2019 Theme Camps

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2019 Camps

Da Boccery

Da Boccery is a whacky games camp with 2 Bocce Courts & Giant Checkerboard! We love to have fun! We have other games too if Bocce or Checkers is not your thing and we even have human chess where you can be the pawn in our diabolical scheme. All our games have wacky rules that make you challenge yourself!

At night Da Boccery turns into a beacon of light!

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Da Dirty Hands

We’re a camp for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled and also a camp for everyone to enjoy!
Facebook: Da Dirty Hands

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Dante's InFURno

A two storey raunchy strip club heavily inspired by the movie Beetlejuice, Dante’s is the sex-positive Burning Man theme camp where you can meet frisky furries, sexy critters and freaky animal people of Black Rock City.

Enjoy the view from our load-bearing second floor balcony, dance on our elevated brass stripper pole, relax on our giant hammocks, or snuggle up with a furry critter in our cushy cuddle cave!

URL: https://dantesinfurno.com/ Hometown: Vancouver

Dare to be Rare

Dare to be Rare is a day camp that loves to fuck with you and your religious values! Come Dare to be Rare with us. Where will it take you… and get father’s wiener on the Meat Alter (Thurs 1pm-4pm).

We are a meat & alcohol inspired participatory day camp with daily events scheduled Monday through Friday. WeinerFest (aka Meat Communion) is going to a new naughty level with our Naughty Nunn and Meat Priest and the group of naughty Alter boys/girls. Even the Pope will be joining again this year. “NOW” you know you want father’s meat in your mouth, be a good boy/girl and get on your knees.

We run other events throughout the week so stop by early to get the scope. Come and gate crash our Last Blowjob Wedding Reception on Monday at 5:30 pm.

URL: http://www.daretoberare.rocks/ Hometown: San Francisco

Dark Sparkle

Dark Sparkle is your call to the mysterious, your insatiable drive of self-expression, your community for body positivity and possibility. Through full-sensory burlesque, music, and ecstatic dance events, Dark Sparkle promotes body-positivity and self-expression.

Hometown: Davis

Darkwad Patrol

The mission of our theme camp is to increase nighttime safety in BRC by reducing the number of injuries and damage caused by collisions with inadequately lit burners, bikes and structures. To accomplish this mission we gift lights to dark burners and their bikes, engage in community outreach efforts to promote self-reliant mindfulness about the importance of remaining visible at night, encourage re-usable and renewable, highly visible lighting options, and discourage one-time use, moop-generating forms of lighting (i.e. glow sticks).

Darkwad Patrols hosts lighting workshops about the many ways to accessorize your bike and body with lights. We also provide a 24-hour Light-Share Drop Box where burners can gift lights to fellow burners and dark burners can take the lights they need.

Hometown: Tucson


Daydream seeks to stop the daily digital noise in our lives, tame the internal “wanting-machine” and allow ourselves the time and space to daydream. Being a Daydreamer has less to do with “going to Burning Man” — it’s more about allowing yourself to Dream, still — again — or finally. Daydream is creating a space to unleash that venerable, childish part of you to FLOW in a loving, stimulating and creative dream-like state.

Hometown: International

Dead Dave's Blacklight Lounge

At night the lounge transforms into a neon 3D interactive art gallery. Reactive banners frame a space where citizens are invited to use neon pens to add their creative touch to walls, furniture & large-scale drawings–helping to progress a week-long metamorphosis into spectacular color. Wed night the lounge transforms into a Twisted Beer Garden for Dead Dave’s annual party. Mesh panels with neon images hang to form a shear maze. We will also have a photo-op station for those wanting a portrait painting the air with light. Fri at noon “Melting Man” – a parody of endurance in which we watch an ice “man” melt. Begun with the ceremonial placing of the head, followed by a water and bubbles display, citizens adorn the man with drops of food coloring, sit back, pop open a cold beer and the melt.

Hometown: Santa Barbara

Dead Hand Path

Dead Hand Path leads to the beginning, or the end, of the world. Focused on global existential risk and the occult, we offer conversations about internal and external apocali and the transformation of flesh and mind. Stop by for a Tarot reading and bear witness to the seeds of existential hope.

Hometown: Oakland

Deaf Granny's Kitchen

Come hang out in this retro 1950s-era kitchen where you can meet Deaf Granny. If she likes you, she might give you cookies and juice. And she will make you laugh while teaching you some signs and cultural proclivities and a thing or two about communicating strictly in visual, as opposed to auditory, space. If she is in the mood, maybe you will get PB&J or a shot of tequila. Watch out, though — if you’re naughty, she may spank you and cuss you out in ASL or make you sweep the floor. But never forget Deaf Granny loves you and you won’t leave without a hug and stretched-out… comfort zone.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/DeafGrannysKitchen Hometown: Winchester

Dear Diary- Playa Connection Cafe

Come chill with the artists of Playa Connection Cafe.

Hometown: San Diego, Los Angeles, Jackson Hole

Dear Mom

Dear Mom is a camp centered on celebrating the strong women & role models in your life. We provide a relaxing and inclusive space on playa to have a cup of tea, reflect on those who helped make you who you are, and write a letter to send to your loved ones on custom Goddess stationary.

Hometown: San Francisco

Death Before Decaf

Mid Morning Coffee and chats: BYOC

Hometown: RENO

Death Guild Thunderdome

Death Guild Thunderdome brings a very special method of relationship counseling to our 21st year on playa.
Fights start at around 9 and end when we’re done.
Bring your own partner.
We are always right.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/deathguildthunderdome/ Hometown: Alameda


Excess is only barely enough. We’re a camp for decadents — those audacious few that redefine limits in only the way they can. What is “too much” or “not enough”? We believe we find ourselves when we break these barriers.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/decadancecamp Hometown: New York

Decadent Oasis

A glowing multicolored oasis in the dark of night; a windswept grove of white palm trees by day–our magical oasis and sheltered lounge welcome you to dance, play, perform, and chill. Hula hoops, DJ’s, dance parties, and friendly folks abound within an eco-conscious camp made from mostly reclaimed/reused materials. Stop by for a warm welcome!

URL: http://dcdnt.org/ Hometown: Oakland


Join DECENTRAL in Anahasana Village to learn more about the Unstoppable Decentralized Revolution that is happening. New tools are empowering communities and individuals to build a new way to live, govern, connect, and exchange with each other. Learn more by joining us at our many talks, in our dome and on the Decentral Stage, and please teach us more about the experiments your communities have undertaken.

Hometown: Decentralized

Declusterfuqerization v6

Declusterfuqerization is your place to get sendy, gnarly, and tickled up, over, and on top of our climbing wall and bar. We have Not Piss and plastic grips; climb up and get down.

Hometown: Reno

Deep C

We are an underwater themed camp with a refreshing Oasis space and karaoke throughout the week. Come during the day for tropical drinks and fanning with palm fronds, in the evening to sing to the pleasure or pain of the crowd, or at night to lie under the Starfield and gaze up and the pretty lights.

URL: http://campdeepc.com Hometown: Seattle

Deep End

Our camp is dedicated to the slowness of the playa, the appreciation of the desert sunrises and sunsets, and the beautiful form of the human body. We will be leading burners through transformative yoga practices, silent meditations, active breathwork, and immersive sound baths. We are lucky to have an amazing group of experienced and kind yoga and meditation teachers who will teach and hold space throughout the Burn as well as some musical masterminds who will open and close our days with the kinds of beats and rhythms that open the heart rather than control the body. We hope each person who stumbles upon our camp will discover something new and beautiful within or without.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Deep Orbit

On the quiet outer rim we contemplate the stars and prepare for voyages inward.

Hometown: Tucson

Deep Playa Surprise

Deep Playa Surprise brings the magic of the deep playa to the citizens of Black Rock City by offering daily gifts of artistic delight. Home to the art installation “Docenting Adults” offered to those who wish to take a transformational and artistic journey into deep playa.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/deepplayasurprise/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Deep Psyche

Deep Psyche aims to create a space for BRC citizens to give their psyches some reprieve in a fun, beautiful and shaded space with cold drinks and personal interactivity aimed at helping people relax into their psyche and creative flow.
Throughout the week our camp will be serving cold tea in the early afternoon from our tea bar at the center of the Star Lounge. The bar is fully shaded and fully equipped with a variety of refreshing iced herbal teas to help calm and rejuvenate guests.
The larger mission and vision of the Deep Psyche camp is to provide a positive, safe and comfortable space for visitors to decompress, relax, and enjoy some delicious sustenance while engaging in deep conversations and rewarding interactions.

Hometown: San Francisco


Come join in the minty fun at DeMentha. You’ll find music from our DJ line-up, from-scratch fresh mojitos, plenty of shade and a kick-ass misting setup. Combined with a hearty welcome you’ve got the perfect recipe for an awesome party. 1-6pm Monday – Saturday.

URL: http://www.dementha.com Hometown: San Francisco


dEOxidized Camp is about creating community no matter where you are – even on the far reaches of the playa. Our camp is comprised of members of an Entrepreneurs Organization along with guests from around the world. Together, we will co-create an unforgettable experience with our community of friends old and new. Come join us every day in the dEOxidized Oasis, our lounge-type chill space featuring a 50′ parachute shade structure, an open bar, live DJs and music. We’ll be hosting talks and classes in the mornings and daily happy hours from 4PM to sunset. Come meet our international crew from across the U.S. and more than a half dozen other countries. We are a diverse group of Burners with much to share and look forward to meeting you! “

Hometown: Reno

Desert Healers

We bring our healing sanctuary to the playa. A quiet place to relax, receive healing & bodywork, aromatherapy, an occasional workshop, yoga, and other mystically centered healing modalities. Come to rest and get out of the hot sun to refresh your body, your mind, and your spirit!

Hometown: Walnut Creek


A hitching post for forlorn outlaws and seductive renegades. Begun in 2011 with a dollar and a dream and a bunch of stuff we found at the dump, Desperados has blossomed / decayed into an opulent shantytown, a depraved palace full of freaky desert creatures. Come by, take a load off, have a drink, duel someone, exchange bodily fluids! Lie to yourself about who you are as a person, and make those lies come true!

Hometown: Santa Cruz


Come to Destindipity to submit yourself to whimsy and take a peek into your future. Our interactive, carnival-like experience makes finding your destiny hassle-free. Walk the labyrinth and contemplate your state of being. Make a wish in the wishing well and let the Playa know your intentions. Take a ride on the Playa Writer and spread your genius in text. Take a turn at the wheel of fortune, gaze into the magic mirror, and share secret messages. In the afternoon, drop by for tea, fortune cookies, and wisdom in the form of talks and mediated dialogue. Be soothed by the deep connections between people, or thrust into a spontaneous epiphany by the awe inspiring energy of the universe. Make sure to take a good luck charm as a parting gift to set you on your way.

Hometown: San Francisco

Destiny Lounge 3D

Destiny Lounge 3D invites you to enjoy our astounding 3D lounge completely surrounded by amazing 3D UV artwork! Have your mind completely blown by our incredible artistry, and get the best sloppy wet Free Blowjobs available on the playa (all ages, genders, and species welcome!)!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/destinylounge Hometown: Pasadena


Detroit:(Black) Rock City.
Come see why the Michigangsters are the group everyone wants to be a part of. See how the Motor City Does it! Your TRIP begins here!

Hometown: DETROIT

Deus Ex Detective Agency

Need some assistance, sweetheart? Been tipped off to some suspicious activity? Stop by the Deus Ex Detective Agency to crack a case or bask in the gritty noir ambience. We’ve been serving Black Rock City hard-boiled truth since 1937. Come celebrate our tenth year with conundrums, carousing, and crooks.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/deusexdetectives/ Hometown: Oakland

Devachan Lounge

Welcome, Traveler, to Devachan Lounge: Sanctuary of the Divine. Behind our gates lies a homeland where we love you fiercely, with open arms, unapologetically, through happiness and through hardship. Whether camp elder or neophyte, we couple Radical Self-Expression with a commitment to being a Generous Family. We embody our Best Selves through giving and receiving Love and Acceptance, and other Gifts like Play, Performance, Healing, and Art. Our conscious practice of the Ten Principles allows us to set ambitious intentions, pioneer new ways of being human on Playa, and transfer what we learn to our off-playa communities and cities.

Hometown: Petaluma

Dia de Los Muertos

We’re a laid-back group, with a shaded bar area where you can practice yoga and other movement in the morning, and by afternoon enjoy our cocktail of the day and music stylings, anything from lounge to old school trance. Each day we will metamorphosize to a different culture from around the world, theming the daily cocktail with a matching game from that culture. And if you have a USB stick, feel free to drop by and impersonate your favorite DJs with head bobbing & knob spinning on our DJ equipment, or just rest and lounge in our double decker Dome and enjoy the sunset.

URL: http://vivalosmuertos.org Hometown: Miami, Houston, NYC

Dickstracted Camp

The Dickstracted Camp is and adult-gay oriented camp emphasized on bringing exhibitionism and voyeurism to the playa.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Dilated Peoples

Experience bliss with our treatment of cucumbers, cool gel masks, mist, massage, and lavender eye pillows. Bathe in a multi-sensory experience by the enchanting powers of the Dilated Peoples.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dilatedpeeps/ Hometown: San Francisco


DinerTown is a 24-hour 1950s diner with a burner-twist, run by a bunch of loopy Canadians that should never have been let out unsupervised.

Hometown: Whistler

Dirty movie camp

Dirty movie camp

Find yourself on the red carpet! Be chased by paparazzis and find yourself among glorious starlets. Celebrate movie-premieres, party with the stars in the circus tent, and sip a good glas of Austrian wine or two.

Hometown: Vienna

Disciples of Absentia (Camp DOA)

We of our Lady Absentia, patron of that which is lost and those who are absent, will be setting up shop to drink our cares away with the citizens of Black Rock City. One Eyed Jacks Tavern is our home on playa where we will host guests in the late morning and evening. We will have our build a buddy station up when the tavern is open so you can recreate the willfully absent or lost in the default buddy that didn’t make it out this year. Drown out the frustration of losing that one costume piece or forgetting to bring that one tool with a mimosa in the morning followed by some competitive lawn games. With us you will find fun folk, good drinks and a reason to forget about the absences you face, if only for a bit.

Disciples of the Dust

Bringing art to the playa for 8 tenths of a decade. Open to sharing resources with other art support groups and citizens of BRC.

Hometown: Port Townsend

Disco Fuck Yourself

Disco Fuck Yourself is an inclusive and interactive camp built on the theme of Music, Dance, Self Love, and Self Deconstruction. Join us for morning meditation, afternoon antics, and night time parties with fire spinning, music, dancing, and more!

Hometown: Boston

Disco Knights

Disco Knight x vyvn is baccccccck baby. After a short retirement the lords and lasses of underground house, disco and techno are back in full force!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/135396679814248/ Hometown: San Francisco, New York, London, Turkey

Disco Space Shuttle

Join us from Noon to 3 every day to confess your sins and rejuvenate your mind and body with a tasty Bloody Mary. Then join us at night to fly across the Playa on the Disco Space Shuttle. All are welcome!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/discospaceshuttle/ Hometown: San Francisco


Camp DISCOnnect: Come for the Spanks, Dranks, & Pancakes . . . stay for the grooooove. Known for our specially infused Disco Dranks!

Hometown: Reno


The Discordia pyramid is an oasis in the desert with probably the best misting system on the playa, friendly locals, frosty beverages and tasty tunes. Open daily as a misting chill zone or visit during our scheduled events for an amazing party with some of the best music in Black Rock City. Bar also open serving frosty beverages at slightly random times.

Ask nicely and you might get to climb the tower to enjoy panoramic views and look for the Discordian popes performing pope-initiation cermonies nearby.

Hometown: London


Come join us 10am to 2 pm for French style crepes, thirst quenching slushes, disFUNKtional chat and some cool sounds of all genre.
A cool and cozy space with chilled daytime vibe and a more party vibe early evenings


DISORIENT is an open creative platform powered by love. We are Pornj-wearing glamorous technologists. With members from around the world, we collaborate on a range of projects as diverse as our community. These include light art, sculpture, DISORIENT music, sound, experimental architecture, immersive spaces, performances, workshops, and much more.

URL: http://wiki.disorient.info Hometown: New York City

Disparate Sangha

Playa home of our beloved Maharaji Meta-Ji

Hometown: Berlin


DISTRIKT is a 501c3 non-profit music and art collective born of the Burning Man event. Our mission? Building and supporting an inclusive and diverse community by embracing people, music and art.

URL: http://www.distrikt.org Hometown: San Francisco

DISTRIKT - Bike Battalion

DISTRIKT Bike Parking

URL: http://www.distrikt.org Hometown: San Francisco

Diver UP Camp

Diver UP Camp is the Art Support Camp for our 24 foot Sculpture of, you guessed it, “Diver UP”. See the topless lady with the Diving Helmet on her head. That’s her!

URL: http://www.diverup.com Hometown: Ibiza, Spain


Come watch the Mutant Vehicles get Licensed!

URL: https://burningman.org/event/black-rock-city-guide/infrastructure/dept-of-mutant-vehicles/ Hometown: Black Rock City

Do More Now

Do-More-Now is a setting in which art can flourish. We assist the camps that make up our village to bring various artworks each year: static, interactive, performance. We also create studio & maker spaces in which art can be created: glass-blowing, painting, crafting. Our iconic Firehouse incorporates 250 ft of wall space on which we encourage people to paint using the many pots of paint and brushes we provide. We view art as intrinsically collaborative – the playa allows us to collaborate directly with residents of BRC.
The 5 story Firehouse bar is the most recognizable symbol of Do-More-Now. Visible from the Man it is a perpetual draw for the curious, and for old friends and sector mates. Our intention is to create a space where folks gather before adventures, and decompress afterwards.

URL: http://www.do-more-now.com Hometown: Everett

Dodgeball Addiction

Drop the adult facade and throw some (foam) balls at your recently created enemies. One night with Dodgeball Addiction is better than a decade therapy.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/DodgeballAddiction/ Hometown: San Diego


DOGECENTRAL houses the adorable driveable Doge celebrating memes music and merriment on the playa. Watch out for our Decentralized Dance parties and if you want to go for a ride to deep playa come to our lounge and see what time we plan on dancing our way out to deep playa.

Hometown: San Francisco

Dome on the Range

Yee-Haw! Come on down for a rootin’tootin’ good time full of hijinks and hodowns! We’re a Saloon’O’Sorts serving up a Beverly of beverages to all the beautiful badasses of the playa!

Hometown: San Francisco

Dome Skillet

Dome sweet dome! DeMaTerial and Om Skillet combine forces to form Dome Skillet!! Thirsty? We have a Bloody Mary bar Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Hungry? We invite you to come chill-in-our Dome and enjoy our delicious melt-your-mind Grilled Cheese on Tuesday and Thursday. Stick around for music, dancing, merriment, and special surprises. Like french fries. Hot, savory, sometimes truffled fries. Bored? No idea how that could be around these parts. But why not come by Friday for Dinner and A Show.* (*Participation is required) And don’t forget to come by for Tutu Tuesday!

Hometown: SF & LA

Down Low Club

Down Low Club is a large tent for manplay in the recreational side of our camp. Open 24/7 all week for all adult men, this discreet, enclosed & air conditioned Army tent is fully outfitted for erotic man-to-man play between adult men in a space free of judgment and prying eyes. Consenting adult men of all orientations–Gay, Bi, Queer, Trans, Straight, Questioning or otherwise–are welcomed.

In a large, interactive social space of the very separate residential side of our camp we host the annual LGBTQQ Meet & Greet on opening Monday night for the entire LGBTQQ community, their friends & families. The event offers a perfect venue to mix, mingle, flirt & create sparks with a hottie! Kick off your burn with music & libations while learning about gay-oriented/friendly camps & their events.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DownLowClub/ Hometown: Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley

Down The Rabbit Hole

Follow us down the rabbit hole for an adventure you will never forget!

URL: https://blackrockalice.wixsite.com/alice Hometown: Zurich


Our authentic Mexican street food cart, we are going to give you lots of what you want, and even more of what you need at our extended 3 hour lunches. We’ll be serving up quesadillas, tacos, mesquites, and sopas, paired with micheladas (beer with lemon juice)

URL: http://www.maxacamp.com Hometown: Mexico City

Dr. Carl's Collection of Depts.

Dr. Carl continues experiments with variety and collecting experiences to offer the citizens of Black Rock City.
We will tip our hat to our past with a scaled down (but no less interesting!) version of our big board of stuff for the citizens to find, do or be. Throwing it way back to the first incarnation of the camp we will provide a couch and a barely qualified listener to whom you can tell your thoughts. You might actually get good advice but promises can’t be made.
Over the course of the week we will host talks and workshops in our spacious shade tent.
Herds of remote controlled buffalo have been spotted and we are cooking up a few other departments to delight the city.
Oh and heckling…there’s always heckling.

URL: http://www.drcarlscamp.com Hometown: Los Angeles


Dr Playa’s ENT Clinic. Come get your head holes cleaned out!

Pesky Playa dust packed in those head holes? We can help with that! Our decidedly *non-medical* staff can fix you up with the tools you need to clean your nose and ears. Your throat? Well, that requires an exam, possibly a CAT scan, and perhaps a shot. Most people need a shot.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/649543511880605/ Hometown: Reno

Dr.Baron von Realz, Esq. Sideshow

Come join our circus of freaks!
“Dr. Baron von Realz Esq. most spectacular Steampunk Sideshow of altered reality and debauchery” needs you. Come join our circus of freaks and be a part of the shenanigans of our camp. Flaming girls, tattoos, body modifications, piercings, carnies, performers, artiest, suicide girls, freaks, geeks and other oddities are welcome to fill our ranks. Besides filling our ranks we are looking for dedicated minions to help us set up and tear down the camp, we might be able to get you an early entry pass, couch taters need not apply. We are looking for people who want to be burning man, not people who want to go to burning man. We cater particularly to virgin burners (yum)and give then a gentile push toward the spirit of burning man.

Hometown: Newark

Draft Punk

In the future, Daft Punk steals OUR name, “dRaft Punk”.
We’re here to steal it back.
And we brought A LOT of ice-cold beer with us.
Grab a cold one on the go, or hang out with us for the day.
Get there early for Baby Huey’s famous cocktails.

Hometown: San Diego

Dragomi Camp

The Dragomi Art Car is a colorful origami dragon, built on a 20′ flatbed truck that features dynamic pixel-mapped lighting, sequenced flame effects, and two large dance platforms which can transport up to 100 people. Come take a ride!

URL: http://dragomi.org Hometown: Boulder

Dragon Heights

Dragon Heights is a space where you can relax on your journey and find rest in our comfortable dark cave of a yurt, stocked with puzzles, games, and tactile toys for introverts Come have a conversation with a real dragon, we’d love to help you find your own dragon spirit.

Hometown: Seattle

DragonCamp Armory

DragonCamp Armory teaches women to hand-make their own sexy cyber armor bikini. Participants will trace, cut, pound, and decorate thin sheet aluminum into a an amazing custom fitting metal bikini costume to wear and share on the playa and beyond. Photo ops on our Dungeon set with Lifelike Aimatronic Raptor Dinosaur and Giant Green Dragon.

Contact Dragoncamparmory@gmail.com

Hometown: Huntington Beach

Dream Fleet

Dream Fleet is a collective of Bus Daddies and Spaceship pilots, dreamers and doers. This is the mutant vehicle support camp for the Rose Garden Bus, Blackbird Bus, and friends. Come sit at our bar while you wait for the àrt cars to roll out, or come get involved in shenanigans a plenty.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dreamfleetevents/ Hometown: Cali

Duane's Whirld

Duane’s Whirld is a welcome respite within the disorientingly dusty metropolis of Black Rock City.

A small enclave of big-hearted do-gooders, Duane’s Whirld welcomes everyone to come on over and play! We have multiple events each day.

URL: http://www.duaneswhirld.com Hometown: Waterbury Center

Duck Pond

The Duck Pond is the best dive bar on the Playa. Since 2006! Bring your ID and your cup to enjoy an ice cold drink. Dance to the sounds of our Duck Pond DJs and special guests. Ride the Bucking Duck or enjoy the view from our lifeguard tower.

URL: http://duckpondcamp.org Hometown: San Francisco

dust & stars

welcome, dusty traveler! we have gifts for you! join our cult. get anointed with shimmer! learn your aurology sign! what’s your name again? join our cult. enjoy a cosmic cocktail! warm up by our fire! stare into the flames. swallow the stars before they go out; the endless night is coming. join our cult.

Hometown: los angeles

Dust 2 Dawn

Dust 2 Dawn Village: End of the road outpost where travelers can enjoy the last bastion of earthly pursuits.

Hometown: California and International members

Dust Circus

The Dust Circus – A Twisted Mix of Entertainment! Magic and Theatrics- moves your body and mind. Welcoming The Born, The Native, The Immigrated, and everyone in between. Transform together.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dustcircus/ Hometown: Santa Clara

Dust Devil Scouts

Come visit our twisted summer camp to hone your primitive skills, earn merit badges, take a dip with the strange fish of Lake Cuddlepuddle, and get spooky by the campfire!

Hometown: San Francisco

Dust Monkeys

The Dust Monkeys’ revolutionary Fauxtobooth is guaranteed to make you smile and will always capture your good side. Don your best duds and come on down to experience the mystical power of fauxtography first hand!

Hometown: Oakland


Nourishing passerby’s, radiating love and serving tea, beats and smiles to ALL. Swing by and relax underneath our shaded oasis. Hydrate yourself with iced elixirs during the day at OcTeapus Bar or hot tea at night at Amrita InfiniTea Dome. Or join us for a daily Yoga & Brunch perhaps?

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe

DusTEA Pickles

Hot tea when it’s cold. Cold tea when it’s hot. Come visit our giant teapot and stay for a cup of tea and a sweet treat. Have an ailment that tea can’t fix? Stop by our Barmacy for an exam and get the treatment you need!


DUSTFISH believes in the Power and the Glory and the Beauty of LOVE, and serving Pho soup with great live performances.

URL: http://dustfish.org Hometown: San Francisco

Dusty Beavers

Directly from the Great White North, land of the maple leaf, comes the sugar shack of your dreams. Yes, a sugar shack on the Playa! Maple taffy on snow. Yes, snow on the Playa, in August. We will make it happen. Join us after dark for a taste of sweetly delicious “tire d’érable sur neige.” The Dusty Beavers are an international group: Canadians and French.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thedustybeavers/ Hometown: Montreal

Dusty Booty Ranch

An outpost where misfits fit.

URL: http://www.dustybootyranch.com Hometown: Seattle

Dusty Bunnies

Come visit Dusty Bunny Boutique and treat your awesome self to a fine outfit! We have complete costumes for every occasion as well as bits and pieces to allow you to create your perfect Playa look!

Hometown: Portland

Dusty Cantina

Dusty Cantina – A little taste of an amazing culture.

Hometown: Mexico city and Los Angeles

Dusty Frogz

Welcome to the Dusty Frogz camp! We’ve built a guingette in a traditional Parisian style where we provide daily entertainment and French drinks. Think about Champagne, Cognac and our famous Ricard. To go with the latest, we have two boules fields that are available 24/7 and a great selection of music played by our DJs. You can easily find us on the playa, just look out for the Eiffel Tower and get inside to feel a 360° misting experience.

URL: http://www.dustyfrogz.fr Hometown: Montpellier

Dusty Goats

Our camp is always a welcoming place for new friends and future ‘goat-ers’. From feeding the hungry, clothing / playing dress up to the fabulous and the goats love to flap their gums sharing stories. Just be careful you might get ‘Goated!’.

Hometown: Vail

Dusty Hearts

We bring our healing sanctuary to the playa. A quiet place to relax, receive healing & bodywork
Camera Obscura Tribe Camp (COT Camp) is an invitation to the world of photography: from inreaching visual experience to technical support and guidance.
Pennies Elongator – visit us to make an unforgettable gift for yourself and loved ones

Hometown: Walnut Creek

Dusty Justice

Everybody loves to sue everybody else in the good old U.S. of A! So we here at Camp Dusty Justice are celebrating that practice and bringing an open, slightly impartial, fun venue for Burners of all stripes to get their dusty dirty day in court. Bring your case! You will be heard! Is it your noisy neighbor? (we had one!) Did your best childhood friend make out with your girlfriend? (a real issue from last year) Did a campmate drink your last cold beer? Maybe it was just your turn to drive the art car. Whatever the dispute, our jurist will sort it out. We will hold court three times during the week or if an emergency arises. Join us Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon from 3-6pm for fun, laughs, and some serious judgments and some wicked punishments.

Dusty Lady

Enjoy a drink relaxing on circular seats around Pyra, our 20′ tall fire tornado – or take a turn running it! You can control size, speed and height. Create a little fire wisp, or a 20′ tornado – it is your choice! And join us for adventures across the playa in our art car.

Hometown: San Francisco

Dusty Mule Saloon and Playground

We have a large colorful dome with a welcoming bar and refreshment offerings every morning and through out daylight hours with a daily music theme. We serve boozy beverages and a few iced non-alcoholic ones. Interior games include Yard Yatzee, Pin the Man on the Ass, Truth or Jenga. We have an -ation dome to serve any and all -ations. Examples might include hesitation, disintoxicaton, meditation, transformation, rejuvination or claymation. Our playground boasts a wide variety of interactive games to entertain the masses and bring forth maximum laughter. We have large scale Connect 4, Rubber Ring Toss Your Cookies, Shut Your Cornhole, LED Teetherball, Pinko Drinko, Light up Bocce Balls, What Goes Up Must Come Down (teeter totters) and other carnival games.

Hometown: Everywhere

Dusty Nation

The Dusty Nation Art Support Camp will be the base of operations for our 2019 art project, The Color Commons. The Color Commons addresses the question “How to create a sense of place in a temporary city that is in a constant state of metamorphosis?” by using the most ephemeral of materials: silk, color, and air. Simple in design but dramatic in nature, hand-dyed banners beckon from across the playa, create a kinetic silken environment, and provide ever-changing views of the city. In the center of the installation is the Prism, a 14-foot-tall triangular structure whose interior space envelops the participant in a quietude rarely experienced on playa. We hope you will love your interaction with The Color Commons as much as we have loved creating it. We wish you an epic Burning Man 2019!

URL: http://alibipictures.com/blog/2019/04/21/dusty-nation-color-commons-at-brc-2019/ Hometown: Seattle

Dusty Pineapple

The Dusty Pineapple is a tropical oasis with a bicycle drawn Tiki Bar that ventures out at sunset to the farthest corners of the deep playa to provide wandering burners the joy of discovering a tiny oasis of light, music, fun, and camaraderie where it’s least expected.

Come join us in camp for tropical themed bbq’s and happy hours, yoga, science talks, and our moop pick-up game: Pick It Up With Your Butt!

The Dusty Pineapple does not disclose its location in the deep playa. Rather, we prefer to be that moment burners find by chance. Creating an intersection of serendipity, intimacy and great times that form the most enduring connections and memories. The Dusty Pineapple serves tropical drinks with groovy jams. We look forward to you stumbling upon us along your journey!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dusty.pineapple Hometown: Portland

Dusty Rhino Camp

The Dusty Rhino art car is a fire breathing, thumping, mobile party that brings people together through art, fire and electronic music. We provide enthusiastic participants with a unique interactive experience that alters their notions of what is possible.

URL: http://www.dustyrhino.com/ Hometown: Oakland

Dusty Taint

The Dusty Taint is born in the style of a 1940’s “Negro Juke Joint” featuring music, games, and drinking. Primarily a nexus where people passing by and from the area can relax and socialize following a hard day on the playa in a multi-cultural and sensual adult space.

This camp is comprised of an eclectic group of experienced burners. In a world of hate speech, cultural appropriation and a handful of loud shitty people we look to bring love and unity. We want to bring other cultures into a new and ethnically comingled environment celebrating our similarities, loving the differences and learning from each other. We are working to build a better community both within the camp and affecting Playa interactions as well with sexual inclusion and a melding of ideas and experiences.

Hometown: Kernersville

Dusty Vestibule

Live and die at The Dusty Vestibule, a two-part camp where you can go from Hoochie Coochie, an interactive bar, to Love You to Death, a funeral experience. At Hoochie Coochie you can explore the vessel of birth and drink from a voluptuous vulva if you can find the right button. Then wander towards “Love You to Death”, your living wake. From birth to earth, slip into the silky sanctum of your very own coffin and be ravished with words by the ones who’d rather have their love for you fall on living ears. From woody box to wooden box, from vag to urn, from the first vestibule we experience at birth, to the final vestibule at death, our camp will give citizens of BRC an experience of Metamorphosis, celebrating the birth and death of transformation.

URL: http://dustyvestibule.com Hometown: Nevada City


Cum dance your ass off to get your cream at our kinky ice cream stand! Scientifically proven to unfuck your burn, improve dusty complexion, treat burner feet, enhance eyesight in dust storms, and soothe your throat – but only if taken daily. So just swallow it, spin the Wheel of Delightment, and enjoy the live DJ deep house beats.

URL: http://www.dustydelight.com Hometown: New York