2024 Camp Listings

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2024 Camps


Hometown: Los Angeles


We are Camp Tac-O-Cat. We cook tacos for the masses and enjoy serving libations and great conversation. We offer shade, a misty breeze and we have a few gear-heads who like to solve problems. Our camp is made up of Burners with deep roots in playa culture and a few we have newly adopted. People will likely be pulled in by heckling when they pass by, and some of the best connections have come from luring our new friends in from the street. We enjoy cracking people out of their comfort zone and immersing them in dusty happiness.

At sunset Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will be offering tacos. Our tacos are playa-famous and have a special grilled tortilla. We have vegetarian options as well.

Hometown: Meadow Vista

Taco Tuesday

Organic Study No. 4 Camp – Fuerte Art House

Hometown: Las Vegas


We provide Totally Awesome Caloric Objects Cheesy and Tasty daily M-F, 2 PM until our 400 portions are gone. Enjoy a daily variety of grilled cheese sandwiches, along with hydration and FUN games. Come, bring your curiosity, and nourish yourselves with “Food 4 Thought”.

Hometown: Greater San Francisco Bay Area

Tacoma is for [GHOST] Lovers

Tacoma is for [Ghost] Lovers, home of the Black Rock Shoe Repair and Inky and Clyde the Ghost Mutant vehicles. Saving Soles By Day Chasing Souls By Night!

Hometown: Tacoma

Talent Show Camp

Come to our fun little anarcho talent show and show off your talent, your skill, your performance or just do something silly for your friends. We all have a talent and we want to see yours,… or come and watch us perform for you. Everyone is welcome at Talent Show Camp no matter how weird, or strange or made up on the spot your talent might be!

Hometown: Reno


Look for the mannequin caged in a travois: There you’ll find Lady S’s Boutique, Cut throat Bowling, the Cabinets of Curiosity, Scrabble Fortune Telling, miscellaneous games and the welcoming denizens of Tarwater. You’ll also recognize us by the crusty old Rat Taxi, parked in front.

Hometown: santa rosa


Step into a world of Moroccan bliss at TeaHive – Playa’s ultimate tea lounge.

URL: https://teahive.org/ Hometown: Los Angeles


Themed parties, food, bar & tunes all week. Cuddle with Bears & more in the Teddy dome, open 24/7

URL: http://teddiesburn.com Hometown: San Francisco

Temple Guardians

The headquarters of the Temple Guardians, including the Guardian & Burn Perimeter training area, Temple Guardian help desk, and Temple Guardian leadership.

URL: https://templeguardians.burningman.org/ Hometown: Various!

Temple O'Flying Spaghetti Monster

We are a comfortable neighborhood pub with a-rockin’ attitude and groovin’ tunes. In honor of His Noodly Goodness, the Friendly Fire Bar will administer ice-cold libations for your mind, body, and spirit. We will also provide unofficial official playa weddings in His Noodly Goodness’ Temple. Come learn about his Noodly Goodness, call almost anywhere in the world on “Talk to Mom” phone, or visit our giftorium. We also offer bad advice, favorable directions, and delicious conversations to invigorate and stimulate your mind. The Flying Spaghetti Monster welcomes all so stop by, be touched by His noodly appendage, stay awhile, and rest your dusty bum.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Temple Oasis

Temple Oasis is a decompression spot and camp for those who have gathered at, worked at, or been a Guardian at the Temple.

An Oasis on the playa from the heaviness of the Temple and our service to it; a place to find others who are welcome to talk or sit in knowing silence as we unwind our experiences.

URL: https://templeguardians.burningman.org/temple-guardians-support-camp-temple-oasis/ Hometown: Sunnyvale


Our camp “Temple of Love” offers a serene atmosphere of a retreat, embodying Burning Man core principles and creating an oasis of peace and spiritual healing.
Our diverse range of activities — yoga, meditation, sound healing, live performances, drum circles, body treatments, massages, nailboard lessons, shamanic explorations, enlightening talks, art workshops, cacao ceremonies, and breathwork sessions – are designed to nourish both body and soul. Between these sessions, the air is filled with calming music and mantras, while select nights feature electronic music by amazing DJs. At Temple of Love, we provide a 24/7 sanctuary that feels like home where everyone is embraced by a community of open hearts and creative spirits.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Temple of Together Crew Camp

We are the support camp for Temple of Together, this year’s official Burning Man Temple 2024, designed by Caroline “Glitter Kitty” Ghosn. We are a multinational crew of doers, builders, artists and supporters who have spent the greater part of 2024 bringing this temple to life for our community, We welcome everyone to stop by and learn more about the process of designing and building the temple, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and stories.

URL: https://www.2024temple.com Hometown: Oakland, CA

Tequila Bees

The Tequila Bees a Hive Like No Other

Hometown: Salt Lake City


Welcome to “TEREMOK,” a Burning Man camp where the surreal world of mushrooms meets the vibrant spirit of the playa. Our camp features giant mushroom structures, a central gathering area called the Mushroom Grove, and a dance floor known as the Spore Dance Temple. Join us for workshops, delicious mushroom-inspired treats, and surreal DJ sets under bioluminescent mushrooms. Come immerse yourself in the magic of TEREMOK!

Hometown: SF Bay Area

That Bunch Of Pricks

If we are not there when you get there, we are definitely somewhere.

Hometown: San Anselmo

That Camp Over There

That Camp Over There (featuring Dick Shaped Foods) –
Where … Over There? Yes, right there, with the ultra-comfortable shady, misted hammocks, exceedingly shady snacks, morning yodelling (with prizes), Snow-cone-eokie, Spanking Or Pringles?, the infamous DIY Crotch Wash and our entirely notorious afternoon Dick Shaped Food Parties. Swing by for Random Theme Dance Parties and What The Fuck Did I Just Drink specials most afternoons.

Hometown: Portland

The Annex

The Annex is a work support camp.

Hometown: Grass Valley

The Assless Chapel

The Assless Chapel is here to marry you! Whether you want a serious ceremony or just some quick nuptials; a temporary marriage or a bond for life; we want you to get married here! Have the wedding you want, not the one the default world demands. Marry yourself or marry a group of friends. All people welcome, all ceremonies conducted, all marriage arrangements respected.

URL: https://www.theasslesschapel.com/ Hometown: Healdsburg

The Astral Social Club

A home on the playa for experimental, ambient, acoustic, classical and celestial music. Indulge in our house made elixirs and tinctures at our non-alcoholic bar; let your consciousness slip through our transdimensional portal. Elevate and expand.

URL: https://astralsocialclub.org Hometown: Eastern Sierra

The Balls Depot

Your Neighborhood Balls Improvement Store.

“Do Yourself”

Hometown: Denver

the black hole

The Black Hole is the Home of Black Rock City’s Gate, Perimeter and Exodus Department, and while we realize it isn’t for everybody, it may VERY MUCH be for you. It was for us. If you are down to clown in all black clothes in the middle of the desert in a cloud of dust and car exhaust two miles outside of the best party on earth – then boy howdy have we got an offer for you.

Hometown: Black Rock City

The Carrot Club

Our camp is focused on health and happiness; health through fresh vegetables and fruits at the Black Rock Farmers Market in the mornings and happiness and festivities at the Carrot Club in the afternoons. Enjoy tasty, fresh produce to feed the body, refresh the spirit, and nourish the soul! One of the best parts of exploring any
city is checking out the farmer’s market- and Black Rock City is no exception! Come try one of our wide array of fresh fruits
and veggies!
In the afternoons, join us for fresh and icy boozy smoothies as well as fruit and vegetable-based cocktails at the Carrot Club.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/MoreCarrot.BRC.FarmersMarket Hometown: Annapolis

The Church Of No FOMO

The Church Of No FOMO will help you exorcise Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) from your life! It is our mission to help you deal with Past FOMO, Present FOMO, and Future FOMO in healthy and / or impulsive ways!

Stop by our camp for impulse weddings, improvisational re-enactments of events that you missed during the pandemic, and conversations about how to be present in diverse society.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

The Cloud Mutant Vehicle Support

Our camp is a collective of cloud enthusiats dedicated to transporting you to Cloud 9. We leave every 6 minutes.

Hometown: Orange County

The Dusty Nuts Tavern

Escape the constant wub wub for something a little different, along with dusty drinks from dusty peopel.

Hometown: San Jose

The Empress Theme Camp

Relive the glory of the Victorian age and enjoy the comforts of a more civilized time in our reinterpretation of a Victorian drawing room. Every afternoon and evening, our gracious hosts and hostesses dress to the Victorian theme, hand-serving selections from our tea collection along with light snacks.

Hometown: Vancouver/Victoria

The Enclave

The Enclave brings those with deep BurningMan roots while providing room for a cast of new tendrils. We are united by a passion for art, design, performance and self-deprecating behavior. The Enclave brings a spicy hot mess of Playastani charm to the 9’s of Black Rock by celebrating the civically-minded gifts, we have to offer, in a format that intends to suspend and expand our visitor’s expectations

URL: http://facebook.com/theenclavesb Hometown: Santa Barbara

The Espresso Martini Organization

Whether you are tired and in need of energy, or simply heading out on the playa and in need of a drink, stop by our camp for an espresso martini (or simply an ice cold coffee or non-alcoholic beverage)! Meet and chat with fellow burners while you sit in our shade, lay down in our hammock, or rest in our cuddle puddle. A trampoline and dancing pole are there for the adventurous!

Hometown: San Francisco

The Factory

Step into The Factory, where the froth of creativity bubbles over in our speakeasy, hidden behind the guise of an unassuming costume closet, where creativity and froth bubble over. Indulge in mysterious cocktails and dance at our Gold Jazz Jamboree and Disco Drag Swing Soirée. Vintage outfits, expertly crafted drinks, and soft lights set the stage for a night of shared connections and unexpected delights. Join us for a sip of froth and a step back in time, where every conversation is a whisper and every dance a story untold.

URL: http://thefrothfactory.org Hometown: San Diego

The Future Is Weird

The aliens have landed!
Close encounters of the dancing kind.
Offering music, happy hours, and daily chances to spin The Wheel of Future for prizes and surprises.
Come get WEIRD!!!

Hometown: Los Angeles

The G-Spot & Sloth Sinema

Can you find the G-Spot? We are your favorite neighborhood dive bar. Come thirsty, leave happy! New for 2024 we are shifting to an evening offering and opening the Sloth Sinema. Join us for a chill evening of great movies, themed cocktails, and of course, shenanigans! Family-friendly matinees included. Already have plans for the evening? Come by in the morning for “Saturday” morning cartoons and milk and cereal. Just like mom used to make.

Hometown: Bay Area

The GASS Co.

Home of a bunch of busy bees working hard to pollinate and cultivate the playground budding in deep playa.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thegassco Hometown: Agua Dulce

The Gong Spot

Welcome to The G Spot; you’ve finally found it! At The Gong Spot, we believe sound, movement, and play have a profound ability to heal, energize, and connect individuals. TGS’s mission is to contrast the Burn’s high-intensity energy. We offer chill spaces (3 individual lounges) for weary travelers to rest, get out of the sun, or, in last year’s case, shelter from the storm. Our scheduled sound baths (we like Gongs) and vibey spaces offer respite, grounding, or a quick nap for hundreds of Burners.

Our air-conditioned sound bath tent doubles as an (almost) 24/7 cuddle puddle lounge and hosts a variety of movement-based interactivity (both whimsical and sensual) throughout the week. Join us, and then tell your friends you’ve finally found The G-Spot!

URL: https://www.thegongspot.fun/ Hometown: Austin

The Hand Lovers Lounge

A soft landing space for hands, lovers, lovers of hands, and everything in between!

Hometown: Tucson

The Institute

The Institute of higher yearning invites the dusty wanderer to expand their mind into the bottomless pit of knowledge and exploration.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Island

A French Polynesia theme camp of mostly residents in this beautiful paradise. Wanting to share his marvelous culture with you.
Don’t miss out on the chance to participate in some social experiments.

Hometown: Tahiti

The Juice Boxx

Large font wooden sign says “the juice Boxx”

URL: http://thejuiceboxx.org/ Hometown: Nevada City

The Kingdom

massive artcar that welcomes all for art tours and a cold one.

Hometown: Mojave

The Last Mercantile

Where should you go before you hit the Esplande and disappear for hours never actually getting to where you intended to go?? Come on in and kick off your boots for a minute or hour at The Last Mercantile. We have a friendly, or not so friendly, barkeep who will be happy to serve you a refreshing specialty cocktail.
For those looking to rest and recharge, hop on over to our Spaaah and relax with a spritz of essential oils, nature sounds and put on a face mask and forget where you were actually going.

On our shelves of all things mystery, you can take essential items easily forgotten.

And as always, watch out for our pop-up events and resident sheriff…

Hometown: Placerville

The Last Starfighters

Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the playa against commodification & moop. Your participation in supporting artists by building a branch of The Solar Library & giving home to Solarians is to be commended. Your communal effort & civic responsibility will be known across the galaxy. You as a radically self reliant creature have always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredibly dusty odds. The Trailing Soul & Augmented Reality Porta Potties are your legacy. Remember to listen next time a gung-ho iguana tells you to relax.

URL: https://www.solarlibrary.info Hometown: Austin

The Lavender Lounge

Welcome to The Lavender Lounge! Come in out of the sun and receive a relaxing scalp massage while we mist you with lavender scented water. Lie back on an air mattress and take a few moments to slow down and enjoy yourself. You will leave feeling fresh, alive, and with just a bit more pep in your step! Open 11am-2pm Mon-Fri

Hometown: Sebastopol

The LightCult

The LightCult is a hub of connection for lovers of music, psychedelic art, experimental performance art, and unique, life-affirming workshop experiences. Featuring a digital art gallery and an abundance of subwoofers, The LightCult proudly offers the coziest, most enlightening vibes the future has to offer!

Hometown: New York City

The Lost Penguins

Welcome to The Lost Penguin Cafe! We are one of the oldest continuously-returning theme camps at Burning Man, and we are back in 2023 to bring our freezing cold treats and sizzling hot entertainment to the playa!

Come take shelter from the hot sun in our 40 x 80 shaded, adult-only lounge and comfy couches! Here, you can enjoy live performances from noon until the wee morning hours, along with a refreshing drink or piece of chocolate from our bar.

Between noon and sunset, we serve snow cones in our all-ages area so anyone on playa can beat the heat!

Come join our waddle for an unforgettable afternoon or evening. Straight from the icebergs of Antarctica to you!

URL: https://www.lostpenguincafe.com/ Hometown: Vancouver

The Love Beets

The Love Beets are here to serve Black Rock City. As an art support camp we don’t have an official program. But, if you need a rest, or a helping hand feel free to stop by for some shade and conversation.

Hometown: Philadelphia

The Love Collective

Made up of many diverse humans, under the banner of Love.
We gather together as community, growing and expanding our hearts.
We are creators of deep soul friendships and love filled experiences.

URL: https://thelovecollective.notion.site/The-Love-Collective-TLC-b64bb06a16ae42d39d03fa8e9d2d5d43 Hometown: Los Angeles

The Macaronis

Look for the purple puppet theater, right on thje street, where we’ll be performing “Emily in Gerlach” and “Sex and the Playa”.
Also the faro tent with the tiger flag, clandestine LGBT symbol of 18th century
Beyond that you’ll see the center of life for The Macaronis…the “Molly House” decorated with the flags of all the Macaronis on the playa: Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia, Canada, Puerto Rico and Chicago!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/The-Macaronis-1470124876455489 Hometown: Chicago

The Market

Imagine – you are wandering through Playa on your way home from a night of adventure or just starting out in search of adventure. Your stomach growls a bit, maybe you feel just a tiny bit thirsty. From afar you see a gathering of carts, lit up and welcoming. What’s going on over there? You pedal towards it and stumble upon The Market. You are suddenly surrounded with stands offering their goods. You eat, you drink, and maybe you even get your future told. As you bumble back home, you wonder – was it a dream?

Hometown: San Francisco

The New Barbarians

Hometown: San Diego

The Outpost: GGA

Ever been to Golden Guy Alley? Golden Guy East is on the other side of The Playa. If you’re at Golden Guy Alley, start walking east til you reach the man, and then keep walking. If you reach the airport, you’ve gone too far. We recommend the buddy system to avoid getting lost.

URL: http://goldenguyalley.com/ Hometown: San Diego

The Parliament

The Parliament and Tim’s Place where you can kick back with a negroni while watching live glassblowing and leave with an owl shaped glass vial or pendant.

Hometown: Denver

The Parlour Room

The Parlour Room is a classy-not-classy industrial Victorian lounge space welcoming all BRC citizens to come relax under the shade with a cool beverage during the morning and afternoon or chat the night’s adventures fantastic around our fire pit in the wee hours.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Petting Zoo

Come celebrate the Petting Zoo turning 21 this year! We’re open ~11am to sundown daily – hosting our 2nd annual big wheel horse dildo jousting tournament of champions daily 3-5pm. Come enjoy all the free-of-forced-participation-games iced alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks you can manage. Bring your government issued ID – 21+ only!!

Hometown: Denver

The Pit

The Pit, DMV volunteer camp.

The Playpen

Play with Me! Get to know your partner and build a deeper connection thru play and interaction.

Hometown: Jupiter

The Pleasure Dairy

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for! A Burning Man Camp that reimagines the little-known historic phenomenon of pleasure dairies! Think Marie Antoinette but in the Wild West. A place where you can never have too many cows or cow puns. At high noon be udderly refreshed by dairy-alternative craft cocktails at our bar, The Tits, and spend some time in the shade nourishing your connections at our message-in-a-bottle service. And after sundown, explore our LED cactus garden and let our art events titillate and amoos you. Moo-la-la!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/pleasuredairybm/ Hometown: San Francisco

The Reactor Project

The Reactor Project

URL: https://www.thereactorproject.com/ Hometown: Playa Venao, Los Santos

The Real Dilla

We are a kitchy tiki themed camp that serves quesadillas several times throughout the week. Sporting a large dance area around our Dehydration station aka the bar, we will also have a Hydration station for those looking for a non alcoholic beverage. After working up a sweat dancing come chill out in the Real Chilla Dome, a covered dome cooled to perfection for a cozy mid day snuggle. You might catch is serving hot broth to wayward burners late night from time to time as well!

Hometown: Sacramento

The Real Grass

Hometown: Portland

The Refuge

The Refuge is a place for weary travelers to refresh and recharge. We are a camp that serves food & drink from around the world and comforts all those that seek respite. Our campers come from every culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation and background. We bring to the playa acceptance, love, and a cold beverage on a hot day.

Hometown: New York

The Salty Start & the Peppery End

Ain’t nothin’ like hand stuffed, fresh sausage on a stick! We provide fun food that’s easy to eat. We have gluten free! Gluten full! Preservative free! Nut Free! Dairy free! Dairy full! Vegan! Vegetarian! And snacks full of MEAT! All are welcome! Find us at sunset a couple times throughout the week for a tasty snack that is sure to make you smile!

Hometown: Talent

The Salvage Yard

We are an art support camp bringing “The (Re)Salvaged Spoon”, a 2024 Honoraria art installation. We believe in the magic of reuse and the transformative power it has to change the world. Stop by our installation to revel in the many wonderful things we’ve brought to show you.

Hometown: Seattle

The Schtick Strip

The Schtick Strip is a strip mall of different schticks each day. What could they all be?! Who knows?! Not us, we haven’t planned that far ahead yet.

Hometown: Oakland

The Shaft

The Shaft espresso based cocktail. Booze and caffeine on ice is better than most. Daily afternoon services.

Hometown: Victoria, BC

The Shire

At the Shire, we’re all about CONNECTION and PLAY. Come prance through our lush garden and crawl into pillow forts! Dance like a hooligan at our DJ sets (you’ll be in good company). *Almost* smooch a stranger in our Tension-Building Pre-Kissing Workshop. Take flight on our infamous rotating seesaw, The Merry-&-Pippin-Go-Round! Brave the 4-story climb up Isengard for a sunset singalong. Come celebrate your inner child. Just follow that giant sunflower flag you see in the sky, it’ll lead you right to us!

URL: http://shirecamp.com Hometown: Oakland

The Shrimp Ranch

Howdy! Welcome to the Shrimp Ranch, where the Wild West meets the salty sea. We’re a camp of new and seasoned looking to create a unique experience for the community in the only way we know how: through quirky food, music and event offerings.

Our ragtag crew will transport you to an imagined past, where crustaceans roamed the frontier. From shrimp snacks and cold drinks to our Shrimp Ranch virtual experience to our raucous music, get ready to live your nautical fantasy and somehow leave weirdly warmer (or cooler) than you came.

Hometown: Oakland

The Sound Garden

We are a high vibe sound camp here to delight your senses with a unique 360 degree sound system that will blow your mind. By night we bring you some of the most talented DJ’s and artists to create an unforgettable experience of movement, sound and performance. By day we host sound healings, deep house yoga, and listening parties of your favorite artists. We also offer body work, and a few healing workshops in our Garden Lounges

Hometown: SF Bay Area

The Space Between

Mutant Vehicle support camp for The Temple of Time.

Hometown: Roosevelt

The Spanktuary

The Spanktuary is an immersive and inclusive camp dedicated to the exploration and celebration of the art of spanking within a consensual, respectful, and fun filled environment. Our camp is a haven for enthusiasts of all experience levels, from the curious novice to the seasoned practitioner. The Spanktuary offers a space where participants can delve into the multifaceted aspects of spanking. We are committed to creating a safe, welcoming and judgment-free zone where individuals are encouraged to have fun as they explore their desires! Equipped with various accoutrements such as paddles, whips and bare hands, participants can choose to spank or to be spanked. Have your spanking with bacon, whipped cream or a shot. A good time is in store for all! You will laugh your ass off!

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Sultry Lodge

Enter our sanctuary and escape the scorching midday sun!

During the first half of the week allow us to untangle your tresses and braid them into intricate patterns that will turn heads. Feast on a delicious breakfast. And while you are here, relish the playful art of plastic jewelry-making.
Pass by later in the week for Everybody’s Birthday Party. It’s for you – after all, you are born someday too!
Leave feeling refreshed, empowered, and tantalized, intrigued by the possibilities that await you…

And when the sun sets – return. Join the Sultry Lodge on a journey into the realms of unbridled sensuality, where you can lose yourself in a world of seductive pleasures and uninhibited desire.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sultry.lodge/ Hometown: Seattle

The Surge

Come charge your small devices at THE SURGE’s bar or living room. Join us for cold-brew coffee, meditation, education, conversation in our comfortable living room with a water mister, or grab a tasty brew or shot (or NA wine) at our fabulous bar. Join us for our Cancer Survivor circle on Monday and/or Thursday mornings.

Hometown: Phoenix

The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot is an enchanting, safe, and sacred space to explore our vulnerability and humanity through movement practices, spirituality, explorations of human relationships, and play.

We aim to nurture the body, mind, and spirit of all beings by offering spaces, events, and offerings to meet everybody exactly where they are.

Enjoy our Self-Care Tent, Come drink some herbal delights at our Elixir Bar, Melt into the Honey Pot Tea House, Play, Be Entertained, and Groove on Our Boogie Floor & Carefully Crafted Food Party Events, OH MY!

Oh and the fire pit, every night come by and warm your face and heart.

See you here.

Hometown: Reno

The UnStable

We are a Mutant vehicle Support Camp sharing a resources with a camp called Satellite of Love. They have refreshments, sometimes and would love to see you. We will be having Pole dancers and flame effects at unscheduled times. Stop by!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/chesteronfire/?utm_medium=copy_link Hometown: Reno

The Wastelanders

Wastelanders, the apocalyptic band of miscreants bringing drinks and entertainment during the evenings and peace and tranquility during the day.

Hometown: Jawbone canyon California

The whipping waffle

The whipping waffle. We have the fix for all your indulgements.

Hometown: San Diego

The Wire

Welcome to a Burning Man experience immersed in HBO’s the Wire!

Come watch 24/7 The Wire on repeat all seasons, or engage in awesome interactive experiences and help create the West Baltimore we know and love for our very own in the Playa.

Discover The Wire Burning Man Camp, where the gritty world of the iconic HBO series comes to life. Immerse yourself in interactive workshops, thought-provoking discussions, and cultural celebrations that promote diversity, inclusivity, and social justice.

Step into the roles of your favorite characters and engage in storytelling sessions that foster empathy and understanding. Participate in “The Game” workshops, exploring themes of power, privilege, and inequality, and join our outreach initiatives to support marginalized communities.

URL: https://thewireburningman.weebly.com/ Hometown: San Fransisco

There Ain't No Virgin Mary

Cowboy themed bar and burlesque show

Hometown: San Clemente

Things That Swing

We’re Things That Swing, out of Montreal. That’s right, we’ve got hammocks, pendulums, even a swinging sofa. Mosey on over to our colorful domes during the day for comfort, care and good conversation… Oui, nous parlons français aussi! Join us for consensual touch and movement beneath our shaded workshop dome. Or drop by for Octomassage to give and receive an eight-handed massage. Ooh lala!

Hometown: Montreal

Thirst Trap

Feeling thirsty? We’re bringing playful mischief back to the playa with a game that will have your mouth feeling drier than the playa. But don’t worry, at our lush oasis we’ll quench your thirst with ice-cold drinks and whimsical vibes.

Hometown: San Diego

This Is It

This is a camp that serves pancakes and ASL led karaoke.

Hometown: Black Rock City

This Old Camp

Welcome to This Old Camp. A place to grab some shade, visit with some veteran burners, participate in some fun activities and get oriented.

Hometown: Boise

Three of Cups

Come on down to get a tarot reading, learn to read tarot, and play tarot games.

Hometown: San Francisco

Tierra Bomba

Tierra Bomba brings a Latin American flair with a kick to the playa, infusing it with spicy flavors that transport you to a vibrant oasis. Our camp embodies the spirit of Latin hospitality, aiming to foster connections and create magical moments for all who gather under our roof. With open hearts and arms wide open, Bombito’s mission is to share our unique blend of Latin culture with the Burning Man community, embracing everyone with the mantra: “Mi casa es tu casa.”

Fueled by the energy of Latinos, heavily influenced by Colombian roots, Tierra Bomba is a camp that embraces diversity with open arms. We welcome people from all corners of the globe, including Mexico, Argentina, Italy, France, Turkey, Ghana, Pakistan, and beyond, creating a melting pot of cultures and experiences.

URL: https://www.tierrabomba.com Hometown: Tierra Bomba

Tiger Man Camp

Does Your Butt Hurt

Hometown: Martinez

Tiki Bar & Hammocks

Tiki Bar & Hammock – bring your thirsty lips over to enjoy a fresh cool island drink or Kava tea and visit and connect with neighbors and fellow burners. Share all your great stories “this one time, at burning man…!” Get some advice if you are new to burning man, and of course, swing in our hammocks with us or relax on our sofas and stools in the shade!

Hometown: Reno

Tiki Fuckos

TikiFuckos at Burning Man is a vibrant fusion of Polynesian paradise and communal celebration, featuring a lively bar, morning yoga sessions, and exciting activity’s during the day. Attendees indulge in inventive cocktails by day, connecting with fellow Burners amidst the desert landscape. In the mornings, they gather for rejuvenating yoga sessions, embracing mindfulness in the tranquil surroundings. As the sun sets, fire dancers mesmerize the crowd with their captivating performances, illuminating the night with flickering flames. With spontaneous daytime activities throughout the week, TikiFuckos embodies the spirit of aloha and uninhibited self-expression, offering unforgettable experiences at Burning Man.

URL: https://web.archive.org/web/20180902102326/http://tikifuckos.org/index.htm Hometown: Ventura

Time Bandit!

Time Bandit! Mutant Vehicle Support Camp

Hometown: Stateline, Nevada

Time of your Life!

Camp Time of Your Life! and Braterpillar Art Bus is here for your playa transportation and assistance. Hailing from Costa Rica, Cabo, Canada, and West Coast USA. We are a mixed tribe of Burners who embody Burning Man philosophy, connection, and transformation year round since 2000.

Hometown: Costa Rica


Come and join us on the mystical shores of the exotic Lake Titicaca and enjoy our Andean hospitality.

URL: http://camptiticaca.com Hometown: South Lake Tahoe

Tour de Chance

Êtes-vous chanceux? Ride the the Playa’s largest French-themed bicycle-powered carnival game for marvelous prizes! But vélo beware, some are risqué.

Hometown: San Francisco

Tower of Slackjaw

Tower of Slackjaw is one of the tallest climbable structures on the playa with the best views of the 3:00 sector and beyond.

Hometown: Olympia

Toxic Disco Clam

In the default world, the Toxic Disco Clam is a real aquatic creature. It uses its luminous lips to attract passing fish… and then it dazes them with acidic snot. We’re pretty much the same: we draw you in with dazzling lights and entertaining activities, we ply you with our intoxicating beverages, and we hope you never leave.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/toxicdiscoclam/ Hometown: San Francisco

Trailer Trash

Your Friendly Neighborhood coffeeshop, serving the playa’s Most Adequate coffee each and every morning, snacks & shade included – usually, and providing a place to chill in evening. Bonus: our camp is home to Overchill, a marvel of evaporative cooling tech – ask for a tour.

Hometown: Seattle


TRANCESEND is a place to celebrate the sound of electronic music in all of its forms, a place to “TRANCESEND” mind, body and soul using any beat per minute you can imagine. Join us for this musical journey-or perhaps for one of the finest hot dogs served on the Playa on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Soup’a Place. Join us in our interactivity nights for a hot mug of traditional romanian soup, shots and fine tunes.

Hometown: Sighetu-Marmatiei


It’s a food bank AND a cinema! Pop by, tell us your tale of woe, and replace your lost food. Vegan and keto available while supplies last. Grab some popcorn and stay for a movie after the sun goes down. Ride the 4 speed creature. It trots, it gallops, it has a replaceable head. Spoken word project available, complete with striped tent.

Hometown: Lake County, CA

Treble Makers

Long day on playa? With a daily wine, music, and cheese pairing at sunset, you’ll be able to enjoy some of life’s most indulgent pleasures. Our artists are grass-fed, our red wine is selected and served by beret-wearing french busboys, and we will show you the difference between cheese and fu**ng fromage.

If you want to get to the next level of indulgence come enjoy the somatic gyrations delivered to your weary core by the one-and-only Buffer Bush. Swing on by and we will help you hit that higher note, we got your back!

URL: https://johmathe.github.io/camp.html Hometown: San Francisco

Tree Circle Art Support Camp

Art for the moment and trees for the generations of the future.
Our intention is to create sacred space for transformational experiences, where as a tribe we come together and reach states of collective coherence, supported by the power of sound, frequency, intention, and dance. We build art and create live Alquem experiences.

URL: https://eirarchitecture.studio/ Hometown: Ibiza

TRM Art Camp

A place for all creative people to gather and share good and bad experiences while working towards being an artist! This is our first time displaying art on the Playa and invite all to give us feedback and info to help us improve and grow in the future!!

Hometown: Dolan Springs


Live Birds love you!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Turbaza Chayka

Our camp is a welcoming place for emotional exploration at Burning Man. We offer compassion therapy for deep emotional connections and healing. Our Listening Camp provides a space to share and feel validated. We use complaint forms for constructive feedback and themed days to explore psychedelic insights. Tarot readings offer mystical guidance. All activities aim to foster self-discovery and connection in an inclusive environment.

Hometown: San Francisco

Turtle Camp

Turtle camp is a quiet shady spot where SIMON the TURTLE can rest between playa cruises. Come visit SIMON in his “TURTLE CAVE”, and cruise the playa in the luxury of SIMON’s plushy turtle shell!

URL: https://www.samogdenart.com/simontheturtle Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Two Lanterns

Best weddings on the playa, with all the trimmings! Department of Wedding Planning is in our camp, consult with the experts.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/twolanternsthemecamp Hometown: Santa Cruz,Chico,Nevada,Germany