2019 Theme Camps

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2019 Camps

M*A*S*H 4207th

20 years of this, and we’re still not Doctors.

Looking for a rich full day? Come to the least disciplined military unit on the playa.

Since 1999, your bastion of Democracy in a sea of fifth column communist/socialist/lawless infiltrators and barbarian mutants! Daytime martinis, PBR, and maybe even grape Nehi at Rosie’s Bar. Our new tea house offers a moment of calm in the wilds of Black Rock.

Random security Checkpoints will occur. Terrorists & Loyal Citizens will be labeled. Propaganda & commentary provided for the prevention of communism. Nightly viewings of old episodes & movies from the show, this year featuring films from the series. Signpost project open to all.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happy Hour.

Hometown: Salem


Maenad University for the Studies of the Esoteric offers classes and interactivity that is inclusive, fun, and educational. We are a camp themed off of Dionysus. You don’t have to be mad to join us, but it couldn’t hurt.

Hometown: San Jose

MacGyvers' Union

Every camp has a MacGyver — now the MacGyvers have a union. We provide all MacGyvers with recognition, thanks, tools, training, entertainment, emotional and moral support, chill space away from their home camp, and an official ID card.

URL: http://www.macgyversunion.com Hometown: Oakland, CA

machinedom - the experience

Come see the swirl and have a drink with machine…

Hometown: Reno, NV

Mad Tea(se) Party

MAD TEA(se) PARTY will be serving up a selection of fine teas and flirty teasing all week long. Come “sip and spank” with the full Lewis Carroll cast of characters from Noon to 4PM daily. Our teas and “tea-tails” will be topped off with Cream, Sugar and Sexy Circus Performances!

Hometown: Seattle


MADDADDAM is a group of techno-eco-terrARTists that aim to bring attention to the impact of humans on this planet through clever art projects. We aim to be a zero-waste camp — leave no trace in the real world! — within five years, and are working on a plan for ensuring all camp members compost and recycle in addition to leaving no trace on Playa. We believe strongly in social justice and consent. Our long-term goal is to show Black Rock City how to glamp sustainably, and to create cultural change in the form of less wasteful burns.

URL: http://burningmadd.com Hometown: Houston

Magic Potion

Come to Magic Potion camp where you can participate in live painting, live body painting, refreshing libations (for 21+ aged burners only) at our Magic Potion bar, and a beautiful stage with fun dance-inducing music. Enjoy engaging conversation with our experienced alchemists who will create botanical amalgamations and delicious concoctions to meet all your adult thirst needs.

Stay for a potion workshop where you can make you own magical potion, and walk away with your own necklace vial as a memento of your time on the playa.

Take in the beauty of our UV jellyfish garden and rest your feet on our bench swing at our camp’s frontage. Here you can take a load off to chat, interact, laugh, people watch, and adult burners can give and get consensual spanks.

Hometown: San Francisco & Oakland


The most majestic place on the Playa! We are a cozy and classy place to come relax, refresh, repair, and reset. Camp Majestic offers many different services including bike and outfit repair, refreshments and signature drinks, and a pamper station to help feel your best on the Playa!

Hometown: Toronto

Major Tom's Flying Circus

We are a camp of fun and friendly Burners whose passion is gifting flights over the Playa. Come see us at the BRC airport to experience Black Rock City from the air in one of our microlight aircraft or our new gyro. We operate flights daily, early mornings and afternoons, weather permitting. Also come by our camp on Monday 4-7pm for a happy hour meet and greet and Thursday 4-7pm for our camp party featuring a DJ and libations.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Major-Toms-Flying-Circus-300231336994941/ Hometown: Aspen

Malice in Underpants

Come join our Mad Hatter and friends for and impromptu Tea (hot and cold, & lemonade) We have a chill domed butterfly garden to relax and space out.
Get out of the sun, find a quiet space, relax and reflect on your own metamorphisis

Hometown: Philadelphia

Manifest Dustiny

Burner clothing boutique and bar

Hometown: Reno


Mansonian Institute 4 Urban Study celebrates & teaches Burningman history through large graphic banners & take-offs of each year’s theme w info & stories of Burningman going back to first event. Stop & ask questions about Burningman history, get swag.
T-shirt making on tuesday at 1:00 PM. Bring your t-shirt and get a BM transfer.
There will be two Talks with Veteran Burners Wednesday & Thursday 4:00 -5:00. Evil Pippi Grouchy the Clown Badger Sweetthang RonJon & Stuart Mangrum member of Cacophony Society

Hometown: San Francisco

Mansonian Institute of WWIT

Mansonian Institute & Camp WWIT Village celebrates & teaches Burningman history through large graphic banners & take-offs of each year’s theme w info & stories of Burningman going back to first event. Stop & ask questions about Burningman history, get swag & chill out in Camp WWIT bar w fun games, drinks, music, Kundalini teachings, & offerings of curious combinations of adaptogenic, euphoric, and nootropic yerba mate concoctions. Alcohol for the brave! Each morning from Tues-Thurs, we will host Meditation/Yoga session w 20 min discussion on impact of meditation on the brain & on happiness based on neuroscience. There will be two Talks with Veteran Burners Wednesday & Thursday 4:00 -5:00. Evil Pippi Grouchy the Clown Badger Sweetthang RonJon & Stuart Mangrum member of Cacophony Society

Hometown: San Francisco

Martini Camp

Martini Village offering up cold refreshments, entertainment and laughs! Look us up or stop by for our daily scheduled events or come see what we have going on at the side bar. Participate in the fun and be prepared to be immersed in the 10 principles of the playa.

Hometown: Reno

Martini Village

Martini Village offering up cold refreshments, entertainment and laughs! Look us up or stop by for our daily scheduled events or come see what we have going on at the side bar. Participate in the fun and be prepared to be immersed in the 10 principles of the playa.

Hometown: Reno


Come by the Martyville Neighborhood Café for a cup o’ joe or something a little stronger on your way to get the day. We offer a shady place to hang, refreshing beverages to help you hydrate and and some chill beats to fill your earholes on your way to get the day. The bar is open from 11am – dusk-ish

Hometown: Brooklyn

Mary's Little Lambs

Mary’s Little Lambs is a camp within the BAAAHS Station Village. MLL is a safe manger, offering maternal love, advice and energy to all the lambs and rams. MLL campers travel from around the world including China, England, Belgium, Netherlands and US to be a part of the camp and the village.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Math Camp @ Group W

A Safe place to Drink and DErive! We are a small social camp offering a place for daily lectures and long-winded impromptu chats on all things Math related. We are proud Purveyors of Crunchy Snacks, Servers of Pie at 3:14, plus we have The Best Friday Morning Sunrise Cocktail Party on the playa (not to mention home of the fabulous Electric Cupcakes).

URL: http://mathcampgroupw.org Hometown: California Bay Area

Maxa Xaman

Maxa Camp is centered on the promotion of unity and recognition of past cultures and ancestral heritage. Our camp will be a representation of the deeply rooted, ancient beliefs of the Mexican and Huichol communities combined with the contemporary views of a community of our own.

URL: http://www.maxacamp.com Hometown: Mexico City

Mayan Warrior

Mayan Warrior is the result of a collaborative project that has united artists, craftsmen, photographers, designers, technologists, architects and musicians from Mexico City and other parts of the world.

The project’s original intent was to present to the world the incredible ascent of contemporary Mexican electronic music while paying respect to the deep and ancient sources from which that visual and auditory culture had grown, all of this to help raise awareness and founds for Mayan Communities in need of basic infrastructure to thrive.

Both light and sound are curated by some of the world’s most prominent artists to transport participants to the very origins of the culture – and to a new understanding of contemporary electronic expression.

URL: http://www.mayanwarrior.mx/ Hometown: Mexico City

Mazu Camp

Zulai uses his hand to carrying people,meaning he’s saving us from suffering and protecting us; lead us and watch over us. We hope this vehicle shares the beauty of the East and make people feel peace and comfort.

URL: http://dreamcommunity.tw/art-car/ Hometown: New Taipei City

Meadful Things

The oldest alcohol created by every civilization is mead. And you’re in a civilization! Come on over and bee a part together.

URL: https://cosmiquarium.us/meadful-things Hometown: Salt Lake City

Media Mecca

Media Mecca is Black Rock City’s home to storytellers, journalists, and media. All media projects must register at Mecca prior to beginning in BRC.

URL: http://burningman.org/network/about-us/press-media/media_mecca/ Hometown: Black Rock City

Meh de la Mer

Meh de la Mer, art support camp for Happy Birthday! MEGA Cake.

URL: http://www.pieceofcakeproductions.org Hometown: Norfolk

Mellow Mountain

Come play and climb on our MM look-out and swings, be served frosty beverages, cuddle with stuffy fluffy toys, hammock dome flop, and get smooches from the Kissy Fish mutant vehicle.

URL: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmbJ4aEg Hometown: San Francisco

Melon Rouge

A fantastically fruit-loving, ridiculously organized, global patch of melons with a flair for the melondramatic, who can can-can their way into the heart of even the crustiest Burner!

URL: http://www.burningmelon.org Hometown: Chicago

Mementomorium Project

“Do you want to be immortal and why not?” – join us at 4:20pm for a daily talk inside our Camp Lounge, all while you can recharge your gadgets!
After the talk follow us to the Mementomorium Art installation on the playa.
Lose your senses in a sensory deprivation casket when you star in a
symbolic burial! This psychologically piercing experience offers the
ultimate perspective on one’s life.
Burn your fears to fuel your happiness.
Got lucid? 🙂

URL: http://www.mementomorium.org Hometown: San Jose, CA

Meow Now

FREE WIFI, Interactive photo opportunities day and night at Meow Now. Come by and allow us to help you make authentic facial expressions to match the scene on the photo cut out board you’re taking a photo with.
New this year… .Black Rock City Scavenger Hunt!! Come learn about BRC and collect some sick custom badges!

Hometown: Denver

Meow or Never

Camp Meow or Never! Come check out the star pagoda. It is a refuge, and a place where all kinds of things happen.

Hometown: Truckee


Welcome to the Metatron Metamorphosis, including love, light, flamethrowers and pyramid activations.

Hometown: Woodside


Come one, come all! Enter through the Metal Morphosis threshold into the magical world of transforming metal. Behold Thor’s Hammer at center stage. Bam! In one single blow a copper disc is transformed into an embossed medallion with the Burning Man symbol. After you receive a medallion, you will be invited to take it to the workshop stations to further embellish and refine it and make it wearable. Professional metalsmiths will guide you. This is an activity that can be done by people of all ages and abilities. Visit for only ten minutes and have a gift to takeaway, or stay the entire afternoon and create a masterpiece.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Metric Duck Ton

Brewing coffee and ducking responsibility.

Hometown: San Francisco

Midnight Poutine

Bonsoir nos amis! Come and sample Québec’s favourite late night snack at Midnight Poutine. Learn the awesome power of french fries, cheese curds and hot gravy. Embrace the joie de vivre of our bilingual Canadian camp. Lâche pas la patate!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/midnightpoutinebrc/ Hometown: Montreal

Midnight Ridazz Camp

Midnight Ridazz Camp: Inclusive DIY LA Cyclists ready to give your bike the repair it needs while you enjoy drinks watching Mini Bike Races in our Mini Velodrome!!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Mighty Misfits

A mighty misfit is a person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart from others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way. A fish out of water, square peg in a round hole, round peg in a square hole. If you feel like you don’t fit into the default world, come and join the Mighty Misfits’ activities. We are a welcoming dusty respite where you can sing along with our live music, enjoy some refreshments, and feed your body and soul.

Hometown: Idaho

Miki Beach

Miki Beach is your place to find an oasis in the desert. With beach, breezy vibes that combine Miami and Cuban flavors with a dash of NYC eccentricity, our goal is to welcome you in from the playa, provide luscious amounts of amazing house music, sensual delights, and the warmest, most welcoming vibes possible.

URL: https://www.mikimaumusic.com Hometown: Miami & NYC

Milk + Honey

Milk + Honey is excited to offer our twelfth Playa Shabbat service and dinner which draw on secular and spiritual traditions for the creative expression and collective healing of individuals and communities. We nourish the hearts, spirits, and bodies of all who find themselves wandering in the desert!

URL: http://www.milkandhoney.camp/ Hometown: Oakland

Mimosa Sunrise

Mimosa Sunrise – Come enjoy the rise of the sun over the playa every morning 5am-10am with mimosa’s, great tunes and awesome vibes with a cast of characters and costumes that will make your smiles bigs and your laughs loud. Come with good vibes and win a prize, take home a decorated champagne bottle or dare to take a champagne shower, either way you’ll be coming back all week

URL: https://mimosasunrise.com/ Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA


Join us for morning meditation, chanting, and mindfulness training. We are a small group of old(er) Burners, all long-time practitioners and teachers of meditation and mindfulness. Although we collectively practice an array of meditation and mindfulness techniques and lineages, we’ll emphasize Vipassana (Insight) meditation, including attention to breath and thoughts arising and passing. These 2500 year old techniques are most helpful in quieting the mind and creating space between thoughts and actions, enabling us to be wiser and more considered in our reactions.
BYOP (Bring your own pillow)!

Hometown: San Diego


MindShark is a group of dedicated, skillied dunces. Let us guide your journey to eternal drunken bliss with gifts of booze, music, fire, and light. Enjoy the coldest beer on the playa at our bar, watch hippies dissociate on our interactive fire displays, and blow your mind(s) under our amazing responsive light shows.

URL: http://www.campmindshark.com Hometown: Burlington


Feeling the need to fiddle about? To blow, beat or stroke on something?
Come to MINSTREL CrAMP and get your creative “musical juices” flowing.
Stop in, Listen in, Join in, to some great live acoustic, jamming with our house band “THE BURNING SENSATIONS”.
This year we feature Belly Dancing, Celtic Jam, Drumming Circle, a Musical (kazoos provided) “Manamorphosis ” Parade!
Check the schedule board out front to see what’s happening or sign-up for a slot to perform with your own band (or ours)
It’s all good! Listeners welcome!
PS: We also have a large selection of legitimate “menstrual cramp” supplies if you have a urgent need

Hometown: VENTURA

Mirage Garage

Mirage Garage welcomes you to our theme camp! We have a large inviting main tent with comfortable hang-out refuge space open 24 hours @ day to anyone; 24 hours water bar; alcohol bar with set cocktail and post-dinner hours; a great speaker series (last year’s speaker series topics: Women Goddesses, Women in Business, Art in the Age of Cyborgs, and Poverty in a Time of Plenty); Metamorphosis in the Woods in the art tent; and viewing platform with seting atop our containers. Get your body Washed and Lubed by our comely and scantily clad crew of guys. Learn Tango and Body Painting! Come see, participate in a q&a about, and get photographed with mr. fusion, valyrian steel, and flux capacitor, our three stainless steel works of art car and come to our greasy get down thursday night party!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/miragegarage.bm/ Hometown: new york city/ various europe/ two africa

Mirrors of Change

A camp of artists that come together and make magic, immersed in sound and spirit. Please feel free to stop by in the afternoons into the night hours and watch these masters paint and create. Share stories, dance, laugh, and live.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Misfit island

Hometown: Redding

Miso! (formerly Miso Horny)

Miso! serves miso soup and sake while cultivating chill, fun and safe spaces for discussions around consent and play.

Hometown: Oakland

Mission Control

The Art Support Camp for O.A.S.I.S.C.A.F.E. Lunar Module, a full size, roughly to scale, artistic representation of the Apollo Lunar Module that first landed on the moon in 1969. We want to convey and remember the biggest and most daring adventure humanity has ever taken, celebrating something that was accomplished 50 years ago, that humanity will still be remembering and celebrating 1000 years ago. Come visit Mission Control!

URL: http://www.oasiscafe.org Hometown: Salt Lake City

Mission Country Club

We bring a taste of San Francisco’s Mission District to Black Rock City! Mission Country Club is an organically-grown camp, consisting of folks from San Francisco, Reno, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, New York, Seattle, Portland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and beyond. 2019 will be our 16th year on the playa as an organized camp. Over the years we’ve been home to Flannagan’s Pub, Flannagan’s Tacos + Whiskey, the Magic Kurry Cart, the Sangria Soundclash, the BRC Hip-Hop Playa Ball, the Brian Brunch and Bugaboo the art car. Don’t forget to check the book for our 2019 shenanigans…

URL: http://missioncountryclub.com Hometown: San Francisco

Mission District

Find Sutro Tower and you’ve found Mission District: Come in the morning for ice coffee, the evening for PBRtinis, Tuesday for burritos, and anytime for irony and snark!

Hometown: San Francisco

Mo's Mini Martini + Erotica Camp

Come by for the coldest martinis(served by us) and the hottest erotica (written by YOU) on the playa. Our bedouin tent is an oasis of pillows, shade and carpets with the best view in the city. We invite you to put your camel to bed and wander over after lunch and grab one of the best, if not THE best martini in BRC served in a genuine martini glass. Open nights as well.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Moaning Lisa

Mo’nin’ Lisa is returning this year to feed hungry citizens with daily themed brunches. Stop by to enjoy drinks, fun music, and food.

Hometown: San Francisco


In previous years, we were Bloody Maryland. This year we are an art support camp for Cone Down and we want MOAR.

Hometown: San Francisco

MobiChi Bivouac

Hi BRC citizens and beyond. We are an art support camp with both historical and fresh members who would love to hear your story and offer a boutique and some revelry in the form of games and artification of your person.

Hometown: Bellingham, WA OAkland, CA, Aptos, CA, Ojai, CA, Los Angeles, CA Nevada City, CA

Mobility Camp

Wheelchair accessible Camping and information on Accessibility.
https://www.mobilitycamp.org/ website has extensive information on how to prepare for the Burn. On Playa loan of wheelchairs, walkers and crutches for the walking wounded.

URL: https://www.mobilitycamp.org/ Hometown: Hesperia,

Molotov Cocktail

Our fully shaded bar/chill space offers welcome respite and comfort for the dusty and thirsty.
Chilled, home brewed beer, mead and cocktails on tap.
Games available including box hockey and cribbage.

Hometown: Tacoma

Monkey Business

Monkey Business is an Anti-Social club established in 1999. This group is a place for monkeys to discuss Monkey Business stuff. People associated with Monkey Business generally refer to themselves as Monkeys. Being a Monkey means you are a free human being, capable of handling yourself and the consequences of your actions.

Hometown: Washington DC

Monkey Pirate Pirate Monkeys

If you need bacon or walking tacos in your belly or a hammock in the shade, the Monkey Pirate Pirate Monkeys have you covered. Plop ye tired bones down with a piratey cocktail from our bar and enjoy the cool ocean breeze from our misters as you plot your next plundering playa adventure.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/MonkeyPiratePirateMonkeys/ Hometown: Seattle, Wa & Boise, ID

Monks of Funk

Hometown: San Francisco and beyond

Moon Cheese

Satisfy your hunger with the best late night grilled cheese sandwich goodness served directly to your mouth. 10,000 people served every year!

URL: http://tastethemoon.com Hometown: San Francisco


We are a group of friends that enjoy lifting people to the moon. Come join us and ascend our scaffolding to get a lay of the land!

Hometown: San Jose

Mooner Landing

A landing pad for Moonbuggy, the rising crescent moon that glows as bright as the celestial orb in the sky. Get lunar inside the moon, cosmonaut the day away in a space helmet, and defy gravity on the trampoline.

URL: https://photos.app.goo.gl/glnLZJdsu8V8nyy62 Hometown: Los Angeles


Moop Map HQ is the Playa Restoration Staff Camp featuring Leave No Trace Interactivity and Education

• SEE The Leave No Trace Show where our fearless Resto Crew break things on the playa in front of a live audience just so they can clean it up!
• VISIT our MOOP Map Museum where you can see all of the past years MOOP Maps and how we’ve evolved!
• Experience our Moop Gardens and learn about the most common types of MOOP on the playa!
• View photos from past event site Restoration operations!
• Get familiar with the tools used to Leave No Trace on the Playa!
• Get warm by our Fireside Circle!
• Join the Team and Leave no Trace!

Hometown: Reno

More Carrot Camp

More Carrot: Sure, you could live off protein bars and MREs all week if you really want to, but how about giving your dusty soul a treat? Come by the More Carrot Camp and get yourself something crunchy, cold and crisp; we gift fresh vegetables and fruit at the More Carrot Camp. Tues. – Fri., 9 – 11 am. We also open The Carrot Club and gift vegetable and fruit based cocktails and make your own alcohol infused smoothies from 10 am to 1 pm Tuesday through Friday. Most importantly, join us Thursday afternoon for the Countless Carrot March, where we march with the Div. of Animal Control to save The Man from the ravenous Bunny hordes!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/MoreCarrot.BRC.FarmersMarket/ Hometown: Baltimore/DC


Camp in support of Morphoscope, a series of 12 kinetoscopes displaying 35mm film on the playa.

URL: http://indiablock.org Hometown: South Berkeley

Mos Eisley Village

“Mos Eisley. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.” ―Obi-Wan Kenobi

Hometown: Across the USA and Beyond!


At Camp Mosaic. in addition to providing a space for everyone to come enjoy, love, dance, and kick their feet up, we offer many different experiences for our fellow burners to be a part of. From dance parties, self help workshops. multiple yoga classes, sound baths, & a future self letter writing workshop, we offer a wide range of experiences to enhance your burn. MOSAIC creates interactivity with our community every day to stimulate mind, body, and spirit. Our lounges will provide a place for refuge and our frontage will provide a beacon of color. We are here to support your burn as you enhance ours! Come relax, lounge, heal, converse with a bunch of radically self-expressed individuals who love and live burning man at Mosaic!

Mount NeveRest

In an age when society is trying to bottle and mass distribute authentic experiences, we’re trying to offer something else. Too many parties are marketed as “transformational.” Our camp doesn’t think metamorphosis is a brand you can purchase, it’s up to you to find something magical. But we’re happy to offer a place to do so.

For one week out of every year, the world renowned Black Rock City operates a temporary and immediate community known as Burning Man Culture & Arts Festival. Our mission is to create a sound camp that showcases the most innovative and immersive ideas in audio performance, interactive art installation, stage design, and community planning within a unique space that offers stimulation to all five senses. You may even discover a sixth.

URL: https://www.mountneverest2019.com/ Hometown: Denver

Mountain Mayhem

Mountain Mayhem takes the small Colorado mountain town experience to playa with silly antics, terrific people, and many drinks! Be hot and stay cool friends.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/mountainmayhem/ Hometown: Durango

Muffin Bottoms

We see the bottom of the muffin as a missed opportunity for glory, a place where tenderness is revealed and true colors shine. Let the Wheel of Destiny, our signature dish, show you the light inside your subconscious, as we delight you with an experience you won’t soon forget.

Hometown: San Francisco


MULE TOWN is the home of the Tri-Mules, helpful three-wheeled mutant vehilcles which have been scratch-built to exacting playa standards….please drop by to relax and jaw about how amazing these little creatures are.

Hometown: Berkeley

Music Savages

A lounge style sound camp with time appropriate music, plenty of day beds, shade, smoothies, yoga, the finest of beats and lights that will knock your socks off. Nigh time chill, personal meditative area for personal reflection and recharging from the surrounding madness.

URL: http://www.musicsavages.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Music Vizards

Music Vizards are a music visualization dedicated camp, providing a unique dance experience with live CGI rendered real time projectors.
Come and enjoy the atmosphere and when partying brave enough, get an Austrian Cauldron Goulash at dawn (3 times a week).

URL: http://musicvizards.io Hometown: San Luis Obispo

Mutant Bison Wranglers

Your home base for Visual Art and Performance Collaboration in the dusty recesses of your psyche. And on the playa.

Hometown: Jackson Hole


Shit breaks on the playa. Electronic shit super breaks. Did you bring a full repair shop? No? Good news – we did. Come to camp MVC and our Blinky Things Hospital to leverage the tools, voltmeters, and engineering talent you need to troubleshoot your ride, exhibit or playa gifts and, hopefully, get it fully functional again. MVC is staffed by the creators of the eight-foot, LED illuminated, motorized, sound-infused Burner Boards you may have seen riding across the playa…. You might even get a ride! But no, we’re not going to build you or sell you a board.


My Dad's House

My Dad’s House is actually your dad’s house. He’s out back talking about how interstellar plasma opened the door to new dimensions while leading a pu’er tea ceremony. Some Malort shots may have been involved as well. It was his idea, really, but we’re running with it.

We’re an antiquated reprieve from the dusty digitization, complete with some cozy lounge spaces, a cheeky bar, and a stage full of stooges. If you’re in the neighborhood, swing by for some live tunes, uncouth art, cheap booze, or to just take a nap in the shade.

Looking for a place to perform some radical self-expression? Drop us a line. We’re stoked to facilitate individual offerings to the playa with our infrastructure.

URL: https://m.facebook.com/groups/398178314334059?group_view_referrer=profile_browser Hometown: San Francisco / Brooklyn / Mexico City

My Monkey, My Circus

Come one, come ALL! Awaken your inner flow artist! Self expression in the kinetic form! Renown Flow Masters! Sages with wisdom of health! Thinkers and Tinkers! YOU!
Take a class, teach a class. Watch a show, show n’ tell! Experience the core principals like never before!

Hometown: Bay Area

My Reply Is Yes

My Reply Is Yes allows burners to reveal their own desires, and set their itinerary for the next 7 days or 7 minutes. We do this with an oversized Ouija Board, a giant Magic 8-Ball, a wise Zoltar booth ready to grant any wish, and a burner-centric Tarot Card reading station. All your questions will be answered, the secrets to alchemical transformation revealed, and you may even become the soothsayer!

Hometown: San Francisco

Mycodelic Forest

At the Mycodelic Forest the magic of renewal awaits you! We are inspired by the special ability of mycelium to breakdown organic compounds and decompose biomass into compost to create new life. In this way we strive to break down barriers and educate others on how to protect the Playa and the Burner Culture to create an emotionally fertile environment for everyone.

URL: https://mycodelicforest.org Hometown: Arcata

Mystery Toasties

A well rounded camp offering a range of participation from your favorite spiritual yogic experience, a welcoming tea house, nighttime exploration, to the wildest interactive game on earth, the Pig Man Show (you don’t want to miss). …and of course, the mysterious toasted bread, your guess is as good as ours. Looking forward to seeing you at any of our events or just stop by for a good chat and cup of tea. Honoring the weird… weirding the honor. Newbies get special attention and extra hug time.

Hometown: We're an international camp; Denver, New York, LA, SF, Perth, Melbourne, Vancouver


We’re a desert experiment. A French Toast Mecca. A home for mysterious misters. A Burner family that tastes the rainbow: a truly informal family of adventurous friends, partners, parents, children, gays, straights and everything in between. Come play with us!

URL: http://www.mystopia.camp Hometown: San Francisco

MythMaker Camp

Fire, Dragons, Vikings, Music, Magick and Healing!!
Mythmaker has Performed in the Fire conclave for the last 8 years at our camp we love to share all we have.
Workshops, rituals, mead and stories
Come Live your Legend & make a myth with us!

Hometown: Vancouver

Ménage Flow

Flow Therapy is a sacred space for flow, self-actualization, and fucking around for fucking ever… a space for everyone to lose their inhibitions and become the best versions of themselves. We are huge advocates of Flow, the timeless, selfless, expressive state of being, when our inner critic is silenced and our highest self comes to play. We’re a family and community, a California-based collective of dreamers, artists, adventurers, and passionate doers, that loves throwing badass parties as much as we love to connect on deeper levels. We are professionals at being, playing, and faffing about – whether it’s dancing, music, yoga, fire spinning, cooking, making art, or a whole lot of nonsense. We’re a diverse group of eclectic individuals that operates with deep love and respect on the 10 Principles of Burning Man, that create interactive and magical experiences together as we inspire others to dance, flow, love, and be their free and fearless selves. What is your flow?

Hometown: Los Angeles - San Francisco