2024 Camp Listings

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2024 Camps

M*A*S*H 4207th

20+ years of this, and we’re still not Doctors.

Looking for a rich full day? Come to the least disciplined military unit on the playa.

Since 1999, your bastion of Democracy in a sea of fifth column communist/socialist/lawless infiltrators and barbarian mutants! Daytime martinis, PBR, Mocktails, and maybe even grape Nehi at Rosie’s Bar.

Random security Checkpoints will occur. Terrorists & Loyal Citizens will be labeled. Propaganda & commentary provided for the prevention of communism. Nightly viewings of old episodes & movies from the show, this year featuring films from the series. Signpost project open to all.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happy Hour.

Hometown: Salem, OR


M.E.L.T.- Multiple Environments, Lounges and Terrariums-Our domes are a great place to hang out, meet people and relax if you just can’t dance anymore or want to make new friends. You can rest and reflect in the Fairy Bower full of flowers, vines and the gentle tinkle of a waterfall, or get out of this world for a cosmic chill in the lively performance space of the Wormhole. Our domes are hosted, welcoming inclusive spaces to connect and inspire.

Hometown: Denver Colorado

MacGyvers' Union

Every camp has a MacGyver — now the MacGyvers have a union. We provide all MacGyvers with recognition, thanks, tools, training, entertainment, emotional and moral support, chill space away from their home camp, and an official ID card.

URL: http://www.macgyversunion.com Hometown: Oakland

machinedom - the experience

machinedom-the experience…. come by and see us!

Hometown: Reno

Mad Hatter's Mirage

Trip the light fantastic over to Mad Hatter’s Mirage where you and your friends can try your hands at our Escape from Wonderland escape room, craft a new hat, smoke some hookah with the Caterpillar, and enjoy a variety of non-alcoholic cold beverages.

Hometown: Denver

MAD Recreational Movers

Chicago-based, home of the ChiCargo community shipping program. Mon-Fri: Radical Self-Espresso Affogato Bar, including non-caffeine and non-dairy options. 24/7: check out our renewable energy micro-grid.

Hometown: Chicago

Mad Tea(se) Party

Mad Tea(se) Party is a circusy, satirical and sexy(?) cafe focused on providing the public with interactive day parties and cabaret shows. Since 2019, Mad Tea(se) has hosted cat-theme competitions, circusy wonderland performances, and decompression events under its iconic, red striped circus tent.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/mad_tease_party/ Hometown: Seattle

Magic Lantern Society

The Magic Lantern is a wandering inn, located at the end of all worlds. Sumptuously-appointed with antiques, curiosities, games, and mysterious old books, we are a space created for deeper human connection, and a warm and inviting sanctuary for the weary and curious traveller.

Our centerpiece is our unique Trading Booth, where stories and secrets are the only accepted currency. Anyone can step up to don our shopkeeper’s hat—we believe in erasing the boundaries between host and traveller.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/magiclanternsociety/ Hometown: Pacifica

Magic Paradise

Dive into an oasis of wonder, where community and enchantment come together! Enjoy captivating magic shows, intimate speakeasy encounters, and daily afternoon treats. Let our skilled team repair your gear, and make your bike stand out with our dazzling decorations.

Hometown: San Juan

Mah Na Mah Na

LED Crown Workshop – Look gorgeous and make it easier for your friends to find you at night. Get your water bottle refilled.

Mouse Trap Roulette – Fuck your fingers. Test your luck my spinning the roulette and seeing whether your fingers get snapped by a loaded mouse trap. Get your water bottle refilled.

Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

Major Tom's Flying Circus

Want to take a flight over the Playa? Come see us at Major Tom’s to participate in fun games and try for your chance to win a golden bracelet – your ticket to the front of the line at the airport. Think Twister Shots, Jenga Jaunt, Musical Chairs, Dildo Olympics and Paper Airplane races! We also host fun happy hours with a bar, music, and snacks.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Major-Toms-Flying-Circus-300231336994941/ Hometown: Aspen

Mansonian Institute 4 Urban Study

Visit us to learn Burningman History from its very beginning to now from experts. Attend BM Art talks Tues Wed Thurs @ 1-2:30PM. Come hear ManKrewe talk about how the Man Base is built Thurs @ 3-4:30 PM. Bring a shirt & make it a BM t-shirt Tues + Wed 10-Noon, Swag Swag Swag + visit our fabulous day bar for BM themed games & drinks. See Tubatron “the Flaming Tuba guy” do his thing!

URL: https://mansonian.org Hometown: San Francisco

Martha Love

Martha – Sharing Love; Jump on board and enjoy the loving company, visit the artists, and the best beats in Black Rock

Hometown: Sacramento

Mary's Little Lambs

Marys Little Lambs (MLL) is a Burning Man theme camp that embodies a vibrant, queer, and international community. The camp thrives on its welcoming atmosphere, where wit, fun, care, community, and duty intertwine seamlessly to elevate our collective experience before, during, and after the Burn. With an inclusive ethos, it embraces individuals from various backgrounds, making everyone feel like part of the flock. The camp exudes a sense of warmth akin to a lamb’s gentle nature, fostering an environment where diversity and community flourish under the Black Rock sun and amidst the fiery essence of Burning Man.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/themllcamp/ Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mas Komodo Dragon

Mas Komodo Dragon welcomes you to chill with us in our cozy party lounge, enjoy cold alcoholic slushies, enjoy relaxing music while your bicycle is being fixed. Come and put your riding skills to the test on our obstacle course.

Hometown: Sydney

Math Camp @ Group W

A Safe place to drink and Derive. Share your problems with us.

URL: https://www.mathcamp.us Hometown: Menlo Park

Mattress Society

We spend so much time on our feet at Burning Man that sometimes we just need to get horizontal! So come and indulge your senses at Mattress Society, a huge 24-hour air mattress oasis in the desert. Like any thriving Empire on the brink of decay, our theme is decadence, abundance and over-indulgence.

Once you’re all cuddled out, grab a new friend and play a leisurely card game in our bistro area. Enjoy our regular afternoon chillout DJ sets Mon, Tues, Fri (1pm-4pm) with featured drinks and more. Hedonism on display at our Thursday night cocktail party 7pm-12am.

The day humanity decided to elevate itself from ground to Mattress was the day we detached ourselves from nature to pursue our limitless ambitions. So enjoy… or die! Because, ultimately, nothing else mattress.

Hometown: Vancouver


A community of wanderers, dreamers, healers, artists and storytellers around the world. sharing friendship as the only currency.

URL: http://www.maxacamp.com Hometown: Mexico

Mayan Warrior

tired of having fun in the sun? take a momento for downtempo.
come chill with us at Malio’s, the bar with the best view on the playa

URL: http://www.mayanwarrior.mx/ Hometown: Mexico City

Maybe Bike Repair

There’s no faster way to fuck your burn than to have a broken bike. Bikes break. If you’ve ever had a broken bike on playa you know it sucks. A broken bike is much worse than no bike at all.A broken bike on Playa is the fucking worst; so, we get Burners with Broken Bikes back to burning by fixing their beaters. Does it always work? No. That’s why we’re “Maybe Bike Repair.”

We’re a group of committed bike mechanics, enthusiasts, and artists who work with Burners with Broken Bikes to unfuck their bikes.

Hometown: San Francisco

Media Mecca

Media Mecca is Black Rock City’s home to storytellers, journalists, and media. All media projects must register at Mecca prior to beginning in BRC.

URL: https://burningman.org/about/about-us/press-media/media_mecca/ Hometown: Black Rock City

Mellow Mountain

Mellow Mountaineers invite you for mid-morning cold-brew coffee and espresso martinis, to play on the the big purple “M” look-out and the swings, be served frosty beverages and snacks, hang in the lounges, and trade smooches with the Kissy Fish art car.

URL: https://photos.app.goo.gl/vG6Tfu7DUQZQyvEg7 Hometown: San Francisco

Melons Present: The Dinner Party

The Melons are back on the playa and this time they… don’t have any melons. But they do have a deep playa dinette set that goes blinky. Can you find it?

Hometown: New York City

Memento Mori

Life, Death and Sexi Breakfast!

At Burning Vitae we nourish your body and invigorate your soul!

Come experience the sexiest breakfast on playa followed by powerful life and death reflective exercises.

Who says the most important meal of the day can’t also be the sexiest?

Hometown: Bend, OR


A sanctuary where the spirit of community, self-expression, and well-being converge. Our vibrant, shaded oasis offers a diverse array of experiences, from drum circles under starlit skies to sunrise yoga sessions, fireside mezcal nights and even light up mini-golf! With a dedication to Radical Inclusion, we welcome all seekers to our haven of pillows, rugs, and couches, where connections are forged, creativity flourishes, and transformative journeys unfold.

Hometown: New York City

Metal Detected

Calling all metal heads! Open stage to bang out sick tunes. Jam on a rotating stage and meet other musicians. Can’t play? Nightly karaoke with backing tracks or live bands. Come metal detect or get metal detected – your choice!

Hometown: Reno


Metal Sculpture and Flame Garden

URL: https://metalmimi.com Hometown: Boulder


Camp Metal-Morphosis provides metal workshop M-F 12-2pm.
Make your own pendant and learn metal work skills at our camp.
Some burners come every year !

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Metamodern Magicians

We gather to cohere around conversations and workshops about the Liminal Web, Game~B, The MetaCrisis, the Great Turning, The Great Simplification, The PolyCrisis, and Metamodern Philosophy. We envision a different future where solutions can be found that are Win Win if not Omni-Win, and that allow us to recover from Moloch in all its forms.

URL: http://metamodernmagicians.org Hometown: Boulder, CO

Midnight Poutine

Bonsoir les amis! Step into the whimsical world of Midnight Poutine, where the clock strikes twelve and the land of cheese, fries, and gravy beckons. Viens donc découvrir la magie de minuit et prendre part aux délices nocturne du Québec. Join us in a curious culinary journey where french fries, cheese curds, and hot gravy unite in a dance of flavors that defy logic and delight the senses. Here, amidst the flickering shadows and moonlit whispers, embrace the joyous spirit of our bilingual Canadian camp, where English and French frolic hand in hand like characters from a tale spun by the Mad Hatter himself.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/midnightpoutinebrc/ Hometown: Montreal

Mighty Misfits

A Mighty Misfit is a person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart from others in a conspicuous way, yet somehow makes it okay. A fish out of water, square peg in a round hole, round peg in a square hole. If you’ve ever felt you don’t fit in in the default worked, come and play with the Mighty Misfits. We are a welcoming, dusty respite with a misfit list of activities. Feed your body and soul with us!

Hometown: Portland, OR

Miki Beach

Miki Beach is inspired from an array of beach lounges in Miami and the Caribbean, and mimicking these beach lounge vibes, we are striving to create an open, breezy, colorful environment to relax and have fun.
Miki Beach is your desert oasis so come celebrate with us at one of our playful parties, sip on one of our delectable libations, visit us for our Brazilian BBQ on Saturday or participate and become a winner on one of our silly activities such as the Miki Beach State Fair.

URL: https://www.mikibeach.org/ Hometown: Miami

Milk + Honey

Milk + Honey’s mission is to draw on both secular and spiritual traditions to create experiences for people to grow, heal and express themselves creatively. We are excited to offer our fifteenth Playa Shabbat service and gathering, inclusive of vegan food and entertainment following the ceremony, which draws on secular and spiritual traditions for the creative expression and collective healing of individuals and communities. We nourish the hearts, spirits, and bodies of all who find themselves wandering in the desert! Come hang, eat, drink, dance, play, and perform with us throughout the week!

URL: https://sukkatshalominc.org/ Hometown: Oakland


Hey you, yes you our dear friend! I know what you want, or I would say even need. A fresh, cold MIMOSA. Please step by our bar where we will get you what you need.

Hometown: San Francisco

Mindless Movement

Come empty your mind and be intentionally aware of the present moment via embodied play with our many mental wellness mindLess movement activities and toys.

“To find your heart you’ve got to lose your mind”

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Mindseye Bonsai

“Become the vision of the mind’s eye and carry your flame to the fire. Do not wait for the fire to carry the flame to you.” – Catfish Billy

Hometown: Berlin


Step right up for your one-stop burning man shopping right here at the grand Ol’ MindShark – a place that will likely be the only stop you need to make on your travels. Behold a wild array of stupid burner shit that features seemingly unlimited booze and entertainment, mind-blowing interactive light and flame effects, dope music, and what burners are saying is “for sure one of the camps that I’ve seen at Burning Man,” but please Stay Out.

URL: http://www.campmindshark.com Hometown: Burlington


Come to Mindwerk and relax in our shady dome, and enjoy a Pomerosegasm, the most delicious and refreshing cocktail in Black Rock City! You can also control music with your brainwaves!! Then climb up to our viewing platform where you can behold a 360 degree view of our beautiful City. Once you’re done ooh-ing and aah-ing, take an exhilarating trip down our slide. It’s been called “just the right amount of sketchy” by satisfied customers. And its polymer surface won’t toast your tush!

Hometown: Redwood City

Minimal Chaos

Step into the fiery embrace of Minimal Chaos, where the art of fire spinning ignites the spirit of Burning Man. Our camp serves as a sanctuary for both seasoned fire artists and newcomers alike. Dive into workshops covering essential fire safety and spinning techniques. Join us for collaborative flow arts jams, where everyone, regardless of skill level, can spin, watch, or learn. Our RSVP performance area is open for reservations—ideal for Fire Conclave, group rehearsals, performances, and various gatherings or parties. Email pocfirespinners@gmail.com to reserve.

Minimal Chaos invites you to explore, create, and connect through the mesmerizing dance of flames. East Coast Represent!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/minimal_chaos_ Hometown: Philadelphia


MINSTREL CrAMP is a largely acoustic music themed camp and performance space with an acoustic piano, sound system with mic’s, amps, monitors etc., a full drum kit, and a variety of available musical instruments. We do daily workshops and performances Mon.– Sat. We’re looking for Minstrels, madmen, and makers of tunes who want to perform, or just hang out – Come play!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/134274083880474/ Hometown: Ojai

Mirage Art Car

Its where you can find us when we are sleeping or fixing our car. we have a flag and a mirrored car. we drive around a lot.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Mirage Garage

Three generations, and that is not just a tequila, it is what we are. From New York, the Bay Area, L.A, Colorado, Mexico, New Zealand and beyond, we bring you the best cold brew coffee, clown and improv classes, two great parties (Tuesday afternoon and Thursday night), our beautiful Henry Chang art cars and more! Come by and try our aerials instruction or slings hung from our aerials truss. See our neighborhood from our viewing platform. Or just get out of the heat in our main tent, and get some water. Everyone welcome, and police should know that if you don’t have an i.d., you will not get served either… we know who you are!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/miragegarage.bm/ Hometown: New York City

Misfits Menagerie

Hometown: Las Vegas


Come join Miso! for late night miso soup and sake underneath our 20 ft bar tower. Enjoy our consent based workshops and events during the day in our event space. All are welcome!

Hometown: Oakland

Mission Country Club

We bring a taste of San Francisco’s Mission District to Black Rock City! Mission Country Club is an organically-grown camp, consisting of folks from all over – San Francisco, Reno, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, New York, Seattle, Portland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and beyond. We’ve been kicking it on playa since 2004 and over the years we’ve been home to Flannagan’s Pub, Flannagan’s Tacos + Whiskey, the Magic Kurry Cart, the Sangria Soundclash, the BRC Hip-Hop Playa Ball, the Brian Brunch and Bugaboo the art car. Don’t forget to check the book for our 2024 shenanigans! We can’t wait to be home with all of you!

URL: http://missioncountryclub.com Hometown: San Francisco

Misters & Sisters

We are a fun daytime camp, offering two main activities, 1. overhead water misters, accessible all week from dawn to dusk, assisted by a camp member, or self-service, and, 2. a DIY Essential Oil body spray activity daily from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Saturday, or until our daily allocation of bottles runs out.  We have 26 different essential oils to choose from and will show you how to mix base, medium and top notes to create your own fragrance. Our oils are therapeutic grade.  Give your senses a spa treatment!

Hometown: Sacramento


We are MISTO, a Ukrainian camp symbolizing ‘city’ in Ukrainian—a place that honors the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine and reminds our guests of the importance of their own hometowns, where the heart is.

MISTO is the cultural heart of Ukraine at Burning Man, created to join talented individuals that come together to showcase Ukrainian rich arts and traditions.

MISTO unfolds as a colorful and lively camp, inviting you to immerse yourselves to experience Ukrainian hospitality, create eye-catching flower crowns, savor delicious food like Ukrainian borscht, and to share Ukrainian uniqueness with the world.

URL: https://mistocamp.com/en/ https://www.instagram.com/mistocamp/ Hometown: New York Hometown: New York

Mithyko camp


Hometown: "MONTERREY"

Mo's Mini Martini + Erotica Camp

Mohammeds serves the coldest martinis and the hottest erotica on the playa. Come and join us for an ice cold martini in a REAL martini glass and,if the spirit moves you,write down your own true erotic tale in our 400 year old book filled with the derring do’s of other Black Rock Citizens. We are open after lunch until the camels go to bed(around midnight).

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Mobility Camp

Mobility Camp offers accessible Camping and provides mobility services to the Disabled and Walking wounded. We loan out crutches, wheelchairs, knee scooters, etc. Tours into the Deep Playa 3-4 times a day. Charging station for Medical Equipment.

URL: https://www.mobilitycamp.org/ Hometown: Tucson

Mona Mushroom camp

Welcome to Mona Camp, where the spirit of caring, loving, and creativity thrives amidst the vast expanse of the playa. As part of the same community that brought you the Huge Mona Bunny in 2023 and the enchanting Mona Mushroom in 2024, our camp is dedicated to spreading the Mona spirit far and wide.

We believe in the power of art to inspire, connect, and uplift souls. Our theme revolves around celebrating art and mushrooms.

Join the Million Mushroom March where everyone who identifies as mushroom (or has mushroom inside of them) will dress up as their favorite fungus and parade from Center camp to Mona Mushroom. We’ll have workshops from legendary mycologists and neuroscientists beforehand.

Regnum Animalia finitur. Regnum Fungi surgit.

Hometown: Hangzhou, China

Monkey Business

CAMP MONKEY BUSINESS – A place for Primates to Thrive

Hometown: Washington DC


Art Support Camp for the Monoceros art installation. Stop by if you want to learn more about the project or your are just an inquisitive unicorn.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/monoceros.temple Hometown: Truth or Consequences


Decorate your bike! – seat cushions upgrades, handle bar tassels, DIY license plates, and fun time with new friends under a cool mist

Hometown: San Jose

Mooner Landing

A landing pad for Moonbuggy, the rising crescent moon that glows as bright as the celestial orb in the sky. Get lunar inside the moon, cosmonaut the day away in a space helmet, and defy gravity on the trampoline.

URL: https://photos.app.goo.gl/glnLZJdsu8V8nyy62 Hometown: Los Angeles


Home of the Playa Restoration All-Star team (aka Resto), this is where we spring into action, responding to environmental cleanup emergencies and coloring in the MOOP Map in real-time. Interested in volunteering to Leave No Trace with Playa Restoration after the event? Come to Esplanade at 5:30 and hang out with Resto by our Fireside Circle and sign up to leave the playa clean, beautiful, and without a trace.

Hometown: Black Rock City

MOOP Museum

Did you stumble across something on the playa that someone can reuse, like a functioning bike light, or a super-rad dinosaur figurine in the dust? Bring it to MoMu, the MOOP Museum, and have our curators evaluate it for acceptance into our exhibit. All are welcome to peruse the exhibit and may even find something they want to take with them on permanent loan.

URL: http://www.moopmuseum.com Hometown: San Francisco

Mortifying Ordeal

Come experience the mortifying ordeal of being known! We offer a psychedelic lounge space, coffee service, and interactive opportunities to develop deeper knowledge of yourself and others. Come to our mixer, find a soft place to lie down, or learn to brush someone else’s teeth.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Mos Eisley Village

Mos Eisley…
You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

We must be cautious.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/moseisleyvillage/ Hometown: Portland and Reno

Motel California

A respite for weary travelers of Black Rock City. Come relax in the oases of the desert. Lounge out in one of our comfy cabanas, experience ultimate relaxation with our team of expert masseuses, and grab a refreshing drink at our bar.

We’re committed to propagating environmentally conscious technology, art, and living through sustainability and innovation. Come experience it yourself at Motel California.

URL: http://hotel-california.org Hometown: San Francisco


In 2010 several creative characters came together to embark on a journey that would change their lives. That trip was the “MoRoadtrip” 21 artists, from 8 countries, traveling 21 days from Austin to Burning Man on a 60ft bus called the “MoBus”. Freshly inspired after a life changing trip a few “Mo” came together to form a “Transitional Culture of Mo.” Meeting artists and creatives from the many walks of life led to “MoCarnivals”, A “MoFarm”, events, festivals, collective living, academic/activist discourse, a theme camp and lifetimes of friendships. We continue as an ongoing cavalcade of cosmic characters cultivating a common culture of creativity and convivial community.

URL: https://motropolis.us/ Hometown: San Antonio

Mountain Mayhem

Straight from the Colorado Rockies, Mountain Mayhem is the greatest dive bar on the playa. With the best drinks, games, and bartenders to be found we will be sure to keep it hot while staying cool. Come by for a thirst quenching snowjob and a shotski, or have your socks blown off at connect 4

URL: https://www.facebook.com/mountainmayhem/ Hometown: Durango

Mouse House

You know who loves hammocks? Mice love hammocks. If you also love hammocks, you might be a mouse yourself! Come to the Mouse House to get in touch with your inner rodent. Vibes so chill you might find yourself trapped.

Hometown: Seattle

Mule Town

The home of hugely inventive, yet modestly sized mutant vehicles. MuleTown welcomes you to stop by anytime for engaging MV dialog or Nomadic lifestyle talk; with a Wednesday Q&A session on what it takes to maintain a comfortable lifestyle while creating the freedom you’ve been seeking.

Hometown: Berkeley CA


The Maenad University for the Study of the Esoteric (M.U.S.E.) is a tribute to the deity Dionyus and offers a temple space for offerings as well as for our interactivity which ranges from spiritual to silly. We offer a 24 hour labyrinth for visitors to use as well as a kiosk which will host a variety of camp run and visitor run interactivity. We are a very welcoming group and you are free to say hi and chat with us when we are out and about.

Hometown: San Jose


MUSE is a nod, a wink, a slap on the bum. It is a toast to the muse in you and the muse in me. It’s booty shaking praise and it’s champagne smiles. It is a place where we can embrace both the funky and meaningful in a “come as you are” kinda way. Our goal is to
honor & celebrate the inspiration in every human being. We create a space and curate events that ignite the playful & seductive spirit of the muse. Our mission is to honor the muses among us and within us. To seek, offer, and discover inspiration in both the obvious and the peculiar places. To create a nurturing home on playa, to host our fellow burners, and enrich as many people’s burning man experience as much as possible. Come to our cafe hours, burlesque show, or boogie the night away at one of our parties.

Hometown: San Francisco

Museum of One

The Museum of One (MOO) showcases art, one piece a day. It’s an antidote to the experience typical of most museums, where you can’t possibly see everything. There is no FOMO at the MOO.

URL: https://moo.camp Hometown: Kensington

Music Savages

URL: http://www.musicsavages.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Mutual Aid

A group of humans that are here to party, as well as break down social barriers around wealth & social status. By building community among folks who might never have interacted with each other, we are creating solidarity & pushing against a staus quo of scarcity & exploitation. That’s a lot of words to say come on by for some mending, camraderie, or a stiff drink. Whatever you’re after, we can help you find it.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/camp_mutual_aid/ Hometown: San Francisco

My Dad's House

My Dad’s House is a cozy, classic respite from the maximalism of BRC. We don’t have a singular offering, but rather a cornucopia of Dad-led wonderment. Be it dance parties, movement workshops, live jams, philosophy discussions, cereal breakfasts, poetry slams, socialist propaganda, or super-tan buttholes, there’s something for everyone :]

At the same time, we’re seeking to creatively redefine fatherhood, to reclaim masculinity, and to reparent ourselves, our friends, and our inner children. Y’all are warmly invited to hang out, write a letter to your Dad in our garage, and enjoy a sense of shelter, of safety, of home (and to boogie down and heckle and giggle and tickle and squirm too!).

So c’mon by, ditch the shit, and stay a while.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/mydadshouse_/ Hometown: San Luis Obispo County

My Favorite Things

At My Favorite Things, we’re all about creating unforgettable experiences and fostering community spirit through an array of interactive activities and experiences that we love. As you explore our camp, you’ll discover a plethora of exciting offerings designed to keep you cool, entertained, and connected: a cacao ceremony to connect with the spirit of ancestors, an aerial arts workshop, playa dust sculptures, and the best Polish pickles you have ever tasted. Join us as we celebrate creativity, connection, and the magic of Burning Man!

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Mycodelic Forest

We are a mycologically based theme camp located in the 3 O clock sector. We love mushrooms and all fungus related things!
Like the mycelium that connects the roots of the forest, the Mycodelic Forest serves to connect the humans that pass through it.
Come sit in our shade and have a cold home brew beer while listening to a wide variety of music. You may learn something!

URL: https://mycodelicforest.org Hometown: Arcata

Mysfits 2024

The Mysfits
This is our 20th Year Anniversary as a Theme Camp.
Please come use our Narwhal Stage as Public Stage to perform on!
We have staff to help you. We have a pristine JBL sound system for your use. We will have a midday and night schedule. Please reach out and reserve a spot on our Narwhal Stage.
We have a amazing Public Area with a blazing fire at night for your comfort.

URL: https://vimeo.com/profilesindust Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

MysTEArious Keyhouse

Hometown: San Francisco


Mystic is a legacy theme camp with a 20+ year history in Black Rock City. We offer interactive and immersive art, high vibe music and performance, evolutionary Speakers and workshops, and a variety of transformational rituals and ceremonies.
We host an evolutionary-themed Visionary Speaker Series and a variety of MIND-BODY themed workshops, ceremonies and rituals in our Mystic Theater. BY NIGHT…We host some of the most talented musicians, performers, fire spinners, dancers, and live painters on our stage (including our famous Wednesday Night party). Come check out our Visionary Art collection day or night.
MYSTIC FLYER EXPERIENCE – Find our interactive Mutant Vehicle in Deep Playa!

URL: https://campmystic.org/ Hometown: Maui, HI + Bay Area, CA + New York, NY

Mystical Order of Dust andShadows

Welcome to our Curiosity Shoppe filled with magical and scientific objects from beyond space, time and imagination. Vials of the Spice Melange from the planet Arrakis share shelves with Elvish Lembas bread and tufts of fur from the legendary luck dragon Falkor. Our Shoppe recognizes no dimensional bounds, but it does hold a mystery waiting to be solved by you, intrepid traveler. Should you unlock its secrets, you will be invited to join our Mystical Order.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Step out of the sun-scorched wonderland into our cool haven. It’s an icy oasis, an ice cream paradise, and a sanctuary for all. We welcome everyone: friends, partners, parents, children, individuals of any race, orientation and identity. Stop by our burner family and experience the rainbow of diversity. Come play with us, sit down and watch some drag/burlesque, dance with a stranger or simply relax on bean bags surrounded by refreshing mist.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/mystopia.camp/ Hometown: San Francisco


We are a Tribe, a Family, and a Close Circle of Performing Artists and Skilled Makers. We seek to restore the sacredness of myth through theater, dance, circus arts, puppetry, costumes, and fire performances coupled with deep ritualized tales of days long past yet still relevant in the present. We seek to balance the foolish with the wise, the free-spirited with the disciplined, the ridiculous with the honourable; to face the Shadow and the Light. We welcome all who seek the Truth.

URL: http://mythmaker.ca Hometown: Vancouver

MythMaker Annex

We are a Tribe, a Family, and a Close Circle of Performing Artists and Skilled Makers. We seek to restore the sacredness of myth through theater, dance, circus arts, puppetry, costumes, and fire performances coupled with deep ritualized tales of days long past yet still relevant in the present. We seek to balance the foolish with the wise, the free-spirited with the disciplined, the ridiculous with the honourable; to face the Shadow and the Light. We welcome all who seek the Truth.

URL: http://mythmaker.ca Hometown: Vancouver