2024 Camp Listings

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2024 Camps

I Love Elephants

Join us at the “I Love Elephants” camp to celebrate the majesty and wisdom of elephants. Our passion spans from the spiritual essence of Ganesh to the communal spirit of elephant herds. Immerse yourself in an projection experience of Samskara, the Android Jones masterpiece! Dive into daily yoga, sound baths, music, and enlightening talks. Unleash your creativity in the Yaari Tent of Glow, painting laser-cut elephants or exploring body art. Our focus is unconventional, but it underscores a vital lesson: elephants, in their unique compassion, teach us about love and the necessity of community. Engage with informative panels, meet dedicated elephant activists, and embrace the call to action. Be part of a movement for change. Join us at Burning Man for an unforgettable experience.

URL: https://www.elephantsnow.org/events-burningman Hometown: Bend

I Miss My Dog Cafe

I Miss My Dog Cafe is a community cafe uniting people over our love of all animals.

A colorful dog installation welcomes our guests, who are invited to relax in the intimate ambiance of dog-themed decor. Our on-duty dog-tor (human therapy dog) will enthusiastically greet you and dexterously serve whatever drool-worthy refreshments the house is cooking that day. Sit and stay for dog-themed events.

Staying true to our food-gifting roots, we host hot dog parties and grilled cheese lunches, serving traditional and vegan options. Our day starts bright and early with a sunrise coffee, tea, and kibble cereal bar. Stop by to send your pup (or kitty) a postcard from playa.

Hometown: Denver

I Need An Adult

Come relax, have a drink and enjoy our gift to the city.

URL: https://www.campineedanadult.com/ Hometown: Denver

I'm Croquet, You're Croquet

Come for the slamming balls, stay for the silly cheese steaks! Our family-friendly camp includes Croquet gear available 24/7, and three Wonderland-themed games (think flamingoes and hedgehogs) with drinks and snacks throughout the week. Everybody has won, and all must have prizes!

Hometown: Alameda, CA

I'm OK, You're OK Corral

Stop on by the Corral for a libation in our vintage saloon. We host daily drink specials and welcome critters of all types!

Hometown: San Diego

iBurn/Burning Man Earth

Come download the iBurn app — a gift to help you navigate BRC! iBurn can be your compass, your activity guide, your art interpreter, and your savior in a dust storm. Even without wifi, iBurn can help you find your way home, your next adventure, and more. Bring your phone and answer the Burning Man trivia question for indespensable access.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/iBurnApp Hometown: San Francisco

Ice Ice Maybe

Welcome to Ice Ice Maybe! We are a small but playful and inviting camp that offers daytime events inspired by wordplay, silliness, nerdiness and creative joy – hosted in a camp with some ice/winter-themed infrastructure and art. We bring a solar panel array to power ice generation, and serve this to sweaty Burners in the form of various icy delights. Sometimes the sun cooperates, and sometimes there are clouds, dust, and thunder. Hence the “maybe!”

URL: https://www.iceicemaybe.org Hometown: Oakland

Iceberg Cowboys

We wrangle icebergs and ride ’em off into the desert

Hometown: San Francisco


We seek out the weary, the overheated and the disconnected to offer our signature Icy Hands experience. The instantaneous sense of relief, joy and connection turns recipients into PARTICIPANTS and makes them part of a larger whole. Icy Hands epitomizes “the gift that keeps on giving” by coaching recipients through providing the experience to others. Hands are cooled to near freezing temperatures by means of a simple block of ice, then with full positive consent of the recipient, those hands are placed upon the neck and jaw, providing an immediate sense of cool, calm and connection.

Block of Ice: $5. Memories, endorphins, friendship and dopamine rush: PRICELESS.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/100791163404554 Hometown: Los Angeles


Ignited States is all about our states of mind, our states of being, our states of consciousness. It’s about lighting up our worlds. It’s about igniting and fanning the flames of our creativity. And sometimes, it’s about igniting the fire in our bellies with a shot of fireball.

– Ignite your artful state by making a flag to illustrate the state you’re in or immersing yourself in the lights and sounds of the Point of Interest
– Ignite your wakeful state with mimosas, coffee or espresso martinis while getting bad advice
– Ignite Your ready to party state at one of our popup dance parties or at Fireball Friday happy hour
– Ignite your State of Awe as you watch aerial performances
– Ignited your playful state with our ring toss game, Heads of State

Hometown: Phoenix


IHOTT (Intergalactic House of Time Travelers) is back with everyone’s favorite Waffles from the past, present and future: The Cheesy Pickle! The Whiskey Maple! The Kimchi Peanut Butter! The Strawberry Cream Pie! Will your own creation be the next favorite menu item? Our delicious waffles are traveling across spacetime to a gravitational singularity near you!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/ihottbrc/ Hometown: Seattle


Illumicamp will primarily be an art support camp for the deep-playa art project Illumicone, but we love to interact with our neighbors and passersby. If you happen upon us, you will find Mini-Cone — a fully functional, small-scale version of Illumicone that is 4 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter, with 24 strings of LED lights, and including the same interactive flower widgets that can be found at the main Illumicone installation in deep playa. Feel free to hop into our pile of pillows underneath Mini-Cone as others manipulate the widgets to create a dazzling light show. You can also find us by looking for our “tripper stick,” a 22-foot tall LED light pole that guides weary travelers through the dark to our sparkly haven.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Illumicone Hometown: Boise, Idaho


Come by in the early morning or afternoon on weekdays for refreshments and flow lessons. See our fire performance at 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday!

Hometown: LAS VEGAS

Illumination Village

Illumination Village is an eclectic gathering of camps, held together by history and shared resources. We have our own process of placement within the village, much like the microcosm of Burning Man, showcasing our most talented artists in the front, and then placing others around our edges of our camp, and within the village in our Town Square and internal roads.

Each year it’s a new experiment in radical collaboration to create a cohesive feel for the village, across our many diverse camps. We love the multifaceted variety of environments and believe that it makes Illumination Village a unique and delightful place to visit.

Come take a steam during the day and make sure to visit our Fire Art Carnival in the evening. Our Fire pit will be lit up late into the night.

All are welcome!

URL: https://www.illuminationvillage.org Hometown: San Francisco, Ca


Illuminate your naughty side! Come visit our naughty carnival Monday-Thursday 4PM-8PM! Challenge yourself to feats of great debauchery! Tuesday and Wednesday, the carnival becomes a riotous party through midnight – just follow the bright lights of our Ball of Light, high in the sky. Come see the Aperiodic Wall, the entrancing optical illusion generator!

URL: http://www.campilluminaughty.com Hometown: Los Angeles

In Dust We Trust

An lovely camp, which has been giving away lingerie in exchange for a good life story for over 10 years now, serving snow cones in the afternoon sun and filled with people from all over the world, whose paths to our camp are always somehow unique and worth a story.

Hometown: Santa Rosa

In Queso Emergency

Hometown: Las Vegas


“in the Dark” is a meditative space for a deeper understanding of your feelings. We build a completely darkened space without light and each new event explores different ideas through the prism of different feelings. At Burning Man 2024 we are exploring the idea of death.

URL: https://instagram.com/in_the_dark_camp Hometown: Moscow


Come for piping hot pour over coffee! Meet interesting people! Challenge the Strip Plank! A harrowing game of skill and poise, walk the plank, grab the cock all while the crowd heckles you with supportive guff. Each time you fail, you can try again, but the price is an article of clothing! Winners get to skip the coffee line, losers lose more than their shirt… 9am to Noon, Monday through Saturday.

URL: http://inappropirates.com/ Hometown: Santa Cruz

Infinite Love

Celebrate love in all forms: Cultivate Self Love, Deepen Existing Love, and explore New Love. Enjoy yoga, dance, music, tea, and cozy lounges. Rich in daytime programming and shade from the desert heat.

URL: http://infinitelovecamp.com Hometown: San Francisco

Inflatable Wildlife

Inflatable Wildlife is the premiere destination for all indigenous inflatables of the playa. With a menagerie of inflatable wildlife and steady stream of danceable beats and wild and wondrous interaction helping to magnify the natural syncopated basslines which undulate through us all, we will be serving signature cocktails during an array of events throughout the week, including a chance to meet your mate at our now renowned Not Awkward Speed Dating, Daily Spirits Tastings, Inflatable Goat Yoga, Playa Jewelry Making, our signature, 5th annual Sunrise Pre-Game Party and more.

Hometown: Brooklyn


Insomnophilia is back at it in 2024 to celebrate being awake with YOU! Insomnophilia (from Latin: “in” translates to “without,” “somnus” translates to “sleep,” and “philia” translates to “love”) is defined as becoming aroused by being awake to the world around them and being with those that are also awake. Join us at our camp for coffee and merriment so we can wake you up physically, mentally, and metaphysically.

Hometown: Seattle

Interaction Café

We create a space where servers get to create their ideal burning man experience by choosing interactions offered to guests who come by, and guests choose whichever of their offerings tickles their fancy. The result is consensual weird and wonderful experiences, and it’s hard to leave our camp, because you never know what might happen next: one moment it’s sweet and moving, and the next it’s rowdy and hysterical. During self-service hours, guests use menus to engage in interactions between themselves.

Hometown: San Rafael, California

Intergalactic Confederation

We invite all intergalactic beings to come share some Brazilian BBQ and enjoy some outer space techno music with the ORBEAT crew, Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 12am.

Hometown: Grass Valley

Intergalactic Sasquatch Village

The Intergalactic Sasquatch is returning for its 8th year on Playa, 10 years old- for the day trippers, the night walkers, the virgins to the vets, our funky lil cantina offers a place to escape the madness and go down the rabbit hole! Take a stroll through our fractal forest, guests are welcome to walk about the woods through fractal trees, but we warn you to tread carefully and keep an eye out for the very creatures that find their home in our camp! You might be asked to pay the “squatchtoll” in our interactive gameland and if visitors are 21&older, Squatch O’Hairs offers deliciously refreshing bevvys for in between rounds.

Hometown: Las Vegas


Transport yourself to another time and place as you enter Tangier’s International Zone. Grab a book from our Lost Times Library and hang out in our lounge area, open 24/7. Library Loud Hours daily from 3pm-6pm with iced Moroccan mint tea and craft beer on tap!

Hometown: Indianapolis

IPOW-Indigenous People of World

IPOW-Indigenous People of World wants to bring Indigenous people and allies from around the world together to share their stories and life experiences. The basis of the camp is to create a place to share Indigenous culture and educate all who want to join our camp or events to learn. This camp will be a place to spread different cultures and teachings from all over the world for all that want to learn. We are honored by our Two Spirit community that support and are an integral part of our camp. The camp will be safe space for all Indigenous people for all over the world and allies. It is a place where people can learn and share traditions, foods before and after colonization, games, languages, and music. We will host interactivity events-based food and the gathering of people.

Hometown: Minneapolis Minnesota "the traditional land of the Dakota people"

Iron Monkeys

Home to the Iron Monkeys, the creators of Glimmer

URL: https://www.ironmonkeyarts.org Hometown: Seattle

Ironic Spin

Welcome to Ironic Spin! Join us under our bright pink and yellow Star Pods, where the party takes on a whole new dimension. During the day, you can relax under our shaded, vibrant Star Pods and soak up all those playa vibes. In the evening, we crank out beats hotter than the desert sun with our epic DJ sets, guaranteed to get your feet moving and your spirits soaring. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, come join our infamous body paint dance parties, where you can unleash your inner artist and dance the night away amidst a whirlwind of colors and beats.

URL: https://ironicspin.com/ Hometown: Victoria, B.C.

Irrelephant Bird Camp

Colorful eyebrows? CHECK! Dunking Contest? CHECK! Bad Movies? CHECK! Yacht rock? Jock rock? Not rock? Check, check, and check! Trying to get a handle on what we do here at Irrelephant Bird Camp? Don’t even try it. Just come by and get a little silly with us, touch base with reality, or take a nap overseas.

Hometown: Pacifica

It Was Better Last Year

Come visit The Crusty Burner for delicious, cold beverages, lovingly hand-crafted for your intoxication and refreshment. Or, at least, beverages. They’ll probably be cold. Unless Steve forgets to do the ice run again. But Steve won’t let us down again today…RIGHT STEVE?

Hometown: San Francisco

It Yurts So Good

Come and experience the charm of the prairie together, feel our roughness and enthusiasm…

Hometown: Ulaanbaatar