2019 Theme Camps

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2019 Camps


N-Toxicade is about warping your perception of video games as an art form. We have unique games where we change how the game is played or even change the game itself. We also have a slingshot batting cage with stuffed animal projectiles for those who are just not into video games.

Hometown: Las Vegas


NAACB (National Association for the Advancement of Colored Burners)

Our mission is to inform people of various ethnic backgrounds, mostly African Americans, about the burning man principles and culture. We invite them out and take them as our guest with us to burner events in New York, Washington DC, and Miami.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/naacburners/ Hometown: New York City

Naarsfortown / Mystikal Misfits

The Mystikal Misfits are a caring, inclusive, generous, and dusty framily of fun-generators, party-throwers, and good-bad decision influencers.
Every afternoon and most nights we throw the best party you’ve ever stumbled across. Our camp features a large, interactive playground that (foolishly) changes design every year.

We’re the people your parents warned you about. Come prove that you think for yourself.

URL: http://www.mystikalmisfits.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Nacho Campo

Come to Nacho Campo for Luchadors, Ceremony, metal craft and Fiesta. Warm by our fire, have a siesta or dance. Experience the art of culture, tradition, spirituality and pleasure in our wrestling ring, you could be the next champion or a pantsless referee.

Hometown: Portland

Nailed It!

Hometown: San Francisco

Naked Bead

Tired on the morning–join us for a cup of Java.
Like art and crafts–join us and make your own beaded art
Need a place to chill–hang out with us on couches, blankets and pillows in the shade.

Hometown: Las Vegas

Naked Heart

Naked Heart is devoted to the full embodiment of the divine feminine. We offer amazing experiential and experimental workshops that allow you to feel your feminine heart your radiance your inner goddess. This work requires the masculine as well; Everyone is welcome.

At Naked Heart we recognize the need to embrace both the light and the dark in our journeys. When we pursue the light we use movement, the senses, sensuality, sexuality and connection. This beckons us in and brings the light of awareness back into the bodies we have vacated. We are particularly interested in the seat of power and intention housed in our bodies. To go there fully requires confronting our shadows. We embrace those as well as we dive into shame, fear, anger, unsavory memories from this life and past lives.

URL: http://nakedheartcamp.com/ Hometown: Eugene

Namaste & Chill

We are a collective of artists focused on bringing beauty and mindfulness to the playa. Join us for a workshop or relaxation in our meditation lounge. It’s the perfect place to soothe your ragged edges. You’ll recognize it by its blue, pitched roof and multicolored flags along the eaves. We’re also the creators of “Varanasi Sage,” an art installation on the playa this year that showcases the wisdom of the natural, non-human world and the power of intention.

URL: http://namasteandchill.org Hometown: Atascadero


Neberland is a getaway, a hideout, and a safe space for trash pandas. We love Peter Pan complexes and the great state of Nebraska.

Hometown: Lincoln

Nectar Village

Nectar Village is about you. It is about what you need….to survive, refuel and revitalize. Mind, body and spirit are all served, and you’ll find the Nectar you seek for any of them in the camps at our oasis. Offerings continuously from 10am-6pm.

URL: http://nectarvillage.com Hometown: San Francisco, Boston, DC, Boulder, NY, Brussels


Greetings from the NeoSapiens(!) – a crew evolving from our Sapien roots. Hailing from the coasts in both New York and Cali, come join us for evolutionary experiences over the course of the
week. We host flavor tripping parties Weds – Fri at 3pm that help you transform your taste by flipping your tastebuds with miracle berries – come give us a hug!

Hometown: NYC / LA

Never Never Camp

The place between sleep and awake. Home of the Second Bar to the Right and the Sunrise/Sunset Wedding Chapel.

URL: http://nevernevercamp.com Hometown: San Francisco

Never Sleep Again

Deep-house and games, inspired by Berlin clubs and park parties. Our intimately designed dance floor surrounded by individually themed chill-spaces with beds, couches, and pillows invites you to lounge with us, dance, have a cold drink, play a game, or do all of the above at the same time. We are an international bunch of dreamers and doers and want to meet you!

URL: http://www.neversleepagain.org Hometown: San Francisco


Here you will find some Lost Kids from all over the world, always happy to have fun, share experiences and up for adventures. Everyone one is welcome to our camp ! Come experience various parts of Neverland, who knows, you might meet a pirate or a mermaid on your way !!! Let’s NOT grow up and keep believing in fairies….

Hometown: Paris

New Desert Outpost

The New Desert Outpost is an explorer’s lounge with an antique vibe. We are dedicated to helping all burners find and share new adventures and novel new experiences. Join us for afternoon tea, storytelling and safari-inspired games.


URL: http://newdesertoutpost.com/ Hometown: San Francisco, CA

New York Dangerous

Your mother warned you not to run with scissors, right? Or play with fire? You weren’t allowed to talk to strangers, take candy from people you didn’t know, or do anything else fun.

Your mom’s not here, but we are – so come do all those things with us every day! Check our schedule for events like:

• Running With Scissors Relay Race (winners get ice cream!)
• “You’ll Put Your Eye Out!” Shooting Gallery – win necklaces and prizes with your archery prowess!
• Daily Talking to Strangers discussion groups – different topic each day!
• Playing With Fire – use our magnifying glasses to burn and keep your own necklaces!
• Strangers With Candy – a 24/7 free vending machine for hard chewy candies, get your sugar fix anytime, day or night!

…and more! (We won’t tell your mother if you won’t.)

URL: http://www.facebook.com/groups/NYDangerous Hometown: New York

Nice Nice

Nice Nice comprises an international group of artists, musicians, yogis, dancers, scientists, and creators. We’re the camp with the great Hanging Gongs and Rimba Pipes. At Nice Nice we take an old-school approach to Burning Man — interacting and connecting one-on-one, person-to-person. You’re invited to come by anytime to Bang the Gongs or Jam on the Rimba Pipes. Or join us around our camp fire in the evening. Check out our evening Fireside Chats, each featuring a different host, who will offer some remarks on their chosen topic, and then open the conversation up to all. The Fireside Chat schedule will be posted in front of the camp.

URL: http://www.campnicenice.com/ Hometown: Palo Alto / Napa


Nightcrawlers is an immersive theme camp that strives to bring together and build community for the nerds, geeks, cosplayers, gamers, dungeon masters, adventurers, and heroes of the Playa. It serves as the Guild Hall for PlayaRPG, where visitors are transported to another world, full of danger and adventure and new experiences, once they enter the threshold of our camp.

URL: https://nightcrawlerscamp.wixsite.com/home Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Nipple Crime

Step into the fun, wacky, weird world of Camp Nipple Crime and come enjoy all that we have to offer. Your Nips will thank you.

Hometown: Reno

Nipple Pie

Once you know where our afternoon oasis is, you’ll be stopping by for a treat, a paint touch up, a cuddle, a puddle or more every day… this is Nipple Pie!

Hometown: Brooklyn

No Drama Camp

You Bring the Drama, You Earn the Karma! Come enjoy our good vibes, creative libations, music (in-camp DJ) & activities! Nightly Happy Hours from 4-8pm; bar also open late night! Mon. night celebrate Silicon Village’s Quinceanera with Horchata & Churros! Spin the Wheel of Karma for a Fluff & Buff, Hot Wax, Chakra Shine or The Works and get your Karma cleansed in our very own hippie-tastic Karma Wash! For hungry burners we’ve got Bloody Mary & Bacon Breakfast and Nutella Snacks in the afternoon! Find your balance on our 30ft Slack Line! Get creative at Moonbeam’s Wine & Body Paint Spectacular (Tues 10-2PM) We provide the body paint, brushes, stencils & bar will be open! Come to paint others or be painted! Stop by to check out our calendar of events and be sure to join us for Octoberfest!

URL: http://siliconvillageburners.org/ Hometown: Santa Maria

No Mixers

Shittiest Bar on Playa & Home of the Black Rock Association of Bars


Our camp name —”NO NAME” comes from a famous lake in Peking University. our campers are come from all over the world, some of them are from Peking University. We hope we can bring a very unique art work to burning man. welcome to our camp, welcome home!

Hometown: china

No ReGretzkys

Come “check” us out!! No ReGretzkys is hosting hockey themed activities!!
We aren’t only looking for Canadian visitors, we want everyone to play with our balls! Our 60′ rink will host skills sessions, scrimmages, the 2nd Annual Larry Harvey Memorial Cup, yoga AND NEW EVENTS: Butt hockey, Curling and a post-tournament dance party!! When we’re not tending the nets, you can still grab our shafts (hockey equipment), as the rink is always open! Don’t want to slip one past our goalie? Come relax in our shaded area! Hang out, enjoy music, take a slapshot-ski, or immortalize yourself in our hockey photobooth. Want intensive conversation? Step into our penalty (advice) box, and let Father Canada provide a safe space for your issues. Don’t sit on the bench! Drop your gloves and come and get it!

URL: http://noregretzkys.org/ Hometown: San Francisco

Node Republik

Node Republik celebrates the future in an optimistic, loving and expressive way. We will be hosting music, dance, meditation and talks that elicit a conversation about what the future holds, abundance and empowerment to create our own destinies.

URL: http://noderepublik.com Hometown: New York but really the Internet

Nom De Plume

Come to our circus tent to drink yerba mate, skank, and enjoy dub music. We will be relaxing, thriving, creating, burning. We have a glow in the dark teether ball court ,and warm tea urns going all night.

Hometown: Portland


Its time to bring back the snark, Camp NOPE is the group to do it!
Our camp will be serving silly playful shenanigans, with a dash of sarcasm on top.
We will be hosting various day time happy hours throughout the week featuring the music and “appearances” of some “special guests” you might “find” at trash fence. Truly, a VIP experience not to be missed!
Looking for some bad advice? We have plenty! Come by our booth for the worst advice that will take years off your life! It’s THAT bad!

Hometown: Santa Rosa

Nordic Camp-Tales of midnight sun

The Nordic Camp, a camp with a silly explorative vibe.
A place to connect with people through music and playfulness. Under our shade you are protected from the sun during the day and we are beautifully lit at night. We have a Bar and a Sensation Bar that serve all your senses, hangout space for play, music, dance and to roll around on. Swedish massage, yoga to meditation and workshops for you to connect with yourself and others, welcome!

URL: https://nordic.camp Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Northwest Mist

Northwest Mist provides a soothing northwest atmosphere to escape the heat with misting and quiet music and conversation. Step through the tent doors for a refreshing and friendly encounter. Coffee and miso soup available after dark.

URL: http://www.northwestmist.com Hometown: Greater Portland/Vancouver area

Nose Fish

Is it metamorphosis, alchemy, or simply becoming?
– Mornings, come by “Alchemy Cafe” and announce your own transformation and track your progress. Stimulate our transformation entity to release a fresh cup of coffee.
– Afternoons, come by for hands-on Bicycle and Electronic (EL Wire/LED/???) repair.
– Evenings enjoy the MEZ interactive video screen and dance the night away.

URL: http://nosefish.org Hometown: Silicon Valley

Not The Center of Attention Camp

Art support camp for The Center of Attention art project. Participants are the center of attention and then not the center of attention at the center of The Center of Attention where, with mutual consent, they get attention, give attention and pay attention.

Hometown: Denver

Nothing Butt Art

We supply the canvas and paint, you supply the cheeks or any other body part, together, we will create nothing butt art! Complimentary T-shirts provided to participants. We also feature body stamp temporary tattoos . Stop by, make some art and get a tramp stamp.

Sunset Journey Home Table. Share your journey “Home” while enjoying an ice cold IPA. Our bar table has become a focal point for all to express themselves with marking pens, paint, pictures or gifting their stories for all who visit the camp.

The Music Box. What do you get when you cross a box full of second hand instruments and a Playa populated with wayward musicians? A spontaneous magical, musical jam session! Come by and join in this event.

Hometown: Reno

Nuclear Dandelion

Helping discover and release the inner beauty and strength in everyone even in the harshest of times.


URL: https://www.nucleardandelion.com/ Hometown: Atlanta

NuTz Camp

Here comes the sun. Beautiful beats and positive vibrations overflow the Playa at NuTz Sunrise Parties. C’mon!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/NuTzCamp/ Hometown: Los Angeles