, where we practice self reliant bike repair 24 hours a day. Our camp features 8 fully equipped workstations and spare parts. We have caring and compassionate bike mechanics to assist you M-F 10am-6pm. Out on the Playa, look for our Bike Gods Taxi Service running yellow tandems and our famous Lanterne Rouge art car.

URL: http://thebikegods.com Hometown: Reno

Bike Repair Conflux

The Bike Repair Conflux is a hub of services and interactions that will create magical moments and comfort care for every Burner who visits. We all know that having a broken bike or body is a bummer on the Playa. Our mission is to provide bike repair and self-care opportunities with open hearts and great enthusiasm. Come get your bike fixed and while you are waiting you can get a foot massage, have your tarot cards read, have Reiki, suck on a lollipop, eat a pickle, participate in a trivia contest…and so much more! Fun is our business!

Hometown: Reno


BioGlitterCamp has been serving Black Rock City for more than 20 years, decorating its citizens as the decorate us. We transform those who visit us into brilliant, glistening gods and goddesses who radiate in blissed out beauty as the reflect the desert sun. A camp built on consent and communication, we encourage you to get up close and sparkly with friends and strangers alike as you reveal what’s under those clothes and release the diamond crested being that lives inside.

Hometown: NYC / LA

Bioluminati / Bike Mutation

Bioluminati has been illuminating BRC for over two decades with art, quests, and Pimp Yr Bike aka BIKE MUTATION STATION, the mutation/decoration station where Black Rock Citizens can mutate/decorate their rides with that extra get-up-and-glow. Open daily. Donors of non-moopy craft materials get VIP access!

URL: http://www.bioluminati.org Hometown: Berkeley

Bitchin' Braid Camp

Hair harshing your mellow? Come by the Bitchin’ Braid Camp and we will braid those nappy worries away and have you back in action in no time flat. (Actually 30 min on average)

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/braidcamp Hometown: Reno

Black Hole Literary Society

ALL ARE WELCOME AT BHLS!! ‘Where fact goes in and fiction comes out’. We are kids at heart- here to offer a shady place to lounge and hydrate, color and make art, have spontaneous jam sessions, and create oversized origami fortune tellers. At night, immerse yourself in our glowing 3-D Blacklight Experience tent and create a visual masterpiece on our Giant Lite Bright installation. We like high fives and hula hoops. Conversation and silly faces. Welcome home! We can’t wait to see you!

Hometown: Los Angeles/Sacramento/Portland


Playa Tours in our accessible adventure rig! 2x/day! Tours abt. 1.5 hrs long, worst come 1st served – mobility challenged, walking wounded, then able bodied….we leave from BLACK ROCK ADVENTURES! Camp first, and pick up from our BUS STOP! Playa Art Installation, location TBA, schedule posted at our camp + the BUS STOP! Usually – 9am and 6pm. Check http://www.blackrockadventures.org for more. Join us!

URL: http://www.blackrockadventures.org Hometown: Las Vegas/Los Angeles

Black Rock Bakery

Hangry fans of Black Rock Bakery, we’ll be back on the playa for 2019 in the French Quarter village!

Come by Monday-Friday around 5-8pm for bread & pastries fresh out of the oven. We’ll have French Baguettes, Financiers, Creme Brulee, Crepes, Eclairs, Muffins, Scones, Cookies and so many other goodies – all baked with love (and butter! and flour!) as our gift to your tummies. Email Justin (J@justinangel.net ) with questions.

During Monday-Friday 9am-1pm we’re inviting you into our kitchen to use the bakery and our expertise to bake your own playa wedding cake, playa birthday cake and/or playa nautical-themed bat-mitzvah cake. Email Amanda (amandajeanlucia@gmail.com) to let us know when you’re coming.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/blackrockbakery/ Hometown: San Francisco

Black Rock Bandits

The Black Rock Bandits are back with our art-car Azeban, aka The Bandit, aka Trash-Panda! Follow this glowing neon creature across the playa, and experience a musical lineup of funk, disco, dance beats you won’t hear anywhere else. The Black Rock Bandits camp will have daily morning coffee, lemonade and tea inside of the JankyAzzCats.0 Village! Come by and freshen up or for an ice & recycling run! Also attend our Art car symposiums and camp happy hours to learn more about building and designing art cars.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/blackrockbandits/ Hometown: San Francisco

Black Rock Bardello Village

The Black Rock Bardello is the biggest little theme camp on the playa. We are an eclectic group of Master Builders, Artists, Burlesque, Fire, Improv, and Fetish performers with a community spirit and a rocking bar.

Camp Hometown
Garden Valley, CA

Black Rock Beacon

The Black Rock Beacon is in its 15th year creating an on-playa newspaper for the Burning Man community. Founded in 2005, and printing every year since, our goal is to share news, art reviews, tips & other information to help Burners get the most out of their time at Black Rock City. And, we love bacon. Lux. Veritas. Lardum. Come Volunteer, make bacon, take pictures of art or hand deliver the most awesome newspaper on the Playa while meeting incredible Burners!

URL: http://www.blackrockbeacon.org Hometown: San Francisco

Black Rock Boat Rentals

Found yourself adrift on playa? Something take the wind out of your sails? Left high and dry? Boat Rentals can get you in ship shape. Peep into our port holes and see how well we know the ropes. Make your way over here come hell or high water! Come sound off, spin a yarn or just get three sheets to the wind.

Hometown: Olympia

Black Rock Boutique

We provide funky, freaky and fabulous fashions to the citizens of Black Rock City. The boutique is open 12pm-4pm daily. Let our fashionistas slip you into something a little more questionable. Get involved in volunteer as an honorary boutiquer.

Hometown: Portland

Black Rock Brewery

The Black Rock Brewery has combined efforts with Baristas and Beats to serve refreshing brews all week long. Cold brew coffee, home brew, live DJ music and UV interactive art. Look for our moon tower, and a giant pinball available 24/7.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Black Rock Center for Unlearning

There are four kinds of knowing: what you know; what you think you know, but don’t; what you know you don’t know; and what you don’t know you don’t know. We’re here to rearrange all four. From tasty cocktails to help you forget what you know to workshops and salsa dancing lessons to help you figure out the things you don’t. For everything else in between, follow along with our year round Burning Man acculturation series: Shit You Should Know.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BlackRockCenterforUnlearning Hometown: Reno

Black Rock City Piano Bar

Black Rock City Piano Bar, is a peaceful, colorful, warm, welcoming Piano Bar, with a beautiful Baby Grand Piano that is available to all our Burner friends to play or simply take a seat, have a drink and take in the beautiful music.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Black Rock City Airbrush

Black Rock City Airbrush with Scorch is here to provide your airbrushing needs!

This camp resides within the Sin City Village and offers the finest custom airbrushed body art made just for you! Bring in a clean, white, T-shirt if you want your art to last even after you leave home. “You-say-it-we-spray-it” at Black Rock City Airbrush.

We are creating MAXIMUM participation from gifted patrons!

Expect to participate, and/or take a guerilla course in airbrushing! You may even find yourself running our booth while we sneak away.

Enthusiasm, Curiosity, Compliments, Flirting, Patience, and Cold Beer go a long way at our camp!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sincityvillage/ Hometown: Las Vegas

Black Rock City Body & Paint

Come by and let our Playa Picassos get you and your charges ready for Critical Tits! We have the most experienced body painters on the playa. Or at least within Barbie Death Village.

URL: https://facebook.com/barbiedeathvillage Hometown: Meadow Vista

Black Rock City Community College

Come by M-F afternoons to relax under our shade structure and expand your mind listening to lectures on topics such as “How to Build an off-grid House”, “How to Start Investing”, “Homebuying 101”, and “What is your cat *really* trying to tell you”. Discuss books, architecture, finance, and more with experienced professionals and academics.

Hometown: Denver/Boulder

Black Rock City Dental

Black Rock City Dental
Where desert dental health services are provided.
committed to providing a fun to learn about your oral heath.
Services provided include oral exams, oral cancer screenings, home hygiene instructions and a toothbrushing station.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Black Rock City Hardware Shoppe

Black Rock City Hardware Shoppe will be on-site with a variety of tools and supplies to help build or repair just about anything on the playa. We are proud to have spent over 20 years serving Black Rock City in this capacity.
We have hand tools, power tools, nails, nuts, bolts, tape, string, wire, paint, bike tools, automotive tools, glue, rivets, and whatever else we can manage to fit on the truck. We enjoy helping people work on art projects and helping camps who have suffered structural difficulties, but we also help with minor automotive problems, generator issues, and fix an inordinate amount of bikes. Whatever people bring us, we’ll try and fix if we can.

URL: http://www.brchardware.org Hometown: Seattle

Black Rock City Repertory Theatre

Live theatre on the Playa!
This year we’ll be bringing two plays inspired by the theme of Metamorphoses: a live version of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and a live version of Trainspotting.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1957226597651715/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Black Rock City Science Center

Our village is a collective of like minded nerds, geeks, and science enthusiasts. We are very LGBTQIA+ friendly, and if you have questions regarding that subject we would love to provide you with more information. We have a large spectrum of experience in our camp. whether this is your first year or your 14th year you’ll be in good company.

Hometown: Seattle

Black Rock City Tea Company

The Black Rock Tea Company welcomes visitors to a cup of fine tea in the afternoon and evenings. Participate in elaborate tea ceremonies featuring exotic teas from around the world, led by an esteemed Tea Master. In the evenings enjoy alcohol infused teas (21 years of age or older).

At anytime enjoy the Tea Cup Vista selfie spot featuring an art piece by renown artist Michael Garlington.

Experience the Transmogrify Chamber to metamorphose into the person of your dreams. Lucky participants get an instant photo of their transformation.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Black Rock City Welding & Repair

Come to Black Rock City Welding & Repair for welding, bicycle repair, adjustment and general tinkering help. Use our tools to fix your bike yourself at our self repair station! Already well-adjusted? Join us at our daytime Bar and Dance Club IGNITE. Stop by to enjoy a short climb and great view from one of our Tall Couches.

Hometown: Aurora

Black Rock Commune

Black Rock Commune provides a welcoming space for all you dusty people hungry for meaningful change, to commune after a full day of adventure and explore the possibilities within. At the center of the commune is a bar where miso soup is served at night in teahouse style and where Black Rock Commune’s inciting hosts engage their comrades in crime in thoughtful conversations on our personal dreams and utopias. Comfy cushions allow to kick back and a giant shadow lamp illuminates the dome structure, setting the atmosphere to connect with our deepest desires and with each other.

Hometown: San Diego

Black Rock Disc Golf Club

24/7 Disc golf! Want to try disc/frisbee golf? Come any time! Discs provided. Newbies welcome!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/blackrockcitydiscgolf/ Hometown: Santa Cruz

Black Rock Elementary

Remember what it felt like to run as fast as you could, swing high above the ground without fear of falling, and play like the school bell would never ring again? Black Rock Elementary will take Burners back to childhood with schoolyard games, an interactive jungle gym, and not a single homework assignment in sight. And guess what, it’s Photo Day! Come for role call, snacks, printed class photos, and memories from a space where play isn’t just encouraged — it’s the whole point. You’ll leave Black Rock Elementary will souvenirs and hearts as carefree as a kid during recess.

Hometown: Seattle

Black Rock Explorers

Black Rock Explorers is an opportunity for Burner kids and their families to explore Burner culture through new, practical and artistic experiences. Join us for playa-cational field trips, events and volunteer opportunities all over Black Rock City to see behind-the scenes at Burning Man!

Bringing kids to the Burn is its own amazing experience. By applying the 10 Principles through fun, engaging activities across the playa, we teach the future generation the importance of creativity and self-expression, and share the fundamentals of human collaboration, participation and radical thinking.

Stop by our camp on the playa to check out our schedule and explore the fun your way.

Black Rock French Quarter

The heart of the Big Easy come to Black Rock City, including cocktails, bakery, fresh roasted coffee, live music and burlesque, wine cellar, Mardi Gras on Tuesday, Jazz Funeral for the Man on Sunday, and a few other surprises. Look for the giant neon pagoda!

URL: http://www.blackrockfrenchquarter.org Hometown: Los Angeles

Black Rock Gladiators

The Black Rock Gladiators are a band of fighters, performers and merrymakers from Portland, Oregon, USA. The interactivity we gift at Burning Man and regional events is a live combat sports spectacle that everyone can participate in.

URL: http://blackrockgladiators.com Hometown: Portland

Black Rock Lemonade

Serving Ice Cold Lemonade daily, a non-alcoholic healthy beverage for citizens of all ages the entire event, come discover our Lemon Inspired Wonderland

Hometown: NorCal

Black Rock Mystics

Members of the world famous Magic Castle and guests will entertain our fellow Burners with amazing and fun magic! Two shows daily – an afternoon (1 PM) family show and an (almost) midnight show (11:30 PM) – NOTE: DARK WED NIGHT. Interested in learning some magic, as well? This is the place! We love working with budding magicians of all ages and skill levels. Celebrating our 7th year (formerly known as Sideshow) of performing magic and miracles in the dust!

Hometown: Southern California (LA and San Diego)

Black Rock Observatory Theme Camp

Black Rock Observatory is a mobile astronomical observatory dedicated to showing people just how amazing the universe is. Started at Burning Man in 2014, we have expanded beyond the borders of Black Rock City to educational institutions and events all along the West Coast.

URL: http://www.blackrockobservatory.com/ Hometown: Los Angeles, CA / Portland, OR

Black Rock Piano Lounge

The Black Rock Piano lounge is a place where people from all over the world come to meet, enjoy and play great live music. We bring one of the best piano’s to the playa (and tune it several times throughout the week) in one of the coolest lounges. Live music is played by both camp members and any fellow Burner who stops by to share their talent. Music plays 24 hours a day and we host parties throughout the week.

The magic of the Black Rock Piano Lounge is that we connect people who have never met before and create amazing live music. Our 40 by 20 lounge is designed to be open and friendly. We have several fist time musicians mix with experienced professionals to create a safe environment for everyone to create and share.

Hometown: Seattle

Black Rock Public Library

Come grab a book at the dustiest library in the world! Serving Black Rock City since 2013. Strict one-year checkout period will apply.

URL: https://blackrockpubliclibrary.org Hometown: San Francisco

Black Rock Socks

Black Rock Socks – For all your sock needs on the playa

Hometown: Los Angeles

Black Rock Travel Agency

waiting for input

URL: http://blackrocktravelagency.squarespace.com Hometown: we are from all over the place

Black Rock Wine Cellar

The Black Rock Wine Cellar returns once again to provide delectable dabblings from our unique wines made from Deep Playa Vineyards. Join us for daily tastings and discussion, and look for us in our secret pop-up locations!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/blackrockwinecellar/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Black Rock Yacht Club

A gathering place for Aeolian Celebrants: land sailing, kiting, sunset frisbee meditation. Breaking wind on the playa since 2004.

Black Rock Yearbook

Come visit us at: www.blackrockyearbook.com
One of the largest photography projects at Burning Man. For over 12 years the Black Rock Yearbook has photographed over 10,000 Burners on playa and posted them in a Yearbook freely posted on our website. Come by and see what was happening the year you were there.

URL: https://www.blackrockyearbook.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Blazing Death Ship

A ship for weary ghosts and the wanderers, the Blazing Death Ship is ready to ferry your spirit to the 9th World of Niflhel, where you will spend eternity being rent asunder by the great wolf Gorm and having your blood sucked from your body by the Dragon-Serpent Nithhogg -until the day comes to ride the great ship Naglfar to Asgard, to wage war on the gods. Or you could have a drink at our bar, which is essentially the same experience.

Hometown: Los Angeles


The BLD Village

Hometown: San Francisco

Blinky Camp

Hey, don’t be a dark wad. Come by Camp Blinky and get some lighted bling for your trip out at night on the Playa.

Hometown: Tulsa OK

Blissfits Retirement Village

The Blissfits “Retirement” Village is a motley crew of seasoned playa vets that have been building & contributing to the playa ethos for 10 to 20+ years. Blissfits campmates offer a more mellow, “Snarkle Pony”, lighthearted fun, to the event. Our camp frontage hosts a, 24/7, Shuffle Board & Bocci Ball games and holds a daily Shuffleboard tournamen. There is plenty of comfy space to hang out and get cozy around a fire in the evening. Blissfits is also home to early am coffee bar and friendly afternoon Bloody Mary & Quesadilla Bar where our village aim’s to please and will take great care of replenishing you along your journey.

Hometown: Los Angeles

BLM/FNW Interpretive Camp

Come learn about the natural and cultural history of the Black Rock Desert! We will have displays, learning activities, and experts available every day to discuss everything from local plants and animals to the Native Americans who once called the Black Rock Desert home.

URL: https://www.nevadawilderness.org/ Hometown: Reno

Blood, Rust & Whiskey

Welcome to Blood, Rust & Whiskey – home of Camp Tidy and The Church of Insubordination! Chill in the Yurthedral – and enjoy a proper cup of tea and peruse our extensive collection of randy reading material in the Tea and Porn lounge.

Hometown: los angeles / sf bay area / susanville / nashville / pittsburg / england

Blue Lotus

BlueLotus was created by a group old timer burners primarily from Bay area California. Most of us are fashion artists, musicians, photographers and nerds. We embrace the Burningman principles for more than a decade, and we keep growing with Burningman!

Hometown: Bay area, california

Boarding School

Boarding School features the ShmorgishBoard, a wonderful buffet of board games, card games and puzzles for all to enjoy.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Body Shop

At the Body Shop, we believe bodies require regular maintenance. Our shop is a whimsical place where the worn down burner can relax their mind, refresh their body, and enjoy themselves for a bit before continuing on their journey. In the style of an auto-body repair shop, we are staffed with friendly mechanics ready to appraise, repair, and certify all of the bodies on the playa. Guests will enjoy a full gamut of traditional tune-ups reimagined for the human body: buffing, lubrication, oil change, painting, fueling, and even, for the more adventurous traveler, waxing. We look forward to servicing you!

Hometown: New York, NY

Bogus Journey

We send people on journeys.

Hometown: SF

Boogaloo City at Badlands Village

Boogaloo City is THE place to go if you want to ride on Black Rock Cities favorite beetle Boogaloo.

Hometown: Los Angels

Boogie Bug Campalong

Boogie Bug Mutant Vehicle Camp with Disco & Bar for your dancing pleasure. Come hang out and meet some new friends.

Hometown: Irvine

Boom Boom Womb

We are a chosen family of Burners who elevate the feminine and funky and celebrate childlike wonder. Visit us to feel the comfort and love of the Womb and participate in our fun events.

URL: http://boomboomwomb.com/ Hometown: Bay Area

Boonville Cabaret

Boonville Cabaret. Your destination for spontaneous theatrical performance. A small venue for you to realize your fabulous talents. Come visit daytime and/or Thursday eve at sunset. Intimate stage and appreciative audience provided.
Come for the show, stay for the vibrating teeter-totters!

Hometown: Boonville, CA

Boots & Cats

Join us for afternoon kom”boot”cha or catch a sunset and dance yourself clean on our life size cat play house, Catopia. You won’t want to miss this view!

Dancing around on the playa got your boots dirty and broken? Come repair them under our shade. We’ll provide DIY shoelace materials, zippers, duct tape, and more.

Share with us your love for music. Leave a note about how music has enriched your life on a shrine in our geodesic dome. Notes will be placed in the Temple.

Hometown: San Francisco

Booty Kitchen

Booty Kitchen is a space to celebrate what matters most: food and booty.

Hometown: Portland


Camp Borborygymus : Hello and welcome to Camp Borborygymus (the scientific term for stomach noise)! We aim to help your troubled tummy rumbles out on the playa. Here you can rejoice in the reduction of acid-reflux, settle down with some light sustenance, and sway your tummy bubbles away in our hammock oasis. With “Tummy Time” happening daily you can enter through our intestinal maze if you so desire and easy your rumbly woes with a variety of GI medicinal products including Tums, Rolaids, acid reducers and other light dietary sustenance and aides.

Hometown: San Francisco

Borsch Camp

Taste of Ukraine! We cook – you try. Sharing not just food BORSCH, but friendship, hospitality and creative ideas. Join us!

Hometown: Kiev


Welcome to the peachiest camp in Black Rock City. Hands-down, we are Bottoms-Up

Brain Freeze / Got Stickers Camp

Once again Brain Freeze / Got Stickers camp will be returning to the Playa. Besides our frozen margaritas and stickers, the Heart On group will be providing temporary tatoos and other forms of non permanent body art. The Black Rock boat people will be offering coffee each morning. The public area will be open each day for your enjoyment.

Hometown: Oakland

Brainy Bar

Brainy Bar – a neighborhood dive bar that welcomes dreamers, schemers, and big thinkers. New for 2019, the Brainwash Salon – a place to share ideas with like-minded individuals. Schedules for all sessions will be posted out front. Time travelers welcome.

URL: http://www.thebrainybar.com Hometown: Sunnyvale

Brand-ur-Ass N More

Brand-ur-Ass N More will stimulate your entire being, from your mind to your ass. Bare your butt at the hitchin’ post and get a temporary brand. Bathe in sound in the Sonic Spaceship, do some cock ropin’, enjoy tunes, belly up to the saloon, enjoy the giving tree, play some carnival games and hitch a ride on our vehicles. Y’all come N play!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BrandURAss Hometown: Reno

BRASA Mission Control Center

The Moon! It’s not just a weird light-up ball that’s decorating the nighttime sky. Soon, we’ll even have humans up there on the surface! Can you imagine?! Visit us at our Mission Control Center to learn about how BRASA is working towards this future, chat with our scientists to see how exactly this is going to happen, and prepare for your own journey by coming to one of our epic launch simulations to learn about the glorious consequences of combining spaceadillas and standard-issue decommodified beer! [END TRANSMISSION]

URL: http://brasamissioncontrolcenter.space Hometown: We have campmates from all over, including Seattle, WA, Oakland, CA, Thousand Oaks, CA, and Box Elder, SD. Seattle can be used as the designated camp hometown.

Brass Tax Radio Malibu

We’re still here (and hopefully not ever leaving)! This year in order to tune in to our 24-hour coverage of Brass Tax shenanigans on Radio Malibu you have to stop by the on-playa studio for music, sing-a-longs, live interviews, morning calisthenics, and intraplaya sunrise traffic cone sports reportage. Winners every day – you could be next!

Hometown: San Francisco

Braza Camp: Food Changed by Fire

Braza Camp explores food transformation by fire. We serve Vegetarian BBQ to citizens of Black Rock City made in legendary grill. Come hang out with us and grab a drink of “Brazirinha” – our version of the Brazilian “Capirinha”, made just for you!

Hometown: São Paulo

BRC Animal Control

Black Rock City Animal Control. Keeping the play safe from bunnies and other pesky animals since 2001.
Home of the Tiki Tank art car too!

URL: http://www.brcac.com/ Hometown: Seattle

BRC Hash House Harriers (BRCH3)

Black Rock City Hash House Harriers brings the social activity of hashing to the playa. Hashing is a social running group dedicated to running off our hangover, promoting physical fitness, developing a thirst for beer and making the old not feel as old as they are.

On the playa we provide a Morning Bike Repair station, daily afternoon events in our Dome of Bad Decisions, and on Thursday at 3 pm, we meet at the Man for our Red Dress Run (and Bike), where we follow a trail, and for the 21+ enjoy a few cold beverages, followed by “circle” where we sign dirty songs.

URL: http://brch3.com Hometown: San Francisco CA, but we are spread across the US in membership.


The BRC HOA prides itself on offering a wide range of options for any prospective Black Rock City homeowner. Hydration! Dehydration! Art! Craft! Heckling (the good kind AND the bad kind) and so much more!

URL: http://www.brchoa.com

BRC Jolly Trolley

All aboard the Jolly Trolley ! This is the home of the colorful, fun Jolly Trolley. Hop on board as we putt down the streets of BRC discovering new sights and finding new friends along the way! Stop by our camp to create your very own hand made gift to give away next time the mood strikes you. Come with a smile, leave with a memory. All aboard the Jolly Trolley!!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Jolly-Trolley-1257080871111891/ Hometown: El Dorado Hills

BRC Sound Lounge

The BRC Sound Lounge brings the Playa a little bit of everything. Fun camp v. camp games (open to public). A large shaded geo dome where you’ll find multiple genres and sounds. last but not least a full size volleyball court with night lighting open 24/7

Hometown: We have campers from all over the globe, however our camp creator resides in Fuquay-Varina

BRC Tour of Homes

Black Rock Tour of Homes – We go the extra mile to find the most creative living quarters on playa! Black Rock City Realty is host to a myriad of activities in our office. Do you have a fabulous home that we should consider adding to our tour? Join us on your bike for the Tour which happens at 4PM Thursday!

Hometown: Bend, Oregon

BRC WEEKLY newspaper

Publishing on the playa since 1995, the BRC Weekly is Black Rock City’s much-loved independent newspaper, dating back to when it used to be called “Piss Clear.” Chock full of snarky articles, opinionated editorials, and of course, the infamous Out/In List and Playa Lingo, it’s Burning Man’s homegrown lifestyle and culture rag.

URL: http://brcweekly.com Hometown: San Francisco

BRC Wheels On Meals

Food coming at you at 5 MPH. We provide hot meals to art crews during build week.

Hometown: Livermore

BRC's Got Talent

Come show us your skills, your songs, your talents, and unique abilities. Our stage is yours to express yourself and share your gift with The Playa.

Hometown: Reno, Nevada

BRC3PO (BRC 3:00 Post Office)

Set in a giant rural postbox, the Black Rock City 3:00 Post Office (BRC3PO) provides postal services up to 24 hours per day that include authentic, one-on-one, creative interactions that can range from the supremely silly to the sublime. We also provide an array of curated Burning Man postcards, and postage to send them anywhere in the world. You never know what will happen next at BRC3PO — YOU could be what will happen next at BRC3PO, if you pay us a visit! www.facebook.com/BRC3PO

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BRC3PO/ Hometown: Sonoma County, Bay Area, Bangkok, Copenhagen and Washington DC

Breakaway Republic

Get a new, better Playa Name from our drunk Playa Name Robot. Get new, better nightmares and be horrified by our 100-strong Robot Gerbil Choir. Top it all off with a drink at our cosy Bar De Nom.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA, USA, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, the Universe

Breakfast Beats

Whether you are an early risers, sunrise lover or all-night dancer. Breakfast beats invites all burners to enjoy Norwegian style waffles, mimosa and live beats.

URL: http://breakfastbeatcamp.com Hometown: Oslo

Bright Cider Life

Bright Cider Life. Ample Apple Adoration ! Our camp’s core (!) values are a mouth watering prospect, stemming from our desire for fun. Burner’s mouths should not feel like the desert beneath, we aim to nourish the thirst through the giving of cider / fresh apple juice, sharing of songs & having a big blow out Wassail Party on Wednesday night at sunset (please all come ). A fresh reception will be received by any burner who comes to find us and we look forward to welcoming all burners to our interactivity area and viewing deck. Original Sin – BCLs delightful apple car will again be bringing joy to the Playa by day and colourfully lighting up the night sky. Come and join us whenever – but mainly in the afternoons when we will be giving out ice-cold bittersweet cider for all to enjoy.

Hometown: Pilton

Bright Young Things / BYT

BYT is a collection of friends and dancers who seek to brighten the days — and warm the souls — of our desert compatriots. We want to create a space that is friendly, gorgeous, and inviting, both as a respite for our own campers and a haven for other dusty travelers.

Hometown: San Francisco

Bring A Pheromone

Are pheromones the secret to lasting love and connection? Or, do you just want an excuse to smell a stranger’s armpit? Not Sure? Just Bring a Pheromone!

URL: http://www.bringapheromone.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Broken Compass

Hometown: Oakland, CA


Moulin Brulee! is an erotic, spectacular scene that
captures the thrusting, vibrant…
…wild, Bohemian spirit…
…that the whole production embodies,

The show will be a magnificent…
…opulent, tremendous, stupendous…
…gargantuan bedazzlement!
A sensual ravishment
.- Elephants
– Bohemians
– Indians
– And courtesans
– Acrobats
– And juggling bears
– Exotic girls
– Fire-eaters
– Bacon!
– Champagne
– Chandeliers!
– Musclemen
– Contortionists
Intrigue, danger
And romance
Electric lights, machinery
And all that electricity!

URL: http://brulee.co Hometown: Denver

Bubble Burners

We are a group of friendly and fun loving people dedicated to supporting the Burning Man culture and community. Come see us and play games, have a refreshing adult beverage, and get your Playa Postcard made!

Hometown: Palo Alto

Bubble Camp

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere and drops to drink for all. Dispensing thai iced tea and cold pressed coffee for all you parched playa peeps. Come at night for the MIND FOREST LED INSTALLATION!

Hometown: San Francisco

Bubble Lounge

Our lounge is returning for our Silver Anniversary year, providing a space for meeting and interacting. Call out to performers of all types! All ages and all access to everyone on the playa. Sit, get scrubbed, take in the daily performances, blow your own bubbles, walk through our sculpture, jump into the Hug-O-Tron, meet new burners, have a cold drink, dance, play, and find your inner burner with our crew of experienced citizens of BRC. Chill with us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1185955108233861/

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1185955108233861/ Hometown: Venice Beach

Bubble TEAse

Because Bubbles effervesce joy! Come hang out and enjoy bubble-themed games while drinking (and learning about!) bubble milk tea or bubbly wine. Jump into a huge bubble for Bubble Soccer and, afterwards, break out of your bubble in the bubble lounge. From the team that brought grilled chicken to the playa as Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in 2014 and 2015, we’re excited to return with more delicious treats! Newly vegan-friendly, kid-approved, joy-sparked.

Hometown: Oakland, California, U.S.A.

Bubbles and Bass

Welcome to Bubbles and Bass where we rock you out from first light til midday with bubbly bass-tastic house music. Dance the AM hours away, enjoy an interesting conversation with a new friend, and drink some bubbly while you watch the sunrise over the Playa!

URL: http://www.bubblesandbass.com

Bubbles and Boobs

Join us for bubble play, body painting, and practicing consent opportunities – it’s what we’re all about. Fun for everyone!

Hometown: Portland, OR and surrounding areas.

Bubbly Ever After

Bubbly Ever After is a community of Bubbly Happiness Agents that seek to empower and nurture community healing, celebrations of life and meaning. Our Bubbly Connection Lounge, Extra Bubbly Bocce and Croquet Courts will be open 24/7 for anyone looking for a SAFE space to enjoy. We also invite you to sit with intention on your affirmations, trust and gratitude in our Bubbly Enchanted Forest.

Leave your 9 to 5 behind, join us from 5-9PM for very bubbly hour magic Mon-Fri.

Celebrate life with us Tuesday at The Very Bubbly Playa Wide Birthday Celebration and on Thursday as we invite your higher selves to join us at The Very Bubbly Royal Soiree.

Talks on respect, wellness, remedies to bullying, meditation, yoga and more will be available daily from 4PM.

URL: http://bubblyeverafter.com Hometown: San Francisco

Buddha Lounge

Come visit the Buddha Lounge at Rancho Sparkle Pony for chill vibes and meditative yoga sessions, an eclectic mix of beats and bass. Find authentic interactions with some of finest artists on the playa, you never know who you’ll meet at the Buddha Lounge.

Hometown: Santa Fe

BuddhaCamp @ the Lotus Dome

BuddhaCamp @ the Lotus Dome will help you find your inner Buddha and caffeinate it for all of your playa adventures. Learn to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, meditate with us, and receive advice from our Buddhist life coaches– all while sipping on the best espresso on the playa. Looking for Gongyo or Daimoku on the playa? New to Buddhism? Buddhist-curious? Just really need a cup of coffee? We’re here for you.

URL: http://www.buddhacamp.org Hometown: Seattle


Bumblepuss brings a spa theme to the playa with the addition of the aromatherapy focused Lavender Lounge. Visit and soak in the aromas while you relax in the shade.

URL: http://bumblepuss.com Hometown: San Francisco, Boston, DC, Boulder, NY, Brussels


Double decker, all aboard childhood dream “bunkbed” inspired, mobile, sound with DJ booth and dance floor, hand painted art and funky faux fur interior.

Hometown: Brentwood

Bunny Meth Lab

BML is a place where all bunnies can exercise their darker side, the place of matted fur, of sharper teeth. We are the bunnies unafraid to carry rabbit feet so we don’t lose the keys to our ever deeper and darker rabbit holes. We eat snakes. We devour foxes. We shit chocolate eggs.


Hometown: Denver

Bureau of Hindsight

art car collective

Hometown: Truckee

Bureau Of Lost Travelers

Are you lost? We may be able to help find you…

Hometown: Portland

Bureau of Misinformation

What is this nonsense? Oh, that’s the Bureau of Misinformation… Nothing to see here.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Burn Pops

Burn Pops will be a theme camp based off of our previous art car. We will have the main attraction as a popsicle stand by day and a cocktail stand by night. Catering to all ages of Black Rock City as we have done for years. We are a family and friend camp since 2014. Popsicles handed out two hours daily, and drinks will be served day and night. Alcohol and non alcohol drinks.

Hometown: Dayton

Burn Scouts of America

ROLLLL CALLLL! Everyone likes to be recognized for their accomplishments, and the Burn Scouts are here to make sure you feel freakin’ great about yourself. We want give you some flair for your Scout sash or a badge of honor in your field book! Did you successfully MOOP while out on your journey today? BADGE OF HONOR! Did you practice radical self-expression and make your own outfit? YOU GET A PATCH! Did you make out with someone at Distrikt? Sure, why the heck not – YOU GET A STAMP! We’re here to honor your every BM-related move and give a place of reprieve where you can eat Burn Scout cookies and sit around our campfire and share stories of Burning Man lore.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Burner Buddies

Party with your Burner Buddies! Get your Gay Card, Genitals Printed and enjoy the playa’s first Drive Thru! Much more!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=burner%20buddies%20camp&epa=SEARCH_BOX Hometown: Palm Springs

Burner Dojo

Drop by The Burner Dojo and experience The Place of the Way. Martial arts classes for adults, and karate for kids! Release pent-up energy and emotions by punching and kicking! Learn to break a board with a sidekick or elbow strike and connect with your inner warrior. Yoga, meditation, palm reading, tea ceremony also offered throughout the week. Drop by and train with us! We’d love to meet other martial artists and movement artists, and all classes are open to all experience levels.

URL: https://quantumsf.org/burningman Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Burners Without Borders

Burners Without Borders (BWB) camp is home to participants involved in disaster relief, social impact, civic activation and engagement projects around the world. We host talks, workshops, a maker space and a nightly fire to bring together our community and create new friendships.

URL: https://www.burnerswithoutborders.org Hometown: San Francisco

Burning Globe

We are bringing a reimagined Globe Theatre to the Playa and filling it with people witnessing one another speaking with joy, passion, abandon, specificity, imagination, irreverence, humor and pathos.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Burning Man Bike Course

Come test your skills on the Burning Man Bike Course! A bicycle challenge obstacle course for all ages, abilities, genders, and sexual preferences.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Bike-Course-220060528027398/ Hometown: Truckee, CA

Burning Man Information Radio

World domination through poetic media aka The Voice of The Man

URL: http://bmir.org Hometown: Black Rock City

Burning Man Studios

Burning Man Studios is a diverse group of crazies from across the country and beyond that love movies, self expression, and poking fun at ourselves. Come by for a drink, some shade, or just to tell us a story.

Hometown: Los Angeles/San Francisco/Tampa

Burning Man T-Shirt Factory

Burning Man T-Shirt Factory. DIY BM designs. We supply the spray paint and BM stencils. You supply the clothing, gear or body to create your own look. Totally interactive, quick, easy, and fun. Open 24/7.

Hometown: Campbell CA

Burning My Crêpe

Burn My Crepe lights up the Playa with sugar and flammed crepes made by real Breton people! We also organize a workshop to teach you how to make crepes the French traditional way. Our crepe-makers come from Bretagne, the region where crepes are originally from.

Hometown: Quimper, France

Burning Questions

Come escape the heat and climb around a world where all is hammock.

Hometown: San Francisco / Portland / Seattle / Best Coast

Burning Sky

Burning Sky: Skydivers over Burning Man. Come see Black Rock City from 9,000 feet in the air. Watch the skydivers exit the plane while you stay safely inside, and get an exciting ride back to the earth. Gifting rides Wednesday & Thursday 11a-5p. https://burningsky.org

URL: https://burningsky.org Hometown: SanFrancisco

Burning Tits!

Art Support Camp for Burning Tits!

Hometown: Reni

BurningDREAMS Stage, Fire&Ice Bar

Hometown: Truckee, CA (note that the current 8 of us reside in 3 different states as well as british colombia


Burnobos is bringing our strong culture of consent with sweet sexy and loving vibes. Stop by for our consensual cuddle zone, the kissing booth, or some relationship counseling, along with awesome workshops for all your adult sex education needs.

Hometown: Oakland

Burnstream Court

Burnstream Court is a group of Airstream owners who recreate a 1950s/1960s trailer park, Black Rock City style. We almost always have fun events happening that you can join in with.

Hometown: Grass Valley


Don’t call it a comeback, we been here for years! Come to the Snuff Emporium and enjoy our selection of fine nasal snuff from around the globe! Tobacco and herbal varieties are available to all.

Hometown: Auburn

Butt Disco

Should’ve gone home…Butt Disco! Come shake your booty to some tasty disco and house tunes served up by our resident DJs on our LED dance floor that will make your ass shine bright like a diamond. Amongst booty dancing, getting’ weird, and all the joy & laughter, we will be hosting Butt Pumping Barre classes, Butt Belt Massages, and a Butt Disco liquid luge to elevate dat ass. We’re an eclectic group of individuals with two things in common: having butts and a good time. Butts of all shapes and sizes are not only welcome, but encouraged.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/buttdisco/ Hometown: Brooklyn


We are a Global Village made of regional international camps from around the world! Come to our space to experience our “World’s Faire” .” Take a steam in our Sauna, relax in our lounges, try unique foods and drinks from exotic lands and talk to our marionette in a language of your choice. Come learn in our workshops, play in our domes, and make a BurnerWorld a little smaller.

Hometown: International