2019 Theme Camps

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2019 Camps

Cabana Club

Come and enjoy The Favorite Vacation Destination for the hard working citizens of Black Rock City! The Cabana Club is an oasis of hospitality and friendship. We serve up a refreshing array of nosh and cocktails for your Afternoon Delight.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BlackRockCabanas/ Hometown: Antioch

Cafe Calm

Come find the tribe! A desert oasis is our vibe. Looking to discover your vocation, prepare for a Playa exploration, examine that inner tribal sensation, or find respite on a jungle space station? Come meet your fellow Burners at the Cafe Calm’s Multiverse Space Kiosk, serendipitously metamorphosing every day into the pinnacle of pleasure and passion. Minimal yet enveloping, familiarly encompassing, join us at our jungle oasis for great Euro beats, deep yoga, workshops, smoothies and maybe…some snacks.

Cafe Calm will follow our mission to encapsulate the joys of the place “where jungle meets the seaside meets the desert, there’s a land called cafe calm, where they play hippie house to surreal sunsets and warm gusts of sea air in a utopia of radical self expression.”

URL: https://www.facebook.com/cafecalmplaya/ Hometown: London

Cafe De La Fin du Monde

The newest iteration of Cafe De La Fin Du Monde has been serving piping hot coffee in the world famous Black Rock French Quarter since 2016. We strive to provide an experience of gifting the gift of gifting coffee to the community. The camp consists of members who live in California and are friends both on and off Playa. We are dedicated to making sure that there is support throughout our camp for one another and those within our village and community especially the support of coffee.

As a neighbor, you can bring coffee for us to roast, grind and help the community serve to one another.

URL: http://www.experientialcommunity.org/cafe-de-la-fin-du-monde Hometown: Los Angeles

Cafe Diem

We are an immersive cafe experience where each cup of coffee or tea is lovingly made. Take a break from the playa and enjoy the ritual of sipping coffee or tea from a handmade cup under our airy shade structure. Stroll around to check out our art, play board games, or socialize and make new friends. We happily serve cold brew, French press, pour-over, Turkish coffee and espresso as well as a wide array of teas from around the world including classic and herbal varieties, matcha, masala chai, yerba mate, and hand-crafted sodas.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CafeDiemBRC/ Hometown: Lake Tahoe

Cafe Sua Da

Come enjoy a Vietnamese Iced Coffee at Cafe Sua Da, and bask in the summer heat of an afternoon in Saigon. We welcome anyone and everyone to enjoy our space, music and coffee. *vegan options available

Hometown: New York City

Cafe Village

Cafe Village is home to the multiple teams of volunteers that put together and operate the Center Camp Cafe.

Hometown: San Francisco

Caffeinated brush benders

Hometown: Scottsbluff


You Look Thirsty! Take refuge from the sun and frolic with our trained Camels. Recharge your soul and fill your vessel with premium unleaded H20. Our attendants serve artisinal organic water while you browse our Inconvenience store. Saturday-Sunday 10-6PM Playa Standard Time.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/hydrationstationcamp/?ref=content_filter Hometown: Oakland

Camera Obscura Tribe

Camera Obscura Tribe Camp (COT Camp) is an invitation to the world of photography: from inreaching visual experience to technical support and guidance.
We offer experienced professional photographers for playa weddings or any other public events. Just ASK! Do not forget hugs and kisses!
We have various workshop as well as camera cleaning station.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CameraObscuraTribe Hometown: San Diego

Camp 88

Chill Washington, DC-based camp that welcomes everyone to come interact with us and our public spaces. These spaces include: a bouldering wall, a 29″ geodesic dome, a Bedouin tent, and shade structure with a sound system where we will host some funky reggae parties! Stop in and say hello.

Hometown: Washington

Camp Anything Can Be Fixed

Camp Anything Can Be Fixed.
From broken shoe laces, flat tires, and dead batteries to broken hearts – anything can be fixed. Maybe not by us or by you, but anything can be fixed. We begin with radical acceptance. Every experience is an opportunity to learn and to grow. We are active, productive; we practice and teach radical self-reliance – unabashed, unrepentant adaptability and make-do. Gifting all the bits and pieces you need to keep your burn going strong. Well, some of the bits and pieces.
We are farmers, writers, engineers, artists, and mechanics. We have a little general store and workshop in a shady patch. We have a good complement of the primitive playa technology needed to thrive in Black Rock City. Know-how meets can-do at Camp Anything Can Be Fixed.

Hometown: Minneapolis

Camp Babe

Camp Babe is an art support camp with fun and outgoing characters from Colorado, Utah, California, Hawaii, and then some. Looking for a good conversation or a fun adventure? Stop on by!

Hometown: Haleiwa

Camp Baked

Camp Baked: it’s all about the ovens, solar ovens that is! Come join us daily as our beautiful star reaches its zenith (11am – 3pm) to learn how to use our solar ovens. You can bake your own food for your own camp using one of our ovens or you can tap into your artistic self while creating a solar oven ankle bracelet medallion or necklace medallion to take with you as a gift from the residents of Camp Baked. While waiting for your creations to bake we invite you to kick back in the shade of our “cool” Lepidoptera Lounge named in homage to this year’s Burning Man Theme, Metamorphosis.

Hometown: Loomis

Camp Bang Bang

Camp Bang Bang is an Aussie at heart camp with a global family.

Adventurers and well, dare we say it, a bunch of legends welcomesyou to our playground to play, drink, dance and laugh with real people from amazing places, doing cool shit with no pretentiousness.

We have awesome places to hang, chill or get wild. Guaranteed awesomeness and welcoming vibes when ever you need.

Sunday: Cocktail Lounge of Silliness, treating thirsty travellers – 6:30 onwards

Monday: Bang Bang’s Brunchcovery session 9am-midday

Tuesday: I, Legend Speaker series -1pm-3pm

Wednesday: Wild Animal Party – 6:30pm-late

Thursday: Bang Bang’s Brunchcovery session – 9am-midday

Friday: Bang Bang takeover of the Distrikt Bar – 1pm-5pm

Plus much more… see you there.

URL: http://www.campbangbang.com Hometown: Sydney with members from over 25 countries.

Camp Be Bothered

We Camp Be Bothered to fill this out!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campbebothered/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Beacon

If you are hot and dusty (which of course you will be), please come by CLUB BEACON, for a free drinks, shade, and some of the chillest EDM tracks for a nice relaxing afternoon meeting with your fellow Burners.

Hometown: Orlando

Camp Blank Canvas

A space for _______ biological creatures to present themselves through the reductive uncultured medium of spray paint.

“Come fuck up our designated space with your primitive thoughtless bullshit! Spray paint provided.”

Hometown: The World


Camp BORING: art support for BORING sign. Promoters of sarcasm and shenanigans. Come by for a sticker and a sunset happy hour!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campboring Hometown: Mill Valley

Camp Brewhaha



Camp Buttercup

The Official Crab Free Zone! Adjusting attitudes since 2009

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampButtercup/ Hometown: Reno

Camp Byte This

Camp BYTE This is an art support camp for the B.Ÿ.T.E project “Burners for Ÿntelligent Technology Emancipation”. Our camp was founded on free love and good vibes. Visit our newly emancipated robot friends, Chip and Terra, in deep playa or swing on through camp for a guaranteed magical and loving experience!

Hometown: Napa

Camp Byus

Byus does Retirement in 2019! We will fix your bike with a smile & a side of heckling! Come jump our jump, enjoy our shade, music & events all week! Retirement living has never been this good!

Hometown: Reno

Camp Cabaret & Deli

We have a passion for people, entertainment and general merriment so we thought it would be terrific to create a space where anyone could come and radically express themselves whether it be through dance, monologue, comedy, instrument, story or maybe even Karaoke. Our stage will be open throughout the day, so anyone who feels so inclined can take center!

Hometown: Seattle

Camp Calico

Camp Calico brings burners together with delicious comfort food, great wine, and amazing, open-hearted people.

Hometown: Denver

Camp Camp Camp

A brilliant and boisterous bunch of lovers, teachers, artists, professionals, scientist, builders and mischief-seekers creating the most excellent space for your mind, body, and soul. Whether you’re seeking bubbly vibes and a little bass, or a thought-provoking and soul-searching experience Camp Camp Camp is the place to be. Welcome to Planet Awesome!

Don’t Miss Out! Come by Tuesday Afternoon for our 4th Annual Disco Dance Party

URL: http://www.cccburningman.com/ Hometown: San Diego

Camp Canadianderthal

LIVE PHISH – Join us in a co-creative epic PHISH jam, Thursday 1:00pm, bring instruments! Daily, smack down your northern neighbors on our Whack-Ca-Nuck game, grab a hat from our Chapeaupourri or a new outfit from our Cariboutique, or play some tunes in our piano bar on a real piano. Spreading Canadian love!

Hometown: Montreal

Camp Caribou

Camp Caribou guest will be gifted with a body paint of our camp logo, using a stencil with a safe water based coloring. Our camp logo is a stylized caribou skull with antlers. We will engage you in a conversation about where on your body the paint will be applied, what color you wish and what pattern. For us caribou symbolize the interconnectedness of life, and represent watchfulness and perseverance. Our camp is designed to expand people’s experience of and relationship with the Northerners…specifically Canadians enjoying good company, conversation, dance, games and art.

Hometown: Toronto

Camp Carillon

Hometown: Oakland

Camp Carousel

Frolic into Carousel’s lounge and feel your vibrations change: we spin rollicking tunes, craft super drinks (21+) and cater the best energy on the planet with our indulgent Playa ‘hors’pitality. Carouse in spirited conversation and grooves at our renowned sunset rituals, and revel in our family dinners with loving patrons.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Catharsis

Our camp is building “Catharsis” art structure that is a butterfly that went through all the stages of change to shine its true colors – vibrant and strong, sensitive and soft. We are a part of Rogue Nation Village that hosts a variety of interactive events and DJ performances. We’re happy to meet like-minded Burners with open heart: stop by at our camp and be our guest!

URL: https://mycatharsis.art Hometown: Seattle

Camp Chomp and Stomp

Chomp and Stomp – a team of makers and shakers. Find us in camp for decadent leisure, merry making and bloody marys.

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Cleopatra

Stop by Camp Cleopatra any day between 1 pm and 4 pm (or any other time you see someone around) and enjoy a Cleopatra with friends. In case you didn’t know, a Cleopatra is a health drink with rum, peach and cherry juice. We guarantee you a good refreshment and even better conversation!

Hometown: Sacramento CA

Camp Codename

Join Luigi and all his campmates at Camp Codename or we will hope to find you out on the playa for pizza, sangria, disco GAMES, and good times.

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Camp Connection

Camp Connection is an art support camp. We support two art pieces on the playa – Centered by artist Darrell Ansted and Take Flight by artist Cindy Allen. We are based out of Boulder / Denver, CO.

URL: http://camp-connection.org/ Hometown: Boulder / Denver

Camp Contact

We are a tribe of Contact Improvisation Dancers offering daily classes and facilitating the Contact Jam in the Center of Center Camp Every morning, along with Ecstatic Dance, Tantra and other Embodied practices. We are an international camp that shares space in Anahasana Village along with Naked Heart and DECENTRAL.

URL: http://burningman.campcontact.org Hometown: Earth

Camp Cool As A Cucumber

Camp Cool as a Cucumber!
Air Conditioned Lounge, 69 degrees all day long serving Ice cold Cucumber martinis, still or carbonated Cucumber filtered water, Cucumber compresses for eyes and Pickles.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campcoolasacucumber Hometown: Sparks, NV

Camp Corny

Camp Corny Find your spirit animal. Put em on a Pole. Thrust them to the beat. They’re out of fucking control!

Jump into a pile of 1,000 spirit animals, make a party pole, dance wildly w/your new creation in our insanely joyful day club, relax in the lounge on the shaded observation decks, or gaze at the 20′ tall, duel flaming unicorn arch with bubbles coming out of their butts.

It’s all about joy in Camp Corny so come n’ get some and spread it around.

We’re the friendliest fucking camp in the universe.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/campcorny/ Hometown: Portland

camp crazyhorse

Camp Crazyhorse.Home of the Pyramix mutant vehicle

Hometown: littlerock

Camp Cul-de-Sac

Est. 1997, Camp Cul-de-Sac provides an open-air cinema with a wide selection of crazy clips plus a video art experience and open jam. Also, we have candy.

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Camp D^5

Camp D^5 – Dirty Dust Dogs Dining at Dusk – We have a bountiful spread of entertainment and activities that caters to everyone who desires to fill their bellies, hearts, and minds while connecting to our scrappy but tight knit camp. First an foremost we offer hot dogs (both meat and vegan) for everyone, serving from 5:00pm until dusk nightly.

URL: http://www.campd5.com Hometown: Portland

Camp Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues – it’s a term often used to define “issues” related with self-image, insecurity, sexual “deviance”, non-heteronormative behavior, etc… We invite all burners to embrace any and all daddy issues and wear them proudly in our camp – to dance and laugh and play and express themselves and all their daddy issues in any way they want. We want to create a space where others feel at home exploring and being exactly who they are.

Hometown: Seattle Washington

Camp Delicioso & Creperie

Camp Delicioso & Creperie was born 12 burns ago when founding members, Jethro and Zesther, who met for the first time in Black Rock City as virgin campers in 2005, decided to create a camp with their international community of friends, family and foodies from around the globe.

What you’ll taste and see are yummy creations of love from a colorful menagerie of Deliciosans cooking and serving hundreds of crepes for campers from every delicious sector on the Playa!

We genuinely love people and strive to provide a warm, colorful and inviting environment for our visitors—from our beautiful bistro tables to our colorfully decorated dome to our bar and giant lampshade and stage, we strive to create a beautiful oasis in the desert.

URL: https://campdelicioso.com Hometown: Long Beach

Camp Dick Splits

Camp Dick Splits is a community aerial camp bringing aerial arts to ALL individuals, ALL skill levels & all walks of life. Come find your inner flyer with some of the best instructors on playa!

Hometown: Reno

Camp DIY

Our camp is a group of Makers, DIY’ers, and those that love and support them. We offer daytime demonstrations and hands on workshops through out the week. Please stop by and say hello.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campdiyburningman/ Hometown: Silver City

Camp EAT Me

Camp EAT ME is part of the Excitement Action Team (EAT), started in San Francisco as a group centered around a simple theme: family style dinners coupled with games and a playful attitude. We’ve grown a community centered around the family meal, as nourishment, as ritual, and as a way to call friend-family home. We attend Burning Man as a Magical Encampment (ME).

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Fabuloso

welcome to camp fabuloso! come have the best hyphy hydration experience of your life

Hometown: oakland

Camp Fingerbang

Team Fingerbang is the greatest cheer squad the playa has known. Put on your red and white and join us for our legendary Wednesday Pep Rally. When our squad is not spreading team spirit all over Black Rock City, we’re running Fingerbang University back at camp. If you think you have what is takes to make the squad, matriculate into one of our master class workshops. Or just drop out at the Go-F*#-Yourself Saloon. Team FB has the moves and spirit to get everyone graduated and on the varsity squad!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Flugen

Yoga and Margaritas. Start your day with morning playa yoga at 10am on Friday and Saturday. Prepare for your evening with an exotic icy blended margarita from 5 to 6pm (or so) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Hometown: Davis and beyond

Camp FronkenBears

“Life! Life, do you hear me?! Give my creation LIIIFEEE!!!!” Create your own unique fabric sculpture by recycling stuffed animals. Make your own “Abby Normal” creature by surgically amputating a head and limbs and transplanting them to another body to create a freak of nature.
Perfect for the young and the the young at heart. Basic sewing skills helpful but not necessary.

Hometown: Floriston, CA

Camp Happiness

Mutant Vehicle Support Camp for GLORY, the dragon car.

Hometown: Bay area and way beyond

Camp High Maintenance

Camp High Maintenance is the supporter of the Bioluminescent Slug mutant vehicle. We happily provide trips around the playa, Art Tours and hope to be part of BAIT this year.

URL: https://camphighmaintenance.org Hometown: Woodside

Camp Ho-Down

Welcome to Camp Ho Down, Home of the Cozmic Cowboy mutant vehicle! Look for announcement for when we will be “sharing noods” on our first annual Asian night ramen extravaganza!

Hometown: Reno

Camp Hot Cheeks

Camp Hot Cheeks – Campers and artists from around the world but mostly from Kauai

Hometown: Kauai, Los Angeles, New York

Camp JouJou

Our camp is a multicultural, multisensory oasis that offers experiences and nourishments from around the world centered around a public event program, gifting, and the camp design itself. The camp’s atmosphere and aesthetic are inspired by ancient intelligence, from Machu Picchu to Native American sacred geometry. JOUJOU is built around the ethos of inclusive and dedicated hospitality. We welcome all at our communal tent and lounge structures at any time of the day.

Hometown: New York


Filthy beats provided.
Bring you own cup and friends and share in our frozen fruit treats.
It is our pleasure to cool you down, we peel all day for YOU!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/988468674542751/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Kalculust

Camp Kalculust was founded by some mathematicians more concerned with their lusty ambitions than doing any specific calculations.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Kantenah

Kantenah is a group of merry makers focused on raising your spirit through ancestral rituals and good old fashioned fun.

Hometown: Planet Earth

Camp Kinetic

Dedicated to Movement Arts in Black Rock City. Daytime workshops in flow arts, juggling, dance, and yoga. Evening fire jams. And a couple of parties!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Kühloff

Camp Kühloff is the shaded oasis of Black Rock City and home to the ice cold lavender towels. We are a socially and environmentally conscious theme camp that celebrates the principles of Burning Man. On the playa, our purpose is to provide fellow burners with space to ‘cool off’, re-hydrate, and feel welcome during the hottest part of the day. We provide an environment where EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to hang. Please visit us at: campkuhloff.org.

URL: http://www.campkuhloff.org Hometown: Reno

Camp Lazer Brigade

We’re a hodgepodge group of freaks, geeks, and cool cats, bonded together by our love for hot sauce and LAZERS!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pg/camplazerbrigade Hometown: Denver

Camp Lip Bomb

Lip Bomb is a female lead, naughty, post-apocalyptic theme camp committed to all things TANK GIRL! We are free spirited women and men with a desire to bring about an environment of “anything goes” party and fun. As such, our gift to the playa is to provide a fun and relatively safe wasteland oasis for those who visit to express themselves in a many manner of ways, to include wicked workshops, live music and performances. Our bar boasts ice cold beer on tap, specialty drinks, and the only camp to offer flavored VAPORIZED ALCOHOL SHOTS! Come for the day, stay all night. As Tank Girl would say, “Some thing’s going on. My life seems to be coming together, taking some real direction. This just won’t do…”

URL: http://lipbomb.org/ Hometown: Temecula

Camp Little Bitty

Riding the Burner Express? Camp Little Bitty is a great resource for bus info, luggage storage, and shaded wait areas.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Camp LoompaLand

A Willy Wonka Themed camp bringing back all of your childhood memories in an life sized, shenanigan filled environment with adult beverages, sweet edible indulgences and more!
Don’t miss out on your chance to win the golden ticket in our LoompaWalk contest!

Hometown: Reno

Camp LoveAmorium

It’s your home within your home! So join Camp LoveAmorium in our Family Room! The Family Room is about being together with people who treat you like family, and that’s how we are. When the Family Room is open daily, in-between our scheduled public events (jam sessions, daycare, and birthday parties) we’ll be home and when you come in, we’ll ask you if you want to take a load off and sit. We’ll offer you a drink and a snack, and ask you about your day. You’ll be treated like an old friend or family, even if it’s the first time we’ve seen you in this life! We’ll be home to welcome you home, and host you while you visit, and maybe you’ll stay over – because who knows who might come for dinner!

Hometown: Everywhere!

Camp Luminos Collective

We make Gourd Lanterns and art.

Hometown: Flagstaff, Az

Camp Manatee

Happy Hour with Ice Cold Imported Beer, Board Games, Balloon Party Hats, Snacks and Toys. DIY Bike Repair Garage.

Hometown: Sherman Oaks

Camp MisBeeHive

Bumble, Buzz and Hum in our Hive of self expression, music, entertainment and dance parties! Bee-friend our swarm over ice cold kombucha on tap all day Monday-Saturday. Sore muscles? Come get your body buzzing massage at our “Body Buffing Station”! Our vibrant honey dome is a a place of sanctuary and visual stimulation, as well as a safe place to relax, practice yoga, meditate, escape the heat and make new friends!

Hometown: Denver

Camp Mom and Dad

Camp Mom and Dad are here to help! Forgot your toothbrush? Need a band aid, or some sunblock? Don’t know how to tie a trucker’s hitch? How’s that playa foot? Mom and Dad want you to enjoy your burn, so stop by for help, advice, or just some cookies and milk. We offer all of these things, plus bad jokes, tough love, and a swingset.

Hometown: Sebastopol

Camp Morning Wood

You love summer camp? Who doesn’t? We are an international mix of misfits who welcome all to come and go fishing for great conversation at our infamous playa bar, retreat from the sun in our dome, hike up our platform to gaze upon the mighty lands, leap for new heights on our all ages trampoline and each evening enjoy an odd assortment of video on our nightly, “Camp Morning Wood Presents” screen. Friendly councilors, including professional therapists, are always on hand for any questions you have. Come drink, enjoy, laugh and work up a sweat dancing. We can’t wait to meet you.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Mystic

Camp Mystic has a 20 year history at burning man and features over 155 hours of daytime programming in its theater, healing dome, and cosmic heart temple and a large visionary art and sculpture collection you can visit 24/7.

By day come check out our mind-body movement classes and check out our evolutionary speaker series or get a healing session in our dome or a temple initiation and ritual in our temple.

By night come to our famous Wednesday night party featuring some of burning man’s best musicians, DJs, dancers, performers, fire spinners, aerialists, and live painters.

Come on other nights to experience sound healing concerts, gospel choir, cacao ceremonies, and beautiful music in our theater’s art gallery.

URL: https://campmystic.org/ Hometown: Bay Area

Camp Name Negotiable

Hometown: Portland

Camp No Bikini Atoll

Camp No Bikini Atoll is a enclave of dancers, doers, awareness awakeners, movers, and shakers of shakas. As ambassadors of aloha and purveyors of pacific positivity, we strive to reach the masses with our message of light and love, to perpetuate the energy of collective kindness, understanding, and creativity as we voyage into the waters of the future.

Hometown: Waimea, Hawai`i Island

Camp No Name Yeti

A wintry wonderland party in the middle of the desert, full of the new Yeti best friends you never knew you needed. Become one of us, even if for a moment, by transforming into a Yeti and receiving your Yeti name from the illustrious Yeti council. Furs, drinks, beats, hugs included.

URL: http://www.instagram.com/campnonameyeti Hometown: SOMERVILLE

Camp Not For Prophets

Hot Holes! The hottest holes on the playa. Come join us as we celebrate a decade of cooking hot donut holes on the playa. Enjoy the hot goodness and friendship of our camp.

Hometown: Mt. Hood

Camp Numbskull

Don’t let the name fool you. We’re not numbskulls. We’re NumbSkulls!

URL: http://skullcar.com/ Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Camp NYCHi

Energy is Everything. Our New York City-based camp aims to bring the style, diversity and vibe of the city to the Playa. Come check out our bike shop or Bodega… but be warned you will get heckled by the best New Yorkers to ever do it—don’t worry, you’ll love it.

Hometown: New York

Camp of the Rising Buns

We are here to celebrate the sun and its gifts of power and daily renewal! Come join us for “bunrise” yoga with steamed bun food service in the morning, and be sure to check out our “Fun & Buns” booth at the Bao Chicka Wow Wow Night Market!

Sun’s out, Buns out!!!

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Oktawonk

Come visit Camp Oktawonk to relax and rejuvenate in our custom-built octagonal structure with hammocks, hanging teepees, and swings, with an around-the-clock self-serve aromatherapy and Shiatsu massage station. If you really want to hang out with us, come climb up to our military-grade net suspended 12 feet up in the sky for sweeping panoramic views of the playa! We will also offer flow art classes, guided aromatherapy and meditation sessions, Tibetan Bowl sound baths, a psychopharmacology Q&A, and flow jams/dance parties hosted by our camp DJs! Come kick back, get some shade, and soak up some fabulous tunes created by your resident DJ campers. We can’t wait to meet you!

Hometown: Los Angeles and Ventura County

Camp One New Earth aka Camp ONE

ONE NEW EARTH aka O.N.E. – Is a camp of storytellers and wisdom keepers from as many participating Indigenous people of our Mother Earth. We are all indigenous to this planet and we are one family. We invite all global leaders and community leaders called to share their wisdom and stories. It is time to share your stories in all forms – BM style. Let the cycle of the generations come in full circle so that the wisdom is passed down to the new carriers of the stories and may the light of humanity in forms of songs, poetry, stories (oral or written), sciences, and arts and all expressions be shared and received. Blessings be to all, those that came before, those who are here now, and those who will come so to the generations after them – for the circle of life. We are O.N.E..

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Orange

Camp Orange (You Glad We Didn’t Say Banana?!) debuted in 2013, which makes this our SEVENTH year on the Playa. Join us to gaze upon the glory of our 16-foot tall Banana Stand (find out for yourself if there’s $$ inside) from which we’ll bestow you with delicious frozen chocolate-covered BANANAS. Plus, we’ll have happy hours throughout the week featuring our famous bananarific cocktails, beer, and shots served from our covered bar and lounge area where you can sip on a the tasty beverage of your choice while reclining in one of our banana hammocks.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/camporange_playaofficial/ Hometown: Bay Area (San Francisco & Oakland)

Camp P.P.

Everyone loves going (to) PP. It’s nutritious and delicious! Not that PP – Pickles and PeP talks!!

Hometown: New York, NY; Reno, NV

Camp P3

Camp P3: is a family, our family, misfits as they may be.  We believe in synergy, love, compassion, friendship, and that each morning should start with good coffee and/or a Bloody Mary.

What does the P3 Stand for well you get to decide for some it’s Princess Party Palace, for other Passionate Prometheans Stealing Playa Fire, Puros Pinchy Pendejos, Peoples Party Place, Purely Positively Perverse, or Perversion of Positive Perspective. Each year at burning man our camp and each individual goes through a metamorphosis giving unprecedented access to and insight about the upper range of human experience. Regardless of your definition Camp P3 it is incubating a movement to storm heaven and Steal Fire. It’s a revolution of human possibility.

Hometown: Denver Colorado

Camp Peace of Ass

Bicycle Seat Covers are an added luxury for those BRC citizens lucky enough to get one. Join use at Camp Peace of Ass to select a handcrafted, fleece, design of your choice and have it professionally installed by one of our trained professionals. While there, check yourself out in our wall of mirrors and put your thoughts on our annual question poster. You can even write a letter to Santa/Satan. Camp POA – bringing Peace to the playa, one bottom at a time.

Hometown: Reno

Camp Pendant

Welcome to Camp Pendant, the Best Little Camp On The Playa! Come by and pick up one of this year’s pendants, rest your weary feet, and tell us how your year has been. While you’re here, don’t forget to pay the *all new* Gifting Tree a visit. Whether you take a little something or leave a little something, she’s here to make everyone’s day a little brighter.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/camppendant/ Hometown: Oakland

Camp PlayApology

Black Rock City’s first “Custom Apology Delivery Service” offers Playa-friendly flowers, Burner-centric cards, and singing “SorryGrams” for BRC residents who wish to make playAmends. Send out a card or two, decorate your own card, relax in our breezy shade structure or have a shot of artisanal, home-infused vodka. Check Playa Events for info on our Sorry Soiree, Lo Siento Fiesta, Hail Bloody Mary party and assorted daytime workshops and activities.

Hometown: L.A. & Tucson

Camp PtP/CentralServs/CSTere/DmDs

Want to find the folks behind The Puddletown Panorama project, the C. S. Tere, Central Services, or Dimensional Dreams? Then this is the place. We are the art support camp for these projects, and home to the fabricator and installer of “Bee Dance”.

Hometown: Portland

Camp Pull My Finger

We are all about fitness. (Fitten this Whole Biscuit in your Mouth) Come join us Tuesday and Thursday for the second best thing you will put in your mouth all week. BING-Oh!!!!! Cocktails and Bragging rights, Playa Players welcome for the hottest game around. Tues/Thurs evening fun.

Hometown: Truckee

Camp Pyramorphasis!

Camp Pyramorphasis is the support camp for the mutant vehicle PYRAMORPHASIS. PYRAMORPHASIS is a roaming interactive visual and live music stage that brings emotional energetic and beautiful interactive light and music experiences to the citizens of BRC! 🙂 . Come say Hi!

Hometown: Santa Barbara

Camp Questionmark

“A questioning mind does not always find satisfaction in what is effortlessly
presented in mass… it seeks out what is needed for true fulfillment” ~?

Instead of trying to bring a club out to Burning Man we are here to summon a desert experience. Filled with the collective creative energy of the burn. Music &
atmosphere born from & inspired by the dust. This. Is. Bass. Culture. )?(
+++Alternative beats from Tues til BurnNight+++

Come (((feel))) the difference & Seek the answer


URL: http://campquestionmark.com Hometown: Tha Bay

Camp Random Pants

Are you too big for your britches? Is your cod-piece not sitting right? Did the sun go down and now you’re freezing because you didn’t think through wearing assless chaps? Stop by Random Pants get yourself a new look (on the lower half, at least). From slacks to gators, we’ve got you covered.

Hometown: Bay Area

Camp Reared In Steel

Camp Reared In Steel. Come shoot some balls of fire from the Flower Tower.

Hometown: PETALUMA

Camp Reno Nation

A group of young blue collar locals, running the biggest lil shitshow on playa. The best beer, great music… weird people.

Camp Safari

Home of the Safari Bar, where a spin of the Safari Wheel will determine your liquid fate. Photo ops, animal hunting, and other dusty games… it wouldn’t be a Safari without ’em.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/burningcampsafari Hometown: Berkeley

Camp Samovar


URL: https://www.facebook.com/campsamovar/ Hometown: oakland

Camp Scatter

Go ape shit at Camp Scatter!
CAMP SCATTER pays tribute to the all but forgotten Prince of Mayhem, Elvis’ chimpanzee, SCATTER PRESLEY, who once reigned over GRACELAND with a bottle of Bourbon and an unbridled libido. This pampered CHIMP was draped in the finest studded jumpsuits and was known to be the life of the party.

Hometown: Venice Beach

Camp Science Camp

We are Camp Science Camp. If you love science we’d love to meet you!

If you ever mixed all the colors of paint thinking they would turn out super cool, we want to be your friends. Come by our camp to learn an alternate color scheme where all the colors add up to white instead of brown. Play with our hands on example of the difference between additive and subtractive color schemes! Dance in the light and maybe have a bit of fun while you’re here.

Hometown: Boulder

Camp Scone Fucker


Hometown: Reno

Camp Shanks

Camp Shanks (home base for Nevada Burners Photo Shoot organizers, BRC Immigration and Customs Encounters, Black Rock City Supper Club art support)

Hometown: Reno

Camp Shark Cage

Camp Shark Cage – the playa’s one and only nautical Nicolas Cage theme camp. Come join us to create art of Nicolas Cage in ocean settings, dedicate your soul to The One True God and have your union blessed.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/CampSharkCage Hometown: Sacramento

Camp Shit Ain't Right

Cause this shit ain’t right.

Hometown: Pinedale

Camp Short Bus

Tired of “adulting” all the time? Come visit Camp Short Bus (where we’re all a little special) and relive the best parts of your childhood school experience – now as an adult! Play on our playground during recess, drop in for some tea and cookies during nap time, stick around for our various “era”-themed happy hours, and watch out for that pesky principal with her paddle!

Hometown: San Diego

Camp Shrunken Heads

We make shrunken heads, decorate paper fans, teach boomeranging, teach using Jew harps and make voodoo dolls. All M -F, days.

Hometown: Oakland

Camp Shutterbuggy

Camp Shutterbuggy is home base for our mobile photo booth art car in the shape of an antique camera. Join us nightly for Snappy Hour at 9pm, have a cocktail, get a souvenir photo, and then hop aboard for a playa art tour! We depart at 11pm each night. Everyone is welcome until we are full.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1869655009926153/ Hometown: Vancouver

Camp Side Quest

Camp Side Quest is a Theme Camp based out of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. Our bar, The Spitz N Ass Tavern, will be handing out side quests and shenanigans to all thirsty burners where together we will reward their heroism and shenanigry. Come if you seek adventure or to be empowered to prank your fellow burners! The Spitz N Ass Tavern will be available all day into the night!

Hometown: Squamish

Camp Soft Landing

Camp Soft Landing offers a comfortable space to drink tea, hydrate, and rest in our Full Circle Tea House. Soft Landing also presents the Palenque Norte speaker series featuring 40 visionary talks and stories spanning concepts such as technology, community organization, medicine, art, science, design and entheobotany.

URL: http://www.campsoftlanding.co Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Somewhere Else

Camp SomeWhere Else
Location of the Bird of Paradise and The Steam Chopper.
Have you been Touched by the Finger?

URL: http://www.steamchopper.com Hometown: Reno, NV

Camp SPF

Come to Camp SPF for sunscreen! Daily from 10 until 4, apply yourself or ask for help. Burn the man, not yourself!

URL: https://campspf.org/ Hometown: Milwaukee WI

Camp Stop Me Now

Try your hand on a game of chance on our giant 15 ft. Spanko (Plinko) game! Not feeling lucky? Then get your picture taken at our polaroid photo booth! Hate have your picture taken? Then have a nice cool drink at our lovely bar (non-alcoholic drinks available). We’d love to meet you!

URL: https://nowmestop.camp/ Hometown: We call Portland, Oregon USA home

Camp Sunshine

Sunshine is served! Come enjoy a scrumdillecious Sunshine Biscuit as we “Spread our Sunshine” and fill your bellies. Serving on Mon,Wed & Fri from 8am-10am.

Hometown: Incline Village

Camp Sweaty Betty

Friendly neighborhood misting Parlor, hair washing, Spa and Bike Repair. Stop in and experience an overall cooling sensation from head to foot as you stroll through the mist. Got crunchy hair, feeling a bit beat…You may qualify for an emergency hair wash; perhaps there is an opening in the massage room…Stop in and chill. Got a flat, derailleur doesn’t work, chain broke, we can fix that also.
Misting & Bike = Open 11:00 to 4:00. DIY Service 10:00 am – 7:00 pm.
Hair and Spa = Open to Temple Crew Monday – Tuesday
Open To Public: Wednesday – Friday 10:30 am – 3:00 pm

Hometown: Seattle / Ventura, CA / Ithaca, N.Y.

Camp Synthesis

Camp Synthesis bring together a few of our favorite things: Synths, Sake, and Sushi. We will be hosting three nights of Sushi Bar, 3 nights of Sake bar, and daily synth classes and jam sessions. We hope to bring together people who like producing music with synths, midi instruments, drum machines, etc., hanging out, jamming, teaching others to make music, performing live sets, breaking bread (sushi), and sharing a drink. Come bring your synths and jam with us, enjoy the bar and DJ in the evening, and everyone is welcome to hang out with us each night to go out to check out music on the Playa. We will also host 3 virgin focused events to introduce new burners to The Playa.

Hometown: Los Altos, CA + San Francisco, CA


Camp THREAT. A warning, not an example. Low budget done low budget.
We are not a cult. Luke 12:49

Hometown: Daly City, CA 94015

Camp ThumpThump

We are your officially UNofficial drum-centric camp. If you’ve got a heartbeat, you’ve got rhythm. Come play with us.

Hometown: New Orleans

Camp Tidy

Welcome to Camp Tidy – part of Blood, Rust & Whiskey! Enjoy a proper cuppa tea and peruse our extensive collection of randy reading material in the Tea and Porn lounge. Relax in the Playa Cloud. Recharge yourself and your devices with our solar powered charging station 24/7.

Hometown: los angeles / sf bay area / susanville / nashville / pittsburg / england

Camp to be Continued...

Camp to be Continued… will feature: The Sarah Mclachlan Beanie Baby Rescue and Adoption Center will be open 24/7 and is seeking compassionate caretakers for abused and abandoned animals. Help give them the life they were made for < 3 Morning Disco Yoga, The Thirsty Worm tequila tasting, and Le Dusty Platter cafe Playa Pop-ups will be keeping things curious as well.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/arttobecontinued10benchesofsittingman/ Hometown: Santa Cruz

Camp Too Much Stuff

At the Hassle-Mart Inconvenience Store & Bar we believe that the customer always comes 4th. Come on down to checkout our inventory of junk food, cigarettes, booze, and other useful items; the only cost is your convenience. We’ll conveniently be open for regular hours every afternoon….probably. Life is already difficult, why should we be any different?

Hometown: Seattle

Camp Touch This

Camp Touch This is diverse crew of artists, tradespeople, medical professionals, teachers, seasoned Burners and virgins. Come climb our 4 Story Cuddle Puddle, ride the Teeter Totter, or enjoy one of our frozen drinks parties. Wet Woody Wednesday starts around 5pm on Wednesday and is not to be missed!

Hometown: Truckee

Camp Tsunami

A Tsunami is a Metamorphosis: our rituals will wash over you and remind you that you are Home: Snow Cones, Playa Fashion Makeovers, Mind-Blowing Science, and Fire!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp UnPlug & Play

UnPlug & Play at Black Rock City’s finest Moroccan style tea house featuring the best tea’s from all over the world including countries such as China, India, Iran, Nepal, France, Japan and many more. Serving daily from 10am – 11pm!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp VRC

Camp VRC is about capturing and sharing the Burning Man experience beyond the playa by means of immersive virtual reality (VR). Lose yourself in past VR experiences or jump in and help us build a global network to carry the impact beyond the playa. Tuesday to Friday, 3-5pm, at the yellow short schoolbus.

Hometown: Reno

Camp Wah-Nah-Shotskee

Camp Wah-Nah-Shotskee will be a summer camp themed adventure that will inspire creativity amongst some, fond memories for others, and extreme bewilderment for a few. All ages will be welcome for the events of skill, but only those over the age of 21 (and carrying a valid ID) will be allowed into the Bar area. The games of skill will happen each evening and will include activities for both individuals and small groups.

Hometown: Denver

Camp Wanderlust

Camp Wanderlust
A group of long time burners with shared interest in Wanderlust travel dedicated to the Burning Man principles. Pop-up parties and social interactions throughout the week including open bar and DJ.

Hometown: Reno


#XUZA Camp
Home of XUZA Art Car

URL: http://www.xuzaartcar.com/ Hometown: LAS VEGAS


Our camp reflects our culture. We are an international group of young artistic ambitious guys living in Asia. We are modern hippies who believe in miracles, love, kindness and freedom. We believe that we can leave a mark. We carry the heritage and culture of the East all over the world.

URL: https://campxx.com Hometown: India GOA

Camp Ynot (Pinkee's Truck Stop)

YNot – ask the question, get the answers. Learn to tie one on, Get metamorphasized! Ask about the worm!

Hometown: Toronto, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York

Camp You Are Here

A camp dedicated to living in the moment, and saying Yes! Swing by our camp, be present, have a drink, and hang out! I mean You Are Here anyway… why not?!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp ZaZen

Camp ZaZen is your peaceful home away from home on the playa. Come visit us for a hot coffee in the morning, a yoga or mediation class mid day, and a drink in the afternoon and evenings.

Come to us with a question and we will help you find the answer. We are open and welcoming to all curious souls looking for wisdom and joy on the playa.

Hometown: Park City

CampFire Cove

Come by CampFire Cove day, afternoon, or night! Our camp entices camping games, such as horse-shoe and axe-throwing, a journal with writing prompt for your creative pleasure or your introspective side. Take part in a neighborhood bbq. Eat fresh roasted s’mores. Fly a kite. Converse and connect at a wonderful fire pit for gathering around, adored with a stage for acoustic jams and storytelling. And of course no campground would be legit without a hammock to soak it all in, or a crows nest for a birds eye view of la playa. Cowboy coffee in the mornings, moonshine in the afternoon, acoustic fire pit and performances at night. Workshops, performances, strip blackjack, tarot, oh my. We bring your favorite parts of camping to your favorite place to be. Good neighbors, good times.

Hometown: Las vegas


Hailing from Seattle, San Diego, and points between, Campocalypse is an open, welcoming, and non-judgmental camp that gifts both the tangible (rope), and the intangible (new experiences). We teach Burners about the gifting economy via example, and about the ethos of Burning Man as a place where everyone can radically be themselves and try new things without fear of judgment. We offer bondage safety instruction, suspension flights, sensory deprivation tips, ice water floggings, ice-cold shots, button-making, and tarot card readings. Because at Campocalypse…your future hangs in the balance.

Hometown: Seattle


CAMPOSANTO is from all corners of the World, but we are mostly Latinos. We love to dance and celebrate friendship. We contribute to the playa experience with dope Latin Beats, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Deep Rhythm. Our bar is always open!

URL: http://www.camposantito.com Hometown: El Mundo


Wait, What’s In This? Wacky wanderers whirl the Wonderous WWIT Wheel of Wastedness for a surprise shot. Striving sommeliers puzzle their palates against our array of infused imbibements. Talented touchers test your tactile senses identifying objects in our mystery boxes. The boldest of the bunch brave enough to draw from the Flaming Bag of WWIT will receive a truth or dare type task.

Hometown: Castro Valley

Candy Beach

Candy Beach is a fun and interactive camp that is bright, colorful, and friendly. The space is part tribal / Bedouin nomadic oasis, part Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, and part dayclub and nightclub a la Studio 54. Come check out our 700 sqft air conditioned tent, enjoy sweet treats like cotton candy and nutella crepes, and join a drag show!

Hometown: Oakland


Candyland is a metamorphic kaleidoscope dreamscape of edible wonderment. A scene from your sweetest of dreams. Candyland transports your consciousness to a dimension of our simplest desires. Come explore an environment comprised of candy and goofs – geared to trigger the most playful facets of your being

Hometown: Oracle

Cantina Vida

Cantina Vida- Creating hand crafted cocktails one cup at a time.


Cap'n Mac N' Cheese

Cap’n Mac ‘n Cheese serves awesome mac and cheese, mixed drinks, and awesome hugs in the late afternoon/early evening hours to hungry burners.

Hometown: Las Vegas

Captain Pump's Raiders

Captain Pump’s Raiders is Black Rock City’s finest giant-robot driving mercenary company, and we roll a mean D20. Come visit us for RaiderCon VI, the Playa’s premier (and possibly only) roleplaying-game convention!

This year we have Nerd Master(de)bates, a StarCraft tournament, a Dusty Sci-Fi LARP, Fantasy mask making, and lots more.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pumpsraiders/ Hometown: Boulder

Carrot Tribe

Carrot Tribe is a sound camp bringing only the best vibes via house, techno, positivity, and booze. And of course carrots.

Hometown: Long Beach, California

Casa de la Rumba

Come get some rumba to our Casa. Celebrate sharing, life, and try your luck in our little casino. You’ll instantly be transported to the golden Mediterranean shores of Spain and France along with our little family of dusty Euro weirdos.

URL: http://casadelarumba.com Hometown: San Francisco

Cat's Meow

The Cat’s Meow Meow Bar & Lounge is meant to make you cozy like a kitty!! Bar, lounge, black lights, pillows, hoops~ come play with us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/CatsMeowNeonBar/

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CatsMeowNeonBar/ Hometown: Rocklin


Catharsis is a camp for cathartic and transformative experiences, encouraging the process of releasing and purging repressed emotions to reach a state of mental clarity. In the social, accessible and egalitarian tradition of Roman baths, our camp features an amphitheater with communal steam rooms. Designed by Arthur Mamou-Mani, the camp is a place for art, performance, meditation, discussion, and transcendental sauna experiences where all are welcome to participate! Catharsis’ interactive program generates self-revelation and fosters deep connections on a collective and environmental level. With new perspectives and insight, we have the potential to reimagine our future cities and how we can thrive within them, aligning our ways of being with sustainable living, nature and creativity.

URL: http://campcatharsis.com Hometown: London


Catmandu is an eclectic herd of artists, musicians, DJs, computer nerds, climbers, bike riders, and whiskey enthusiasts. We love to make people smile, and we love to have fun. We’re veteran burners who have contributed theme camps, performances, art cars, and art structures.

Hometown: San Francisco


Join us for some CatsFish fun at our workshops, dance parties, manaTEA lounge! If you’re looking to chill, come lay out on our day beds like the mermaid you are!

Hometown: San Francisco


Enter CATWORLD, adult playground for cats, humans, and prey animals of all kinds. Whether you wish to play with one of our human-sized cat toys, lounge in a box, strut your gorgeous self down our catwalk, join any of our daytime feline fitness activities, have a drink under the UV lights in the RAWR Bar or dance the night away to the best music on playa, CATWORLD humbly offers a wide range of cage-free entertainment to break up the monotony of the burn. Please join us Wednesday night for our camp party – Hair Ball – and on the last Sunday Roaring Funday for the OctoPussy Block Party and DPW Booze Drive, where we will do the victory dance for an amazing week, and collect surplus alcohol for donation to the unsung heroes of DPW that do so much for so many.

Hometown: Phoenix

Celestial Bodies

Celestial Bodies is your straight-friendly lounge bar in the gayborhood. Join us for daily activities and special events and enjoy one (or several) of our satisfying Playa Cosmo cocktails.


URL: http://www.campcelestialbodies.org Hometown: Sonoma / Miami

Celestial Sideshow

Welcome home to Celestial Sideshow. A community drawn together by a shared love of conscious movement, playfulness, healing, music, art, pachamama, and spirituality.

Celestial Sideshow is a place of connection–come to shake it up, play, meditate, elevate. At any given time here you will find us practicing yoga, acroyoga, thai massage, acropeautics, cuddling, meditation, breath work, circus arts, acoustic jams, tea lounge, body painting, and just general playfulness and goof!

Celestial sideshow has brought together yogis, acrobats, healers, dancers, musicians, green witches, visionary artists, activists, and environmentalists to co-create a heart space of love and connection and can’t wait to share this love with the citizens of Black Rock City.

URL: http://celestialsideshow.space Hometown: San Diego

Celtic Chaos

The Chaos continues… come stop by Celtic Chaos to dance your night away and have a little craic at Bertie’s Bar. Keeping it lit from 5pm until sunrise and beyond.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CelticChaosCommunity/ Hometown: San Francisco


The Census has been collecting information about the population of Black Rock City since 2002. The results of the Census from previous years will be on display at the Census Lab on playa. The 2019 results of the Census will be published on our website in the Population Analysis Report.

URL: http://census.burningman.org Hometown: San Francisco

Center Camp Cafe

We are the Center Camp Cafe. We never sleep. Coffee, 2 stages, live performances, spoken word and more!

Hometown: San Francisco

Cereal Thrillers

Cereal Thrillers, a Breakfast Cereal Bar, we serve that sugary breakfast cereal your mom did not let you have as kid.

Hometown: San francisco

Chain Reaction

Ever get a flat tire in the the Deep Playa and feel like you’ll never get back to camp? We’re here to help! Our camp “Chain Reaction” has daily (and nightly) mobile bike repair teams with our logo and motto: “Brake ‘N Fix!” With some serendipity your Playa Miracle awaits you!

If you would like to get involved, no experience or tools necessary as we go by the DIY model of “see one, do one, teach one”. Come on by our camp to meet us or reach out to us if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area or Montreal, Canada.

Happy (Dusty) Trails!

– Camp Chain Reaction

Hometown: San Francisco

Chainsawmargaritaguys Camp

Chainsawmargaritaguys. Come by for our daily happy hour where we will whip up a batch of frosty ice cold margaritas with a chainsaw. At 9,000 rpm, it’s the frothiest margarita on the Playa. Over 13,000 served. 2:00-3:00 pm Tuesday Wed. Thurs. Friday. Also, stop over at the Badlands Bordello where we will be serving margaritas as well. 21 and over please. Have an event that you would like us to come too? Wedding? Funeral? Party? Email us and we will see what we can do for you. burningman@shaw.ca

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie

Chalice in Wonderland

Hometown: Atlanta

Chameleon Camp

Hometown: Corvallis

Champagne Lounge

Come by the Champagne Lounge for your daily dose of bubbly fun! The Champagne Lounge will be quenching your midday thirst with happy hours featuring ice-cold champagne. Not in the mood for bubbles? Grab some friends and take a shotski! Bring your own cup, and be ready for booze, music, and fun! Also check out Champagne Lounge Audio Programing, or the C.L.A.P, on your radio at 99.9 fm!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Champagnelounge/ Hometown: Reno

Chapel of Chimes Art Camp

We are an art support camp for the “Chapel of Chimes” on-playa art piece. This is a two story structure that is the combination of the 2017 Temple and the 2019 Temple from Catharsis, a yearly event that takes place on the Mall at Washington DC. The front of our camp facade features the light towers from the Water Temple, the Temple from the UnSCruz 2019 regional in Watsonville, California.

Hometown: Washington, DC

Chariot Project

Gifting pedal powered art tours and mobility chariots that you can check out by the day. We also take requests for Artery tours & bar hopping for the alternatively abled via our fleet of pedi cabs.
URL: http://goldiesponies.com/

URL: http://goldiesponies.com/ Hometown: Reno

Chasers of the Night

A loving funk filled camp filled with nightly events designed to make you boogie! House music, techno, hip hop and disco carefully curated with the grooviest intentions and with live performances too! Join us at our libation station for delicious assorted cocktails and craft beers while lounging or dancing til your heart’s is content. Also enjoy nightly performances by the firechasers on fire and LED!

Hometown: Saint Louis

Cheshire Alley

We’re a group of cool cats from United States, Canada, Mexico and Spain. Come say hello and get mad with us!

We like to hang out together and get to know people like you while get up to silly shenanigans. Throughout the day, we host spontaneous Mad Tea Parties, serving alcoholic teatime beverages and teacake sized appetizers to nosh on. As well as Pink Flamingo Croquet, Rabbit Hole, Dirty Word of the Day, and our Wheel of Misfortune

We’re also hosting a couple great Unbirthday parties Monday and Tuesday nights at 7PM. Come on over – even if it’s your birthday!


URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CheshireAlley/ Hometown: Denver

Chicken Cooter Soup

Chicken Cooter Soup
Want to hide out in some soup come hang out with us.

Hometown: Reno

Children of Chaos

Chaos, joy, good conversation, parades and motherly advice. Gold parade Wednesday, assemble at 5:30, parade at 6:00 pm, cocktails after the parade. Illuminated Specters Monday, assemble at 8:30, parade at 9:00 pm. Also, meet the Jewish mother you never had – mothering in your choice of English, Hebrew, French, or Spanish.

URL: https://chaoscamp.wordpress.com/ Hometown: Portland

Chill Ville On The Esplanade

Chill Ville is an interactive tiki bar where patron becomes bartender and friends serve friends. Conversations are made, drinks are shared, strangers become friends, and dreams come true at this rustic bar.
Happy Hour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, one week only, at Burning man.

China Village

See the oriental artwork, Drink the oriental alcohol, Eat the oriental food, Talk with the oriental people. Relax and breathe. Come and visit. Welcome to China Village.

Hometown: China

Chinese Zen Camp

Chinese ZEN Camp
As the name of our camp, we are a Chinese zen themed camp. We are trying to spread a kind of spirit which comes from the zen Buddhism. It requires people to return to the naturally ecological model, to return to the deep inside, to return to the original harmonious order of individuals and groups.

Chop Shop

Chop Shop is the Best Playa Repair garage in BRC! We are ready to repair a wide variety of Playa transportation with parts, repairs and advice.

Hometown: Flagstaff

Chrono Cross

Time Travel

Hometown: China


Art support camp for Chronomorphic.

Hometown: San Diesgo, Los Angeles

Church of Antevasin

Antevasin means ‘one who lives at the border.” In ancient times this was a literal description. It indicated a person who had left the bustling center of worldly life to go live at the edge of the forest where the spiritual masters dwelled. The Antevasin was not of the villager’s anymore, nor was he yet a transcendent – one of the sages who live deep in the unexplored woods, fully realized. The Antevasin was an in-betweener – a border dweller, living in sight of both worlds but looking towards the unknown.

We constantly move between student and teacher, seeker and master. In this sense, we are true in-betweeners. We work to create an intentional space that cultivates growth, self-awareness, empowerment, and healing on multiple layers.

Hometown: Verdi, NV

Church of Insubordination

The Church of Insubordination is home to the Lady Whiskey mutant vehicle. Affectionately known as “the chooch,” she is a gloriously rusty train engine. Also located at our camp is the Gothic Yurtthedral. Find sanctuary there, but remember the first rule of hippie school: Don’t lose your shoes!

Church Of Now

Church of Now, where only immediate decisions guide you to your proper plain of existence. Confess your sins and enter a world of Heaven or Hell, separated only by the tempting rhythm of purgatory. A bar and dancefloor to get truly lost in. After a day of partying, unwind in our relaxing atmosphere as we shift from a church of music to a sanctuary of peace. Nightly meditation and yoga sessions hosted by experienced guides take place in our quiet, ambient sanctuary of beautiful relaxation.

Hometown: Bozeman

Church of Pizza

We love (and worship!) pizza and want to share it with you. Everyone is welcome to come celebrate their divinity and ours with a hot slice and some cool shade

Hometown: Washington, DC, Denver, and Seattle

Church of The Ceiling Cat

The Church of the Ceiling Cat Camp is a sanctuary for people who love cats and would like to learn about The Ceiling Cat.T he Ceiling Cat Prophet spreads words of love and gives away “Ceiling Cat Loves You!” pins so the followers can recognize each other! “Your cat is the best cat, my cat is the best cat, and every cat is the best cat.” Come have tea with us and worship cats!


Cingulata Evergreen Camp

Leftcoast based camp to support our MV, Dust Devil. Bring your instrument and set in on a jam session, or just solo. Camp MV Dust Devil, an oasis on the playa.

Hometown: Seattle

Circle J Inconvenience Store

Did you forget your shampoo, deodorant and other hygiene products at home and you’re now stuck with the natural scent of ‘get out of my tent, you smell’? Have you just crossed the sun-beaten playa, leaving you with the desperate need to refuel with a light snack or carbonated drink?

Well you’re in luck! The playa does provide with a can do, fuck you attitude. Stop by Circle J™ for an irresponsible selection of products designed to make you feel like you’re back in corporate America. With our location inconveniently located not near you, we’re waiting to serve you with a frown that will turn your day upside down.

Sorry, we’re open!

URL: http://www.circlejinconveniencestore.com Hometown: Leucadia

Cirque de Licious

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Cirque hosts our delicious coffee bar. Enjoy bouncing to our sweet beats and viewing our live artists. Take away a gift of art.

Hometown: Eugene

Cirque du So Gay

We are circus performers from Southern California and Oregon. We will be doing aerial performances and daily face painting.

Hometown: Joshua Tree

Clevian Circularity

Home of Playa Speed Dating, 8pm.

Hometown: Milwaukee

Cloudy as F*CK

Camp Cloudy As F*CK is a stormy ensemble of 5+ year returning burners, hailing from the Bay Area and beyond. Each year we welcome a big group of virgins into our community as well to continue to grow our Cloudy family and show new folks how to burn strong. We are also an age diverse camp that has hosted parent, grandparents and others who are 60+ and expect to have a number of parents joining this year. We are dedicated to raising the hearts, body and souls of the broader Burning Man community through our art, events, and welcoming space. We dew take our fun quite cirrus-ly.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Club Bambooze

Club Bambooze welcomes everyone to chill in our bamboo yurt! Come see the intimate cool shaded structure made completely out of bamboo. Try to lift the heavy suspended rocks in front of our yurt.

Hometown: Walnut Creek

Club Neu Verboten

Club Neu Verboten continues its Eternal Service to The BRC Popular Masses. Music, Parties, Workshops, Shade. Stop by.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/ClubNeuVerboten/ Hometown: Santa Rosa

Clue Bar (Murder Mysteries)

Clue Bar Murder Mysteries!
Cocktails & Hydration Daily, Monday – Sunday
3:30 – 5:30 pm

Tuesday Murder Theme: Murder under the Big Top (Circus)
Wednesday Murder Theme: Highschool Homecoming
Thursday: Clue Bar Drag Races & Disco Party
Friday Murder Theme: Santa’s Workshop
Sunday: Neighborhood Block Party & Potluck

A murder mystery is a type of theater in which you, our cast, cooperate with each other and interact in order to solve a fictitious murder scene. Each cast member is assigned a role of their choosing and Act I commences. Murder mysteries are most often comedic in nature. Costumes and props encouraged and also provided.

URL: http://www.cluebar.org Hometown: Bend

ClusterF*ck United

Dust, Sun, Booze, Bikes, Night, and Noise–it’s a ClusterF*ck out there and that’s exactly what you’ll find here: a ClusterF*ck of activity. Drop by to jump on our slide, refresh yourself at our bar, or enjoy a jaw-dropping playa sunset from our 24′ tower.

Hometown: San Francisco

Coco Poco Loco

Coco Poco Loco pops up here and there, uninvited, in festival campgrounds at home in Australia and abroad to behave irreverently and to love you so much that you can’t help but join in. We look forward to seeing you at our next carefully considered bout of mayhem this year at Burning Man!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thatcrazylittlecoconut/ Hometown: Melbourne


An island oasis of scientific discovery. Enjoy our tiki bar and climbable ziggurat. Come see demonstrations of the Large Piña Collider. Interactive Moai God for the bravest.

Hometown: San Francisco


This year is a fresh start for Cohesion. A true metamorphoses. 95% of our camp infrastructure was lost in the Woolsey fire. We are embracing change and celebrating our growth. We are you, you are us, and together we are all constantly influencing one another through this explosion of life trying to figure it’s self out. Cohesion is not just the people who park next to each other on a designated piece of deadly land one week a year, every visitor is a thread in the tapestry that is Cohesion. We pride ourselves on being a cohesive unit of weirdos ranging in all ages and vibes. Join us throughout the week as we share in the beauty of our camp’s metamorphosis.

Hometown: Ventura, Los Angeles, Flagstaff

Cold Yogis

The Cold Yogis offer workshops about psychedelic breathing, cold exposures and brain over body techniques based on science of Wim Hof, which serves to increase the health and wealth of the planet and all of it’s creations. We are a small international camp that shares space in Anahasana Village along with Camp Contact, Naked Heart and DECENTRAL

URL: www.coldyogis.org Hometown: Earth

Comfort & Joy

Restore your body and lift your spirits at Comfort & Joy, a gay
community oasis offering a fully functioning Gym, colorful art
installations and daily events including yoga classes, inspiring performances, & quite queer nightlife. Check us out at: http://www.playajoy.org

URL: http://www.playajoy.org Hometown: San Francisco

Comfy Cozy Voodoo Lounge

Come stick it to the voodoo man! Pin your pains, sorrows, grudges and your vendettas to our 6′ tall voodoo man! Bring 5 friends with you and join in a traditional absinth serving while having your tarot cards read. We’re gifting 100’s of voodoo dolls around BRC and inviting you to bring them home for a blacklight voodoo dance party Tuesday night! Don’t have a voodoo outfit? We’ve got body paint to get you covered.

URL: http://www.comfycozyvoodoolounge.org Hometown: SACRAMENTO

Common Grounds Coffee House

Come join us for some freshly brewed coffee & teas! Tell us your story, or just sit back and relax in our coffee house atmosphere.

Hometown: El Dorado Hills

Common Senses

Camp Common Senses celebrates the immediate tangibility of our natural environment and surroundings by paying close attention to the senses that comprise our experience. The human world is becoming increasingly technologically advanced, and with that, increasingly detached. Our camp aims to be closer to common sensory input, and by doing so, we experience the uncommon. Physical sensations are transformed into waves of spiritual vibration. We attune our senses of the moment to awaken into raw, unfiltered immediacy and unlimited possibilities. Come to your senses with Camp Common Senses.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Community Improvement Association

We are the home of 107.7 Community Improvement Radio, with an eclectic, engaging, and ever-evolving mix of music, talk, and public service radio. We welcome guest djs, commentators, poets, meteorologists, and interviewers to help us all make Black Rock City a better place to live.

Hometown: Outer Scotia

Community Yellow Bike Shop

Black Rock Community Transit runs and operates the Yellow Bike Program. The Yellow Bikes are community bikes to mobilize all citizens of Black Rock City.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BlackRockCommunityTransitYellowBikes/ Hometown: NA


Conception is an arts collective and Burning Man theme camp. We represent the miraculous still point between imagined and actual. We highlight that moment when ideas become tangible: the birthing of whim, desire, and emotion into art and performance. We believe in everyone’s innate creativity. We foster and celebrate that inner spark and provide a fertile (play)ground for it.

URL: http://www.campconception.com Hometown: Seattle

Connect MOAR!

Camp Connect Moar is dedicated to creating an environment that supports unmediated connection with other humans! From the street our larger than life Connect MoAr board can be found inviting you in for a 2v2 showdown with the reigning MoArlord. Our board is open all week come back each day for another theme of gameplay and our other variety of events and camp holidays!

Hometown: Mother Earth


ConTent presents: Beetlejuice Beach Party

Come jiggle your bones back to life at the “Dome of the Dead”, or enjoy some activity at the “Volleyball Court for the Recently Deceased”!

We have deathly good acai, lights, music, and fun… for the rest of eternity.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Contradance Community Camp

Join us for an energetic, easy to learn, tribal-feeling form of group dancing known as contra dancing. Dance every night to amazing live music – from traditional celtic to an electronic mix of DJ’d records and live instruments. There is a “caller” who leads, but there is still room for dancers to improvise and embellish. There is no need to arrive with a partner – most dancers swap after each dance. Lines of couples flow through each other creating a bonding, playful, noncompetitive, beautifully geometric, community dance for all ages and skill levels. There is no required footwork and contra is possible for many with disabilities. If you are smiling, you are doing it right. Everyone who shows up will have fun. AM dance instruction: swing and waltzes. PM chill space, music jams.

URL: http://www.contraburners.org Hometown: San Francisco CA, Gainesville FL, Morgantown WV, nationwide.


Contraptionists Afternoon Snowcone and FireFries parties.
1 to 3 afternoons, Mon – Fri, as the ice lasts. Kids to the front.
Guests who wish to power our human powered shaving bike may do so, so we may split the crystallized H2O into a fine feathery powder of flakes ready to fully accept the flavors of Our choice, and encapsulate them into the jewel colored crystals that are so desired by the weary travelers visiting our humble establishment and which we know you will very much enjoy.

The FireFry experience brings to life the long forgotten art of the “julienne the pommes frites”. Our carefully curated stock of potatoes makes for a subtle yet palatable snack in the early afternoon hours. Complimented with Our Special spices and a tomato and vinegar sauce recipe.
Don’t bring a cup.

URL: http://contraptionist.com Hometown: BRC

Cool Cat Cafe

Cool Cat Cafe is all meow all the time, 24/7 meow meow. Its not just a word, its a way of life! Stop by for cool hydrating drinks and cute cat videos. Nighttime will be playing our special playlist our “Meow Mix”. During the day executive chef Jedi Kitty will be offering up an array of delights from our Michelin Starred kitchen (we dont really have any Michelin Stars tho shhhh). Find us on the web https://www.facebook.com/groups/254451454733197/

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/254451454733197/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Corinne Crimson Art and Music

Art and Music, Community Space for Teachers and Students
Sign up on our Calendar to request an hour to teach your class.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/corinnecrimsonartinstallation/ Hometown: Hermosa Beach

Corner Pocket

Billiards at Burning Man! Corner Pocket Camp is your Black Rock City Pool Hall. Come enjoy learning and playing up to five pool games: 8-ball, 9-ball, Cutthroat, 3-ball, and Goonball. We’ll have tournaments with awesome prizes and FUNishments, as well as special events such as “Strip Pool” and “Heckle Pool”. Also, DARTS!

Come play with our dusty balls and sticks!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Do you love corn as much as we do? Come experience the entire gamut of the beautiful vegetable slash grain! Vegetables are a scarcity on the playa, so come join us for our fresh corn on the cob daily and build your own flavor popcorn bar to get your fibre on! Pooping is a problem out here, so make sure you get in and out of that little plastic box of a toilet as fast as possible.

We also run an open bar with corn-based alcohol. Who knew you could simultaneously get nourishment and kill brain cells with the glorious corn?

Hometown: Los Angeles


Are you corny all the time? Guess what? So are we! Come to Cornstars. Have a drink at the Silo Bar. Stuff your cornhole. Make your own “corn shoot” or “corn film.” Show us your cob, your silk, or whatever kernels you have hiding in your husks! We’re looking for the next Cornstar, and we’re set up to feed your corn addiction! Get corny with us!

Hometown: Washington, DC

Corporation Chaos

Corporation Chaos® (“We Own You!™”) has existed since 2012 as an “unofficial” camp, and will be running both repeat and novel activities in its (hopefully) fourth year of official placement. We feature a wide variety of activities centered on philosophy, science, technology, art, and games. We run daily lecture series on philosophy and science, host the Ask A Philosopher Booth, are the homebase of RichROT, the semi-autonomous Burner Robot, and offer public space for discussions, relaxation, and education.

Hometown: Reno

Cosmic Casbah

Cosmic Casbah celebrates diversity and provides to all citizens of Black Rock City. Come visit our magical shade lounge, enjoy our libations, hookah, photo booth, music, and festivities.

Hometown: San Leandro

Cosmic Chaos

We’re a tiny renegade camp that celebrates the tension between structure and chaos… between order and randomness. We’re thinkers, feelers, planners, and spur-of-the-moment adventurers (all at the same time). Camp Chaos is all about letting go, and holding on tight.

Hometown: We're all nomads currently drifting around the world... so we have no permanent address.

Cosmic Giggle

Like fire? Like muscles and sweat? Feeling silly? For a good time, call 1-800-Cosmic-Giggle.

Hometown: Portland

Cosmic Ranch

Upon blasting into the Cosmic Ranch, you are transported to an interactive, intergalactic camp beaming with friendly Ranchers, banging beats, wacky workshops, and tasty treats! At the center of the Cosmic Ranch is our mothership, a geodesic cosmic dome, the center of the Cosmic Ranch universe, which hosts all of our activities, including parties, happy hours, workshops, and spectacular dance parties. Watch out for our LED lasso, wrangling in Burners from the street to come in to our corral and find out more about the daily happenings in our universe.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CosmicRanch/ Hometown: San Francisco

Cosmic Recess

Cosmic Recess is a playground with a space theme. We create our elements with recycled and redirected products whenever possible. We derive great satisfaction from sharing our creations with others, as many great relationships have been forged over the years from getting to know strangers who have discovered our little “Jewel of the Playa. We are open 24/7 to all BRC citizens.

Hometown: Salt Lake City


Cosmicopia is San Francisco – Bay Area collective of philosophers, astrologers, and healers who believe in an enchanted cosmos and want to share that worldview with Black Rock City and beyond. Stop by our camp for a thought-provoking discussion or a mini astrology reading on Tues through Friday afternoons. Don’t forget to look up at the stars!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/cosmicopia/ Hometown: San Francisco CA

Cosmiquarium Village

Cosmiquarium Village is where the mysteries of the deep intermingle with the wonder of the stars. Combining the galactic playground of Cosmic Recess and the aquatic antics of the fabulous mutant vessels. Join us for adventures of sea and space…at our home sphere or on voyages into the deep Playa!

Hometown: Salt Lake City


We are the support camp for the 2019 honoraria recipient sculpture

Hometown: Scotts Valley


Hometown: Guadalajara, México

Cosplay Central Casting

Camp name: Cosplay Central Casting.

Camp description: Central Casting now does Cosplayers, all ages, looks and body types accepted. Seeking couples or individuals wishing to be metamorphosized! We are also home to the Barbie & Ken boxes, so come on by and have some fun!

Hometown: Irvine

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet

For over 20 years, Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet has been providing top quality Soulmates at low, low prices, to the citizens of Black Rock City. Come see us to trade in an old soulmate for two, that’s right, TWO new Soulmates. While you are here, enjoy our shaded customer lounge or visit our pharmacy for a refreshing treat.
Open daily 11am-5pm.

URL: http://csto.org

Cotton Candy Conversation Camp

Whether you are needing a recharging of your batteries, water bottle, sweet tooth or your soul. You’ve come to the right place. Relax in one of our many couches (even the magic pink couch!), comfy chairs or flop in our ever popular puffy, playa, pillow pile. Rest, regroup, or converse the choice is yours. As you enjoy the calm, zen-like groove environment. You will be treated to a warm welcome from any or all of our happy ass campers day or night.

Hometown: Sacramento

couch burners camp

Dusty hugs fellow virgins and veterans,

Couch Burners Camp is an international collective of couch surfers from all over the world who bring the joy of hospitality to the playa through creative gifting. This year we are excited to offer hungry citizens a chance to eat at our Bitchin’ Noodle Shop and enjoy our camp’s many game activities. Get a real drink at the bar and stay for the party: starts nightly with our bar talent shows and events.

Couch Burners Camp

URL: http://www.couchburnerscamp.com Hometown: seattle

Coup de Foudre

The Coup de Foudre camp uses high voltage as an artistic medium producing light and novel physical sensation. This year, our camp brings three installations centered on Shock and Awe. Two installations are enclosed in a dome inspired by the era of Edison and Tesla: intimately sized, lit by filament incandescent light, creating zones where the normal laws of physics do not quite apply. One is out in playa, seen as a pillar of fire and lightning.

URL: http://coupdefoud.re/ Hometown: San Francisco


Covered in Bees is celebrating 10 years with home-brews, fruit rituals, and dark & stormy tales.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/coveredinbeesartscollective Hometown: San Francisco /LA /Boston

Coyote Garden

Coyote Garden celebrates the native song dog of the Americas and the space coyotes of the universe.  We provide a 24/7, all-ages, introspective safe space and aim to increase coyote consciousness by nourishing the ever-present coyote ethos that permeates the burner community.

The camp is built around a large-scale kinetic art installation that brings together dozens of UV-reactive art pieces created by a diverse group of artists from the around the world to provide a park-like atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.  It will provide an immersive, 360° interactive art experience, especially from dusk till dawn, when the garden transforms and reveals its true form.

URL: https://twitter.com/coyotegarden Hometown: Seattle

Crackwhore Camp

Hometown: Portland

Cranky and Sons Bike Repair

Come to Cranky and Sons for assistance, education and advice for all your cycling needs, from a flat tire to exploded derailleur — we’ll help you get back out onto the playa. If you’ve got some free time and can lend a hand, grab a beer and a wrench and help us help those in need! Mechanics on duty mid morning to early/mid afternoon; DIY tools and supplies available any time.

Hometown: Berkeley

Crazy Camera in Silicon Village

Come to Crazy Camera and create your own Burning Man picture portrait. Our team of so called artists 🙂 will work to fulfill your photo shot scene vision, print the photo and mount it on the beautiful, handmade frame. You can decorate the frame yourself or we will do it for you! You will pedal away with the unforgettable experience, and if you forget, the picture frame gift will stay with you to remind of what went on at 2019 burn!

Hometown: San Diego

Creation Nation BRC!

Crafting, Making, Skill Shares and Fun Events from 10am till 5pm Mon-Sat.
Creation Nation! BRC workshop schedule lives here https://www.facebook.com/groups/355809514794222/

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/355809514794222/ Hometown: San Jose

Crossroads & Moon Cheese Grill

Crossroads pumps out the best live music on the playa, verified by gods and science. Moon Cheese is the best grilled cheese camp on the playa according to YOUR MOUTH. GoodBus moves your soul and your ass with some of the best DJ’s anywhere. Together our village provides live music, delicious food, a sexy bar, a 20+ piece band, dancers and daytime/post-show DJ’s. Come dance your dusty self to sheer exhaustion and snag some cheesy-gooey-goodness and downtime in our sparkly star chill dome or meditate with us in our beautiful Lotus Flower before it all disappears.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CrossroadsLiveExperience/ Hometown: San Francisco

Crystal Groove

Hometown: Portland

Cuddle Oasis

Too hot? Too Cold? Partied out? Need a break? Need a cuddle or two? or Ten?
You have come to the right place!

Come relax in our misted Dome and cuddle up in one of our large bean bags with 2 or 3 people. Get a refreshing tropical drink to rejuvenate senses and possibly participate in one of our daily dance lessons. Test your skills with one of our lighted hula hoops.

Wear your Tutu for Tutu Tuesday and come by our camp in the afternoon and create your own Butterfly wings.

Hometown: San Francisco

Cult of the Magic Lady

Cult of the Magic Lady is dedicated to such holy ideals as cult classic movies, morning pastries, drinking alcoholic babies, drunken science facts, and boba tea. Come join our religion! It’s the only one with a proven 100% miracle success track record!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/cultofthemagiclady/ Hometown: Alameda