2024 Camp Listings

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2024 Camps

Saints & Sinners

A welcoming and laid-back camp within Silicon Village, where most mornings are dedicated to family-friendly button making. As dusk approaches, our camp takes on a “sinnery” vibe, lighting up the street with a red glow. Our street-side shade structure is a hub of activity throughout the day, with someone always ready to greet you. Feel free to swing by and say hi!

Hometown: Munich

Sake To Me

Sake To Me – your friendly playa servers of various chilled and flavored sake. There’s plenty of sake and chill in our shaded, cushion-ish area, plus giant Jenga and other games for all!

Hometown: Las Vegas


Luxury estates for your mannequin children. We have plenty to drink. Come participate and try your hand at animal husbandry while spectating our fish friendly taxidermy and bowling.

The only Japanese word we know is Bukkake. It’s in the sake…

Hometown: The Bay, NorCal, Where We Park It

Salon Soleil

Salon Soleil is a salon on the Enlightenment model—a forum for the exchange of creative ideas. We seek inspiration in sunlight by burning bright and clean. The one trace we leave is good karma. We invite the BRC community to visit our plush and welcoming Do-Me Domes, audition for silent-movie stardom, be transformed by our life-changing Healing Faire, engage in interactive workshops, try on a new look at our atelier, or feast with us on vulvular waffles or sacramental cheese. We offer a safe space to decompress, meet new humans, and reconnect with yourself. We also welcome power-hungry devices and depleted batteries that can be filled at our solar charging station!

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Salty Jacks

Camp Salty Jacks: Day and night we are the local deep dive bar of the 9:00 neighborhood. Nautical, underwater themed, we are your safe haven from the fervor of the playa playing Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Blues, Electro-swing, and Disco.

URL: https://saltyjacks.wordpress.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

San Marco Square

San Marco Square is a bohemian oasis. San Marco Square has curated a selection of live performances, and music by world-renowned artists and novice creators a-like for your enjoyment in our square. The park is vibrant and alive – featuring a café/bar, a stage for performance, a large PA system, a dance floor, and several spaces for relaxation and reconnection. Interactivity will include classes hosted by knowledgeable campmates, performances from several bands and DJs, and a party of high-style and sophistication – Don’t miss out! Come for the art, stay for the experience.

Hometown: Redwood City

Sandy Taco

Sandy Taco; We are a gay camp, with deep shade and Taco events. The events will be impromptu, so stop by during the week to inquire about when we might have our next Taco distribution.

We have a cocktail bar and focus on adult themes during our hosting times. Look forward to some giant jenga and naked twister as some of the fun during our seductive parties.

Hometown: Oakland

Santo Cabron

Anarquismo bailable para toda la familia

URL: http://instagram.com/santo_cabron Hometown: Calima, NY

Satellite of Love

A shady oasis in a sea of mutants…and their mutant vehicles. Stop by, relax and enjoy our downtempo beats while sipping one of our world renowned Pineapple Upside Down Drinks. Bring your own pineapple and we’ll make you something truly special.

Hometown: reno

Scarbutts Cafe

Scarbutts Cafe is the leading megacorporate ass-spanking coffee shop on the playa.
Monday through Friday, 9-ish to Noon-ish, our chipper staff serve strong coffee and fantastic spankings to the groggy masses. Choose from a menu of spankings that range from mild to hot and heavy. After being served their spanking of choice by a friendly bar-assta, they are served a cup of coffee. We come with a sarcastic edge butt provide a warm, welcoming, atmosphere.
New for 2024! Exclusive, Scarbutts After Dark(tm)-brand coffee will be served at a number of after-sundown VIP events including a “Coffee Cocktail Happy Hour”, “Midnight Coffee” and more! Wanna know exactly what and when happens After Dark(tm)? Then come visit our Cafe for the nightly schedule ass it becomes available.

Hometown: San Francisco

Schnitzel Camp

“Schnitzel – camp” serving best Schnitzel on playa! Watch out for the crazy food truck!

Hometown: Vienna

Scotch & Hop

Oh My Fur & Whiskers! You’re late! You’re late, for a very important date! Come follow the White Rabbit into our garden, where you can journey down a whimsical Acculturation Path with glowing & mesmerizing flowers & sparkly things. See where the rabbit has gone, Down The Rabbits Hole, to get some enlightenment and inspiration for your life! Enjoy our Tea Party, day or night, where you may encounter some personalities like Queen Elizabeth, Mr. T, Ice-T, or some Tea-Rex’s! Who knows?! We offer restorative libations of all types during the day and Hot Toddies to warm you up on your nightly adventures.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/campscotchnhop/ Hometown: New York

Second Rodeo

Howdy, y’all!
Second Rodeo welcomes any and all participants to enjoy cheeky and fun rodeo-themed activities, offerings, and wild hoedowns! If it ain’t a party you seek, we also specialize in providing self care amenities to those seeking respite.
Let us prove to you that this isn’t our first rodeo! Come as you are, every one of y’all!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/xxsecondrodeoxx/ Hometown: Reno

Second Wind Pirate Cafe

Embark on a nocturnal adventure at the Second Wind Pirate Café, a vibrant pirate-themed coffee spot that only opens its doors from 9 PM until about 1 AM. This isn’t just a café; it’s an experience where freshly brewed black pirate coffee is served with a side of unforgettable entertainment. Our servers, true pirate spirits, engage guests with a treasure trove of games ranging from silly to absurd. Imagine sipping on the pure, bold flavor of our coffee, no milk, sugar, or alcohol, amidst an atmosphere of playful banter and laughter. Outside, our witty pirate duo, armed with bullhorns, playfully heckles and invites passersby to join in the fun. Join us at Second Wind, where every cup of coffee is a journey and every visit is a story in the making!

URL: http://secondwindpiratecafe.com Hometown: New York City

Secret Garden

Lounge camp that hosts events, dance parties, and classes. Cooling rags are available in the afternoon. Feel free to sleep in our lounge if you don’t want to go back to your camp at night or the wee hours of the morning.

Hometown: Sacramento

Secret Mantra

Secret Mantra is a space that brings together the high-caliber community triggers of entrepreneurs, pioneers, and seekers of spiritual practices.

Hometown: Miami


A place to SELF LOVE, take care of, nurture, embrace, accept , give love to all day everyday, to govern, to rise in the sunshine to thrive in all your beauty and amazing flaws, to be vulnerable and safe, to be loved all day everyday, to be radical expressive and loved even more, to be accepted and accepting of self, to injoy the moments here in earth in the theatrical whimsical self in selflessness to celebrate SELF

URL: https://fb.me/e/4YXVyiynQ Hometown: Phoenix Arizona

Send Noods

Want to send a unique one of a kind NoodleGram? Get crafty and dive into our pool of noodles to make your masterpiece which we will hand deliver to your loved one in BRC. Limited time only, come join our team of couriers, and experience the joy of engaging in new connections! Let us give you a safe(to the third powa) space to radically express yourself and show you what immediacy is all about! If that’s not your cup of tea then just join us for a hot steamy bowl of Noods at our self serve 24 hr noodle bar.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Sepia Lux Homebase

Come find the Cuttlefish back at it’s lair and say hi!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/sepialux/ Hometown: Santa Rosa


SERENDIPITEA, a place where you can expect terrific teas, transformative workshops, titanic parties and tons of absurdity. Come by any time and enjoy a refreshing iced tea cocktail infusion, under the shade in our desert oasis. For your recovery mornings, help yourself to a cup of tea and recharge at our crystal alter. We exist to cultivate experiences full of intimate bonds, insightful breakthroughs, incredible beats, irreverent banter and intoxicating brews. Tues (Day) and Thurs (Night) we host our big parties! Let us dream of evanescence, and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things.

Hometown: London

Serenity Now

An oasis in a world of dust. Serenity Now is a long standing coffee house and performance space, with cold brew coffee service, featuring art and music.

Hometown: Lake Tahoe

Serpent Moon

Serpent Moon is a diverse camp that celebrates the love and connection of all of humanity. Join us for 10 Principle themed heartfelt yoga and conscious breathwork to revitalize your Burn spirit. Our Serpent Moon art piece is visible during dusk and early nighttime, accompanied by soft beats and easeful smiles. We look forward to early morning movement exploration and moonlit kisses with you.

Hometown: Denver

Servants of the Secret Fire

Servants of the Secret Fire have been bringing dazzling LED and fire art to playa while hosting fire spinning jams and flow workshops since 2015. Come check out our library, dance to our DJ sets, or cuddle puddles beneath a glowing canopy of >14000 LEDs – look for the burgundy/red/orange/yellow dome!

URL: https://se.cretfi.re Hometown: San Francisco

Shake, Shake, Shake

Swing by SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE to shake your tail feather as you enjoy an ice-cold, hand-shaken cocktails on a hot playa day. Voted “the best damn cocktail bar on the Playa” by our friends and regulars!

Hometown: Brooklyn


Since 2008, Shamandome Camp has taught Core Shamanism as described by Michael Harner, and offered shamanic healing in Black Rock City, reawakening burners to their shamanic relationship to nature and helping them connect with their true animal essence as a child of Mother Earth. The real deal. The sound of a single drum, beating at 185 bpm puts you into an Altered State of Consciousness (ASC), allowing you to journey to the Lower World, where you can meet your power animal. You can do it, because you’re human. This the ultimate Hero’s Journey.

URL: http://www.shamandome.org/ Hometown: New York City


Pop-up support camp for the Shangri-Lounge human-powered mobile martini bar in Deep Playa, the Air Band interactive performances in Central Plaza, and the Ice Taxi shuttle running from Arctica to your camp. We’ll serve you the finest cocktail while you relax in intimate conversation with new friends under the stars, help you live out your life-long fantasy of being a rock star, and keep your precious ice from melting all over the Playa. All you have to do is find us!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/ShangriLounge Hometown: Boulder

Shanti Town

We at Shanti Town Sound Movement strive to bring you the citizens of Black Rock City the most authentic experience in Reggae music and Sound System Culture. Delivering strictly Irie Vibes to Burningman since day one!

Hometown: "Denver" "San Francisco"

Sharkey's Bar and Lounge

Sharkey’s Oasis: The unrivaled “Preferred Party Beyond the Porto-Potties, where Peni and Pagina frolic on the Pre-Playa Plaza Playground!” Our mission? To delight you with delectable libations, provide respite under our shady canopy, serenade you with tunes in the lounge, and bestow upon you exhilarating and daring drinking games! 🍹🎶🎲

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sharkeysbarandlounge Hometown: Los Angeles


ICE COLD face masks! Find us when the sun is high and the heat is excessive every day. We will welcome you into our comfy chill space and put a cold mask straight from our ice packed cooler on your face. While the moisturizing ingredients soak into your skin, you’re welcome to kick back and enjoy the occasional water spritz, fanning and cup of iced tea.

Hometown: San Francisco

Shimmering Oasis Altar

Hometown: Los Angeles

Shiny's Keepers

Shinys’ Home

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Shipwreck Tiki Lounge

Enjoy our famous old school tiki and pirate lounge. But beware of pirates, sirens and cannibals offering strong grogs and potions!

URL: http://facebook.com/shipwrecktikilounge Hometown: Oakland

Shitty Glitter

Welcome to SHITTY GLITTER, a boutique Bed and Breakfast providing the most luxurious hospitality experience in Black Rock City. Stop by for a rest in the clean white linens on one of our freshly made canopy beds (changed daily) and be sure to chat with a camp concierge to get the most out of your stay. Be sure to swing by The Parlor on Wednesday evening for our breakfast (for dinner) party where we’ll be serving breakfast burritos and dancing the night away. If you’re in need of some relaxation, check out our in-house spa, SPAcate, where we’ll be providing cold Tecate, face masks, massage chairs and other gadgetry to put you in the ultimate state of relaxation.

URL: http://www.shittyglitter.com Hometown: New York City

Shitty Wood

We (sometimes) have wood. We burn. Established 2007.

URL: https://linktr.ee/shittywood Hometown: Toronto

Short Bus Coffee Camp

Hometown: Chico

Shotski Wanderlust

Shotski Wanderlust, we have it all! Shotski’s Skiing! Snowboarding! Nipple Dunk Challenge and Après Ski in the lounge!

Hometown: Reno

Shrubble 'n' Glymbrr

Shrubble ‘n’ Glymbrr, a black and white world one moment transforms into color splashing and mark making movements with cozy flickering corners. Our human steamroller printmaking event dances with carved wood which gets smooshed into making images for you to take home. Be apart of the process and enjoy some refreshing Shrubble!

Hometown: Medford


Welcome to Shuttlecocks, where we’re bringing Badminton back. Our playa court is open by noon into the evening from Monday to Saturday for pick up play. Come on by, grab a racquet and have a go! Don’t miss our Tuesday BADminton cheeky happy hour and Friday afternoon tournament where you can challenge your fellow burners. Whether you’re showing off your killer smash, whacking a few birdies, or relaxing with a refreshing Pimms cup and a cool misting, there’s something for everyone.

Hometown: Truckee

Sian Tea Party

Sian Tea Party is a place to chill out with a cuppa in the afternoons to some nice tunes, surrounded by a friendly awesome bunch. We want to share the best teas we have ever tried with you!

Hometown: Gold Coast

Side Boob

The “side boob” has long been disparaged as trashy. But why? Come join us at Side Boob and let your side boob out on the dance floor or cuddle up with one of our camp members and share a bit of your inner “side boob” – a part of you that you don’t always feel like you can share. We promise, no matter how trashy you think it is, we appreciate all parts of you. We are an eclectic, non-judgmental, life-loving, arms-and-hearts-wide-open group of sometimes trashy people who want to know you better, side boob and all.

Hometown: Telluride

Silver City

While cooling down fellow burners with delicious soft serve ice cream, Silver City will be supplying the beats that will have peoples feet stomping and body swaying.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/camp_silvercity Hometown: Reno

Simian Akademy

Flat bike tire? Drop by “Tubes, Lubes, & Boobs”; our team of hotties will have you patched up, lubed, and on your way! After it’s been replaced, what to do with that limp inner-tube? Take it to “Sexy Treads” sustainability station & convert it into fabulous fetish wear! Tools, supplies, & examples are on-hand to create a sexy, strappy harness! Looking for a unique interactive experience? Come visit the Olfactorium where our Mistress of Scent will concoct a custom perfume just for you, based on your unique, personal preferences. Cranky from the heat? New best friend getting on your nerves already? You need to CHILL THE FUCK OUT & COLOR! Visit our shaded dome to relax & color your frustrations away. Choose a beautifully embellished swear word, or perhaps a pic of unicorns being total assholes!

URL: http://SimianAkademy.com Hometown: Boulder

Sin City Village

Come by and pose with our popular “Welcome to Sin City” sign. We’d love for you to join us for a little creature comfort during our scheduled pamper services days. We offer sunscreen application, massages, manicures and more at various times. If you come by during our Souvenir Photo Creation events our photographers will take the ultimate souvenir photo with our custom man backdrop ad email it to you after the burn.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sincityvillage/ Hometown: Las Vegas

Ski Patrol

Ski Patrol is an Art Support Camp the has been creating art for the playa annually since 2015.

Hometown: Chicago

Skinny Kitty Teahouse

The best big, fat, kitty-loving teahouse on the playa. Come get some shade, couches and tea, tea, tea 24/7. If you come at the right time you might catch a performance, a wandering piano player tickling the keys, some aerialists, fire spinners or just some fabulous conversation at the tea bar.

URL: http://skinnykittyteahouse.com/ Hometown: Mendocino County


Born from chaos and tempered by confusion, now a respectable bar and lounge! Home of the best Bloody Mary on playa (accepting all challengers) and the shrine to Elijah Wood.

Hometown: Denver

Skull Pony

A desert goddess led band of outlaws cast asunder from other theme camps and located at the iconic big red horse trailer, we are the preppers of the playa with an oasis of emergency party supplies and a THERMOSTAT. Is the heat of the day or chill of the night killing your buzz? We have MIST and HEAT, bitches!! Dance under the shade and mist of the Embers Lounge or under the stars next to our burn barrels and heaters! We are not a sound camp, but deliver legit tunes and a coffee & hydration bar with WIFI. Get your groove on in swankadelic comfort during pole dancing, yoga or emergency blacklight neon paint dance parties. Consider us the Eagles of Death Metal of the playa and the place you would want to be if this was your last day of cheating death on Earth!

URL: http://www.skullpony.com Hometown: Bombay Beach, CA

Sky Gazing Art Support Camp

Art support camp for Sky Gazing. Visit us!

Hometown: Colorado Springs

Skyhorse Carousel

The Skyhorse Carousel is an amusement ride and a piece of art which celebrates human culture and cosmology from ancient and modern times, creating an experience with aspects of both art and play. The horses of the carousel are painted like figures from myth and legend that relate to the sky, bearing, guiding, and embodying the Sun, Moon, and stars for mortal civilization down below. You might spy one of the fiery steeds from Apollo’s solar chariot, the Jade Rabbit in the Moon, or even the Paiute Bighorn who became the North Star. So come take a ride through the sky yourself, and recapture some of the magic and simple delight of childhood.

URL: https://skyhorsecarousel.com/ Hometown: Los Angeles


SkyTing carries a crew who have travelled from a parallel dimension to support radical inclusivity, roving risk reduction, ecological grief rituals, and sounds from the global majority underground.

Hometown: Bolinas


In Black Rock City’s relentless heat,
Escape to SLAYER camp’s heavy metal retreat.
Where guitars scream and drums empower,
Find solace in our Heavy Metal Happy Hour.

Hometown: Sacramento


SLOW is an art support camp for the installation with the same name on playa. When you feel the need to slow down and do some handmade embroidery, come by! We will have one of the flags always ready to be filled with your creativity!

Hometown: Tallinn

Slow Burn Lounge,aka Fandango Bar

30 years ago people were dumb and came out to party. We are loud, rowdy, assholes with a heart of gold, punks, pervs, weirdos, punkish hippies, artists. Nothing has changed, and everything has changed. These are our people. We are our people. Welcome to Fandango.

Hometown: San Luis Obispo


What we want, when we want, who we want. Forever. Sexual Comedy.

URL: http://slutgarden.net/ Hometown: Portland

Slutt Putt

24-hour Mini-Golf… with a Naughty Twist! Get strokes off your game for committing various ‘slutty’ acts posted at each our whimsical holes! Swing by the clubhouse for an Arnold Palmer or John Daly during our bar hours, or just relax and enjoy the lounge any time day or night. Innuendo, retina-searing color, and genitalia-themed decor abound. Kindness and consent mandatory– clothing and class optional.

Hometown: Phoenix

Slutty Microphone

Camp Slutty Microphone provides an open mic stage that hosts guest live music performances 24/7. Our stage includes a shared keyboard, drum kit, guitar, and a few other instruments. Bands are welcome!

URL: https://sluttymic.camp Hometown: San Francisco

Smile High HQ

Come play with us – in our Mutant Vehicle and at our camp we will transport you to enlightenment and enjoyment
Our cause -Mental Health-

URL: https://SmileHighBRC.org Hometown: San Francisco

Snack Shack

Home of The World Famous Black Rock City Hotdog Eating Contest. Floggin’ and Doggin’ since 2022

URL: https://www.instagram.com/snack____attack Hometown: Comptche


A Butt Bounce? Or a bag of Zapp’s New Orleans Kettle Style Voodoo Chips? Step into Snacklandia, where every spin yields a surprise and every bite sparks an adventure. Embark on a journey through wild flavors, engaging workshops, and a vibrant community that revels in the extraordinary. Here, taste knows no boundaries, and Burning Man transforms into a playground for the curious and the epicurean. We’re crafting two giant spinning wheels brimming with wild and unexpected flavors, elevating the Snacklandia experience to new heights of surprise and delight. Our menu, ever-evolving, draws inspiration from the diverse cultural backgrounds of our campmates each year. Get ready for a taste adventure that changes daily and annually, reflecting the rich tapestry of our community’s culinary heritage!

Snark Bar

A Snarky experience awaits day or night, take a spin on the prize wheel if you dare! Our Dick n Ball pit awaits those that would prefer a cozy lightshow with a touch of nostalgia. Snark, shade, couches, a dome with hammocks and excellent drinks await dusty hot travelers of the day. WIFI Available – intermittently!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TheSnarkBar Hometown: Reno

Snarky Marquee

Like our reader boards stop by and say hi. Have something you want to say put it on our reader boards.

Hometown: La Pine


Snow Koan Solar serves snow cones daily, hot dogs very late at night now and then, and provides solar-based power for a number of camps in our HUB. We also have a public charging station where smaller items can be charged.

URL: https://www.snowkoansolar.org Hometown: San Francisco

Snuggle Shuttle

We are an art car/mutant vehicle support camp at Burning Man. While we’re not a theme camp, we provide essential space to work on our vehicle upon arrival at the playa. We also offer a chill-out area where anyone can escape the sun and relax during peak hours of the day. Come join us and unwind!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Society for Temporal Preservation

The Society for Temporal Preservation consists of time travelers tasked with preserving the fabric of spacetime. Space time is a lot like a cat though, it takes care of itself. This is good, because now we can misuse our technology to visit historical Black Rock City. In this role we serve as ambassadors of the temporally free, working to introduce Black Rock City to the magic (science) of time travel.
Our goals include:
– Exposing burners to the wonders (AND HORRORS!) of time travel
– Instilling a sense of hope and responsibility in regards to an individual’s place in time
– Getting the anti-matter out of the carpet. That stuff is STICKY

Hometown: Reno


Where all socks are found, except the one you were looking for.

URL: https://sockdrawerevents.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Soft Landing

Soft Landing offers a comfortable space to drink tea, hydrate, and rest in our Full Circle Tea House. Soft Landing also presents the Palenque Norte speaker series featuring over 40 visionary talks and stories spanning concepts such as technology, community organization, medicine, art, science, design and ethnobotany.

URL: http://www.campsoftlanding.co Hometown: San Francisco

Soju House

We bring a taste of Korea to Burning Man, with a soju bar, Korean calligraphy classes, and tea ceremonies.

Hometown: San Francisco

SomeDay Isle ...

SomeDay Isle… Tiki Bar and Broth’l
Inspiration Destination and Late Night Orientation Staytion.
We encourage you to find your dreams.

Hometown: Meadow Vista

Sonic Soul Tribe

Our Soul is Sonic..An elemental camp, Sound is our passion – our reason for being…Yet we move in threes – We celebrate the frequency of life an all that is..through music, dance and art. Radically inclusive, we seek to create a magical space for each one of us to connect, plug in and find our way. We deliver the best in world class organic and electronic music, the most amazing sound system on the playa, and art to open your minds and evoke the spirit of imagination and love. We bring you an interactive visual delight of art, lasers, video and lighting, dancers, fire performers and other surprises.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SonicSoulTribes/ Hometown: Dallas

SonicBoom Saloon

Come enjoy some old west drinks while you learn to crack a whip or gamble your precious shwag away.

Hometown: Provo

Soon to be Infamous

Your burn is Soon to Be Infamous! Stop by and decorate a flag with your playa name and address during our Don’t Fucking Leave Your Fucking Bike on the Fucking Playa! Bicycle Flag Creation Station Events and help us end bikicide, the careless abandonment of an innocent bike to wither and die on the playa.

Hometown: San Francisco


Hometown: Sebastopol

Soul Forge

Take a deep dive into personal growth and learning – Hammer out your spirit at Soul Forge!

Hometown: San Francisco


Our camp is a playground for the free-spirited and a home base for nomads with a thirst for connection and adventure. We’re a global tribe of dream-chasers and boundary-pushers, supporting each other to live our best lives; from the peaks of New Zealand to the shores of Thailand, and everywhere in between. We are solid as a community and feel that the space we hold between us can inspire other Burners to live courageously and less conventionally, as we all aim to do, as a community together. Join us, where every moment is a chance to shake up the soul and sprinkle a little more magic into the burn.

Hometown: Queenstown, Auckland, Koh Phangan, Vancouver, NYC, Lagos, Montreal, Christchurch, Bend, Paris, Zurich

Sound Cabin

Sound Cabin Support Camp

Hometown: San Diego

Southern Discomfort

Welcome to Southern Discomfort, where we bring a slice of charm to the eclectic desert landscape of Burning Man. Join us as we invite you to indulge in the ultimate fusion of down-home hospitality and radical self-expression. Prepare to be transported to a realm where Awful Waffle and Hillbilly Ice Tea parties redefine the notion of fun and festivities under the scorching sun.

Hometown: San Fransico and Los Angeles

Sovereign Nation of Farkovia

The Sovereign Nation of Farkovia

Hometown: San Francisco

Space Cats

Enjoy cool beverages, impeccably timed snacks, hearty camaraderie, and the best karaoke system on the playa (we checked) with your friends the Space Cats! Find us in camp or on the move with our mobile karaoke unit, spreading music and song through BRC. We do it for the love. You know you’re curious…

Hometown: Los Angeles

Space Cowboys

Shakin Yo Business again on the Playa!

The cowgirls and cowboys are back yet again with their version of the Wild West.

Travel the playa on the Martha – An Art Car with a personality. Martha < 3's you! An experience to the edge of the playa. Put on your best duds and enjoy your experience at the Space Cowboy Lounge where we barter, trade, howl, laugh, dance, and share liquid libations, music, and much, much more. Bring a bottle, a twelve-pack, or a bag or two of ice to make your lounge hours cool and comfortable. Be sure to join us for the Black Rock Hoe Down, a hidden party gem. SOMEWHERE! A party that will be out of this world.

URL: https://www.spacecowboys.org/ Hometown: Sacramento & San Francisco, California

Space Jellies

—First Contact will not be televised—
Hello Earthlings. We love you, and we’re here to help. We come in peace. We are ready for the big reveal. Come by and say hi during this historical event:

Earth’s Official Alien First Contact, probe-free!
(optional probing after waiver signature)

Art Support Camp for The King

URL: https://www.instagram.com/campspacejellies?igsh=MXQ3OGF0d3p1NnZueQ== Hometown: Mesa

Space Junk Ranch

Welcome to Space Junk Ranch: where space cowboys and cowgirls can dump out their hearts! Join in campfire singalongs under starlit skies, as we serenade the universe with tales of intergalactic exploits. Explore the wild frontier of the Trashosphere and join forces with our crew to clean up the cosmic prairie. Visit the saloon for a cool sarsaparilla, so you can lead your possie out with cheer!

Hometown: Denver


funny loving mix of great folks who enjoy all and has a camp open and welcoming to all -bike repairs and pickle back shots

Hometown: SANTA ROSA

Space Punks

Hometown: Janesville

Space Racers

Have at least a marginal interest in space? Us too! Slide into our stargates to experience micro-penis-gravity with big dipper energy. Pop by our Refueling Station for out of this world drinks, karaoke, lecture series and more!

URL: https://www.spaceracers.camp Hometown: Seattle

Spanky's Village (and Wine Bar)

The infamous crown-jewel of Burning Man bars. We take a tongue-in-cheek approach to wine, and a paddle-to-cheek approach to your butt 😉

Hometown: Reno

Sparkle Camels Costume Bazaar

Need to upgrade your playa swag? We’ve got you covered, from funky hats, tutus and sparkle bootie shorts. You never know what you’ll find. Open every day from mid-day to dusk. All are welcome!

Hometown: San Francisco

Sparkle Love

Come experience a little Sparkle Love in our beautiful oasis Tiki lounge, enjoy a cold drink and make new friends. We are a colorful and eclectic crew of sex positive, queer friendly, Sparkle Lovers and Burning Man family with an international flair. Cold drinks, hot friends, sexy games, groovy beats, rainbow colors all around.

Sparky's Garage

Sparky’s will fix everything even your broken ego. We focus on generators and electrical, but we are tremendously creative in fixing all sorts of things. If you’re not broken, come by and play Croquet.

Hometown: Black Rock City


And amidst this sea of humanity, there are potatoes. Yes, potatoes. Perhaps an unexpected sight in the midst of such a surreal landscape, but therein lies the magic of Burning Man. These humble tubers, often overlooked in daily life, take on new significance here. They’re not just food; they’re symbols of sustenance, resilience, and community.

Hometown: Toronto - LA - Honolulu

Spice N Vice

Spice N Vice offers Bedouin hospitality every day from 10am-6 p.m. Visit us for some hot or cold chai tea. Or join us for one of our workshops. Our comfortable oasis is also the perfect place to take a break from the sun and talk to one of our travel sages for stories about life abroad and travel advice.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SpiceNVice Hometown: Shanghai

Spoonful of Friends

An inclusive 3-course sit-down banquet awaits with arts, games, drinks and gastronomic delight. Hurry, first 80 to arrive dine !

Hometown: San Francisco


Come get lost in SprackCity! Lose yourself in our hip hop, electronic, & bass music. Find yourself on the dance floor. Enjoy some witty competition in our arcade arena. Rest in our cooled nap dome.

Hometown: Portland

Square One

A diverse group, united in creating large-scale art with efficient and sustainable designs that inspire individuals and camps to burn stronger. Our efficiency-driven designs enable us to contribute more to the community. Our involvement includes managing operations for Burning-Man-Centric, sustainable, versatile shipping containers, the Sparky (hot sauce) & Eden art cars, playa art projects, B&B BBQ, and the 35-foot Nest tower.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SquareOneCamp/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Stag Camp

At Stag Camp, we invite anyone and everyone (drama free) including singles, couples and small groups from all walks of life. We have no strict regimen of things to do or fees to pay. We all just come and hang out, creating a community among ourselves that is unique, fun and will be whatever you make of it!

Hometown: San Diego

Stardust Lounge

Enter an interdimensional portal that leads to a magical experience comprised of love, silliness, and sparkly things! Stardust Lounge is an eclectic pit stop for dusty travelers on their inter-playatary journeys. The three sections of the camp–the Lounge, Spa, and Wedding Chapel–offer visitors a fun blend of rituals, games, and opportunities for self-care.

URL: https://stardustforever.org/ Hometown: San Francisco

Stardust Saloon

The Stardust Saloon is a space age frontier fusion! A bonafide space western saloon serving a relaxed, fun and inclusive environment for all booties, ages and abilities.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/thestardustsaloon/ Hometown: Vancouver


StarFist’s infamous international tea service. Mon-Sat 2-5pm – serving a delightful selection of hot and cold infusions from around the world as we pamper and delight our guests. Offering a refuge from heat and dust, unparalleled hospitality and secret surprises for the lucky few.

Morning meditation/yoga sessions every day at 11:11am and our fascinating evening StarFist Lecture Series, exploring a range of thought-provoking topics and stirring debate in our sumptuous StarFist Lounge.

Hometown: New Orleans


StarPups welcomes you for a daily caffeine fix of cold-brew coffee in the morning and chill space to hang out at night! Play some games and make new friends in our cafe during the day, then come back at night to cuddle up and enjoy the psychedelic visuals in our LED dome.

Hometown: Golden

Stars And Bikes

Bike repair from Noon – 6 pm daily. Professional mechanics with professional tools and professional skills to fix all your bike problems. We can’t fix your personal problems, but we’ll try. Swing by! Both you and your bike deserve some love…

Hometown: Minneapolis

Steam Bath Project

The original and still the best steam bath experience.
Step into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation at The Steam Bath Project. Located at the heart of Burning Man, our camp offers a unique and immersive experience inspired by the soothing power of steam. Enter our tranquil oasis and indulge in the therapeutic benefits of steam bathing, surrounded by the sights, sounds, and scents of the desert. Our Lavender Lounge provides a sanctuary for participants to unwind and prepare for their steam bath adventure, while interactive elements engage the senses and foster community connection. Join us for a journey of self-discovery and renewal, where the principles of radical inclusion, communal effort, and radical self-expression come to life.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SteamBathProject Hometown: Boston

Stellar Dusty Moon

Stellar Dusty Moon is an out of this world experience with beautifully illuminated geometric shade structures, Cheeky performers, and Banana! art car parked right outside (when she’s home). Come on over for some good ol’ fashioned mooning action, and stay for some glory hole hotdogs, music that will get your booty-shakin’, performances and wide variety of interactive workshops and games! Grab yourself a drink from either the Full Moon Saloon or go on a hunt for one at our CHILL, secret, Pour Decisions SqueakEasy! And don’t forget to grab an Assport to guide your booty to the best ASStivities around the playa! Our mission is to provide a comfortable space to get silly, be sexy, and have fun with our galactic visitors. So, come get squeaky and cheeky with us!!!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/stellardustymoon/ Hometown: Ventura County

Sticky Fingers

In the fashion of the old-time traveling medical wagons, we are offering honey-based, miracle elixirs, potions, tonics and liniments. Experience increased physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being! Participants will also be able to fill a 2 oz. honey bear (provided) to bring back to share with their camp. Also offered: Journeys to explore Spirit Animals and Past Lives. You’ll be guided in a traditional shamanic journey to find a spirit animal or guide. The past life journey revisits old energy and fosters a more full expression of creativity in your present life.
Hometown: San Francisco

Hometown: San Francisco

Sticky's Playground

Sticky’s Playground is a bountiful medley of opportunities to reclaim connection with your inner child as you swing from our monkey bars, climb our scaffolding, jump on the trampoline, or play on our world famous giant spinning teeter totter!

URL: https://brc.lastbetmotel.com/ Hometown: Reno

Stimulation Station

Most of what we learn from the world around us is due to perception, cognition and activities are mediated through vision. SO what happens if we take away sight and focus on other stimulations like touch, sound and smell? Come check out Stimulation Station, service of soothing touch, peaceful sounds and beautiful senses M-F 12pm-3pm While your there enjoying our cozy seating and games in our brightly colored Geodome!

Hometown: Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe

Stone Soup

We are open 24 hours a day, buffet style! Our Infinite Buffet Table magically produces an abundance of cold aguas frescas, hot and cold teas, and healthful snacks. Visit us from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM daily for a full meal. Try your hand by making your own bowl, spoon, or cup at our plastics-upcycling table—and then bring ’em to the buffet table and use them for your own meal! Relax in our dining/socialization area.

Hometown: Moab


Stoop serves top-shelf neighborly vibes and creates a community space where everyone belongs. Stoop is my 22′ foot converted box-truck and is my full-time, tiny home on wheels. And I bring my home and everything that it has to offer to the Burning Man community. I literally get to go to Burning Man in my living room—and so I want my home to be a gift for others.

As the name Stoop suggests, it is a traveling porch—a space where neighbors can gather, share stories, and offer each other some wisdom they’ve learned on their journey. Oh, and fresh pour-over coffees, blueberry pancakes, grilled cheeses, and cocktails.

Hometown: Independence, OR

Stoop City

Stoop City captures the magic of a fever dream spent wandering the streets of Black Rock City. Come share a secret on our cozy stoops with a new friend, savor a steaming slurp of spicy ramen, or grab a last-minute bandaid from our Asian-inspired bao-dega. This might just be the late night corner bodega you never knew you needed.

Hometown: New York City

Storytime Friends

Storytime is a larger-than-life Tiffany’s banker’s lamp, building community through the magic of storytelling and reading aloud across the playa. Pick up a book, sit in a circle, and read to friends new and old. Lie back, listen, and watch the stained-glass lampshade slowly change overhead. Share your own stories, or create a new one together. Storytime is a stage for reading and connection, and a comfortable retreat from the noise, throughout the city and in deep playa.

URL: https://antonjs.notion.site/Storytime-MV-366fd7b37c43462e96c3f94eaa21da2f Hometown: San Francisco


Fly the Friendly!

Come get your altitude and your attitude adjusted in our airliner-themed lounge, where each afternoon you can enjoy the company of your fellow jetsetters while you sip ice-cold draft beer or a signature cocktail and groove to tasty house beats at our 16-foot wing-shaped bar.

Hometown: San Francisco

Stranger Things

We’re an art support camp and if you’re looking for us then you just found us. Art is hopefully near 1:00 and 2600′ – follow Esplanade around the clock – same as last year.

Hometown: Bozeman

Street Life Hip Hop on the Playa

When Hip Hop hit Sesame Street, sunny days’d have beats on repeat. Where clouds sweep away on dance floor, old-school sounds make hearts soar. Follow the groove, vibes shining bright. Welcome to Street Life, day or night.

Hometown: New York City

Strung Cheese

Your home for Shibari, Quesadilla’s and ethically sourced AlienCum

Hometown: Chapel Hill


Here at Suburbia, we are putting our efforts into bringing that same tacky suburban culture to Black Rock City. New and old burners will be able to see one of the most disgusting/ugly parts of society in the urban sprawl of the ‘default world’ displayed in a beautiful and enjoyable way. From the moment someone spots Suburbia, they will see a typical suburban neighborhood, but the with Burning Man principles close to heart. We hope that through this subverted lens, participants will appreciate Black Rock City for more than an escapism from their daily lives, but also an opportunity to encompass the Burning Man principles into their everyday lives when they return to the ‘default world’

Hometown: Portland Oregon

URL: http://www.facebook.com/CampSuburbia Hometown: Portland Oregon


At SUMANAH, we invite you to indulge in our unique morning-ritual café, where interactive mindfulness practices are centered around engaging daily themes. As we pour freshly brewed coffee for our cherished Burning Man community members, they can enjoy our exclusive Sumanah Print Newspaper, designed to chronicle their personal experiences on a daily basis. Each morning, SUMANAH offers a variety of guided rituals and techniques aimed at helping our guests feel grounded and complete while encouraging exploration and envisioning the potential impact of their Burning Man journey on their lives head.

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Sunrise Diner

The Sunrise Diner is a retro diner serving breakfast, coffee and Elvis to help feed the hungry, the hungover, and the happy-to-be-here burners every morning. Come join us and jam to throwback tunes while waking up right!

URL: http://sunrisedinerbrc.com Hometown: Seattle

Sunrise Tavern

Come for the bacon, stay for the sunrise. You gnome you’ll like

Hometown: Reno

Sunset Lounge

Sunset Lounge and Frick Frack Black Jack, you know us and you love us.
Up to our usual shenanigans .. Come find us!

Hometown: California

Survivor Man Camp

Hometown: Reno

Suspended Animation

Experience full-suspension erotic rope bondage: part kinetic art, part thrill ride, part endorphin rush. Our crew of expert riggers offers bondage and BDSM rides to all (Yes! You too can fly!), workshops for all levels, breathtaking performances, and night time play parties. We also rove the playa and build impromptu bondage sculpture!

URL: http://www.suspendedanimationcrew.com Hometown: Seattle

Svarog Eye

Svarog Eye: Where Dreams Ignite at Burning Man 2024.
Welcome to the Svarog Eye Camp, where reality bends, and wonder awaits around every corner. Our mission? To create a haven of magic, connection, and awe within the swirling dust storms of Black Rock City.

Hometown: Monterrey

Swagatron ~Gaia Weeps Art Support

Come to Swagatron to get whatever your wearing turned to a one of a kind piece for Burning Man swag. We print on whatever your heart desires as long as it can its flat and withstands 333 degrees of heat.

Hometown: Bowling Green KY

Sweet Car Bed

The home and builders of the “Sweet Car Bed”

Hometown: reno

Swing City

Swing City brings the energy and vibe of the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica California to Burning Man. We strive to provide a safe welcoming playground that can be enjoyed by all ages. Come to participate or just hang out in our shade and watch the various acrobatics available as seasoned professionals and movement newbies alike explore our space.

URL: https://scbrc.us/ Hometown: Santa Monica

Swirl Support

Basecamp / garage for Chosen Yogurt.

Hometown: San Francisco


Visit our synaesthetic dreamworld where movement/light/sound unite!

URL: https://www.synaesthesia.cool/ Hometown: Oakland

Synapse Conduit

Mini Golf 24 x 7 The Hole Point
Bring your dusty hole over to play with our putters. Serving Arnold Palmers. Tournament on Thursday at 1:00pm

Hometown: Oakland