2024 Camp Listings

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2024 Camps

L'Atelier de Wagon Support Camp

L’Atelier de Wagon has been created solely for the intent of interaction, participation, leave no trace, and gifting at Burning Man.The vehicle is a mobile art studio, bringing together professional and amateur artists or anyone whom wants to give painting a shot. Atelier gives the ability to participants to share their feelings, emotions, thoughts, and minds through live, group, artwork creation. Participants can paint in one location, load into the vehicle, be comfortable during a journey, then unload and continue to work in a new location creating a whole new set of outside interaction in which to paint.

Hometown: Bakersfield

La Calaca Village

La Calaca Village offers theme camps, art car support and artist support on playa. We pride ourselves on being makers, teachers and healers . Come for the healing, stay for the hedonism! Spiritual healers, yogis and massage artists await you in our Healing Plaza. Wanna help build and work on a big art car? Visit the “Imagination Station Piazza” featuring different activities and gatherings daily!

Hometown: Empire, NV

La Felicità

Hometown: Miami

La Ville Bohème

La Ville Bohème is a haven for the artistically inclined, seeker of depth, eccentric soul. Calling all musicians and lovers of music to come play, dance in the Bohemian living room.

Hometown: Toronto

Lady Gaia Camp

Lady Gaia art support camp for the MOROCCAN PARTEA , see you for a cup of tea on the playa.

Hometown: Kenitra, Morocco

Lady Whiskey

Lady Whiskey Support Camp – home of the LW MV.

Hometown: Vallejo

LAF Lazy-Ass Fuckers

Hometown: New Orleans

Lakes on the Playa Village

The only lake on the playa, come swim

URL: https://syncytium.org/ Hometown: Ann Arbor

Lamplighter Chapel/Village

The Lamplighters began in 1993, with a small group of participants placing a dozen or so kerosene lanterns on the ground each evening, illuminating a pathway towards The Man.

The Lamplighters are more than a handful of volunteers; they are a team of well over 100 participants every evening. To accomplish this considerable task, we ask for your help, and we invite you to be a part of this community, this event, and our tradition.

The Lamplighters begin EVERY EVENING of the event in their center camp workspace at around 5pm. The ceremony begins around 6, and soon the work is done. No experience is required. We welcome virgin and seasoned burners alike. One thing is certain though. We can’t do it without YOU.

URL: https://burningman.org/event/participate/volunteering/teams/lamplighters/ Hometown: We are Everywhere

Lamplighter Lounge

The Lamplighters began in 1993, with a small group of participants placing a dozen or so kerosene lanterns on the ground each evening, illuminating a pathway towards The Man.

The Lamplighters are more than a handful of volunteers; they are a team of well over 100 participants every evening. To accomplish this considerable task, we ask for your help, and we invite you to be a part of this community, this event, and our tradition.

The Lamplighters begin EVERY EVENING of the event in their center camp workspace at around 5pm. The ceremony begins around 6, and soon the work is done. No experience is required. We welcome virgin and seasoned burners alike. One thing is certain though. We can’t do it without YOU.

URL: https://burningman.org/event/participate/volunteering/teams/lamplighters/ Hometown: We are Everywhere

Land of Monkey

Land of Monkey is a multicultural, international LGBTQ+ camp that welcomes diversity and that promotes human evolution through body (ice-cold lemonade, coffee & cocoa), mind (deep talks on important subjects) and soul (yoga, breath work & meditation).
At Land of Monkey we believe that we are not yet fully human and must evolve. Humanity is a process of becoming, which we all practice throughout our lives. Learning to listen, to be patient, to understand, to forgive and to be more merciful: these are among the skills we practice in becoming more human.
We also evolve through events we share with our fellow Burners. We evolve through openness and arms held wide open to the friends we have not yet met.
We evolve by being the best version of ourselves.

URL: http://www.landofmonkey.org Hometown: Mexico City


We are a very diverse camp that will exemplify radical inclusion. This camp will be mostly populated by latinX individuals from Venezuela, Mexico and various hispanic upbringings along with some strong allies.

Hometown: Miami

Lazy Skool Daze

​​​Lazy Skool Daze brings back your school days– with an adult twist! Come join us for Drunk 90s Singalong, Recess, volleyball tournaments, face painting, guidance counseling, Burner 101 classes, field trips, and sunset cuddles and drinks! Look for the giant alphabet blocks and stuffed animal swimming pool.

Hometown: NYC

Le Kafé

Enjoy one of the most loving and comfy landing spots on Playa! Monday – Friday mornings we offer the 2nd best cup of organic coffee on playa. Bring your coffee mug! Shaded seating and a large covered lounge, we offer 24/7 comfort, with futons and cushions, shade, tantalizing tunes, and warm smiles and/or hugs (with consent). At night also enjoy a warm fire after rolling in late! Howl with us on top of our container! We are relationship driven, and can’t wait to meet you!

Hometown: Eugene

League of Luminescence

The League of Luminescence camp brings multi-sensory art to life through offering the Nudibranch Mutant Vehicle. The Nudibranch combines sound, lighting, and music with education to inspire and support ocean conservation, as well as to celebrate everyone’s unique expression.
The name, League of Luminescence, comes from the ethos that everyone has a story to tell, and a unique light to shine around the world. It is a community of makers, creators, doers, givers, and kind-hearted humans who believe in the power of love through action and gift, intention and thoughtfulness, preparation and generosity, collective efforts and contributions, curiosity and teaching, empathy and grace.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

LEGENDARY Playground of the Gods

The Legendary Playground of the Gods is a place for learning, authentic connection, and celebrating life. This is a place to remember that we are all Divine, Infinite & Immortal beings simply wearing the disguise of being human. Come and find an oasis from the desert, find rest in the shade, get frozen treats and feast on a week of inspired offerings in workshops, classes, music, and entertainment designed to feed your soul. Welcome Home.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Legends of the Hidden Playa

We run an obstacle course/escape room that is loosely based off an old 90’s game show and its recent reboot. With 13 separate rooms, each with their own puzzle, we will truly test your Burning Man preparedness! We have daily timed trials to earn a spot on our leader board and see if you can solve the Shrine of the Silver Monkey-Man!

URL: https://hiddenplaya.art Hometown: Austin, Texas


Home of LEGOCroc (green blocky solar crocodile) and occasional liquid nitrogen freezed ice scream.

Hometown: Berkeley

Leopard Martini Lounge

The LEOPARD MARTINI LOUNGE has been returning since 1998 serving top shelf cocktails in a chill area with wonderful people. The LML BIKE REPAIR SHOP will return this year to support our community. BETTY’S PIE SHOP will continue to serve fresh pie daily in a no rush atmosphere. CLEO the mutant vehicle with continue to roam the playa.

Hometown: Palo Alto

Lick Me

Lick Me will be driving around day and night. Hoop on for a ride

Hometown: South Carolina

Lil Playa Plane Ground Crew

Welcome to the Lil’ Playa Plane Ground Crew! You can find us at the airport flags in front, if the plane is in the hanger stop on by for a cool refreshment and good conversations

Hometown: Elko, NV

Lily Pad Lounge

Hometown: Emeryville


For a quarter century, we have worked to bring love, truth and beauty to the playa. Our offerings this year include DREAMSCAPE CINEMA, two-at-a-time movies all night long. Our INTER-DIMENSIONAL WEDDING CHAPEL welcomes bridal parties of any mix or ilk AS WELL as spontaneous funerals and quickie divorces. Join us on Wednesday for our COUCH CHAT featuring Cory Doctorow and other underground luminaries sharing the latest in cyber security and sci fi stories. Drop by anytime. Our portals are always open.

URL: https://liminallabs.com Hometown: San Francisco

Lingerie Lounge

We will adorn you and adore you, fulfilling all your lingerie and costume needs and dreams! We have a huge inventory of hand-picked, sewn and dyed items, and our attentive camp members will find just the right item for you. Come see us for lingerie and other fabulous and festive items! We serve all sizes, ages, genders, gender identities, gender preferences, race, creed, religion and ethnicity! Our goal is to remind each Burner who visits us that they are beautiful.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Lingerie-Lounge-792471524242693/ Hometown: Santa Cruz

Little Pink Chapel

Hometown: Naples FL

Lituanica Birds

We are Lituanica Birds Camp, a community that travels across the ocean to Black Rock City, bringing with us a cascade of ideas, energy, and love. Inspired by the freedom and grace of birds, our camp is a home to the endless journey of exploration. At our core, we believe in the beauty of connection with nature, others, and with oneself.
Our camp offers welcoming spaces where every visitor is invited to embark on a personal voyage of discovery. Through a variety of activities and experiences designed to inspire and engage, we encourage everyone to celebrate the natural world and delve deeper into their own inner landscapes.
Stop by Lituanica Birds Camp to find a community where warmth meets wonder. Here you’ll find a sanctuary for reflection, connection, and the shared joy of exploration.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/lituanica_birds_camp/ Hometown: Vilnius

Live Your Best Porch Life

Won’t you be our neighbor? A throwback to the American front porch born from the melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities, our front porch invites friendly greetings, recognition, acceptance, and fosters neighborly community. Come sit in our adirondack chairs and have a chat. We will be offering no-frills cowboy coffee in the mornings and ice cold lemonade in the afternoons. Stop by and visit our yard sale full of trinkets from grandma’s house. No early birds!

Hometown: Fort Collins


Lollypopolus is a Theme camp focused on self care, volunteer and medical support, disabilities support (deaf, blind, immobile), and general all around silly fun. Organization and commitment are the core of this camp.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Lollypopolus Hometown: Portland

Long Feng MV Support Camp

An ever transforming theatrical, performance-driven mutant vehicle. At it’s core, Long Feng is an homage to the intricate articulation of a contortionist, mirroring the circus performer’s ability to transform and transcend. A canvas of both past and future, Long Feng is a vessel for the human spirit to soar into the boundless realms of imagination. It’s soul is a celebration of the Chinese Year of the Dragon and a not to Ready Playa One, her sister theme camp. She is an invitation to explore the infinite within ourselves and to dream beyond the boundaries of reality.

Hometown: Los Angeles


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a tethered hot air balloon flying 75 feet high in the sky!

Climb aboard and experience a unique journey while being serenaded by live instrumentals mixed with electronic beats high up in the sky. Enjoy stunning views of Black Rock City and take in the joys of life on our ground-level dance floor.

Craving some pampering? Step into our old world circus lounge where you can snuggle up, dive into cinematic wonders, and recharge with treats, massages, and a sprinkle of delightful surprises.

Hometown: New York

Lost + Found

We are a family and community, a California-based collective of dreamers, artists, adventurers, and passionate doers, that loves throwing fun badass parties as much as we love connecting on deeper levels. We are professionals at being, playing, curating unique experiences, and faffing about – whether it’s flow, dance, music, magic, bubbles, movement, fire spinning, food, drinks, art, live jams, deep talks, tiny things or a whole lot of silly nonsense. We’re a diverse group of eclectic individuals that operates with love and respect for the 10 Principles of Burning Man. We create interactive and magical experiences together as we inspire others to flow, love, and be their free and fearless selves. We also take lost and found items, including people. 😉 Come play and get lost with us!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Lost and Sound

A cozy neighborhood space, welcoming everyone to immerse themselves in the spirit of discovery and togetherness. Engage with our interactive art installations that narrate the tales of artifacts from forgotten times. Every corner holds a secret, and every artifact is a key to new connections. Share your story of what you found, the journey it took you on, and watch as we create a cocktail that embodies the spirit of your adventure. We welcome you to explore, relax and rejuvenate with communal conversation. Our intimate dance floor beckons you to let loose and find your rhythm. Come, explore, and leave your mark on our ever-evolving story.

Hometown: Cincinnati

Lost Art

Come and visit the Lost Art of Conversation Cafe! We at Lost Art celebrate opportunities to create deep connections with friends old and new. At our Conversation Cafe you will be welcomed and supported in exploring avenues of conversation that encourage depth with the goal of learning something new about others and maybe even yourself. We want you to come and settle for a while and get lost in conversation. To keep you nourished we have tea in the mornings and street foods from around the world in the evenings.

We are a small collaboration and connection driven community from across the US who love taking on ambitious projects, connecting with other awesome communities, and seeking growth and meaning in all that we do. Come on by, we’d love to get to know you.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Lost Wages

Home to Pancake, Waffles, and El Loco Loco art cars.

Hometown: Las Vegas

Lounge Syndrome

Welcome to Lounge Syndrome at Burning Man!

Nestled in the heart of the playa, Lounge Syndrome is a vibrant, welcoming camp celebrating diversity and creativity. We’re built on principles of Radical Inclusion and Communal Effort, making our space a sanctuary for Burners from all walks of life. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-time attendee, if you’re positive and open-minded, you’re welcome here.

Dive into unique experiences like our Leopard Bingo and Lounge Synth Dome, fostering connections and self-expression. We’re more than events; we’re a community dedicated to sustainability, self-reliance, and leaving no trace. Every member contributes to our clean, safe, and inclusive environment.

Hometown: Oslo

Love Plumbers

The Love Plumbers (Formerly: SexyAF) are a collection of silly, sex-positive sweeties who are here to unclog whatever has you backed up, so that love can flow again!

Clad in overalls, work gloves, mustaches, and carrying our trusted love plungers, and with our fowl-yet-friendly chicken mayor, Mr. Cluckzalot, in charge, we deploy interactive workshops, 24-7 intimate space, in-street mini-schticks, and elaborate evening experiences to flush out shame, scarcity, and insecurity, seal the seams where your love’s leaking out, to help weld your emotional valves together. The Love Plumbers are a FULL SERVICE emotional repair shop.

Hometown: Oakland

Love Puddle

Where loving people come together and flourish. Established in 2005, Love Puddle is a vibrant camp at Burning Man dedicated to celebrating life and fostering inclusivity. With members hailing from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and identities, we create a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and accepted. Our camp offers a ton of activities, including a bar, boutique styling workshop, games like strip rock paper scissors, and a lounge to rest your tired legs, ensuring there’s something for everyone. We prioritize meaningful connections, provide safe spaces and love to meet new folks. Join us at Love Puddle and experience all the magic we’ve got going on this year!

URL: http://www.lovepuddle.net Hometown: Boulder Creek

Lovin' Oven

In the middle of the desert: hot, dry and dusty, we bake bread. Every morning. Just for you!
Let us feed, host and entertain you. Enjoy our freshly baked bread, delight in our fresh mint tea and revel in all kinds of eclectic mid-morning entertainment. Nourish your body, soothe the soul, and awaken to the day with joy.

Since 2011 we’ve been serving hungry, dusty, lovely Burners hot Tuscan Flatbread served with any array of tasty toppings, including some vegan loaves everyday and freshly brewed mint tea.

Hometown: Reno

Lucid Dream Hideout

A afternoon coffee bar to get the best coffee on the Playa! We have a live DJ, wi-fi and shade to sit and chill to share your amazing burner stories.

Hometown: Reno

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams is all about dreaming. Come and relax with some tea and snacks in our wonderland tea party, and if you dare, explore down the rabbit hole into our immersive 360-degree projection experience. With different themes throughout the week, come visit us at different points to experience different environments and emotions as we take you to another dream state. Within the tea dome, chat with fellow burners about your dreams and what it takes to truly lucid dream.

URL: https://www.luciddreamscamp.ca Hometown: Kelowna

Lucid Paradise

Welcome dusty traveler, to Lucid Paradise – a universe born from our collective vision to awaken wonder within the hearts of all who enter.

As the sun dips below the horizon and the stars ignite the sky, surrender yourself to the magic of our dreamlike wonderland. Behold the illuminated flower garden and a floating blossoming Lantern Wall that casts a spellbinding glow.

Afternoons, come savor our ice-cold che dessert with fruits and jellies, and evenings, come try our late night snacks — spank musubis, dirty sausages, and more.

Experience a full sensorial immersion that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/lucidparadisebm Hometown: San Francisco

Ludus Symposium

Ludus (playful love) Symposium (Meeting for music, drinking and intellectual discussion) is a place to hang out on our friendly deck/bar above the playa and watch cheezy cult movies.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/LudusSymposium Hometown: Sacramento


Come make a gourd lantern with us! We provide the gourds, tools, and know-how, to help you make a beautiful gourd lantern that you can take home with you.

Hometown: Phoenix

Luna Land

As the sun sets on playa, Luna rises. Standing tall, she is a shining beacon across the night sky that can be seen from far and wide, guiding us and calling us home. Luna invites us to find flow in impermanence, lean into our softness, and connect to our collective poetry. In her warm light, we are safe to dance, howl, dream and revel. Join our reverie.

URL: https://lunacrane.org/

Lunar Disco

Embrace the cosmic elements in our electrifying dance and party spaces, with interstellar beats and mesmerizing ambience. Connect with fellow stargazers in our ceremonial space, honoring the celestial bodies and the shared human experience. Embark on an otherworldly adventure at Lunar Disco.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057036326352 Hometown: San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico


Hometown: San Francisco

Lustre Village

​​Lustre Village provides a bouquet of burner pleasures from nighttime film exhibitions in the Moolandia Outdoor Mooovie Theater, to immersive theatrical experiences at the Fever Dream Theater. Join us for rest, ease, and libations in the Tazii Moroccan Tent chill lounge 24 hours a day!

Hometown: Oakland

Lusty Chanterelle Kombucha Bar

The Lusty Chanterelle Kombucha bar is a place to rest, unwind, and drop in with good conversation and a cold non-alcoholic beverage with your fellow burners. Come with an empty cup and we will fill you up and help you feel at home with the most quaffable drink on playa.

Hometown: San Francisco

Luxurious Vagrants

Luxurious Vagrants are where sandy bodies meet rough luxury

Hometown: San Francisco,CA