2019 Theme Camps

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2019 Camps


T-Car is a family of makers from different walks of life. We’re wanted to build the camp we enjoy immensely ourselves and are happy to share it with other burners who are looking for a place to relax and catch a breath. Our camp’s theme is Tea and serving it to wanderers of Black Rock City in our camp accompanied by workshops, hookah, eastern sweets, and temporary tattoos!

URL: https://t-car.org/ Hometown: n/a


T.B.C. is a collective of like minded individuals creating new experiences and pushing the limits of art, love and interaction.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Tacoma is for Lovers

Come mend those broken soles at BRC Shoe Repair and enjoy our in-house DJ’s spin sets. If your a morningish person try our Lazy Morning Yoga and meet a fellow Tacoman or just snag a little love, we’ve got plenty to go around. Our ‘Shady Lovers Lounge’ is a lush and cushy retreat for all dusty lovers out there! For all you young and young at heart we invite you to browse our BOOTique – open daily until the goods run out!

URL: http://thelovers.org Hometown: Tacoma

Taking Back the Tea Party

Home to the Alice in Wonderland themed Artcar Taking the Tea Party Back. Not the political group.

Hometown: Ripon

Tantra Mantra

Tantra Mantra is a camp dedicated to the transformation and transcendence of the human condition. We integrate ancient esoteric teachings of tantra with modern self-development techniques to create a unique environment for experiences that prepare the ground for evolution. To envision and prepare the world of tomorrow we need to rewire our nervous systems and free ourselves from the old paradigm. Tantra is an accelerator of evolution. The collective ambition towards freedom present during Burning Man is unique. It erases differences between individuals and supports the Tantric effort of transcending all false dualities. We leave a great place for spontaneity… Expect the unexpected.

URL: http://tantramantracamp.com/Welcome.html Hometown: San Luis Obispo

Taos-Flybrary Camp

Art Support Camp for The Flybrary.

Hometown: Taos


Tarna is the home for the large-scale Toronto-based Jackalope art car that is being introduced to the playa for the first time in 2019.

URL: http://www.tarna.ca/ Hometown: Toronto


Tarwater, home of the Rat Taxi, returns with games galore: Bowling, Corn Hole, and Hex. You can pick out clothes at Lady S’ Boutique where you don’t have to do anything in exchange. There will be a science fiction reading, by the author, who will also give away novels. You can check your Totally Unofficial Breath Alcohol reading where no one will fire you if you test positive. Join us for Ask an Archaeologist, A Women Without Nipples gathering, and the One Night Ultimate Wererat: Kafka never imagined this game. You can also wander on over for a friendly game of Triple Board Scrabble, with a few additional rules.

Hometown: Santa Rosa


We are Tautology, we do what we do. Come by to Ask a Scientist, use the Time Telephone, or be transformed in the Glorious Hole. Sun night welcome party, Tues afternoon 90s Hip Hop Happy hour, Wed night Fire Spinner open jam, Thursday night Flaming Breaks & Quesadillas.

URL: http://tautology.io Hometown: Seattle


Join us for rest, ease, and libations in the Tazii Tent chill lounge 24 hours a day. New for 2019 – visit our satellite bar, Octazigon, in Golden Guy Alley!

Hometown: San Francisco

Teacher Money

Teacher Money is a place to let go and practice flow. Here our main attraction is a 15×15 foot interactive virtual reality tent for burners to experience a flow inducing interactive physics sandbox of 4 million particles. It is a relaxing and engaging universe which responds in completely unique ways to the personalities and interactions of each individual burner. The intrinsic qualities make it a perfect instrument to bring the viewer into states of flow. Each experience is unique and cannot be revisited, making every moment precious. Come make some art, create a light shows, be a god and build nebulas. We have variety of ways to capture images and video performances. We encourage burners to bring a USB drive or SD card to bring their art home.

Hometown: Austin

TechnoGecko Grotto

The makers of DiscoFish have embarked on a grand project to make something bigger and better, the all-electric TechnoGecko vehicles. Whether you’ve loved the DiscoFish for many years, or whether you’re new to Burning Man this year, you’re welcome to come by to meet her two new offspring, the TechnoGecko robot, and its companion vehicle, the TechnoGecko mobile dance-floor and sound system, both driven by electric motors, and powered by recycled lithium batteries.

URL: https://www.technogecko.org/ Hometown: Sunnyvale


Teddies on Teddies, oh my!

Hometown: San Francisco

Temple O'Flying Spaghetti Monster

We are a comfortable neighborhood pub with a-rockin’ attitude and groovin’ tunes. In honor of His Noodly Goodness, the Friendly Fire Bar will administer ice-cold libations for your mind, body, and spirit. We will also provide unofficial official playa weddings in His Noodly Goodness’ Temple. Come learn about his Noodly Goodness, call almost anywhere in the world on “Talk to Mom” phone, or use our public Wi-Fi hotspot. The Flying Spaghetti Monster welcomes all so stop by, be touched by His noodly appendage, and stay awhile.

URL: http://www.fsmtemple.com/ Hometown: Southern California

Temple of Bacchus

Temple of Bacchus where we help you keep the party going.

URL: http://swanbacchus.com/ Hometown: Albuquerque

Temple of Rainbow LOVE

The Temple of Rainbow LOVE beckons all who are in love to celebrate their connection. Join us for a unique playa experience where you have the opportunity to join as partners, lovers, good friends, new acquaintances, etc. All is welcomed to The Temple of Rainbow LOVE — we celebrate love in every form for everyone.

Hometown: Venice

Temple of Unitea

Thirsty? need some gentle caffeine and chill? Come a chill under our misters and enjoy some tea. Different flavors every day. also come and have some hot tea right after the temperatures drop. we got ya.

URL: http://templeofunitea.com Hometown: Austin tx

Tequila Bees

The Tequila Bees a fine Utah camp. Stop by anytime for hugs, conversation, all the lemonade you can drink, or something with a better kick (age appropriate of course). And we won’t try to proselytize you to our local faith (unless that’s what you’re seeking).

Hometown: Salt Lake City


TETRIX – home to a bunch of Aussies welcoming you to the humble abode of the Stargazer Artcar. We will be throwing daily chill out parties from 2pm-6pm (Tues-Fri) at the camp, so come party with us and then hop aboard the Stargazer for a journey out to deep playa.

We will also be offering a range of creative workshops, talks, yoga and meditation practice, and bike morphication station.

Hometown: Northern Beaches, Sydney

THairAPY Salo(o)n

Hometown: San Francisco

That Camp Over There

Snowcones & hammocks oh my!

Hometown: San Francisco

The aCATemy

The aCATemy, Burning Man’s most prestigious cat university, engages students exploring art, science and philosophy in service of forging a deeper connection with their feline spirit animals. Come take your first step towards feline metamorphosis and prepare yourself for some graduate-level nocturnal prowling.

Hometown: Worldwide

The Anti-Social Social Club

Everyone is welcome at the Anti-Social Social Club — especially the loners, misfits, lost toys, wallflowers, first-time and solo burners. As a healthy mix of veteran burners and virgins, we understand that Black Rock City can be an overwhelming place, one where you can be surrounded by people and yet feel completely alone. Think of us as block parents for the burn, a place to pop your head in looking for a friend, a chill place to get your bearings or seek some advice on how to find your unique version of “radical participation.”
Our ethos is one of inclusion without expectation; we’re here to support each individual burner in finding their best burner vibe.

Hometown: Calgary

The AstroPups

The AstroPups – Fun, Frisky, n Fabulous! Exploring the PupVerse one lick at a time!

Hometown: San Francisco

The Avant Yard

The Avant Yard has been a theme camp since 2008 but our founders first tasted dust in 2006. We are affiliated with the Arts Diaspora, an international network of artists, healers and do-gooders who meet once a year at Burning Man to produce art, connect with new Gnomies (members of our community) and find new ways to empower each other to do wonderful things.

URL: http://www.artsdiaspora.com/ Hometown: Arcosanti

the black hole

Home of the Black Rock City Gate, Perimeter and Exodus staff. It’s not actually as bad as you’ve heard, but it is at least occasionally worse. We are really trying to work on our manners and impulse control, but just understand it’s a process and that we’ll reach that rainbow one day! You may already be a member and just don’t know it yet. C’mon by and find out.

URL: http://www.gateperimeterexodus.com Hometown: Black Rock City

The Boombike Mobile Disco Service

Tired of listening to the same EDM beats all day?
Your sound system sounds like it’s coming out of the porta potties?
Call the Boombike Mobile Disco Service and Champagne Too!
We have the best playlists on the bicyclest sound system ever imagined in the History of Mankind: The Boombike.
Sign-up at the mailbox at Boombike HQ and we’ll show up at your camp at your preferred time (ish).
Bossa nova, neo disco, electro-pop, poolside jams, electro-klezmer, electro-punk, french electro-emo, mizrahi beats, you-name-it – we have it all! You don’t necessarily get to chose.

Hometown: The Wild Side West

The Breakfast club Village

The Breakfast Club Village Houses,
Scarbutts Coffee-serving hot& cold coffee with brisk Spankings 9am-12noon

Pancake Playhouse- serving hot pancakes 9am-12noon

Objectification Station 1pm-3pm Monday through Friday. Come get objectified or get compliments and get rewarded with a delicious quenching drink.

Pajama Burn-making the least of your burn. Open in the morning while the café is open or Monday and Wednesday evening come by and color or watch cartoons.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218549604961632/ Hometown: Oakland

The Church of the Open Mind

Burning Man 2017’s theme of Radical Ritual spurred us to create a Mutant Vehicle, a radical rolling church built on a truck frame floating around the desert with a mushroom-topped spire… The Church of the Open Mind! What a journey…

We built our Rolling Church with a large tower emerging out of the Spire. This marks the visual centerpiece of our mutant vehicle — a vividly colored, radically-illuminated mushroom. It stands vibrant, 30 feet up and visible from afar. This Mushroom on a Church, The Tree of Life or A Light in the Sky; we invite all interpretations.

In 2018, we brought The Church of the Open Mind back to Burning Man brighter than ever, and we look forward to seeing you in 2019!

URL: http://cotom.org/ Hometown: San Geronimo

The Cum Bar

The Cum Bar
Come and get your daily cum shot. We have a selection of different types, whatever may fit your fancy. From a full facial to a body shot, we are here to help.

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Dead Battery Society

Come Show Us Your AA’s!!!
A group of highly skilled drinkers who want to promote battery recycling in BRC and beyond. We will be collecting dead AA,AAA, C, D, 9V batteries at our camp.
Each weekday we will be hosting a bar (of course), and having a discussion on battery recycling. We will also be working with participating villages/camps to collect their dead batteries. The batteries collected on Playa will be properly recycled after the burn at a local municipality.


URL: https://www.facebook.com/deadbatterysocietyatbrc Hometown: Brentwood, CA

The Doggenheim Gallery

Leave your mark on our evolving art gallery. Fursonas given daily! Open most afternoons. Gala Thursday at dusk.

Hometown: Boulder

The Donner Party

Nice to MEAT you! Come down The Donner Party bbqs every day from 4-6pm where you are what we eat!

Hometown: Truckee/Reno

The DPW Ghetto

Home of Black Rock City’s Department of Public Works.

Hometown: Black Rock City

The Dump

Where the worlds most fabulous musicians and dancers from MarchFourth Marching Band, The Saloon Ensemble, Love-Bomb Go-Go Marching Band, Trashcan Joe, and The Ukeladies are dumped and recycled to endlessly create music from a by-gone era. Come sing, dance, play our piano, and join-in as we all share in electronic-free acoustic joy! Lyrics included!

URL: http://www.saloonensemble.com Hometown: Portland

The Dumpling Trap

The Dumpling Trap is an old-school neon Chinatown lounge that serves dumplings, plays trap, and engages guests to have real conversations with the hosts and with each other. We’re here to create an intimate, spontaneous, delightful experience for others—because, for us, that’s the most magical feeling on the playa.

Hometown: San Francisco and New York

The DusTea Den

Hometown: Ann Arbor

The Dusty Alchemist

“Potions and body transformations to awaken your inner self”. The Alchemists will experiment on you with their latest experiments and turn you into a new person! Let your metamorphosis begin!

Come experience our adult-only potions, get a tattoo at our Tattoo Glory Hole, or enjoy a shot with friends with our Shotinator machine.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Dusty Nuts Tavern

Are you looking for the hottest dance party? Looking to expand your mind and have a transformative experience that will make you a better person? Well you might as well keep moving, at the Dusty Nuts Tavern you won’t find any EDM or life altering experiences; just some dusty degenerates that may or may not make your drink the way you ask.

URL: http://www.dustynutstavern.com/ Hometown: Sunnyvale

The Edgeless Cosmos

Come take the edge off and explore the cosmos.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Empress Theme Camp

Relive the glory of the Victorian age and enjoy the comforts of a more civilized time in our reinterpretation of a Victorian drawing room. Every afternoon and evening, our gracious hosts and hostesses dress to the Victorian theme, hand-serving selections from our tea collection along with light snacks.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/empressburn/home Hometown: Vancouver/Victoria

The Enclave

The Enclave unites elder bohemian Burner’s as well as a gaggle of porto-burner newbies to celebrate our passion for art, design, performance and self-deprecating Raj-foolery. We bring a spicy hot mess of “Playastani” sass to the 9 o’clock neighborhood marked by chain linked moments of charm lubricated with elixirs of pain.

URL: http://facebook.com/theenclavesb Hometown: Santa Barbara

The Factory

When an individual enters The Factory, they can expect to be greeted by an overworked, underpaid linesman, who’s pension was recently revoked, producing the finest quality Froth that the Playa has ever seen. They will promptly be presented with a contract, stipulating the terms of their employment at the Factory. Triple shifts are expected. Come join us for one of our soon to be playa famous events every day during the week.

URL: http://thefrothfactory.org Hometown: San Francisco/Miami

The Folly Crew

The Folly Crew camp is the rest and play zone for The Folly builders when we’re not out in deep playa. Come say Hi! Evenings probably best.

URL: http://thefollybrc.com Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

The Friend Zone

Welcome to the Friend Zone! A place where no one will fuck you.
This camp is all about friendship. No need to worry about trying to hook up because platonic love is all that’s on the menu. We’ll be hosting a mix and mingle featuring a sing along and delicious craft cocktails. We’ll also be gifting BFF necklaces so you can share the love with your life long mate or your new playa bestie.
Be sure to participate in our pen pal exchange program and make a new burner friend from the midwest.
Stop by and make friends, see friends, be friends!

Hometown: Columbia

The FriendZone

The FriendZone is a safe haven for all wayward wonderers, burnt out burners or anyone otherwise needing to escape the playa.
We will provide a large geodesic dome that is soft, carpeted, cool and covered with blow-up day loungers. We will create a space that is available to all who need to find solace, solitude or sleep.
Throughout the years, our camp has regularly cared for citizens of the playa who wandered into our inviting camp. We love to provide cool water, a shaded place to rest, a listening year or whatever our new friends might need to recenter and recharge themselves. This year, we want to make it official and create the “FriendZone” as a safe place for any citizen who might need it.

Hometown: Fresno

The Hive

A buzzing mass of madness from the East descends upon the desert, full of burning light and energy. Is the Hive full of honey, or stings? Bathe in our glow, and discover!

Hometown: Boston

The Hookah Lounge

Come to the Hookah Lounge and enjoy our flavored tobaccos. Our Moroccan style lounge serves up shisha filtered through juice and water every day and night. The plush seating, soft carpeting, and great people make this the ultimate Burning Man chill-out zone. If you have a favorite molasses based tobacco, you are welcome to bring it and share with others.

URL: http://thehookahlounge.co.nf/ Hometown: Jacksonville

The House of Asterion

Home of the minotaur. Journey through our labyrinth, fight a mighty bull (or become one yourself!) craft wings for your inevitable journey towards the sun, and search the playa with us for the answer to mysteries yet to be discovered…

Hometown: Berkeley

The Inflatable Zoo

We are a gathering of humans and animals, combined together for one week of euphoria on the playa.

We intend to bring a splash of color and a smile to everyone that comes through our camp with the most beautiful display of colorful (inflatable) animals from all over the world.

Hometown: Dublin

The Institute Village

Visit the Institute of Higher Yearning where our overeducated undermanaged staff will jam in your brain all the science, electro-shock therapy and swordplay that you can take. God created the playa to train the faithful and we will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know.

The Last Laboratory

The Last Laboratory is created by a group of artists, creators, scientists, leaders and doers from the Baltimore, MD region who know that the scientist’s laboratory and the artist’s studio are two of the last places reserved for open ended inquiry. Come be a part of the process and experiments as we attempt to understand and describe the world around us through experiential learning by thinking, doing and creating together as we metamorphose into the unknown.

Hometown: Baltimore

The Last Starfighter

Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the playa against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada. Your dedication to building interactive art in a place so inhospitable is the challenge you have accepted. Clearly you have always wanted to fight a desperate battle against impossible odds. Provocations examining the intersections between humans and technology will be your focus and you have proven yourself skilled at mixing dust and electronics. Remember that no matter where you come from you can make difference. Trust Centauri on that one! Get our there! Build art! Be a hero. There really is no better place for you in the galaxy than an art support camp!

Hometown: Austin

The Last Word

Step right up folks & indulge yourselves in our marketplace where a variety of goods & services are offered through the spectacle of the unexpected. Our carnival wagon is filled with playa necessities, & surprises hidden in drawers, cupboards & baskets. Open the refrigerator door & begin your metamorphosis as you travel through the Tunnel of Truth and arrive in the netherworld that masquerades as The Last Word bizarre exhibition of oddities. Complete your transformation as you learn the ancient secrets of the Ultimate Drink Machine & taste its potent elixir. There’s something for everyone & we guarantee that we’ll cure what ails you or you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Hometown: Northern California

The Lavender Lounge

The Lavender Lounge offers tired and weary burners a cooling lavender scented misting and scalp massage experience! Come in, lie down out of the sun and wind, and get LAVENDERLIZED!

Hometown: Sebastopol

The Living Room

Did you forget to bring your living room to the burn? Don’t worry, you can use ours! We have comfy spots to chill out, relax, and/or socialize. Join us in the morning for yoga, the afternoon for a radically inclusive musical jam sesh, or anytime you’re looking for a place to hang out, day or night!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thelivingroombrc Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Lone Ragers

Hometown: Tacoma WA

The Looking Glass Lounge

Designated as a reflection of self. Metamorphosis of self and comprehending the terms of “What is life?”. Exotic tea’s and hookah, the lounge is a place to learn, listen, participate, make a movement, and create a sparkle.

Hometown: Naples

The Lost Penguins

The Lost Penguin — a Hospitality Camp that provides the Black Rock Community a place to relax, enjoy good music and conversation. We graciously offer cold snow cones, lemonade and chocolates during the day. At night we provide entertainment in the form of music by a variety of performers, bands and our own in-house produced Lunacy Cabaret and refreshment in the form of wine and chocolate.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Lusty Chanterelle

Come visit us at the Lusty Chanterelle Kombucha Bar! We’ll be serving out luscious libations to dusty desert denizens all afternoon, so breeze by and get your tart, ‘boochy fix!

Hometown: Seattle

The Macaronis

The Macaronis, with giant wigs and tiny hats, strutted around 1770s London like they owned the place, and we’re excited to bring their spirit to the Playa.

We’ll pay homage to the queers of history by providing interactive theatrical parties in the Molly House, like Weddings, Birthing Ceremonies, Constable Raids, and Buggery Trials with champagne and live music by our many DJs.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/The-Macaronis-1470124876455489 Hometown: Chicago Reno Toronto & Rio De Janeiro

The Mansion

Lovers of life, lovers of fun, lovers of vice. From the city of sin. A fun, judgement free place to express yourself safely and have the time of your life.

URL: http://themansioncamp.org Hometown: Las Vegas

The Meowsistance

The King Mahtusahn is from an alternative universe of yestertomorrow, where humans have been fighting a losing battle against common house cats. Human survivors have united to create a war machine that will turn the tide of battle.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/kingmahtusahn/ Hometown: Livermore

The Mine

The Mine is a Art Support camp for the work of Anton Viditz-Ward and Deep Creek Experimental.

Hometown: Telluride

The Mint 400

“In some circles, The Mint 400 is a far, far better thing than the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, and the Lower Oakland Roller Derby finals all rolled into one. This race attracts a very special breed.” Come test your skills on our bike race track, enjoy the art of our bike-through art gallery, and try to keep the dust out of your beer at our tent bar.

Hometown: Berkeley

The Miscellaneous Heathens

Home of The Beethen and The Miscellaneous Heathens

URL: https://www.flickr.com/photos/7198774@N04/sets/72157665982562875 Hometown: El Cerrito

The Mystic Circus

The Mystic Circus is a home for roustabouts and roughnecks, seekers and seers, magicians and misfits, vagabonds and visionaries – your home inabsinthia, where magic and mahem mingle with mirth and mystery!

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Neon Turtle Barcade

The Neon Turtle is a retro gaming bar featuring nightly tournaments, specialty cocktails and prizes. Come out and grab a drink and play your favorite retro games on our pro controller setup. Everyone gets a sticker and game themed cocktail (mocktail for < 21), but only the high scores will earn a coveted prize.

Hometown: San Francisco

The New Barbarians

According to folklore, Ulysses and his crew in their stupor of greed were in search for riches and were blown off course to land at Circe’s island. Ulysses crew was taken to meet Circe upon their arrival in which Circe concocted a drink made from barley and herbal remedies. Only one refused the drink, Eurylochus, all others experienced METAMORPHOSES and turned to PIGS.

Be brave barbarians! For one wrong drink and you may metamorphoses into the shape of your ruler, JURASSIC PORK.

How will you serve JURASSIC PORK in new forms this year?

URL: https://www.facebook.com/jurassicporkofficial/ Hometown: San Francisco

The No Sleep Hotel

When the last rays of light have left the sky, The No Sleep Hotel comes to life. Join us when the night is in full swing for otherworldly entertainment, surreal storytelling, and internal stargazing. At the No Sleep Hotel, all are invited to dream with your eyes open.

Hometown: Santa Fe

The Organization

It’s hot outside! The Organization will cool you down and pump your energy up with our iced espresso martinis designed to wake you up and get you ready to party again! Daily 1-3pm.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Pain Cave Art Support Camp

This is an art support camp for The Pain Cave deep playa art installation. We specialize in low budget, creative paper mache art and would love to meet you!

Hometown: Truckee, CA

The Parlour Room

The Parlour Room offers up a parlour-styled oasis for shade, naps, stories, fire pit gatherings, games of STOP and GO, dinners, music, and occasionally a prank or two.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Phage

The Phage is an homage to the vast dark ecology whose foment gave birth to Earth’s living diversity. These ubiquitous viral life forms evolve faster than any other life on earth. In their furious co-optive radiations they have acted as the vital genetic pollinators that wove long-separated lines of cellular life into resplendent new threads — the phage are the needles of life’s tapestry. Beware if you encounter us: memetic biohazards lie ahead.

URL: http://thephage.org/ Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, NY

The Pickle & Eggs

A traditional Scottish Pub in miniature, providing an intimate conversational experience and a curated tasting of Scottish victuals.

Hometown: Oakland

The Pineapple Motel

The Pineapple Motel is a friendly space to recharge your good vibes. Come for some morning fresh pineapple, Matcha and cereal bar and stay for talks, music, meditation and more.

Hometown: Global

The Pink Spot

The Pink Spot is a welcoming 15 year camp comprised of both new and old school burners. We LOVE to meet as many participants as possible. Please come by and enjoy a footbath, badminton or any of our other non scheduled interactivities. As a mutant vehicle theme camp, we can often be found on our double decker Big Bunny. Please hop on and join us for an art tour, street roam or full throw down with one of our djs!!!

Hometown: Park City

The Playa Choir

During the sacred time between the Man Burn and the Temple Burn, connect with the “Something Other” often overlooked at Burning Man. Your international Playa Choir welcomes all Burners to come and participate in a 4-part harmony of classic sacred and secular songs.

Singers of all skill levels, and persuasions are welcome 🙂 Also looking for Musicians! Contact madis_service@yahoo.com for more information, or swing by our camp on the playa!

Rehearsals (open to spectators) are Tuesday through Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. To listen, please join us for the Sunday Sunrise Performance at the Temple (5:45am), or the Full Choir non-denominational, non-religious but entirely welcoming, spiritual and moving Service at 11:00am in our Dome. This performance will also be broadcast live on BMIR!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/playachoir/?ref=bookmarks Hometown: Portlandia

The Playpen

The Playpen is a sexy space to chill, bend or play.

Hometown: Berkeley

the QUAD camp

THE QUAD CAMP will bring to you a experience of all EARTH’s element. TAKE A BREAK, STOP BY AND HAVE A COOFFEE.

Hometown: whittier

The Rabbit Hole

A creative space with surreal fixtures where visitors can sip on freshly brewed teas and participate in collective doodles and poetry writing on the walls and furniture.

Hometown: Concord, CA

The Recycled Hoh

Pacific Northwesterners are a bunch of tree huggers that love moss, mist and yer mom. You’ll understand why when you meet our tree that hugs you back in our rainforest made of recycled and reclaimed trash.

Hometown: Olympia

The Rudest Lounge

The Rudest Lounge camp invites you to embrace your RUDE side! We’re bringing the fun back to RUDE.

Hometown: Las Vegas

The Santa Man Cometh.....

‘The Santa Man Cometh….’ is a theme camp that celebrates the joys of Christmas. No matter your age, there is always excitement at Christmas time and our camp wants to remind everyone of the their joyous memories. Who knows, maybe Santa will be visiting from the North Pole and he will have presents for all good burners.

Hometown: Sparks, NV

The Scarab

Support camp for the Scarab Mutant Vehicle

Hometown: San Diego

The Secret Gentlemen

The Secret Gentlemen invite you to our speakeasy-esque lounge in which a person of any gender, be they commoner or king, aristocrat or ruffian, can be the fanciest version of
themselves; our mission is to bring culture, refinement, top-notch cocktail crafting and expert gamesmanship to this savage land.

Hometown: Chicago

The Shire

At the Shire, we’re all about CONNECTION and PLAY. Smooch a stranger! Wrestle a hobbit! Compete in our Chilling Contest. Take flight on The Merry&Pippin-Go-Round, our infamous rotating seesaw. Brave the 4-story climb for a sunset on Isengard. Come celebrate your inner child!

URL: http://shirecamp.com Hometown: San Francisco

The SophistaPirates

The SophistaPirates are not like other pirates. We dont rape, pillage, or plunder. WE LEAD, EDUCATE, AND INSPIRE. We are a different breed of pirates unlike any other.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

The Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is a unique international camp that utilizes circular and collaborative economics to provide valuable resources to the BRC community, promote Burner culture globally, and create year round international humanitarian efforts.

URL: https://www.artbikerelief.org Hometown: International

The Space Between

The Space Between’s 7th year on the playa! Come by afternoons for boozie smoothies and groovie toonzies. We also have ping pong and a hidden Tokyo-style Saké bar select nights. Check the digital guide for events and times!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/AtTheSpaceBetween/ Hometown: SF/NYC/Barcelona

The Thrill Chill Cult

Need some energy for your nighttime adventures? Those who dare to join the Thrill Chill Cult will be rewarded with ethereal coffee and supernatural treats.

Hometown: Chicago

The Tiniest Camp

Tiny Camp wants to bring a homey small feel to the playa, we are not big and we are not a lot but we plan to have a lot of big fun!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Tiny-Camp-388500468409127/ Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

The Wastelanders

When the world as we know it is gone, and survivors of the apocalypse wander the wastes, we are the last refuge of humanity in a chaotic world. Seek out the warm glow in the night, soak in the heat of our fires, take refuge from the sun and dust in our sheltered cove of rust and metal. Join our story tellers and share your tales, where wanderers are welcome.

Hometown: Burbank/Hesperia

The Whomp Party

Missed us on the Playa? Stop by and say “hi” when the Whomp Wagon is parked at our camp.

Hometown: Reno

Theme Camp Theme Camp

A neighborhood bar with different themes everyday!

Hometown: Reno/Chicago

There Ain't No Virgin Mary

Cowboy Themed Bar/Music/Dancing/Piano/Burleque and Manifestation Insights-Talks

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/925736754287868/members/ Hometown: San Clemente

Things That Swing

We’re a lounge and rest-stop for wanderers who want to get off their feet for a while. If you favor a community built on the intimacies of storytelling and consensual touch, if you need a break from bar-crawling and the sonic hypnotics of booty shaking, if swinging is in any way your thing, then this could be your place. With adult-oriented events and play space cuz some of us swing that way too; consent means not being too afraid to ask.

URL: http://www.things-that-swing.org/ Hometown: Montreal

This Is What Space Smells Like

This Is What Space Smells Like.

Enjoy the smells and tastes of space. This is Black Rock City on Spaceship Earth. You will always remember where you were.

Hometown: San Francisco

This Old Camp

We are veteran Burners with over 120 years of experience in creating a drama free experience for ourselves and the Burning Man community thru creative problem solving and outreach. If you are having a problem with your infrastructure or looking for ideas for improvements, come by and let us help.

We also have the very popular “Before I Die, I Want To:” board where citizens can share their aspirations with the world. When the board is filled with entries, it is photographed, posted online, erased and ready for more entries. The board is lit at night and ready for your thoughts 24/7.

Hometown: Nevada City

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups Tarot Card is the card of celebration, friendship, community, and creativity. Come join us for a tarot reading, a drink and celebrate an old or create a new friend!

Hometown: San Francisco

Through the Looking Glass

Travel back time with us to ancient China few thousand years ago. You may encounter some ancient Chinese looking men and women. Be prepared! We will teach you how to use brushes and water ink to write Chinese characters in a traditional way. Of course some exotic Chinese Liquor will be served too.

Hometown: New York


Your neighborhood stop for shady drinks and sexy beats. Take a load off on our loungers, dance to some tunes, get lucky in the Hutch, lost in the Rabbit Hole, and top it of with a Bad Decision at our bar.


URL: https://www.facebook.com/thumpercamp/ Hometown: Chicago, Indianapolis, Colorado, Boston

Thunder Gumbo Camp

Hometown: Brooklyn

Tickled Mink

At Tickled Mink … where everyone’s a star! … we are here to help zhuzh you at our Hollywood minkup mirror vanity before you start channeling your inner diva. If you don’t know how, we’ll teach you to smeyes like a mink, so once you sink into our fuzzy, plush, cerulean photo throne (“… it’s not just blue, it’s not turquoise, it’s not lapis, it’s actually cerulean …”) you’ll be oh so ready to strike a picture perfect pose as your cover page photo shoot begins. You’ve never looked more minktacular!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/tickledminkBRC Hometown: San Francisco

Tierra Bomba

We bring the South American spice, excitement and passion from our Latin culture to the playa! With open arms, Tierra Bomba’s purpose is to spread these elements to the Burning Man Community.

URL: https://www.tierrabomba.com Hometown: Colombia

Tiki Bar & Hammocks

Bring your thirsty lips over to enjoy a fresh cool island drink or Kava tea and visit and connect with neighbors and fellow burners. Share all your great stories “this one time, at burning man…! Get some advice if you are new to burning man, and of course, relax in the shade in our hammocks with us or relax on our sofas and stools!

Hometown: Reno

Time Colony

Time Colony provides four dimensional nourishment from your local time extrachronologic resource center. Ice cold tea, waffles and sonic screwdrivers are served to travelers M-F from 10-noon with music, chill art, activities, and fun surprises. Time traveling sandwiches, a late night noodle stand, and a sunrise buffing station, are just a few delights provided to the community by our Time Colonists.

Hometown: Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, NYC, Minneapolis

Time of your Life!

Hometown: Costa Rica, Oregon, LA

Time To Burn

The “Must Have App” camp returns for high-tech workshops, gifting, LED repair workshop and shenanigans.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TimeToBurnApp/ Hometown: San Diego

Tiny Camp

Have you ever wanted to feel like a giant? A little camp with a big heart – Tiny Camp believes good things come in small packages. We enjoy playing with scale, without sacrificing quality. Enjoy the finest lilliputian cocktails Molly’s MiniBar and explore the treasures on display in the Gallery of Tiny Art. Enjoy a small treat with Micro S’mores, or get even tinier at the Circus Flea Burn.. “To the little things!”

Hometown: Washington DC / San Diego


Meet us on the shores of this remote, high mountain lake for some delicious treats and fun!

URL: http://camptiticaca.com Hometown: South Lake Tahoe


tl;dr village is your one-stop shop for everything. By day we have lectures/yoga/energy healing, contests and games, a couple bars, and snacks. By night we’ll have stages with music, dancing, drinks and a speakeasy serving dumplings and thoughtful, intimate conversation.

too long didn’t read? we have one of everything you’d want to find at the burn, come on by.

Hometown: San Francisco

TOC Does Le Chalet

The Other Camp are delighted to bring you Le Chalet. Swing by in the evening for mulled wine and cocktails in our cozy après-ski chalet

Hometown: New York and San Francisco

Top Secret

Camp Top Secret is bringing casino-themed parties to the Playa. Come try your luck in our casino with roulette, blackjack. Our pole dancers and bar will make your experience unforgettable.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Top-Secret-314613322546235/ Hometown: Seattle

Tortoise Town

Tortoise Town is a melting pot of individuals from all corners of the world. We provide a space & transportation for burners who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to bring their creativity and unique spirits to the event. Our camp hosts greeters, lamplighters, artists, DJs and contributers who eagerly share their talents and skills with the entire community. The cultural diversity at Tortoise Town exemplifies the ideal that we can all cohabitate and create an even more beautiful world together, not despite our differences, but because of them.

contributions made to the Burning Man community at Tortoise Town takes shape in the form of food giveaways, Trampoline Park and Games Corner, and other workshops to be announced!

Hometown: San Francisco

Totally Legit Camp

How legit? Totally legit. If you want iced coffee, this is the place. Proudly serving since 1964. Want to run in circles with a horse head on a stick? We’ve got that too.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Tower of Slackjaw

The Tower Of Slackaw is an interactive art piece/observation tower shaped vaguely like a spaceship or a virus. The 60 ft tower is absolutely stunning and has serves as a beacon for many a burner, to find their way home in the outer 3:00 sector, Along with being an exceptional vantage point for photography and observation, WE provide a unique space to converse with real people from around the world. Sun rise and sunset are stupendous. We have bicycle parking stands, lots of dust and some the best views of the Burn and surrounding mountains, this side of the Pecos. Open 24 – 7, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the First Folks on the Moon and the 71st anniversary of the the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the dedication of the tower as Transquility Base.

Hometown: Olympia

Toxic Disco Clam

In the default world, the Toxic Disco Clam is a real aquatic creature. It uses its luminous lips to attract passing fish… and then it immobilizes them with acidic snot. We’re pretty much the same: we draw you in with dazzling lights and entertaining activities, we ply you with our intoxicating beverages, and we hope you never leave (we promise less snot).

URL: https://www.facebook.com/toxicdiscoclam/ Hometown: San Francisco

Tragic School Bus

Campy Camp dedicates itself to daily activities for all BRC campers and supports the playa’s unabashed queerness by offering visitors regular summer camp-themed events and experiences that help them sense a place of inclusion, entertainment, and of course the opportunity to earn merit badges — BRC style.


Trailer Trash

Trailer Trash proudly serves the finest coffee that comes in a can. Then stick around and learn to crochet.

URL: http://trailertrash.stevecooper.art/ Hometown: Seattle, WA


Come Dance, Drink, Socialize with Trance music and sunsets! Don’t Miss our Taco Trance Tuesday!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Back for our 20th year on the playa, the Rantomatic returns, as does our cinema of lesser seen selections. Home of the Anti Now Movement, exposing what the Buddhist overlords don’t want you to know! Anti Now Meditation every night tomorrow at sunset! Regret yesterday! Worry about tomorrow! BE THERE THEN!

Hometown: Cobb, CA


The Tri[p] of goats will be foraging and grazing on playa and at home. Feel free to stop by to dance with them and give them some scratches to keep them happy.

Hometown: San Francisco

Triangulum Ki

Triangulum Ki art support camp.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Tribal Spirit

Tribal Spirit is a diverse theme camp with daily open bar, Yoga sessions and UV themed parties till late. Straya Day on Tuesday and Russian themed party on Thursday. Enjoy refreshing drinks with our friendly crew.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/297370313968554/ Hometown: Sydney

Tribal Tendencies

relation, meditation, yoga. veteran burners willing to help

Hometown: Bay Area


TRIFECTA represents Montreal’s free and bohemian spirit with playful, inclusive LGBTQ+ and poly-friendly interaction, performance and community.

Hometown: Montreal

Tropical Lunartics

Tropical Happy Hour: Slushy pina coladas, space helmets, spam musubi, and tropical house. Hawaiian shirt attire encouraged; shirts provided for those who need it.

Hometown: Portland

Tropical Treehouse

Paddle up to our monkey bars and join the ohana with a Mai Tai or Tereré. Aloha!

Hometown: San Francisco

Turbaza Chayka

Camp “Turbaza Chayka” is all about spreading love for Burning Man , inclusive culture, joy, happiness with the side of vodka and good music. Come chill with us in the heat of the day and we will warm you up in the cold of the night!

Hometown: San Francisco

Twilight Spaghetti Theatre

Twilight spaghetti threatre. Where every tuesday and thursday night we serve paleo free spaghetti. Starving artists can skip the line for come and sing for their supper.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TwilightSpaghettiTheatre/ Hometown: San Francsico


Twinkii is coming back to the playa in 2019 to inspire and be inspired, to glow, and to play.

Hometown: Portland

Twisted Swan Celtic Pub

A celtic themed playa pub designed to give an environment where burners can hang out and be able to talk to each other with good beer on tap, whiskey, and maybe a warm Irish Coffee for the cold nights! For the music lovers and those who play various instruments can join in the music sesiun, a celtic jam session mid-day on Thursday. We are also planning on a role playing and table top game day!

URL: http://swanbacchus.com/ Hometown: Albuquerque

Two Lanterns

Best weddings on playa, Unofficial Playa Civil Unions (incl. rings/certificate), Black Rock Temporary Divorce, Annulments. Experience the Psycho Swing of Death! And a Kubb game to boot.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/twolanternsthemecamp Hometown: Santa Cruz

Two-Stroke Transit

Got questions about your two-stroke engine? Maybe you just like to rev up your engine and make a lot of noise? Come on down to Two-Stroke Transit to talk to us. While here, you can find out how to prevent playa damage from dripping oil while improving your engine’s performance.