2024 Camp Listings

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2024 Camps

F.U.Ego Stage Bar & Lounge

Camp Fuego hosts the F.U.EGO Bar, No Mercy Stage & VIP A/C Lounge, serving daily the playa’s only bottomless ORGANIC SNOW CONES and hosting No Mercy karaoke parties, an open mic, and DJ’d dance parties. DJs and musicians welcomed to our stage! Choose any mixed drink, mocktail, spiked cone, cold craft beer or hard cider. No Mercy karaoke singers agree to be cut off at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all! A gong is standing by. Only truly amazing singers get to the end of a song. ALL PARTICIPANTS gain access to Fuego’s VIP A/C Lounge! There you will sip top shelf booze in cool luxury. Look for Camp Fuego’s namesake Art Installation, “Fuego”, a life-sized stretched barbed-wire prancing HORSE with flame effects coming from her eyes and mane. Or lie in our coffin. And Eff Your Ego!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campfuegoburningman/ Hometown: Oakland, CA


Hometown: San Francisco

Fairy Shrimpy Camp

When the rains fall on the playa there is no time to waste; the fairy shrimp must get it on and procreate post haste! Pulling on an ovisac will pop an egg into your hands where your very own new fairy shrimp awaits creative plans. Come to “Fairy Shrimpy Camp” Monday through Thursday afternoons (1-4pm) to personalize a fairy shrimp of your own and maybe learn something new about these critters and their friends!

URL: https://ofatemporarynature.blogspot.com/ Hometown: Gossburg

Fake Moon Factory

Fake Moon Factory is an international team of extraordinary Burners working together with Australian artist Clayton Blake, to bring art to the playa.
We have exhibited the iconic shopping cart sculpture titled “Perpetual Consumption” (2018), shipping container sculpture “Containerisation” (2019), and inflatable ball sculpture “Toxic” (2022).
Last year we created a 26ft stainless steel inhabitable rocket titled “Odyssey” (2023).
Beyond the art, we had a nightly “launch” performance on playa and held artists talks daily in our camp hosting other prominent BM artists.
We are excited to be back in 2024 with our most ambitious project to date, “Sanctum”. A 30ft tall inhabitable and interactive sculpture guaranteed to challenge and inspire.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/fake.moon.factory?igsh=MXE0amRtdTM3N3N0Ng== Hometown: Brisbane

Fantastic Sams

Camp Fantastic Sams serves breakfast during the week, cocktails in the afternoon, and drinks in the evening.

We are LGBTQIA+ friendly, and look forward to seeing you at our camp.

We also have a comfy cuddle puddle!

Hometown: Denver, CO


Experience Ego Death, an interactive electric chair.

Hometown: Austin


Our fake greenhouse offers a temporary refuge from the harsher elements of the playa. Come take a break in our cool space, have some tea, and practice your creativity by making origami playa gifts. We’ll hang leftover origami pieces throughout the week as if our greenhouse is “growing” in the desert! At night, look for our 11′ LED sign, colorful up lights, silhouetted plants, and occasional fire spinning!

Hometown: San Francisco

Feed tHE ARTists

Started in 2007 with Larry Harvey’s blessing and support, FTA has fed tens of thousands of artists, musicians, dancers, builders, makers, dabblers, and generally curious wandering travelers. FTA actively models the concept of creating community through the sharing of delicious meals at BRC and all over the world. We are striving to elevate food to an art form, serving as a primary resource for playa food safety, kitchen design, and unforgettable cooking. You never know what we’ll be cooking up next – and, whatever it may be, you are invited to prepare it with us and share a meal of some of the finest food ever gifted on the playa!

URL: http://feedtheartists.org/ Hometown: Atlanta

Femme Noir

The Femme Noir Theater will be hosting a variety of performances throughout the week before the main feature film plays at 8:30PM. We will be featuring local Femme Noir talent and neighbor Burners alike. We have expanded our cuddle puddle zones in our theatre to entice relaxation among the audience while our burlesque shows, psychedelic story times, and open mic comedy nights unfold. We can’t wait to share our collection of black and white films that will be showing with each respective theme of the night. There will be no gate-keeping around here, they are ready and willing to give you some tips to step into your very own burlesque persona for the night. At some point, it will be time to settle down for a moment and share some tea. Only time will tell, and time is an illusion.

Hometown: Stockton

Feral Cat Motorcycle Club

Feral Cat Motorcycle Club is much MUCH more than what meets the eye. Join us if you dare!

Hometown: Phoenix

Fermented Reality

We celebrate fermentation in all its forms – of foods, drinks, the mind, and the body!

This year, we’re hosting events to ferment the SELF, ONE ANOTHER and the COMMUNITY. Ferment your fashion, mind, or taste buds with our morning event series. In the afternoons, participate in rowdy and eclectic games: Can you prevail in our Dickle Fencing ring? Are you ready to kneel before the Pickle Glory Hole? Maybe you just need a prescription from our Pickle Clinic to cure what ails you? Join us on Tuesday evening for The Pickle Ball or Thursday afternoon for the Kimchi Circus and Hootenanny!

We hail from 10+ countries and 7 states, and would love to make fermented playa magic with YOU!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/fermented.reality/ Hometown: San Francisco


FERN Camp is the home to for Rampart staff.

Hometown: San Leandro

Field of Dreams

A place to recreate 50 dreams in honor of the past year and the future to come.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Fire Camp

Fire Camp is a home for fire spinners and performers of all kinds. Come by for a fire jam or to play on the aerial rigs & poles, or just enjoy the music and entertainment! Try to find out who the swag keeper is and get your stickers or patch!

Hometown: Seattle

Fire Conclave Convergence

Fire Conclave Convergence is where Fire Performers, Ambient Drummers, and Documentarians who will be performing in the Great Circle will be signing in and receiving procedural information. Those with a Black Rock passport can also get their passport stamped.

Hometown: Reno

Firelight Film & Lemonade Retreat

Firelight Film and Lemonade Retreat: Come escape to our inclusive oasis for cold lemonade and warm interaction. Our retreat is designed for you to pause, reflect, and converse. Join us for funny and entertaining movie shorts and the Ring of Chill Fire. Escape, recharge and commune.

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon

Firm Globe

Firm Globe’s revenue in 2024 is THROUGH THE ROOF, thanks in large part to the plentiful unpaid labor… *ahem*… I mean… “hard-working enthusiastic burners” that came to our office on the Playa in 2023 and took care of their TPS reports in a timely and compliant manner.

The shareholders are demanding we return to Black Rock City and do what humans were born to do – contribute to a profitable enterprise!

Sure you might not get paid, but think of all the career opportunities that will surely open up to you with a name like Firm Globe on your resume. As a matter of fact, you can’t afford NOT to put in 40-60 hours of focused, productive effort here during your Burn!

URL: https://www.firmglobe.com Hometown: Bend, OR

Fix Yr Burn

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Fjörgyn's Lair

The Viking Longboat was a potent symbol of life, livelihood, one’s journey through life, the afterlife, and was used by the Norse for transport, in trade, in warfare, and as a burial vessel for centuries.
Fjorgyn is a personification of earth in Norse mythology, and the mother of the thunder god Thor, the son of Odin.

At our camp will be the Nudeaoke (Nude Karaoke) stage, we’re not just about pushing boundaries; we’re about breaking them down entirely. Imagine a space where participants confront not just one, but two of the most common fears: public speaking/singing and nudity, all in one transformative experience.
In the face of such bravery and liberation, what else on the playa could possibly hold fear?

URL: https://www.facebook.com/00FoF00 Hometown: Carson City

Flaming Ugly Cowboy Saloon

The Flaming Ugly Cowboy Saloon Is a Honky Tonk that is half John Ford, half Frederico Fellini. We play great music, engage in shenanigans, and pour the best cider this side of Old Razorback

Hometown: Reno

Flat Tire Cafe

Welcome to Flat Tire Cafe, your oasis in the dust! Join us every weekday from 10AM to 2PM for complimentary cold brew coffee and expert bicycle repair services. Nestled under a vibrant, colorful shade canopy, our camp offers a haven of relaxation and fun, day or night. Dive into our interactive game lounge, where laughter and camaraderie flow as freely as our coffee. Whether you’re seeking refuge from the sun, a quick bike fix, or just a place to chill and meet new friends, Flat Tire Cafe is your go-to spot. Open to all, we’re here to make your journey smoother and your days brighter. See you under the canopy!

URL: http://flattirecafe.com Hometown: Los Angeles and New York primarily but we have people from all over the world!

Flock of Donkeys

Come burn off that hangover and create a new one, you sparkly little donkey, and let’s pretend we’re ageless. Rock the day away on our life-size donkey, test your balance on two or four hooves on the balance beams, and take a spin on the pole. The best place on the playa to be a real ass, and bring a friend to play with you!

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages served in the afternoon during our donkey shenanigans.

Hoof it over and horse around or, in this case, come donkey around with our crew.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Fluffer Camp

Home of the The Fluffy Cloud! A giant 360-degree immersive sound and light installation towering 3 stories tall and equally wide, the Cloud is a one-of-a-kind art amplification platform hosting a variety of musical interactivity throughout the week. From world-class DJs to interactive jukebox nights, join us under the Cloud every day of the week to get your taint-shaken by 60,000 watts of overhead sound hitting frequencies 32% lower than any other on the planet!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/realfluffycloud Hometown: Sao Paulo


Serving exquisite coffee drinks at the Airport from 8am-noon, Mo-Sat
Come and enjoy our live music and airport cafe atmosphere with the beverage of your choice.
Mo-Fri 10am-noon we will have aviation ground school. Our instructors will give you an introduction to aerodynamics, weather, radio communications, avionics, airspace and all things aviation. We can go as easy or as deep as u like – let’s learn about flying in a playful way.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Foam Home as Foamier & Homier

Foam Home presents Foamier & Homier to Black Rock City! The Foamy Homies will be blasting off again this year. Foam down and rinse off your human socialization and awaken your divine curiosity for your miraculous body and connect with Earth & each other. Wednesday through Saturday from 12-1pm for families with kids, and 1-4:20pm for all.

Hometown: San Diego


FOMO victims, are you looking for the best experience at BRC and want to be sure you don’t miss anything?
Are you looking for a way to get rid of that fear of missing out?
Come discover and contribute to the wall of the best BM activities.
Better than that: come and meet our team who will perhaps reveal to you the secret to never having FOMO again !

URL: https://fomocamp.com Hometown: Lille


Camp Foreskin, not what you’re thinking! We provide facials throughout the week For Your Skin! Great group of people just wanting to give back to our community. Come chill with us anytime and you might be in for a skin-gasm.

Hometown: Indianapolis

Found It

You know that rush of relief when, amidst the panic of losing something, someone shouts “Found it!” That’s the essence of CFI. We’re a tribe of seekers, driven by the love of music and friendship. Here, every discovery is a cause for celebration!

CFI is the perfect blend of all-night ragers, and self-discovery, making us the go-to spot for those craving a side of enlightenment with their euphoria.

Get ready for 3 epic parties with, quirky themed cocktails from the open bar, and guitar-sax-drum-DJ mashups.

Daytime’s for soul-stirring workshops like daily meditation and the infamous “Croc Talk”. Plus, our spontaneous Ramen Nights might just make a comeback.

You’ll know when you’ve FOUND IT!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/camp_foundit Hometown: San Diego

Free Photography Zone

Free Photography Zone, for 26 consecutive years has photographed and given actual prints to all who wish to be photographed. Please join us in continuing this long standing BM tradition and participating in this long standing tradition.

Hometown: San Jose

Freeloader Pizza Kitchen

Coal fired pizza in deep playa. Look to be BLOWN AWAY with our pedal bike transportable pizza oven and art installation in serendipitous locations in deep playa over the week.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

French Maid Brigade

The French Maids are a playful, meaningful, health and wellness camp that is excited to offer Ayurvedic Massages, Scented Oils, Yoga, Breathing, Happiness and Art workshops to express any Burners creative skills…Come chill and add to your experience on playa with the MAIDS!

Hometown: Santa Cruz

French Manila

Our name is inspired by the melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds of our camp members. We love bike gangs, trolls, airport lounge and après ski themed afternoon dance parties, and meditating to techno!

Hometown: San Francisco


We have many customs and traditions for celebrating and recognizing romantic relationships. However, friendships are often longer lasting and as strong as many marriages, and yet we often don’t spend the time to celebrate and honor those relationships.
Friendlandia is a place to celebrate new and long-time Friendships in ceremony by sharing vows, exchanging Friendship Bracelets, and expressing dedication and love for the friends in your life. Come have a ceremony at our Temple of Friendgagement, exchange vows and Friendship Bracelets, and become BFFs–Burner Friends Forever.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/friendlandia Hometown: Fremont, Ca


A chill cafe & bar to come retire at!

Hometown: Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, LA


Frogma is the little theme camp that could, where everyone is your friend and neighbor! Hop on over to our lily pads Monday and Friday at 5:00pm for BRC’s one and only Hoppy Hour. Serving up ice cold slushy Frogaritas in our dome sweet dome. You’re guaranteed to make a rainbow of connections.

Hometown: San Francisco


A collective of international miscreants with a shared goal to slowly take over the world.

Hometown: Santa Fe

Frozen Oasis

Home of the Dust City Symphony. Shelter from the storm and relax under the misters with a yummy frozen slushy drink and a live classical music performance.

URL: https://thedustcitysymphony.com Hometown: Richmond


fruitPOP is a queer-centered Burning Man theme camp (est. 2019). With events ranging from ridiculous to titillating, we build a safe, judgment-free, consent-driven space throughout the burn. fruitPOP values creative expression and participation from our fruity members and on-playa guests.

URL: https://www.campfruitpop.com/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Frybread and Friends

Hometown: wadsworth

Fucking Joe Camp

Welcome to Fucking Joe Camp! Where everybody knows your name, and we’re always glad you came!

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Fucking With Humans

You humans are so great to fuck with! Such juicy orifices and shapely appendages! And so cute, gullible and compliant. We’re here from the Galactic Federation to investigate life on this planet and in particular human culture. We need to decide what to do with you humans! Turn you into pets, plasma or do nothing? Come, submit to our tests, add to our findings, and get thoroughly, probingly, fucked with. Oh, and we have a Zeta-Power Linear Accelerator (‘ZIPLINE’), to test your bravery and dexterity at relativistic speeds.

Hometown: Calgary

Full Send

Ready Fully Send? Welcome to camp Full Send, and we’re taking SENT to a multitude of levels. Stop by to enjoy our free standing “Wall-EE”, SEND a singing telegram to someone you love/hate on playa, or you can (try) to get higher than last night with one of our scenic sunrise tandem para-motor flights over the playa.

Hometown: Mormonville USA


Looking to get melty while having a booty shaking good time?! Look no further than Fun-Do Bar! Our delicious Swiss cheese and chocolate fondue paired with ice cold wine is sure to make your taste buds dance! Join us for our dance party happy hour (430-7p or until we run out!). Our servers will be scantily clad wearing nothing but aprons, so come on down and melt with happiness while shaking your booty to the beats!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/fundobar/ Hometown: Lake Tahoe

Funky Monkey Camp

Furthering the funky merriment of maniacal monkeys everywhere! Music, PARTIES, fire, and climbing structures!

Hometown: Tahoe


FUR is a theme camp of furries, who come together to collaborate in the shared theme of Anthropomorphic Art, Costuming, and Culture.

URL: http://furryburners.com Hometown: San Francisco


Sometimes the view from the streets is quite contraire, so come climb our treehouse and get some fresh air! Come lounge in a hammock and swing to and fro, or watch as we heckle and muster up a show! No matter how sunny our days may be, we promise reprieve and a bit of shade you wont want to leave! A group of fine creatives will open their hearts, and they’ll spread joy through our love of the arts!

~ Treehouse ~ Hammocks ~ Vibes ~ Art~

Hosting Playa Art Projects :The Releve Ladies and Veraison. Stop by to chat with the artists and explore their vision!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/campfurngully/ Hometown: Somerset

Furniture Car Rally Camp

Furniture Car Rally Camp is a welcoming place for all Furniture Car Owners, Operators and Enthusiasts.

URL: http://mobilesofa.com Hometown: San Francisco

Fusion Valley

Fusion Valley is one of the oldest camps on the playa! Founded some time in the 90s, we are a collection of sweet and surly geeks and artists dedicated to keeping you safe through the ministrations of Black Rock Ultra Safe (BRUSe). Come on by for a rest in our shade, play board games, test your coordination on our obstacle course, troll the inter webs, and watch a weird movie or two.

URL: http://www.armory.com/~fv/ Hometown: Gerlach

Future Turtles

The Future Turtles offer a friendly and welcoming 24/7 destination where you can come hang out, play with our LED tower, climb up and view the playa from our observation decks, and meet the Turtles: happy mutants: nerds, engineers, programmers, gaymers, creators and artists, scientists and philosophers.

Hometown: New York