2024 Camp Listings

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2024 Camps

Cabaret of the Void

Cabaret of the Void is a variety show-style vaudevillian speakeasy featuring an intimate stage and bar offering wine and song and a bohemian-chic lounge for socializing and unwinding.

Boasting a decadent aesthetic, red and purple velvet decor, and low-lit ambiance, our interactivity will focus on bringing the spirit of satire, performance art, and parody to the playa. Cabaret of the Void offers a dizzying array of burlesque, comedy, magic, dance, circus, music and more!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Cadillac Cramp Country Camp

Welcome to Cadillac Cramp Country camp! Where you can be refreshed daily between 1 and 6pm. Bring a friend you’d like to interrogate, if needed. Please join us for karaoke in the evening, and bones grilled up by Bones when the bbq is hot ! We love you !

Hometown: Austin, Nevada

Cafe Sua Da

Dusty, hot and tired? Come by Cafe Sua Da for a cafe sua da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee). Designed to look and feel like a cafe on the hot streets of Saigon, we welcome anyone and everyone to enjoy an iced cold shot of caffein dripped personally for you, topped off with a healthy dose of sweetened condensed milk. Open most afternoons during the week.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Caffeination Station

Full service fueling

Hometown: Los Angeles & Denver

Caffeine Oasis

Rise up, travelers, it’s time to shine! Caffeine Oasis embraces the warmth and spirit of the Sun. We welcome you to gather with friends in our cozy space and enjoy freshly made sun tea and cold brew coffee every morning from 8 to 10. You can also use the heat of your body to transform magical thermochromic fabric into beautiful artwork that is both immediate and fleeting.

URL: https://caffeine-oasis.com/ Hometown: Kansas City


You Look Thirsty! Welcome to Cameltopia, your desert oasis and refuge from the sun’s heat. You are welcome to pet the camels but please do not feed the animals. Recharge your soul and fill your vessel with premium unleaded H20 at our post-apocalyptic “Route 66” gas station. Our attendants will refuel your canteen while you browse our Inconvenience Store. Monday-Friday 11AM-5PM Playa Standard Time. Wednesday afternoon is our annual “Hump Day” party with an eclectic mix of tail-shaking beats!

Hometown: San Francisco

Camera Obscura Tribe

We invite you to the world of photography – from enrichment of visual experience to technical support and guidance: we do it all! Our camp is home for everyone – with or without cameras, photographers and just artists.

As a service, we offer professional photography for everything, from playa weddings to personal sessions and public events – just ask! We have a walk-in photobooth and plan various photo-related workshops.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CameraObscuraTribe Hometown: San Diego

Camp 3907

Welcome to Camp 3907! The beauty of Black Rock City is that we’re all on equal ground–in fact, we’re 3,907 feet above sea level and so are you! We are Elevators, here to Elevate your experience. Elevate yourself with our 12′ tall Mood Swing! Come to explore the city on our 10′, 3d topographic map with camps and art pieces supplied by
you! We will gladly supply you with (mis) information while you have a drink at the bar, then browse our clothing boutique with all the latest fashions. Be sure to join in our classes including make your own Rope Man, followed by a dive into our expanded pit of 1000 rubber chickens!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/camp3907 Hometown: Bishop, California

Camp Akumal

The Best Shaved Ice and Rum Cocktails on Playa — Come for the Concessions, Stay for the Vibes

Camp Alien Dick

Our camp offers a unique, extraterrestrial-themed experience highlighted by a three-story high inflatable alien with a distinctive feature, designed to draw attendees from afar to our engaging and inclusive space. Celebrations in the thematic area promise lively entertainment, refreshments, and a series of amusing games that playfully incorporate the alien anatomy motif. Complementing the vibrant atmosphere, we’re distributing an alien-themed consent zine, emphasizing the universality of consent and respect, ensuring a welcoming environment for all adventurers.

Hometown: Eugene

Camp ASL Support Services HUB

Deaf centralized services for deaf needs/resources/services/faq

Camp Average AF !

Come Hang Out Guilt-Free
9:30 AM Monday to Friday – Yoga
8:30 PM Monday to Thursday- Night UV glow face and bodypainting + Fire spinning flow arts

Hometown: Whistler, British Columbia

Camp Be Bothered

We can’t be bothered to fill this out.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Beagle Scouts

Visit us for playa themed psychiatric advice or maybe some ad-vice from Lucy and the rest of our camp. Now is your chance to finally kick the football!

Hometown: Sonoma County

Camp Bean Water

Beans, flicking, roasting, steamy dripping love, room for cream – our secret steps to the finest cup of coffee. Bring your brewtiful self over to Camp Bean Water to enjoy a cup and let us show you the full potential of a coffee shop. All cups of coffee our baristas serve-up are made to order and come with positive affirmations. Looking for something to fill your now stimulated colon, our cooks can fry you up mouth-watering arepas. Love and good vibes are abundant in our cafe, so drip on in. We’re open every weekday morning. We have special evening events like arepa night and a special sunrise opening

URL: https://campbeanwater.com Hometown: Cincinnati

Camp Bird of Paradise

Camp Bird of Paradise is the support camp for the mutant vehicle Bird of Paradise. Our artistic theme is a cross between the Bird of Paradise Flower and a Mardi Gras parade float. The Bird of Paradise provides access out to the playa art installations We share or transportation with any and all denizens of Black Rock City … Day and Night. The BOP has bicycle racks and shade. We are especially cognizant of those with limited mobility or limited bicycle skills. The Bird of Paradise will be even more artistically appealing this time out with added wow factor while engaging the 2023 theme of Animalia. Our home camp is a shady place to lounge and interact with our eclectic crew of philosophers and physicians out of Mammoth Lakes California.

Hometown: Mammoth Lakes, California


Camp BORING: art support for BORING sign. Promoters of sarcasm and shenanigans. Come by for a sticker and a sunset sign push!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campboring Hometown: Mill Valley, CA

Camp BUI

The friendliest camp on the playa famous for our front porch. Drop by for a visit and a cold drink. Join us at sundown for a Shot of the Day or Thursday from 2:00 to 4:00pm for our Pineapple Upside Down Cake Thursday event. We are well known for our fine cuisine and repartee.

URL: https://www.campbui.org Hometown: Medford, Oregon

Camp Butter

Camp Butter is not only a camp of deliquescent souls. It is a movement… a way of sliding through life with a groove at your sails.
Equipped with DJ’s, Butter-Inspired drinks, and a universal deep desire to churn ~ We’re here to spread a simple message…
“Talk less, slide more”,
-The Butter Crew

URL: https://campbutter.com/ Hometown: Santa Cruz

Camp Byte This

Camp Byte This is BYTE’s fluffy camp! Come by and dance with us, play on our immersive art, explore our mutant vehicle “Petabyte” and lube up your tappin’ toes with our signature drinks at our furiendly bar. Warning: you may receive really cool gifts, hear the best music and feel the fluffiest vibes!

URL: https://www.campbytethis.com/ Hometown: San Diego

Camp Byus

Hometown: Reno, San Diego South, Lake Tahoe

Camp Canadianderthal

Zeppelin anyone? LIVE CLASSIC ROCK Thursday (1:00pm). Smack down your northern neighbors on our Whack-Ca-Nuck game, grab a new outfit from our Cariboutique or a hat from our Chapeaupourri. Play some tunes in our piano bar. Spreading Canadian love, missing our Phish Phans!

Hometown: Oakland

Camp Caribou

Come Join us for Breakfast! Tuesday 9am – 10:30am, Thursday 9am – 10:30am. We will be serving Canadian Bacon on a Bun. Let us know what fixings you want? Camp Caribou will be dishing up some tasty temporary tattoos.Whom: The Sexy Mounties Get ready to Dig IN.

Hometown: Toronto

Camp CataLÜN

HELIOS camp – The art support camp for “HELIOS”. An open playa, kinetic LED sculpture inspired by the mechanics of harmonic wave phenomena.

URL: https://project-helios.info/ Hometown: Salt Lake CIty

Camp Clusterfuck

Hometown: Portland

Camp Codename

Join Camp Codename for delicious savory AND sweet Pizza, joy, and connection at What Brings You Joy

Hometown: Los Altos

Camp Come Find Us CCFU

Here at Camp Come Find Us (CCFU) we are a camp that is about finding yourself and exploring who you are at Burning Man. Every journey is individual and unique. Come flow with us and find your journey. We want to create a laid-back and spontaneous atmosphere. We want our offerings to be inspiring and fulfilling. We are going to be a small intimate camp creating a strong community among our fellow burners. Come find us and find yourself.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61557109851387 Hometown: Las Vegas

Camp Connection

Art support camp and love to help first time artist build there art.

Hometown: Boulder

Camp Contact

Camp Contact is dedicated to offering a more embodied world through Contact Improvisation, Acro Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Internal Family Systems, and other Psychotechnologies. We bring a dance floor, steam bath, and domes for our offerings!

URL: http://campcontact.org Hometown: Washington

Camp Cosmo

Welcome to Camp Cosmo! We are a tribe of global citizens who come together to create a Cosmopolitan playground. We have karaoke on Tuesday and Thursday from 2-4pm .On Monday Wednesday Friday from 2-4pm we host “Bring Your Cup We Have The Hat- English High Tea”, pastries are served and polaroid photos are taken to capture your moment! You won’t find anything else like our “Eastern well-blended into Western” vibe on the playa, so come and join us!

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Camp Cul-de-Sac

Our Cinema runs from Sunset to Sunrise, Monday through Friday. Family-friendly content 8pm-10pm. Silent Films 10pm-12am. A cornucopia of the delightful and absurd from 12am-6am. A different theme every night!

Hometown: Brooklyn

Camp Curiosity!?

Our mission is to inspire and facilitate radical curiosity and connection. We are here to get curious about our fellow Burners, about the 10 Principles, and about Black Rock City as a phenomenon. Come get curious with us!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Delicioso & Creperie

Hungry! Hung over? You’ve been hankerin’ for something warm in your belly? Swing on by Camp Delicioso and Crêperie, where you’ll find an International collective of foodies who’ll entertain and serve you the best damn OG French crêpe in Black Rock City. EST 2007 We’ve got sweet and savory flavors that’ll satisfy even the most discerning Playa palate. And while the crêpes are cooking, and the coffee is grinding, we’ll serve up a saucy dance music set too! 9ish to 1ish Tue, Wed and Thu If you miss us giving you crêpe, come on over anyway. We have various events happening in our new Lampshade Lounge throughout the week Tue – Fri.

URL: https://campdelicioso.com Hometown: Long Beach

Camp Desert of Eden

Escape the elements and indulge in our garden of earthly delights, inspired by the fiery fate of humanity consumed by passion and pleasure. We will be providing food and nourishment daily at our “Giving Kitchen” including vegan and GF options. For those who are just passing by, stop at our “24 Hour Electrolyte Vanity Bar” where you can refuel your water bottle and freshen up your face.

Hometown: Reno

Camp Dilly Dally

Hometown: Big Sky

Camp DIY

Camp DIY offers daily Agua Fresca (non-alcoholic) refreshments Monday to Friday of Burn Week. We also have crafty supplies for you to “Pimp Your Cup”.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campdiyburningman/ Hometown: Silver City

camp do nothing

Camp Do Nothing – the camp that’s actually doing the opposite of its name! Come take in a 360 view of the playa on our swing (yep, you’ll be hanging 35 feet upside down!), climb on and into the foam dome, or come have a seat and some conversation with burners from all over.

Hometown: Seattle


Camp EAT ME is EXCITEMENT ACTION TEAM MAGICAL ENCAMPMENT. We are a tight-knit group of weirdos united around making life more playful. Our skills, interests, and attitudes vary wildly, but the one thing we all have in common is that we almost always say yes to your silly idea and encourage everyone to play with us.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campeatme Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Elektra

Come meet and hang out with our dragon Elektra. She is ready to host you throughout the week at our camp as well as late nights out on the playa. Come lounge with us, wave us down for a ride, or meet us out for sunrise adventures deep playa!

Hometown: Munich

Camp Ephemeral

Camp Ephemeral is an oasis of calm amidst the dusty, chaotic playa. We aim to provide a shaded, quiet lounge with beautiful lighting and plentiful hammocks. The centerpiece of the camp is a beautifully decorated tea bar, where you can indulge in the most refreshing iced tea you’ve ever tasted. The tea is garnished with fancy touches like edible flowers and dried lemon slices, and is customizable with mix-ins and syrups. It’s the perfect spot to unwind, recharge, and connect with your fellow Burners.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Camp Equilibrium

Equilibrium has been established as a destination to represent the pinnacle for the collective first world culture in which we live: vacation. Adhering to a strict belief that our shared time together should be one of joy and relaxation, we seek to strike the all too difficult balance of hard work and play.
It is here that we have constructed a series of spaces and activities to ensure that all who step through our threshold experience the relaxation, camaraderie, and playfulness that we all deserve outside the hectic worlds of which we live the other 51 weeks of the year. “Because it’s vacation for fucks sake.”

URL: https://equilibrium.camp Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Estonia

Camp Estonia – small and cosy oasis to connect with elves themselves.

Hometown: Tallinn

Camp Exclamation Mark!

If you’re on the hunt for a warm bite to eat, a drink, and a chill spot to groove to some kick-ass beats, your quest ends here! Swing by our electric orchard under the big white circus tent and make new friends at our daily themed Beats and Eats events. Back for a 4th year of valuing self-expression, openness, and an infectious vibe of fun, we guarantee genuine connections, thought-provoking ideas, and unique themed parties. Check us out online at www.campexclamationmark.com or email us at campexclamation@gmail.com.

URL: https://www.campexclamationmark.com/ Hometown: Las Vegas

Camp Fellowmankind

Gourmet food and tasty drinks with live talented DJ. Drum n Bass and House.

Hometown: Riverside

Camp Fingerbang

Fingerbang is a rowdy crew of cheerleaders, athletes, and coaches who love to play, dance, and cheer for YOU! Come grab a megaphone and heckle from the top of our Bleachers. Join us for Hoppy Homecoming, naughty cheers, riotous games of Burner Family Feud and Porn Spelling Bee, cold drinks and dancing your face off at the Go Fuck Yourself Saloon, and our Cheer Gear and Couture Jockstrap Boutique. Don’t miss our truly epic Wednesday Pep Rally, complete with pom-poms, whistles, cheering, dancing & general mayhem.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Fly

Camp Fly is the home of our insect themed art cars. Swing by our camp to get a ride, or reach out if you would like us to help host your event. At our camp, we will be offering aerial silks performances and lessons, please come find us! Here is our schedule for the week… Flying Fusion fun: Come learn the basics of free-form fusion partner dance. No experience/partner required. Come get dusty on the dance floor! Tuesday 6:00PM- 7:30PM, Beginner Aerial Silks: Learn the basics of Aerial silks. Come climb towards the sky at Camp Fly! Tuesday 10:00AM-11:00AM, Aerial silks pop up practice: Come join our pop-up show. Bring your own music and create an act for our evening show! Wednesday 10:00AM-12:00PM, Aerial silks pop up show:Come watch an impromptu burner-brewed Aerial silks show! 8:00PM-9:00PM

Hometown: Colorado and California

Camp FronkenBears

The FronkenBears are back!! Create your very own Freak of Nature and watch it come alive before your very eyes!
Assemble your creature from buckets of amputated limbs, bodies and heads to make your perfectly hideous and precious Mini-Me. Great everybody-friendly event even for those new to sewing.

Camp FUA

Camp FUA is a small camp of veteran Burners, part of the Outer Road neighbor for over 15 years. Home of the PAMS mutant vehicle.

Hometown: Loleta

Camp Fuck If I Know

Camp Fuck If I Know offers advice, shade and a big welcome. Stop by for the Coconut Lime Ceremony, drawing games, laughs and hugs.

Hometown: Toronto

Camp Fucking Magical

Swing into the surreal on our suspended floating lotus trampoline or find solace at the Whiteout Teahouse & Tavern. Stop at our bar serving up libations and art from fellow burners. Prepare for unforgettable experiences with our lineup of events – guaranteed to leave you rehydrated, fed, and blessed with unforgettable memories. Ascend to new heights at our lotus pond rooftop lounge, where you can unwind on colorful cushions and behold breathtaking panoramic views of the playa & night sky.
We provide a sanctuary, a safe space to unwind and connect with others at the heart of your bustling Burning Man adventure. Join us at Camp Fucking Magical and discover the true essence of playa-style adventure, community, and boundless possibility.

Hometown: Reno


Hometown: Richland, WA

Camp Gotalotgoinon

A collective of doers and artist that want to create a collaborative art space to share with others. Creating together and experiencing multi-sensory art that inspires connection and growth. Come play games, solve a puzzle, get your dance on, add to the collaborative string art or come relax and take it all in at the Fog tub. Whoever and whatever you create is art and we look forward to sharing ours with you and experiencing yours.

URL: https://www.upinsmokeflow.com/gotalotgoinon Hometown: Sacramento

Camp Hapeh

Camp Hapeh offers ancestral medicine ceremonies

Hometown: Medellín

Camp High Maintenance

The Mutant Vehicle support camp for the Bioluminescent Slug. The slug is a whimsical creature that delights in transporting burners around the playa. Our camp offers two delightful lounge areas and a large elevated firepit for morning hang outs.

URL: https://www.camphighmaintenance.org Hometown: Woodside

Camp Home

Just your friendly neighbors next door. We are here to provide creature comforts – cold booze, hot tea, mist and buffer massages. Whether it be a piping hot midnight cup of custom blended tea, or a citrusy boozy creation while you briefly escape that blazing playa sunshine, we are here for you. We will keep you cozy with the comforts of home. Let’s get weird and stay magical.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampHome Hometown: Crestline, CA

Camp Hot Cheeks

Camp Hot Cheeks is a theme camp focused on having fun, engaging with BRC community, inviting people to enjoy our lounge and nonsense. We host an annual event the Sunday after the man burns called Sake Bomb Sunday. Sake Bomb Sunday is an end of burn tradition at Camp Hot Cheeks. It is a day of celebration and camaraderie. Burners from all walks of life come together to enjoy sake bombs and celebrate the end of the burn.

Hometown: New York City

Camp Journeylizm

Camp Journeylizm – working camp to help media attending the event

Hometown: carson city


SMOOTHIES! 11am-5pm. Come get a fruity, frosty, frozen orange banana smoothie with extra playa love! If you come on the right day you’ll get some frozen berries, mangos and pineapples. We encourage you to bring your entire camp or village. We love our guests! We want to talk with you about your love of fruit and juice. There could be a snow cone in it for you too. We will have a DJ spinning for your enjoyment and a chill lounge to hang out in the shade.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/988468674542751 Hometown: los angeles

Camp Kinetic

Dedicated to Movement Arts in Black Rock City.
Afternoon Workshops in Flow Arts, Juggling, Dance, Yoga, and Aerial.
Evening Features Performances and Fire Jams

URL: https://www.campkinetic.org/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Kühloff

Known as the shaded oasis of BRC, everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us during the hottest part of the day. We are here to help you cool-off and reset with an ice-cold lavender towel, good vibes, and a good time.

Hometown: Reno

Camp Lil' Bit

Hands Down, the best Hobby Horse in BRC. Get your jockey on, place your bets, and enjoy Jus’ A Lil’ Bit of fun. Our horses are off the bit and our craft cocktails will get you through the home stretch.

Hometown: Reno

Camp Lip Service

Camp Lip Service – Bad Advice dispensed morning to night. We take the fun out of dysfunction.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Camp Little Bitty

Burner Express rider (or friend of one)? Use our camp as the luxury bus stop option! Shade, drinks, luggage storage, luggage help, and lots of informed campmates are here to help you on your journey (or wait for your friend!).

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Camp Lost It!

Have you ever been lost, then found, then lost again? We are Camp Lost It! Through previous lives and iterations, we have arrived here, er, lost. Together in this space we will explore being lost and how it inevitably leads to better things. Try and find us!

URL: https://camplostit.com Hometown: Dallas

Camp Luna

Hometown: Flagstaff, Arizona

Camp Manatee

Lounging Area offering: Imported Beers, Sodas, Iced Tea, Cold Water, Shade, Day Bed, Couch, Solar ‘Fire Pit’, Salty Snacks, Candy, Toys,
Board Games. Fun! Relaxation! Bike Repair tools available. ‘Tall Tales’ about Manatees.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Morning Wood

Welcome to Camp Morning Wood! Which is, quite simply, your friendly, neighborhood, summer camp-themed, saloon. Starting fresh each morning at 10:00 a.m. to “Eye of the Tiger” we’re there to motivate the neighborhood, to attack a new day (after licking our wounds from the night before). CMW is ready to great you with a smile, music, dancing, or maybe just a view of the city from our raised platform. From sunrise to sunset (and beyond), you can almost always pull up a barstool for some friendly conversation, and an ice cold (hard or soft) beverage.

Hometown: Denver

Camp Next Year

Camp Next Year providing unique opportunity for evening night life with Resident DJs specialize in organic deep downtempo and Afro house, house and progressive, house and progressive, dancing, movies, food, and the opportunity to meet new burners.

Hometown: Reno, Alaska

Camp NOT a Cult!

Camp Not a Cult provides an alcohol-free, sobriety-supportive space for new and experienced burners with a light-hearted, silly vibe. We believe that by removing alcohol from our lives we have unlocked a way to live more authentically, feel better, and have more FUN every single day. Rather than daily recovery meetings, we offer a variety of yoga and meditation classes and workshops, a cacao ceremony & ecstatic dance, a fire-spinning workshop for beginners, Ayurvedic wisdom, and 1-2 sober/sober-curious meetups. All these events will be open to the community.

Hometown: Flagstaff

Camp Obelix

Your new favorite hole-in-the-wall! Camp Obelix is a motley crüe of fuckos, gentle jerks and geriatric juveniles from the US, Canada, and other places we weren’t taught about in school. Come spend an afternoon at the Turbo Bar and enjoy an ice-cold-adjacent glass of Turbo Juice. We’re not sure what’s in it but we know it’s got the goods to make you go, ‘what? why would someone enjoy this?’ Test your mettle in the inaugural Black Rock City Hobby Horse Championship and Non-Fetishization Event – a daring obstacle course that challenges the bond between beast and man. Or stop by in the evening to catch a show (or join one) at Crickets! Comedy Stage, our open mic ripped right out of an 80s cliché. And remember, if you’re not 100% satisfied, we hate you.

Hometown: Victoria

Camp of the Rising Buns

Camp of the Rising Buns is a community that celebrates the many gifts of the sun. Come to our Abuntent to experience the renewal of a new day while basking in the evaporative cooling powered by the gift of the sun’s rays. “Sun’s out, Buns out!”

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp One More

Camp One More’s ethos is “Yes!” or even “Okayyy”. How did we get here? By a series of excellent choices of course! Join Camp One More for a bevvy at the Excellent Choice Bar during Canadian Breakfast which is neither traditionally Canadian nor a typical breakfast. We welcome you to hang out and enjoy the high low-key vibes in the Excellent Choice Lounge or Liff Laff Luff tent. Make sure to stop and hop on our see saw for a moonlit bounce!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/camponemore/ Hometown: Boston

Camp Orange

In 2024, Camp Orange will return to Black Rock City, and our 16-foot tall banana stand will once again tower erect over the Playa — a shining, lighted beacon for all citizens of BRC in search of a place to rest their weary, dusty bananas! Join us for chocolate covered frozen bananas, fruity frozen drinks, silly dance parties, fun and educational sessions inside our cozy dome, or just to hang out and have a good time.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/camporange_playaofficial/ Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Orange Heart

We are a third year theme camp – Camp Orange Heart. Our camp is founded on the principles of unconditional love, mutual respect, honesty, trust, and transparency. Our goal is to provide a deeper intimacy among all human beings with respect to the eight types of intimacy. No drama type of camp – only love, respect, and radical acceptance!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3171798249769437/ Hometown: Aspen

Camp P3

Join us as we spiral ever outward in unending discovery of where the highway of radial participation intersects with the great canal of radical inclusion. Camp P3 is ‘be your best self’ boutique clothing gifters, Gin and tonic aficionados, and Nitro Coffee moguls hell bent on emblazoning your brain. We are also simply the hosts of the world’s largest white Wedding Dress Wednesday procession complete with a mass wedding ceremony? Don’t ask us, we don’t even know what our camp name means… Perhaps it means something different to each of us. Come visit us and find out what P3 means to you.

Hometown: Denver

Camp Peace of Ass

Camp POA (Peace of Ass) provides the “professional installation” of lusciously, unique, “Peace of Ass” bike seat covers, bringing “Peace to the Playa, One Bottom at a Time.” We continue to service the lovely citizens of Black Rock City who make their way to our inviting camp. We encourage our customers, with humor, to check out the Wall of Mirrors, and write on our annual poster. We also offer an “Ask the Expert” advice table as a “pop-up” activity.

Hometown: Reno

Camp Peachy

Apeachiate the peachy cocktails, peachy bum art and peachy tunes. Ain’t life a peach!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/camp.peachy?igsh=MTh4Mzhiazh1Znd6eg%3D%3D&utm_source=qr Hometown: Sydney

Camp Pendant

Welcome one and all! Come by and pick up one of this year’s pendants or a “BURNER” bike license plate. Rest your weary feet and tell us about your year. Be sure to check out the day’s swag on our gifting tree. Whether you take a little something or leave a little something, it’s here to make everyone’s day a little brighter. Nights too frenetic? Sit and watch our relaxing fractal display.


Camp Period

Menstruating on playa sucks. Period.
Camp Period was started to help menstruating folks on playa with tampons/pads, and to provide a safe educational space for all to celebrate and learn about periods, whilst destigmatizing them.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/campperiod Hometown: San Francisco

Camp PlayApology

You eff up, we fix it! Black Rock City’s first “Custom Apology Delivery Service” offers Playa-friendly flowers, Burner-centric cards & singing “SorryGrams” for BRC residents looking to make playAmends. We also have cards for other occasions. Send out a card, relax in our breezy shade structure, or have a shot of artisanal, home-infused vodka at our Sorry Bar. Check Playa Events for info on our “Sorry Soiree,” “What The Dilly, Yo!” happy hour & an end-of-week “Hail Bloody Mary” party, plus other daytime workshops and activities.

URL: https://playapology.com/ Hometown: Tucson

Camp PtP - The Clock Ship Tere

Home port and mutant vehicle support camp for The Clock Ship Tere and her crew who have been sailing the playa regularly since 2010.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon.

Camp Pull My Finger

Come join us for Biscuits and Gravy Tuesday and Thursday morning. “Best Thing You Will Put In Your Mouth all week” (Maybe second). Themed afternoon bars all week

Hometown: Truckee

Camp PyrOasis

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Camp Questionmark

The most curiouser. Celebrating creativity & music born from the playa. Serving up curiosity constantly, come get some )?(

URL: http://campquestionmark.com Hometown: Bay Area, Cali

Camp Random Pants

Hometown: West Coast

Camp Reno Nation

Biggest Little Shit Show On The Playa

Great beer; Weird People

Welcome to the Shit-Rock Saloon!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/reno_nation Hometown: Reno

Camp Ridiculicious

In a pickle? Come get some advice.
Need a pickle? Come get a pickle.
Need a straw? Make you own out of a Pickle!
Need to hug a pickle? Let us help!
Kid Friendly

Camp Safari

Determine your fate with a spin of the Safari Wheel. Photo ops, animal hunts, and other dusty games

URL: http://www.facebook.com/burningcampsafari Hometown: Berkeley

Camp Scatter

CAMP SCATTER pays tribute to the all but forgotten Prince of Mayhem, Elvis’ chimpanzee, SCATTER PRESLEY, who once reigned over GRACELAND with a bottle of Bourbon and an unbridled libido. This pampered CHIMP was draped in the finest studded jumpsuits and was known to be the life of the party. We celebrate our friendly furry fiend with daily shenanigans and nightly Elvis movies featuring the most unruly interruptions at our legendary BANANA HAMMOCK THEATER. Stop by and swing with us; grab a banana rum shot or an ice-cold beer and put your monkey feet up.

Hometown: Venice Beach

Camp Scone Fucker

Come get Sconed with us. 10 unique flavors to try throughout the week and ice cold tea to wash it down. All while grooving to our camp DJs Disco, House, and Lo-Fi beats.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61555334052330 Hometown: Reno, Vegas, Texas, and Washington

Camp Shark Cage

Welcome to the playa’s one and only nautical Nicolas Cage theme camp! Come steal the Declaration of Independence with us.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/CampSharkCage Hometown: Sacramento

Camp Shit Ain't Right

Wyoming-based with international flair – campmates from Wyoming, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, Germany, Netherlands… aaaand I’m definitely missing some.
Come visit for public lounge, food, misting, clothing boutique, large-scale painting, shitty punch and more!

Hometown: Pinedale

Camp Shoshana

We dream of gardens in the desert sand…are you curious? Like a many petaled bioluminescent rose, we are a collective of multi-hemispherical curiosity seeking creators, engagers, go-getters, and contributors. All are welcome to bask in our sweet scents and radiant fluorescence. Visitors can expect a chill vibe, silly games, sweet treats, and maybe even a new playa name.

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Shutterbuggy

Camp Shutterbuggy is home base for our mobile photo booth art car in the shape of an antique camera. Stop by camp daily from 3 pm onward for your souvenir photo in our photo booth.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Shutterbuggy Hometown: Vancouver BC

Camp Slow Your Roll

Take inspiration from the sloth and give into the deadly sin. Take a breath, put a pause on your carefully laid out plans and just slow your roll to indulge in all your curiosities. No need to rush even if you are late for an important date! Fall down the rabbit hole and land in a sloth’s dream jungle paradise. Come hang with us where everything is, you guessed it, slooowly done. Experience Slow Drunk Yoga (Mon/Wed 11am-12pm) and the Best Worst “Tea” Lounge (Tue/Thu 4:30-7pm) for the best tasting cocktail “teas” on the playa but you have to wait. Play some slow sloth challenges and games while you wait. Who can be LATER than the White Rabbit? Don’t fall off but finish last in the Slowest Bike Race. Channel your Chesire Cat smile to take photos in sloth onesies at our Sloth Pun Photo Booth.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/campslowyourroll/ Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Sonder

Camp Sonder is a oasis for sacred connection and profane bass music. We host a variety of intimate tea ceremonies, interactive connection playshops, immersive educational workshops, and live music performances designed express our light and integrate our dark side.

URL: http://sonderandspice.com/ Hometown: Denver

Camp Suckeelent

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine- Let us fill your belly with sunshine with our rainbow unicorn pancake donuts. We believe “If we all spread one ray of sunshine, we could light up the world”…

Hometown: Lake Tahoe

Camp Sweaty Betty

Friendly neighborhood misting Parlor, Hair Salon and Bike Repair. Stop in and experience an overall cooling sensation from head to foot as you stroll through the mist. Got crunchy hair, feeling a bit beat… Get in early for a partner provided hair wash. Got a flat, derailleur doesn’t work, chain broke, we can fix that also.
Misting & Bike Repair = Open 11:00 to 4:00.
Bike Repair = DIY Service 10:00 am – 7:00 pm.
Hair Salon = Open Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Friday 9:00 am – 11:00 am.

Hometown: Seattle /Petaluma CA/ Ventura, CA

Camp TeaPunk

Stop by our Steampunk inspired tea/coffee tent and chill for a bit. With victorian furniture, plush rugs, a cuddle puddle, small library and games you’re sure to feel welcome as you prop your feet up and relax. Looking for something more upbeat? Our “Weiner Liquor” party might be for you. With fresh grilled hot dogs and tons of toppings you’ll get to pick your shot to wash it down, all while listening to an array of DJ beats. Our campers are the family you wish you had, we welcome you to stop in and say hi!

URL: https://campteapunk.com/ Hometown: Casper

Camp Tell You

Hometown: Los Angeles


Dominating the portos for 5 years running. Unofficial Headquarters of The Black Rock City Communist Party (BRCCP). Gonzo Decommodification Experts and Proud Purveyors of Bullshit. Sales and Service 100% Guaranteed to soothe the soul and waste the body and mind. Cold looks and warm seats. The whiskey is tolerable and the wine is worse. While supplies last. Conditions and terms apply. We are not a cult.

Hometown: Portland Oregon

Camp Tidy

Welcome to Camp Tidy! Enjoy a proper cuppa tea and peruse our extensive collection of literature in the Tea and Porn lounge. Relax in the Playa Cloud. Recharge yourself and your devices with our solar powered charging station.

Hometown: The City of Angels

Camp to be Continued...

Camp To Be Continued… is the home of the Playa Pet Adoption Center and a wonderful saloon. Look for the Poohrimeter and stop in to adopt a new friend and sip on something cool and delicious.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/arttobecontinued10benchesofsittingman/ Hometown: Santa Cruz

Camp Touch This

Camp Touch This is diverse crew of artists, tradespeople, medical professionals, teachers, seasoned Burners and virgins. Come climb our 4 Story Cuddle Puddle, ride the giant Teeter Totter, participate in pixie bike races, or enjoy one of our frozen drinks dance parties. Wet Woody Wednesday starts around 5pm on Wednesday and is not to be missed!

Hometown: Truckee

Camp VRC

Camp VRC is about capturing and sharing the Burning Man experience beyond the playa by means of immersive 360 D virtual reality (VR) footage. Lose yourself in past VR experiences or jump in and help us build a global network to carry the impact beyond the playa. Monday to Saturday, 3-5pm, at the yellow short schoolbus. Also, you might find us POP-UP, to show footage, at other busy events throughout the playa.

Hometown: Reno

Camp Walter

Camp Walter where people are nice, the art cars are big and where you are welcome

Hometown: Phoenix


Home of XUZA Art Car
Every Night XUZA will be out on the prowl, seeking out Art installations to host parties and more.

Hometown: Las Vegas

Camp ZaZen

Welcome to ZaZen! Come by and relax in our shade, play our yard games, leave your sins behind in our Cosmic Confessional and grab a cup of Elvis Espresso every morning. We are a open and welcoming camp excited to meet new and old burners and share the magic of Black Rock together!

Hometown: Park City

Camp Zoombox

A giant boombox and some rad people

Hometown: Boise


CAMPOSANTO is from all corners of the World, but we are mostly Latinos. We love to dance and celebrate friendship. We contribute to the playa experience with dope Latin Beats, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, and Deep Rhythm. Our bar is always open!

Come to enjoy our Salsa Floor, beer-in-hand soccer games, and more. Look for our Solar Mutant Vehicle (Solar Chiva)

URL: https://camposantito.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Campus Callosum

Hypothesis: Scientifically rigorous yet playful participation enhances your burn.

Intro: Campus Callosum invites you to experiment with our placebo bar, sci-art and brain-inspired activities.

Specific Aims:

Aim 1) Are you drunk!? Our speakeasy The Double-Blind Pig serves placebo-controlled refreshments. While you sip, ask the local (inebriated?) scientists all your burning questions (results may vary)

Aim 2) Can we tickle your brain!? Play with our interactive neurotech, mind-stretching games, and discover the neuroscience of your favorite drugs!

Aim 3) Ready to blow your mind!? We’re not just nerds, we’re artists too! Study our scientifically inspired pieces co-created by neuroscientists and friends.

In summary, WE WANT YOUR BRAINS to try our innovative approach to nerdy fun on the playa!

URL: http://campus-callosum.org/ Hometown: Innsbruck


CAMPWWIT is place to ask yourself the question, “Wait, What’s In This?” We explore the playa experience through snarky reflection, encouraging internal monologue and external dialogue through games, drinks, and music. With everything going on during the burn, we hope you can reflect on what’s going on inside you with others to help bring these playa lessons out into the default world!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/campwwit/ Hometown: New York


Come join the fun at CandyLand. Enjoy a sweet treat from one of a dozen retro decorated candy dispensing machines. Then you can step over to our “Candy Bar” for a shot of Jolly Rancher flavored Vodka.
After choosing your favorite vodka flavor, get in line at “The Claw” for an opportunity for more treats, and some x-rated toys for those over 18.
CandyLand is open everyday until 6 pm.

Hometown: Oracle

Capricious Cat Herding

Capricious Cat Herders may be fickle but like all felines we can be won over by good snacks and scratches. Come for comfort, catamount connections, and leonine learning. What are you waiting for? Come join right meow!

Hometown: Toronto

Captain Pump's Raiders

Captain Pump’s Raiders is Black Rock City’s finest giant-robot driving mercenary company, and we roll a mean D20. Come visit us for RaiderCon IX, the Playa’s premier (and possibly only) roleplaying-game convention! Don’t miss our Starcraft and Magic tournaments.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pumpsraiders/ Hometown: Boulder

Carrot Tribe

A groovy sound camp for all things carrot!
Come disco with us while we serve you up juicy beats and carrot cocktails. Keep calm and carrot on.

URL: http://www.instagram.com/thecarrottribe Hometown: Los Angeles




Casa de la Rumba

The most magical prohibition era Casino where you can come and try our whimsical cocktails while trying your luck at our roulette or Blackjack table all under our glorious circus tent.

Come get some rumba to our Casa. Celebrate sharing, life, and try your luck in our little casino. You can come and bet whatever you have on you and we will match it up.

URL: https://casadelarumba.com Hometown: San Francisco

Cascadia Lodge

Black Rock City’s favorite Apres-Ski bar and dance party, serving up craft cocktails made with pacific northwest spirits. Warm up at our fire pit or try your hand at the lodge games.

Hometown: Portland

Castra Ursi

Castra Ursi aims to lead and accelerate the future of what Burning Man’s camps must become. It is a camp that is simultaneously efficient and comfortable, informative and inspiring, and one that is powered entirely by renewable energy.

Castra Ursi will provide public charging for participants’ devices and small electric-powered mutant vehicles and will host several panels engaging in topics specific to renewable energy on-playa and renewable energy powered public art.

Hometown: Brooklyn


As the bass fades and the creaking of your bike becomes audible once again, you turn onto tan unfamiliar street. Appearing as the breeze sweeps the dust from the ground is a warmly lit wooden cottage, beckoning with firelight and the soft sound of mandolin and laughter.

Catawampus is ramshackle and sincere, just like our group of members, relationships and structures built with love and found materials. We spread the mantra of “magically imperfect”, both in our on playa offerings and in our compassion for all people. We tap into the old wisdom, of the land and ancestors, worn but still worthy, to bring comfort and connection to all who venture to our porch. We are askew, perfect in our irregularity, having found a place that only we fit. You will fit too.

Hometown: Portland


Step into CatLand, Burning Man’s haven for feline enthusiasts. Join us for themed parties featuring tacos, stretching sessions paired with doughnuts, and craft activities all centered around our beloved cats. Indulge in our open bar, where camaraderie flows as freely as the drinks. Escape into a world where every moment is infused with the whimsy and wonder of our furry friends. Experience magic of CatLand, where the spirit of Burning Man meets the playful spirit of cats.

Hometown: Sacramento


Catmandu is a group of diverse friends who love dumplings, music, and cats. Join us on playa for activities throughout the week like prom, pickles & tatts, and a cat creation station.

Hometown: San Francisco

Celestial Bodies

For 20 years, Celestial Bodies has been your friendly, all inclusive, gay bar on the playa. Brining you fun, daily events in a welcoming environment.

URL: http://www.campcelestialbodies.org Hometown: Sacramento

Celestial Sideshow

Our camp is made up of lively, youthful, creative, high energy people who love creating unique and transformative experiences for ALL. The camp is designed to promote an exhilarating and transformative experience, with an emphasis on healing practices and performance arts.
To us, healing includes yoga, breath, intimacy, consent, sex & kink and emotional mastery.
Our performances include acro-yoga, aerial silks, fire spinning, flow toys, juggling, improv + comedy, contact dancing, DJ sets and live music bands.
Our intention goes beyond celebrating our own blissful flow: we aim to share, inspire, educate and include individuals into our community, space and lives. Our BRC camp is an open door invitation to fully integrate into our world, and an open heart to everyone’s unique offerings.

URL: https://celestialsideshow.org Hometown: San Diego

Celestial Tea Garden

Welcome to Celestial Tea Garden Camp, a vibrant, women-led, multicultural oasis celebrating the rich diversity of asian and asian-american culture amidst the dusty canvas of Burning Man. Our camp is a sanctuary where ancient traditions meet modern playfulness, all dedicated to fostering a deep sense of community, understanding, and radical inclusion.

Hometown: San Francisco

Celtic Chaos

Celtic Chaos sound camp is back to recharge your soul and deliver top-quality tunes and cold drinks all served with a side of Irish charm! The camp roots are Irish, but its branches reach all corners of the globe, and the attitude is radical inclusivity with a Céad Míle Fáilte (one hundred thousand welcomes) vibe. Leave your ego behind, and swing by Bertie’s Bar to share a drink, a story or immerse yourself in the “craic and banter”. From sunset through sunrise dance the night away and revel in the chaos. Events: Tue aft: Playa-Olympics: Think games/sports day from school! Thu aft: St. Paddy’s Day on the Playa (Trad Irish) Sat night: Celtic Chaos Prom night with tantalizing tunes from a serious line-up of DJs.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CelticChaosCommunity/ Hometown: Galway / San Francisco


The Census has been collecting information about the population of Black Rock City since 2002. The results of the Census from previous years will be on display at the Census Lab on playa and published in the Population Analysis Report on our website at http://blackrockcitycensus.org

URL: http://census.burningman.org Hometown: Reno

Centripedal Porch

CentriPEDAL Porch and its Handle Bar is a space full of bike-based furniture and a human-powered blender bar, pulling bike parts out of the recycling and trash bins and bringing them back into the world. We also host a variety of bike-oriented events, teaching people the delicate art of how to physically and emotionally ride a tandem, how to do the limbo on two wheels, and many other mini-games focused on finding new ways to enjoy and appreciate your playa bike.

Hometown: Bend

Chai Lounge

The Chai Lounge is a place where we celebrate life over a cup of chai, in a drum circle, during ecstatic dance, and inside our portal where we explore the unseen realm! The Lounge’s mission is to bring people into sincere interaction with one another and experience deep love and a profound, spiritual, consensual healing. This is facilitated through our camp healers. We will invite guests to sit and connect over tea and join us in creative activities such as our large drum and handpan circle, ecstatic dance, as well as yoga, Tai Chi flow arts, painting, journaling and drawing.

Hometown: Phoenix AZ

Chain Reaction

Welcome to Chain Reaction, your hub for Burning Man bike repair! From Monday to Saturday, 11 am to sunset, pedal over to us for all your bicycle needs. Whether it’s a flat tire, a loose chain, or a wobbly wheel, our team is here to get you rolling again. Please note, we’ll have limited service on Saturdays, so swing by early to ensure your wheels are ready for the playa adventure!

URL: http://instgram.com/camp_chain_reaction?r=nametag Hometown: San Francisco

Chair Camp

The Dusty, cozy-as-can-be living room with room for all of our Chair, automan, and TV people. Chair Camp is proud to be on playa for the third year, with 6 mutant vehicles and a 24/7 lounge-pad for when we’re done stomping around deep playa + giving lifts to our burner neighbors and off adventuring. Cold beverages and warm, cozy hangs? Purrr.

Hometown: white salmon

Champagne Lounge

Welcome to the Champagne Lounge! Amidst Black Rock City’s hustle, our oasis offers luxurious relaxation. Step into our elegantly adorned shade, sip champagne poured by less than knowledgeable bartenders, and recline on plush playa-tech or mingle with fellow Burners. As the sun sets, enjoy twinkling lights and ambient music for a magical atmosphere. Cheers to the extraordinary!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Champagnelounge/ Hometown: Reno

Chariot Project

Injured? Have a curious mishap? Fear not! Chariot Project has a rainbow fleet for hurt feet. Our pedal-powered mobility carts are available for checkout by the day to attach to your own bike. While you are here you can explore our enchanting collection of canes, orthopedic boots, braces, and more to help you on your healing journey.

URL: https://burningchariots.com/ Hometown: Reno

Chatterbox Camp

Immerse yourself in the vibrant cacophony of creativity with the Chatterbox Art Car. This rolling masterpiece serves as a mobile platform for spontaneous conversations, fueled by the energy of the playa. Adorned with mesmerizing humans and pulsating with music, the Chatterbox invites participants to engage in dynamic dialogues, forging connections that transcend boundaries. Join the journey aboard this mobile marvel and experience the magic of community, expression, laughter and exploration!

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes is a bespoke analog arcade offering games of wit and dexterity 24/7. Come play with us!

Hometown: OAKLAND

Cheezy Oasis

Indulge in the tantalizing allure of irresistibly cheezy goodness that delicately melts in your mouth. Join us to savor this exquisite experience of cheesy delight. Alternatively, embark on a flavorful adventure and roll the dice for a delectable drink that promises to energize your day like never before. Feeling adventurous? Grab the mic and unleash your inner comedian, songbird, or entertainer extraordinaire. The stage is yours to own! If mornings aren’t your thing or you’ve burned the midnight oil, why not join us for a pick-me-up coffee and delightful conversation to start your day right? And remember–Stay Cheezy

URL: https://cheezyoasis.com/ Hometown: Las Vegas

Cheshire Alley

Join us on a trip down the rabbit hole! Cheshire Alley – the most fun dive bar on the playa!! Stop by for some afternoon and evening silliness, cool drinks, games, and black light body / face painting. We host super fun themed parties Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CheshireAlley/ Hometown: Denver

Cheshire Pancake Camp

Our camp offers a sampling of savory and sweet round tasty bites and beverages inspired by our members’ favorite experiences traveling around the world. While waiting for your fresh off the griddle treat, step into our shaded lounge space with rugs, pillows, and cool mist fans. There, you can relax and enjoy connecting with new people and playing conversational and hands-on games. All ages welcome!

Hometown: Mountain View

Chicken Cooter Soup

Chicken Cooter Soup, a band of misfits, born of the playa, dedicated to give back via hot dogs, ice cream, and root beer

Hometown: Reno

Chico Urban Area

Climb aboard the Intergalactic Transporter for a trip across the Playa you will never forget! We are happy to give you a cold beverage, space to dance, chill or just meet new people.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/intergalactictransporter Hometown: Between Galaxies

Children of Chaos

Children of Chaos, established in 2000, is returning to the playa! Join our Gold Parade, stop by our conversation bar and have a drink and a chat! Our campers hail from Reno, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, and Houston.

URL: https://chaoscamp.wordpress.com/ Hometown: Reno

Chill Thrills

Chill Thrills is either your cozy relaxing corner with Spa and Breakfast, a destination for spiritual and heartfelt-yet-quirky celebration of love and commitment, or a place to make new friends singing and dancing. With people from all around the World, we cannot wait to be part of making your trip on playa memorable.

Hometown: Seattle

Chill Vibez

The dome beckons! We offer a chill space to vibe and hang in our LED powered dome. We will have music and synchronized LEDs nightly.

Hometown: SF Bay Area

Chill Ville On The Esplanade

In the heart of Chill Ville, amidst the flickering flames and rustic charm, one finds not merely a bar, but a realm where the boundaries between patron and bartender blur into obscurity, and fire is served! Here, conversations linger like a Deep House beat, fun flows freely as the mighty wind, and the line between stranger and friend dissolves into the ether.

For seven days, the sands of time shift, and the spirit of revelry reigns supreme, beckoning burners to partake in the communal joy that permeates this sacred space.

URL: http://instagram.com/chill.ville.on.the.esplanade Hometown: Santa Cruz

Choo Choo

Experience the ultimate musical journey at BiPolar Express Mutant Vehicle support camp! Groove to electrifying DJ sets on our top-notch sound system while enjoying refreshing drinks from our bar. Unwind with healing meditative music sessions that soothe the soul. Join us for an unforgettable fusion of beats and serenity at BiPolar Express!

URL: https://choochoo.camp/ Hometown: Limassol

Chop Shop

We are the best BRC bicycle repair shop. We have bicycle parts and welding.

Hometown: Flagstaff

Cingulata Camp

Cingulata Camp, home of Cingulata MV and the playa’s best gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

Hometown: Seattle

Cirkus freaks

Cirkus freaks a freaky group of party animals.

Hometown: Seattle

Cirque de Licious

Eccentric buncha clownz that love fun and serving coffee to the masses!

Hometown: Eugene oregon

Clamp Camp

The Clamp Camp mission is to help you hold it together…temporarily. Please stop by to consult with our Clamp Counselors who will help you with your clamping needs, or stay a while for our creative clamptivities.

URL: http://totallylegitllc.com/clamp-camp/ Hometown: Seattle

Clevian Circularity

Clevian Circularity dates back to 30,000 BC and channels a mystic lost civilization.


Cloud 9

We are a live music, deep ancestral camp that jumps between mayhem and meditation depending on the day and whether we’ve had breakfast.

We wish to preserve clean water for future generations. To that end, we will provide only cold beer to the filthy citizens of Burning Man.

Cloudy AF

Feel the thunder as we BUFF and FLOG your muscles at Body Werkz, get foggy in the Steamy AF sauna, get wisped away in our evolving sprinkles of frosty bevies — take flight into the silky skies on our aerial rig – drift away in a dream in our cloud pit!
We are dedicated to raising the hearts, body and souls of the broader Burning Man community through our art, events, and welcoming space. We dew take our fun quite cirrus-ly.
It’s never been this cool to throw so much shade!!

Hometown: San Francisco

ClusterF*ck United

Dust, Sun, Booze, Bikes, Night, and Noise–it’s a ClusterF*ck out there and that’s exactly what you’ll find here: a ClusterF*ck of activity where chaos meets collaboration in the heart of the playa! Our camp is a vibrant and diverse community of Burners from around the globe, coming together to celebrate the spirit of Burning Man in our own unique and unconventional ways. Look for our brightly-lit ✽ marquee!

URL: https://www.ckunited.net/ Hometown: San Francisco


Welcome to the Cockpit. On the one hand, we will spirit burners away to the golden age of air travel where they can stop by, relax and recuperate in our airport lounge with an espresso or green juice by day, or a cocktail by night, before taking flight again back to the playa. On the other hand, we invite burners to make a wish and jump into our pit of foam cocks. Because, who said a double entendre couldn’t be literal?

Hometown: New York


CocoDisco is your playa home for….well…coconuts and disco. Stop by Tuesday afternoon for a cold coconut, tropical vibes, and an epic dance party. Or Wednesday for a full dim sum brunch.

The CocoDisco lounge is also open 24/7 when you just need a little time at the beach.

Hometown: San Francisco

Coffee and Pasties

Coffee and Pasties, bringing organic peculator coffee back the the Playa and of course all the colorful pasties!

Hometown: Petaluma

Cold Yogis

Cold Yogis exist to awaken terrestrial sprit and ancestral resiliency by wilfully disrupting homeostasis and diving into discomfort – Using breath to anchor consciousness in reality.

We offer workshops for breathwork, cold exposures, brain over body techniques, rocket yoga and animal flow to increase health, self control, and consciousness. We are an international camp that shares space with Camp Contact, DECENTRAL and others.

This year, we will bring the Temple of Mokosh to the Playa.

URL: http://www.coldyogis.org/ Hometown: Cologne

Combat Zone

If you’re looking for the best late night food on the playa, come find us. We’ll be serving hot noods and cold beats in our sexy tea lounge from 4-6am every night.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Come to Cheesus!

We serve grilled cheese and good times for all! Come worship with Cheesus MWF @ 8 and ride the Danger Noodle! Divinity and satiety for all!

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Comfy Cozy Community College

Comfy Cozy Community College & VooDoo Lounge is a place for gathering, learning and hijinx. Come take one of our classes, have your palm read, or take a class in dildo fencing. Learning is its own type of VooDoo.

URL: http://burncomfycozy.com/ Hometown: Sacramento

Coney Mc Coneface

We are Coney Mc Coneface …. if you desire cone nonsense come find us ….

URL: https://www.conecophony.com Hometown: Dargaville

Congee Central

Hometown: Oakland


Jiggle your bones at the “Dome of the Dead”, or enjoy the “Volleyball Court for the Deceased”!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampContent Hometown: Brooklyn


Join us, 1 to 3 PM, for our afternoon Fire and Ice parties with Snowcones and FireFries.
Over heated kids can ask if we have ice anytime to cool off their little Brains. (Any age in destress will be helped.)
Check the schedule for Yoga classes, or having your reading done.
or just come cool off in the shade and watch the world go by.

Hometown: Boulder

Cool Cat Cafe

Cool Cat Cafe is all meow all the time. We are a small family owned and operated theme camp dedicated to serving quality nom noms. We are here to make your burn meowy af!!

Hometown: Los Angeles

COOT: Crew Out of Time

We are the art support camp for Matter Out of Time (MOOT), a theramin powered time machine which originally appeared in 2014.

MOOT appears as a shiny, spiky ball, partially embedded in the playa. However, upon entry and interaction, it comes alive and your travel through time is controlled by your motion!

URL: https://www.deldiosglasshouse.com/moot Hometown: San Diego

Corner Pocket

Billiards at Burning Man! Corner Pocket Camp is your Black Rock City Pool Hall. We have FULL SIZE TABLES! Come enjoy learning and playing up to five pool games: 8-ball, 9-ball, Cutthroat, 3-ball, and Goonball. We’ll have tournaments with awesome prizes and FUNishments, as well as special events such as “Strip Pool” and “Heckle Pool”. Also, DARTS!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Do you love corn as much as we do? Come experience the entire gamut of the beautiful vegetable slash grain! Vegetables are a scarcity on the playa, so come join us for our fresh corn on the cob daily and build your own flavor popcorn bar to get your fibre on! Pooping is a problem out here, so make sure you get in and out of that little plastic box of a toilet as fast as possible.

If you’ve got your fiber fix already, come kill some brain cells with our glorious corn bar!

URL: https://campcornhub.com Hometown: Los Angeles


Everybody wants to be a CORNSTAR! That means YOU!!! Stop by for some boozy cereal during our morning breakfast bar (7:30 – 9:00 AM) or a delicious cocktail during our afternoon bar (3:00 – 6:00 PM)!! We would love to see you!! Every day, we have Cornshoots, where we can take your picture with an instant film camera. And, we have plenty of corny outfits and props for you to include in your Cornshoots!! If you need a picture for this year’s Christmas card, we are the camp for you!!! And, keep an eye out for our BILF (Bar I’d Like to Find) in the deep Playa! You never know where we might show up!!!

Hometown: Washington, DC

Cosmic Casbah

We are a diverse group of like minded individuals that started off as strangers and became family. By becoming each other’s chosen family, we feel we can be open and honest regarding our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health and have helped each other work through past and present trauma on and off playa. By building community and trust within each other, we are able to heal through art, music, and self expression. The goal of our community is to show genuine connection, love, and support with each other that we may not normally obtain in our default lives. Through this action we strive to create a safe space for individuals to learn and grow into the best version of themselves.

Hometown: Auburn

Cosmic Giggle

Welcome to Cosmic Giggle! We are burners spanning from NYC to the Bay and crossing continents to London and Beirut. Our name is inspired by an experimental documentary that explores the expansive energy field that we, together, create…and one thing is for sure, it can get pretty random! Here’s what we have in store for you this year:

We’ve got a gym! Who said being Playa meant missing out on your pump up?
We’ve got classes! We work out your externals, navigate your internals, and will get you giggling!
We’ve got a bar! Rehydrate with electrolytes. Dehydrate with booze. Though beware: we may make you work for it!
Looking to keep your heart rate mellow? We’ve got cosmic croquet and an oasis lounge.
OH, and meet Freddy, our resident GODZILLA!

So come on: Enter our cosmic chaos. Have a Giggle!

URL: http://cosmicgiggle.org Hometown: San Francisco

Cosmic Llama

The Cosmic Llama Guardians are sworn to protect the ancient secrets of the Dali Llama lineage. The Cosmic Llamas have been charged with creating the highest vibrations of Harmony & Resonance…Without our camp offering beats, music, rhythmic dance (and llama puns)…the Cosmos would fall dangerously out of balance!

In the whimsical world of Cosmic Llamas, every step resonates with rhythm, every word hums with harmony, and every heart pulsates with cosmic frequencies. Together we weave the melodies of unity and vibrations of joy that reach the farthest corners of the cosmos, one llama leap at a time!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Cosmica is the place where rationals and mystics meet. Dip into the cosmic theater, take a meditative journey through the stars, dance to galactic tunes at our Cosmic Feel party.

URL: https://www.campcosmica.org/ Hometown: Brooklyn

Cosplay Central Casting

The most awesome Cosplay LARPing experience on earth!
Come by and see us and get involved in some fun activities in the Cosplay world.
For sexy and adventurous couples- We have a Barbie theme and naturally Ken being a dickless doll will be fitted with a male chastity cage and Barbie will hold the key!!!

Hometown: Irvine

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet

The playa’s original and longest-running soulmate trading outpost. Come and experience our unparalleled matching system, honed over 27 years of no-frills soulmate trading and find your new best friend

URL: https://www.csto.org Hometown: Santa Cruz

Cotton Candy Vibes

We are a camp of light-hearted, whimsical burners committed to delivering maximum childhood nostalgia to BRC through the time-honored medium of cotton candy served on a variety of delicious cookies, pretzels, or twizzlers. Enjoy your cotton-candy treats in our fluffy lounge space, protected from the elements and basking in excellent vibes.

Hometown: San Francisco


A cozy oasis offering shade, restful couches and a hammock forest, life-size games, workshops, a cuddle-puddle, tasty libations, late-night warming fire and black coffee. As Black Rock citizens for over a decade, we are a diverse international collective of travelers, hosts, creators, misfits, and friends from many walks of life and corners of the earth. Find us by the perimeter of international flags.

URL: http://www.couchburners.com Hometown: Seattle

Counter Culture

We are the BRC Census support camp. Drop by anytime to learn about what Census does and the information we have to share.

Hometown: Richmond


Covered-in-Bees!!! hosts events, workshops, art, and a bar inside our 38-foot dome. We have scheduled activities nearly every day in our dome, including:
– Board games!
– Juggling and object manipulation workshops
– Sunrise Megaphone sing-along and Pineapple Sacrifice
At night, our dome becomes a bar with a barside experience focused on personal storytelling. Some nights also feature musical activities like karaoke and the Waggle Dance Party. Check out our themed bar nights like On the Dusty Sea and Sexy Pollination.
Also, come visit our Minimum Viable Pyramid across the Esplanade from our dome – an irresistible opportunity for cross-Esplanade megaphone duels.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/coveredinbeesartscollective Hometown: San Francisco

Coyote Garden

Coyote Garden is BRC’s all-ages, all-hours neighborhood coyote park built around a kinetic art installation that brings together dozens of UV-reactive coyote art pieces to celebrate the native song dog of the Americas (and BRC itself). It’s tended by an eclectic group of coyote-adjacent artists to increase coyote consciousness by showing these canines in different lights.

Coyote Garden exists outside of known time and space. It appears out of the ether on very special occasions when the colorful progenitor coyotes are summoned to this realm by the secret rituals and dark science of the mysterious Coyote Gardeners. The interdimensional coyotes are especially active from dusk till dawn, when the garden fully transforms and reveals its truest form. Sometimes pancakes and coffee appear too.

URL: https://www.coyotegarden.com/ Hometown: Seattle

Cozy Cat Camp

Join us Cozy Cats in the shade! Snuggle in our cozy lounge to escape from the heat and relax. Enjoy some chill music and some tea. Catnap, or come alive with Cat-Stretch Yoga! Make some cat crafts or show off your style in our Catwalk Fashion Show! Play cat games with us! MEOW!

URL: https://www.cozycatcamp.com Hometown: Reno

Cozy Dinosaur

a safe and cozy place to party, relax and meet new friends!

During the day, come escape the elements in our cozy shade structure where we’ll be serving ice cold flavored seltzers. Kick back on our comfy seats, take a moment to reflect, or listen in to one of our many workshops or lectures. Introverts welcome!

Come by in the evening to grab a cold beer while you listen to music and dance at our nightly party. Or hop on our art car – After Life – as we head out for sunset rides or catch us for one of our midnight lectures.

Hometown: San Francisco

CrazyCamera & Christmas Every Day

CrazyCamera & Christmas Every Day is where you can make crazy picture, burn the wooden frame for it and celebrate Christmass

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampCrazyCamera Hometown: San Diego

Creamee Coffee

We blend the invigorating spirit of Burning Man with the universal love for coffee. Each day, we serve up an eclectic mix of fun, innovative coffee creations that awaken the senses and fuel the soul. From espresso-infused adventures to creamy concoctions that defy the ordinary, our camp is a haven for coffee enthusiasts and curious souls alike. Join us for a cup of joy, connection, and creativity as we celebrate the magic of Burning Man one sip at a time.

Hometown: Atherton, CA

Creation Nation BRC

Creation Nation BRC is a radical survival camp where all of our campers provide for their own needs. As a camp, we provide interactivity with Black Rock City citizens through giving many hands-on art projects as well as informational talks. We also provide a few 24/7 interactivity items on the frontage which gets us involved in discussions and socializing with our fellow burners for photos and the like.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/355809514794222 Hometown: San Jose

Crepes and Tonic

Crepe and Gin&Tonic on French Electronic music, a kitchen, bar, and a small sound system. We will promote a French touch with crepes every day before sunset, serving spirit-free drinks all day and Gin Tonic during happy hours.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/crepesandtonic/ Hometown: Chicago


The Crepiphany café offers a typical Parisian-style experience with chef-cooked crêpes and puzzles.

Hometown: Seattle


Welcome to crime.wav, where the bass is high and the vibes are low key, just the way we like it! Prepare to have your senses tickled and your eardrums massaged as you catch some WAVs and groove to the beat. We’re not just about music; we’re about embracing the idiosyncratic side of life. So, whether you’re busting out moves like a pro or just awkwardly swaying to the WAV you move, you’re in for a freaking good time. And hey, in case you’re wondering, the ‘WAV’ in crime.wav isn’t a typo – it’s a nod to the audio gods, paying homage to the Waveform Audio File format because, why the hell not? Our camp is a melting pot of misfits, with DJs, shit talkers, and artists coming together to unleash their madness on playa.

Hometown: Black Rock City

Critical Connections

Connections make us a collective being. They are all critical to us. And Puppets.

Hometown: San Francisco

Cronos Camp

WE ARE A FAMILY a group of BEST FRIENDS, Sisters, Brothers, Mothers, Fathers, Wives and Husbands
from different part of the world with different cultures and believes that come together to create something magical.

URL: chronoscamp.com Hometown: Phoenix


Crossroads has worked for a decade to provide entertainment and hospitality in the form of LIVE music, a fully functional bar (with popsicles), a cool (literally) chill space, DJs and amazing late night and daytime parties. Crossroads’ unique energy and next-level musical talent draws humongous crowds who come with a serious hunger to sing and dance and drink!

Meanwhile Mt. Olympus will set you up to romp like the Gods with a queer themed speed dating, queer parody plays, gifting faeries and “impromptu wellness events with a theatrical ancient woo-woo twist”

Hometown: West Coast Cali

Cuddle Oasis

Too hot? Too Cold? Partied out? Need a break? Need a cuddle or two? or Ten? You have come to the right place! Come relax under our many shade structures. Enjoy morning Sound Baths and Yogas.

Follow that large lighted Palm trees at night and come enjoy a drink at the bar and ask about our daily activities that vary each day.

Hometown: San Francisco

Cult of the Magic Lady

Come to our Cult, we have snacks! The snacks are babies, but don’t worry, they are alcoholic. We also have a church, for your physical wellbeing and personal gains. And we feed on your shame.

We also have a library.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/cultofthemagiclady/ Hometown: Oakland

Curios & Curios3r

Curios & Curios3r (aka the Curios) are a delightful band of weirdos camping with the Alight Market Village. We’re a tight knit, year round community of seasoned Burners who love to gift interactive experiences that put smiles on the faces of others. We strive to be the highlight of someone’s evening by offering strange and delightful experiences that are exactly what you didn’t know you needed. Our offerings include: Playa Shoe Shine, Heck and of course, the Curios Shoppe

Hometown: Oakland, CA