2024 Camp Listings

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2024 Camps


Experience a safe space for you in the desert to chill and get new friends. Dance your ass off with our DJs spinning at the night with bar and hookahs provided!

URL: http://www.dachacamp.com Hometown: Seattle

Dancing Cat

Dancing Cat Wine Bar! Where there’s alittle something for everyone!

Hometown: Sebastopol, CA

Dark Heart

Morning community dance followed by small, intimate heart-share pods? Incredible afternoon expansive workshops? Sunset rituals? Fire art? Nightly temple celebrations of intimacy and joy? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Start with our Cafe on the Edge, where you can look forward into the mystery and consider what you’re going to leave behind. Take the leap into our Dark Temple, where you can plug into the void and remember what all-is-love really feels and looks like and how to bring that heaven to the heart of the playa – you!

Come drop in with our camp of experienced, international burners who are focused on creating a loving, tight community and flowing the love out to all of you BRC citizens! We love you!

Hometown: Laramie, Wyoming

Dark Sparkle

Dark Sparkle is your call to the mysterious, your insatiable drive of self-expression, your community for inclusivity and possibility. Through full-sensory burlesque, music, and ecstatic dance events, Dark Sparkle promotes body-positivity and self-expression.

Hometown: Davis


Welcome to Daydream, where reality takes a vacation and dreams throw the parties! Nestled in Black Rock City, our sanctuary is all about radical inclusion and self-expression. Get ready to dive into enchanting art installations, mystical workshops, and dance parties that make reality jealous. And oh boy, our legendary dream parties kick off the day with beats that’ll wake up even the sleepiest spirits!

Need a breather from the chaos? Slip into our Dreamers’ Lounges for some cool tranquility amidst the madness.

But wait, there’s more! Join us for our sunset workshops that’ll unleash your creativity.

Join us in forging radical connections and embracing transformation as we journey together through the wonders of the playa.

Hometown: Zephyr Cove

Deaf Granny's Kitchen

Deaf Granny inhabits a vintage 1950s kitchen, serving up goodies (and some baddies) in an interactive improv performance art format. Sit and learn about visual communication and the particular ways of being exemplified by Deaf people. Lovingly and humorously she will confront and break down your preconceived notions, drawing you in as a participant actively engaged in your own awakening.

URL: http://www.deafgrannyskitchen.org Hometown: Winchester, CA

Death Guild Thunderdome

Join us for our nightly exhibition of good-natured tussles. Remember, if you don’t participate, there is no show. Bring your own partner. When the sign is lit, we’re open. Usually around 9 PM.

URL: http://www.deathguildthunderdome.com/ Hometown: Oakland

Deco Fish

The Deco Fish Twins Art Cars were built in 2016 in West Oakland, California. These nautical wonders were designed and fabricated by a dedicated team of artists and craftsfolk that continue to maintain and improve upon them each year. Owners Andy Tannehill & Kimberly Medici worked with the founder of their former collaborative Burning Man Camp, Star Star Roadhouse, to creatively direct how the Deco Fish would best allow groups of people with bikes to enjoying amazing sound you can feel in your heart while still being able to chat and dance freely on a gorgeous platform with bright psychedelic kaleidoscopic lighting.

URL: https://www.deco.fish/ Hometown: Placerville

Deep C

We are an underwater themed camp with a refreshing Oasis space and karaoke throughout the week. Come during the day to learn flow arts and escape the heat, in the evening to sing to the pleasure or pain of the crowd, or at night to lie under the Starfield and gaze up at the pretty lights.

URL: http://campdeepc.com Hometown: Seattle

Deep Ohm

Deep Ohm is a place for centered connection, friendship, and fun. We build large art, burn larger fires, and enjoy spending time in our cozy home on the playa. We are a mutant vehicle support camp for Burnie the Bonfire and we are focused on creating a safe space for anyone who is interested in learning design, engineering, and fabrication. Mistakes are celebrated because they are opportunities to grow. We also serve s’mores and jams around the campfire all night.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/burnie_the_bonfire_art_car/?hl=en Hometown: San Francisco

Deep Playa Simulator

Over are the days of having to haul your ass all the way out to the trash fence to enjoy the deep open playa! Now for the first time ever experience the joys and wonders of deep playa from the comfort of the city!

Hometown: Carson City

Deep Playa Surprise

Deep Playa Surprise brings the magic of the Deep Playa to the citizens of Black Rock City by offering daily gifts of culinary and artistic delight. Home to the art installation Docenting Adults, offered to those who wish to take a transformational and artistic journey into Deep Playa.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/deepplayasurprise/ Hometown: Los Angeles

DeKomodo Dragons

You guessed it! The DeKomodo Dragons are all fired up about Decommodification. Hopefully, you took care of this principle before you arrived, but if not…we can help. We’ll turn your ‘U-Haul’ into ‘Ru-Paul’, your ‘Budget’ into ‘Fuck-it’ or your ‘Ryder’ into ‘Dyper’. Stop by our camp to get supplies to decommodify your truck, your body or your bike at our DIY Station! Make decommodification cool again!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dekomododragons Hometown: Chicago


Mojitos, mist & dancing served up with a warm welcome.

URL: http://www.dementha.com Hometown: San Francisco


Deoxidized is a global oasis on playa that hosts intentional gathering space, a soul series, and endless opportunities for diverse connections with people from around the world.

Hometown: Reno

Desert Power

We are “Dune” fans, nuts, and aficionados. Come gush, discuss, or passionately argue about “Dune” with us. Bless the Maker and His water!

Hometown: San Francisco


Don’t go to Desperados, it’s a terrible bar. The bartenders are all narcissists and they can’t make a proper drink. They just dance on the bar, knocking shit over while your cup is empty. The place is a junk heap, absolutely falling apart. What a shitshow. Stay away.

Hometown: Oakland


Destindipity is a place where what is meant to be, and what happens to be, reveal themselves as a gateway into what couldn’t have been imagined. On the surface we are a tea camp, a clean airy oasis designed for comfort and connection. What draws people in isn’t a carnival barker or a giant sound system. Instead, it’s the unmistakable emotional appeal of genuine human warmth. Our camp is home to many experienced burners well schooled in the arts of quip and camp, but our offering to the city goes beyond the superficial. Ours is a camp for you to be seen and heard so the magic that moves us can flow, and the structures that bind and blind us can melt away. Let your truest self be freed to connect with others and be blown this way or that, all over a cup of tea.

Hometown: San Francisco


Welcome to Detroit!
The Motown team is looking forward to seeing you on the Playa!
Stop in for a Motown Mule, grab a postcard, or just kick it with the coolest kids in the dust!
Detroit Coney Dogs on Wednesday at 4:00pm!
Be there or somewhere else… we’ll understand.

Hometown: Detroit

Devachan Lounge

Resting place of the gods/goddesses, a comfortable shaded lounge and performance space with cushioned floor, lounge chairs, cushions, and cozy blankets. Come to relax with our daily spa service or cuddle puddle. Join our expansive workshops and Interactive Dinner Theater.

Hometown: San Diego

Diablo Gators

Welcome to the Diablo Gators! Are you feeling obligated on playa? Come de-obligate with us daily.

Providing obligation consultations, a daily store filled with everything you and your camp doesn’t need, and nonstop jaded burner antics.

Hometown: Brisbane

Dicey Side Quests

Hometown: Brooklyn

Dickhead Camp

Camp Dickheadery is at your service providing shitty jokes, bazar drinks and all-around good times. We will be providing an interactive neighborhood bar with inappropriate reading material and creative art experiences such as learning how to draw a dick, or possibly boobs.

Hometown: Incline village, nv


DinerTown is the home of a 1950’s style, full service Diner with a burner-twist, run by a bunch of eclectic Canadians. We’re open at a 1/4 too, with a full breakfast & lunch menu served with a side of love.

Hometown: Whistler


Discover the essence of Eastern Europe at BARBORIS, where we serve only the finest Russian, Ukrainian, and Eastern European vodkas. Our cozy, intimate bar offers a unique experience with dozens of vodka brands, each served in ice-cold shot glasses for the perfect chill. Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere, savor the rich flavors, and participate in traditional drinking rituals. Learn what sets traditional vodka apart from the rest. Join us at BARBORIS for a journey of taste and tradition, where every sip tells a tale

URL: https://shminke.art/diptown/ Hometown: Yekaterinburg

Disco Ballz

Disco Ballz is your place to come for Disco Dancing the night away. Don’t miss our Big Thursday Night Disco Dance Party. Come by for Coffee & Donuts or enjoy a drink at our Shitty Bar.

Hometown: Orange County CA

Disco Bunny

A little disco bunny support camp for the art car Gladys Bright, a large geometric disco loving bunny that poops tiny butterfinger ice cream cones and gives rides to weary burners who might need a little pick me up or have lost their way.

Hometown: Dallas


Snarky performance art by day, raging dance parties by night. Stop by Disco Lips to enjoy chugging beats, flowing beverages, nonstop wisecracks, and even some random playground equipment thrown in for good measure!

Hometown: DENVER

Disco Porch

Welcome to Disco Porch! You can’t miss our large multicolor psychedelic illuminated “DISCO PORCH” sign placed on the ground to the left of the camp. The main structure is a canopy decorated with various string lights and several disco balls hanging from the roof. Under the canopy, there is a living room vibe with inflatable couch/chairs and coffee tables. Our bar is bright and covered with a shiny silver cloth. To the left, there is a black trailer. Out front you will see our jumbo disco mailbox labeled “DP MAIL”—don’t forget to check your mail! The overall atmosphere is festive, vibrant, and inviting. So come on in, take a seat, relax, and let the disco porchers do the rest!!!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Disco Roboto

Gratitude Love and Fun. We are a group of healers, dancers, friends, artists, creatives and foodies. Deep playa and camp dancing on Disco Roboto; Iron Giants disco floor. Morning Healing yoga. Sunset trips to deep playa and a Friday Gratitude Shabbat circle.

Hometown: santa barbara

Disco Space Shuttle

Home of the Disco Space Shuttle art car and camp. Board with us at ~10pm and take a ride around the Universe and Beyond until ~3am or whenever we run out of gas.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/discospaceshuttle/ Hometown: San Francisco


Discordia is back! After a hiatus of a few years we are returning with our giant misting pyramid. Come hang out in our chill space daily (afternoons) or join us for one of our legendary parties throughout the week. DJs and drinks of questionable quality may or may not be served.

URL: https://discordia.camp Hometown: UK, New Zealand, France and Australia

Discotique Pancake Boutique

The most sizzling spot on the Playa, serving up a symphony of pancakes from 10AM-1PM daily, we’ve got all the toppings that could win a Michelin star in the land of dust and dreams. Groove to House beats with a plateful of pancake with maple syrup that flows like liquid gold and butter that slides smoother than our DJ’s transitions. Choose from a lineup of toppings like Bananas & Nutella that’s nuttier than our tracklist. Whip it good with Whipping Cream or dive into the savory side with Bacon & Eggs that’ll make you question if you’re at a gourmet brunch or a desert rave. Experience live musical performances between 11PM-1PM that’ll make you flip more than just pancakes. Get lost in group classes from 1PM-4PM. Bring your plate and dancing shoes and let’s get this pancake party flipping!

URL: https://discotique.org Hometown: Vancouver (BC) & Austin (Tx)


Come join in with our wobbly world of Weebles , Music, Fire and Mayhem
Enjoy crepes Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
Evenings for eclectic music , slushy’s, fiery chill areas

Hometown: CHAMONIX MT BLANC France


Too Much Is Rarely Enough

Hometown: New York City

Dj as a Service

Join “DJ As a Service” for a unique Burning Man experience! Our camp features a dynamic drive-thru DJ pick up where mutant vehicles can pick up and drop off DJs, creating a mobile music journey across the playa. Designed for art cars and participants alike, our setup includes a vibrant display of 40,000 LEDs and strobes, syncing with electrifying beats. Dive into our communal effort and radical inclusion as DJs gift their beats and participants revel in spontaneous art car adventures. Stop by, pick up a DJ, or become the soundtrack of the playa! 🎶✨

Hometown: Santa Cruz


Our camp “DO THE ROBOT DANCE” is an art support camp for “DANCING BALLOON ROBOT” honoraria art project. We are open to all if you are interested and can be helpful in improving the project, or our experience and happiness at burning man

Hometown: Los Angeles

Do What You Will

Come one, come all! Join us and Do What You Will in either our sober area or our bar area. We have games, activities, parties, art tours, and COLD BREW. We welcome all to swing by and kick your feet up, have a drink, play some games or just…Do What You Will

Hometown: Reno

Dolly Llamas

Serving southern hospitality and high desert camp since 2022. Come join the breast party in the desert, featuring Dolly-themed coffee parties, discos, drag shows, and more!

Hometown: Seattle

Dolphin day spa

A fun camp for people who want to experience as much of Burning Man as Burning Man has to offers. A place to make friends and memories.

URL: https://www.dolphindayspa.com/ Hometown: South Australia

Don't Stop

Burning man is a place where small things can derail your day or night and we want to support our fellow burners by offering small necessities [ex. tampons, condoms, sunscreen, or glowy things] from our Don’t Stop Box, or a drink with inspired conversation. Additionally, we offer opportunities to restore through Yoga and breathwork and learn how to repair your bike.

Hometown: San Mateo

Down Low Club

Host of annual LGBTQ+ Meet & Greet on Monday night since 2012, Little Black Dress Party on Tuesday evening and “Escape From Shady Pines” Golden Girls-themed brunch on Thursday. Also, since 2009, hosting the 24/7 interactivity in our Down Low Club tent, providing a discreet, enclosed and air-conditioned space for erotic play between consenting 18+ adult men & male-identified individuals.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DownLowClub Hometown: Palm Springs

Down The Rabbit Hole

Step into the shoes of Alice as you enter a world of mysteries and surprises. Take a leap into the rabbit hole and wake up into a world where small appears big, rooms are turned upside down and where you can play with the riddles and mysteries we have placed along the way back into the “real” world of Black Rock City. Along the way you will ponder on the questions of reality, perception and collective consciousness. Enjoy the ride!

URL: https://blackrockalice.wixsite.com/alice Hometown: San Francisco

Dr. Carl's Collection of Depts.

Dr. Carl’s Collection of Departments returns! Come play our legendary Dept. of Collections game, where we will give you a semi-fabulous prize if you can do, are, or tell us about a thing we list on the board of tiles. Enjoy a homebrew at our Dept. of Dumpster Dive Bar, or sit-in on our Let’s Talk Forums. Get glowed up by our Dept. of Boudoir Photography and be adored and cheekily photographed (now including black light sessions after dark!). Be a subject in the Temporary Anonymous Zone, a behavioral experiment involving anonymous persons conversing in total darkness. Learn and play GO in our Dept. of Strategy, or simply enjoy our AI powered fortune-telling Pug-Witch, our blacklight Hissing Booth, or let fate decide at our luscious pink Kiss-Met randomizer.

URL: https://www.drcarlscamp.com/ Hometown: Portland


Dr Playa’s ENT Clinic helps Black Rock Citizens clean out there head holes daily. Open 12PM-3PM.

Hometown: Reno

Dr.Baron von Realz, Esq. Sideshow

Come join our circus of freaks
Burning man will be here before you know it and “Dr. Baron von Realz Esq. most spectacular Steampunk Sideshow of altered reality and debauchery” needs you. Come join our circus of freaks and be a part of the shenanigans of our camp. Flaming girls, tattoos, body modifications, piercings, carnies, performers, artists, suicide girls, freaks, geeks, and other oddities are welcome to fill our ranks. Besides filling our ranks we are always looking for dedicated minions to help us set up and tear down the camp, couch taters need not apply. We are looking for people who want to be Burning Man, not people who want go to Burning Man.

Hometown: Newark

Draft Punk

In the future, Daft Punk steals OUR name, “dRaft Punk”.
We’re here to steal it back.
And we brought a LOT of ice-cold beer with us.
Grab a cold one on the go, or hang out with us for the day.
K nqxg aqw!

Hometown: San Diego

Dragon's Wonderland

Hometown: las vegas

DragonCamp Armory

DragonCampArmory teaches women to hand-make their own sexy armor bikini. Participants will trace, cut, pound, and decorate thin sheet aluminum into a cool, amazing custom fitting metal bikini costume.

Hometown: Fountain Valley

Dragons Nest

Dragons Nest is a home to mythical creatures from all cultural timelines. We are benevolent beings of power, boundless and infinite. We aspire to inspire ourselves and others to push beyond our self imposed limitations through a container of love, support, creativity, radical expression, radical self honesty, and compassion. Shifting from alone to all one, nowhere to now here, we surrender to love and common-unity. Melting hearts into gooey puddles of joy.

Hometown: Nevada City

Drawn Inn

Drawn Inn is a studio space and lounge where you are both the artist, and the art. Come flex those artistic muscles at our Figure Drawing classes and even try your hand at being one of our models! We will have open studio hours. And, themed events where we offer whimsical props, body paint and creative atmosphere to help you become your most inspired self.

Hometown: San Francisco


Dreamery is a camp to discover, share and experience dreams. It is an interactive space to read and write dreams and fantasies, happy or scary, random and crazy, sensual or sad.

What dream would you ask for if you could?
If you could go anywhere in a dream, where would it be?

At Dreamery, you might also meet someone special. You can see if you want to hang out for just a bit or maybe become lifelong soulmates.

Got any bad dreams you want to get rid of? Drop them to the Dreamery Alter to be ceremonially burned at The Temple Burn.

Have any happy dreams or exciting tales to tell? Jot them down in The Book of Dreams. Flip through the pages to discover stories and dreams from people from around the world, and you might even find new dreams to call your own.

Hometown: Laguna Niguel


We are artists, engineers, and neuroscientists from San Francisco! We made a cool dreamship. Come pilot it with us, then stay around to nerd out about brains, computers, robots, and space.

Hometown: San Francisco

Duane's Whirld

DuanesWhirld is enjoying our 18th consecutive year en Playa, with many of our campers trekking from Vermont.

Our camp supports the mutant vehicle Fluffy — accessible public transit masquerading as a cloud wafting across the playa. A wheelchair lift and Braille rails accommodate that many more Burners into the artcar experience.

We enjoy mass-gifting our fellow Burners with Deep Playa Beer Delivery (quenching the late afternoon thirst in the heat) and ‘Smores (late nights in deep playa to ease the chill with warm gooey treats.) Each of those gatherings generates micro-community among those Burners brought together. Look for Fluffy!!

URL: http://DuanesWhirld.com/ Hometown: Burlington

Duck Pond

Quack quack! Grab your cup (and your ID) and come on down to Duck Pond for cold drinks, bumpin’ music, and a wild ride on the infamous Bucking Duck.

Hometown: San Francisco


Come shake your Duckbutt with us for Crafts and Cocktails and Comedy

Hometown: Brooklyn

Dune Dwellers

Hometown: South Ogden

dust & stars

WE WELCOME ALL WHO DARE. this is dust & star’s eleventh year as a placed theme cult. that’s right: we’re a cult. since the dawn of us, we’ve donned black robes and warned other burners the endless night was on its way. to celebrate our 10th anniversary last year, we held a very special initiation ceremony on thursday night… AND THE ENDLESS NIGHT FINALLY ARRIVED. well… something did. maybe we got the incantations wrong? to tell you the truth, we’re starting to think the night not actually be endless. in fact, the horizon is getting brighter — and from what we’ve glimpsed, there’s a breathtaking new dawn on the other side. literally breathtaking, and shiny. blinding, even.

URL: https://dust-and-stars.com Hometown: los angeles

Dust Circus

We are a multicultural and multinational group of people with various backgrounds and lifestyles who decided to create a special space on the Playa. Come to us to have fun and participate in all our activities – Acroyoga, Shibari, New Year celebration, Art Installation. And do not hesitate to hop on our beautiful Mutant Vehicle, the ShroomVroom when you see it gliding on the Playa, let”s experience the beauty of the Playa altogether.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dustcircus/ Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Dust Slug Den

The Dust Slug Den is a support camp for the Dust Slug mutant vehicle.

Hometown: Reno


DUSTFISH, serving Pho all week, featuring the three planets, playing our own special music. Home of the Church of Drum and Bass.

URL: http://dustfish.org Hometown: Bay Area

Dusty Beavers

We are the Dusty Beavers. We are a camp at Burning Man. We are from Québec, Canada, France, and the US. We bring love, joy and maple goodies to Burning Man!

Hometown: Montreal

Dusty Booty Ranch

An outpost where misfits fit.

URL: http://www.dustybootyranch.com Hometown: Seattle

Dusty Bottoms

Hometown: Los Angeles

Dusty Bunnies

Come visit Dusty Bunny Boutique and treat your awesome self to a fine outfit! We have complete costumes and accessories for every occasion to allow you to create your perfect Playa look:
Don’t know what to put on Monday? We will dress you up!
Need a tutu for you Tuesday? We have it!
Looking for something white for your Wednesday? Come on in!
Just need something clean to wear on Thursday? Stop by and check out the practical leftovers.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/DustyBunnyBoutique Hometown: Portland

Dusty Dillas

Experience the Wild Wild West at Dusty Dillas, a Western themed bar and a quesadilla saloon. Here you’ll find comfort in assless chaps, refreshing libations, and some cheesy goodness. Come on down for a dusty good time and a chance to spin the wheel to determine your luck in the dust, enter our cornhole tournament, or have a dual at high noon.

Hometown: Reno

Dusty Frogz

At Dusty Frogz, we believe burning man is a dream in which we get for a week the opportunity to be completely free, to let our imagination go wild, to try new things and make new friends. After 10 years in BRC, we are evolving into a sex-positive camp that will provide a safe space for people to get out of their comfort zone and embrace liberation and celebration of the body, the mind, the emotions, and the soul, as part of a growth journey.
We offer morning workshops and evening kinky parties during the week. We are also a European camp, with our burners coming primarily from France, Sweden, Germany and Spain. We are very easy to find, just look out for our 28ft tall Eiffel Tower, et voila!

URL: https://www.dustyfrogz.fr Hometown: Paris

Dusty Minds

Dusty Minds is a collective group of imaginations born out of the love and curiosity discovered in the desert, nurtured through the community found there, and sustained by the principals upheld on the playa.

URL: https://www.dustymindscollective.com/ Hometown: Oakdale

Dusty Mule Saloon and Playground

We offer the vibe of belly laughs all day, everyday. Inside our vibrant dome, you’ll find a welcoming bar offering boozy cocktails or one of our chilled non-alcoholic options with a boogie music theme. Dome interior games include Yard Yahtzee, Pin the Man on the Ass, Truth or Jenga, Cards Against Humanity, Monolopy, etc. Venture through tunnels connecting smaller domes to our main dome for added adventure. Our playground features an array of interactive games sure to entertain all, from large-scale Connect 4 to Rubber Ring Toss Your Cookies and Shut Your Cornhole. LED Tetherball and hydraulic teeter-totters in What Goes Up Must Come Down add to the carnival-like atmosphere. Laughter is the universal love language of friends.

Hometown: Denver

Dusty Nation

Dusty Nation is the support camp for Carried By The Wind, a 2024 Honorarium art project.

Hometown: Seattle

Dusty Pineapple

Tropical Camp & Deep Playa Bar. Discover fruity drinks, groovy jams, and instant camaraderie where you least expect it.

The Dusty Pineapple is an oasis with a bicycle-drawn Tiki Bar that ventures out at sunset to the farthest corners of the Deep Playa to provide a tiny oasis of light, music, fun, and friendship.

Come join us in camp for tropical-themed happy hours, chill morning coffee and crepes, and friendly advice from unprofessional advice givers. Or practice your leave no trace skills with a quick game of Pick It Up With Your Butt!

The Dusty Pineapple does not disclose its location in the Deep Playa. We prefer to be that moment burners find by chance, celebrating serendipity, intimacy and great times. We look forward to you stumbling upon us along your journey.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dusty.pineapple Hometown: Portland

Dusty Rhino Camp

The Dusty Rhino art car is a fire breathing, thumping, mobile party that brings people together through art, fire and electronic music. We provide enthusiastic participants with a unique interactive experience that alters their notions of what is possible.

URL: http://www.dustyrhino.com Hometown: San Francisco

Dusty Scouts of Camp Campy Camp

Camp Campy Camp aims to create the CAMPIEST experience at Burning Man. Imagine a summer camp created where RuPaul with Josephine Baker and Alexander McQueen as the head Camp Counselors. A summer camp where you can explore the realities of Burning Man by asking: how do we collectively construct our reality here?

At Camp Campy Camp, we celebrate everyone in their finest form. We pay homage to the LGBTQ+ BIPOC originators of drag and ballroom. Our goal is to create a space akin to what ball culture has done – a space where anyone can be themselves, a space to fully celebrate each person for who they are.

Our offerings will include traditional camp activities with a twist (merit badges, friendship bracelets, knitting, ropes course). Stop by any afternoon Tu-Fri to see what we have on deck!

URL: https://campcampycamp.camp/ Hometown: Boston

Dusty Taint

Born in the style of a 1940’s “Negro Juke Joint” featuring music, games, and drinking. Passersby’s relax and socialize after a hard day in the fields (Playa) in a multi-cultural and sexually diverse adult space. Activities will open viewpoints, perspectives and make new friends. When the sun is just above the mountains, we toast the sunset and welcome the night. We play games with a mature and imaginative twist. As with all Juke Joints, cards, parlor games, and themed gatherings occur and conversation informal. In a world of hate speech and some loud shitty people, we bring love and unity. We mix cultures into a new and ethnically comingled environment celebrating similarities, loving differences and learning from each other. We work hard to build a better Burningman community.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dustytaintofficial Hometown: Kernersville


Come cool off with fresh ice cream and frozen facials while dancing to our incredible melodic techno DJs spinning atop our sexy art car Double-D! Join the festivities Tuesday-Saturday 1-5pm.

URL: http://www.dustydelight.com Hometown: New York metro

Dye With Dignity

Dye With Dignity provides silk scarves and all necessary elements to create your own tie dye work of art on playa! On none dye days we provide snow cones and frozen margaritas.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dyewithdignity Hometown: Fredericksburg TX


Hometown: Sacramento