2024 Camp Listings

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2024 Camps


Nourish your body with warm croissants and enter the Sound Spa with soft downtempo music, at our colorful, comforting home. We’re a tight knit community of friends committed to supporting one another. We strive to invite, host and involve any camper who walks through. Our offerings include: backgammon tournaments for the mighty, movement classes for the almighty, and breakfasts for the lucky.

URL: http://gspotbm.com Hometown: New York


Hometown: Detroit

Galactic Cruzaders

Hometown: Australia

Galactic Rabbit

Come enter the Galactic Rabbit hole, gaze at the stars and play a game of checkers or croquet whist enjoying cool shade and great company.

Hometown: London

Galactic Relay

The spaceport of love on the playa. Home base of Out Of Band III and Zodiac. Location of the Intergalactically famous bar: The Crocodile Milking Table.

Hometown: San Francisco

Galactic Snake Farm

We are the support camp for the ABDUCTION mutant vehicle!

Hometown: San Diego


Funky tunes and Reiki healing

Hometown: London


A Dive Camp of Synthwave, Retro-Future Wave, CyberPunk Wave, Interstellar and Space Travel. Synthwave Music, Neon Colors Lights and Lazers. Apocalyptic Retro Future, Neo-Noir Atmosphere.

URL: https://galixaxia.com Hometown: Santa Cruz


Ahoy from the Pirates of the Playa (infamous creators of the oldest Mutant Vehicle USS Nevada)…look for us “Gallavanting” around the playa spreading fun and adventure and hop a ride with us! ! Our mighty USS Nevada will be doing 2+ tours around playa daily from our home port so come visit us, enjoy our signature grogs concocted with our homemade distilled rum in an awesome full-fledged pirate bar, The ArrghBar. pARTicipate in our 2+ daily theme parties 10am and 2pm, come get your drink on, play games, and then relax in our Pirates Den – an amazing chill space with couches. Visit our Wayward Wenches Bazaar, because we got what you forgot. Come party with us….It’s sure to be an adventure.

URL: https://www.Gallavant.us Hometown: Reno

Ganesh Camp

Ganesh Camp is a lush retreat for dusty desert denizens. Tue-Fri, 1-5, celebrate and beat the heat in the bar in a large, cool desert tent from India or sit by the hypnotic burn barrel at night! Or play volleyball during the day. We have discussion groups (e.g. Stoic philosophy) before the bar opens. We have incarnated this small camp (30 people) since 2003, so we have figured out some infrastructure stuff, including green infrastructure, and are happy to share our knowledge.

URL: http://www.johnkane.com/2015-08-28-BurningMan/index.html Hometown: Berkeley

Garbage People

Hometown: Calgary

Gauchos del Fuego

Gauchos del Fuego, the home to Argentinean burners in BRC since 2014. Come by to enjoy some mates in the morning and may be you might end up taking your own mate kit home.

We are also home of Fuego Austral, our regional burn. We’ll have information and postcards for you to take home about the only regional burn in Latin America.

On Thursday show your Gaucho’s skills at the Guacho Partuza, a Pampa’s Rodeo BRC Style and the Alpha Whore competition.

URL: https://facebook.com/GauchosDelFuego Hometown: Buenos Aires

GDI - Gawd Damn Independents

We’re the GDI’s (Gawd Damn Independents), and we’re working for the Man – maybe you are too..? Most of us are Reno-ites, plus one Canuck – all with “Playa MacGyver” skill sets. Drop in late afternoon or early morning, as you might catch us enjoying a hot coffee or cold one…after work. Pull up; dust off a chair and share your best “There was this one time at Burning Man” story. We might trade a trinket, a laugh, gift emoji, or one of our stories for your effort. We have Burned forever, and we long the days of Cacophonic efforts and attitudes; if speed past our camp on a ‘lectric bike – that’ll be us – yelling at you – “slow the f*** down…”. Dusty hugs and squinty eyed smiles back at yah; “In Dust (and mud) we Trust”. Peace, Love & Hugs – the GDI’s. (insert smiley emoji here).

URL: https://gallery.burningman.org/asset/a41c5ae6-7cf0-4638-aa0c-459e2f813f35?i=21&q=mark+mennie Hometown: Reno

Gears & Beers

From rusted out Jalopies to busted Art Cars, we’re your on-playa resource for vehicle, art car and mobility equipment repairs.

With mechanics from shade tree to professional working our repair shop, there’s a curated inventory of often-needed parts in-stock plus raw materials, specialty tools and field experience, we’ll fix your clapped out rig and get you back on playa for everyone to enjoy!

Repair Shop is open Sat, Sun, Tues & Thurs. Hours vary by day and mechanics may be out on field repairs. Walk-in only. No working during drinking hours.

Our dive bar serves multiple taps of ice-cold microbrews paired with 80’s New Wave music, Bar is typically open afternoons and evenings so please come over for repairs, or a beer… Or both!


URL: https://www.facebook.com/gearsandbeer3/?view_public_for=1582760765100159 Hometown: Seattle, WA


The Gecko camp has been a BRC landmark since 2007 and we are ready to rock the playa again this year! Our main bar lights up with an interactive Simon Says Games starting night fall. Our dance floor and lounge focus on deep house disco music. Our resident DJs (DJM, Galexy, GoSouth, Samcake, DJ Loustaoun) will be rocking the Gecko’s Camp this year again, every night starting at 7pm. DJ-M has been playing music for Black Rock City for over 17 years now!.

Oh, and don’t forget: on Thursday noon, we host our Playa-renowned ABCD PARTY: bring your Ass, eat some Bacon (and pizza), drink some Champagne and dance to Disco!

Hometown: San Francisco

Gender Blender

Welcoming home our trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming community on Playa!

URL: http://sites.google.com/genderblenders.org/burningman Hometown: San Francisco

Get Toasted

Step into a world where childhood memories meet adult indulgence at “Get Toasted”! Immerse yourself in the comforting aroma of warm, buttery (vegan) cinnamon toast that will transport you back to carefree days. For those seeking a bit of spice, savor our tantalizing cinnamon whisky that adds a grown-up twist to the classic treat. As the sun sets, join us for electrifying DJ sets from 9 pm to midnight, creating the perfect ambiance for unforgettable nights under the desert sky. Get ready to ignite your senses and toast to new adventures at Get Toasted!

Hometown: Portland

Giants Workshop

We could be anything…

Hometown: Hudson Valley


Gigsville embodies decades of Burning Man history, mixing a spirit of playful anarchy with a deep commitment to inclusion. Renowned for our legendary fuckery, we create a space where creativity and rebellion flourish. Here, every form of individuality is celebrated, from seasoned burners to wide-eyed newcomers. Our ethos is built on challenging norms and embracing everyone with a penchant for mischief and a heart for community. Expect the unexpected: from mind-bending installations to spontaneous performances, all wrapped in our trademark humor. Gigsville: where history, hijinks, and heartfelt acceptance collide.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Glam Clams

Community! Music! Mischief! At the Glam Clams, we are the family you want to choose. Come connect with fellow burners and relax in our welcoming lounge. Get glammed in our Glam Station, take part in a workshop and shake your damn booty on our dancefloor. Souls of Black Rock City unite!

Hometown: San Francisco


GlamCocks is a global family that was started at Burning Man, and is dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences that celebrate and encourage burner principles, GlamCockery, bringing people together to find inspiration and creativity, and to express their fabulous, authentic selves. We believe that creativity, authenticity, and love for yourself and others are critical to having meaningful connections that make life fulfilling.

URL: https://www.glamcocks.com/ Hometown: Seattle

Global Camp

Global Camp was founded in 2018 to fill the vacuum of theme camps for Internationals to land. Over the years we have hosted individuals from over 70 countries, and we celebrate each persons diversity, culture and expression.
We bring elements of this diverse culture to BRC and provide space for those to learn and connect with burners from far away lands. Come and join us for afternoon cultural themed offerings.

Hometown: Gerlach

Glow Job

Glow Job comes alive at night on playa. Home of psychedelic neon art, sculpture and personal beauty services. Visit our glowing blacklight art and beauty salon after sunset while you get ready for late night playa adventures. Blow your mind while you get your nails done. Get your face painted then melt it off. We are LGBTQ+.

Hometown: Oakland

Glowskull Asylum Int'l

Glowskull Asylum Int’l brings extreme metal radical inclusion to the playa. Are you craving some good headbanging and want to meet exotic misfits from random places all over the world? Our bar, Skullushery, and art car “Castle Glowskull” will be hosting mischief, ultra-violence, and twisted METAL (and other deranged forms of bad music) daily. All varieties of humans welcome!

Hometown: Santa Cruz


Stop by any afternoon to partake in some Gnometivities:
Sing some Gnome songs
Hear a Gnome talk
Get a Gnome massage while listening to Gnome harp
Trade Gnome outfits
Complete a Gnome Quest

Join us for Gnome Night on Thursday night as we explore the playa together as a flock of Gnomes.

There’s Gnome telling what will happen at Gnometopia!

Hometown: Oakland

Gold Star

Feeling like you’ve been doing a real good job out there? Come by and get your well deserved gold star!!!

Hometown: San Francisco

Golden Gate Project

Best way to describe our camp address would be as if you were describing someone who has never been to San Francisco. Look for the San Francisco Bridge. Except at Burning Man our camp is best described by a 60 ft long, 26 ft tall replica of the San Francisco Golden Gate parked at our camp. When the Golden Gate is not parked at camp, our camp main entrance driveway is marked on each side by 15 ft tall wooden, painted in international orange, replicas of the Golden Gate bridge’s metal towers

URL: https://www.instagram.com/golden.gateproject/ Hometown: Reno

Gong Wrong

“Gong” is both a universal cognate (the same word in virtually every language), and an onomatopoeia (a word that sounds the same as what it describes). It’s also a highly under-appreciated musical instrument, as it’s typically played loudly, but poorly.

Join us for sound meditations with gongs and bowls to explore deeper states of consciousness. Reveal your deepest self in ecstatic dance or by playing one of our many drums or gongs. Catch us at our Wednesday night camp party, or meet us on the playa as we share the same energy serendipitously!

Hometown: New York City

Good Question

What can you expect from our camp? Good Question!

Stop by our shady oasis to deepen your connection with your friends and loved ones, or meet a new friend entirely in a cozy, intimate atmosphere. You’ll leave feeling more connected to others, and having formed a deeper connection with yourself.

Come by in the afternoon when we will be serving tea and batch tea cocktails, or stop by late at night to warm yourself by the fire. Additionally, we will be hosting 24/7 self guided deeper connection activities in our cozy frontage.

There are no wrong answers, only Good Questions!

Hometown: San Francisco

Goodbye Horses

Goodbye Horses is a union of global and domestic Burners who have met and connected through Burning Man, regional Burns and local events. We are filmmakers, inventors, circus performers, designers, musicians and more. Best known for Kernel’s World Famous PopCart, home of the best popcorn on the Playa, the one and only original, no bullshit authentic desert C~O~R~N for your grit. NO WOO-WOO LA TURNKEY CORN HERE FOLKS.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campgoodbyehorses Hometown: Los Angeles, CA/Brooklyn, NY

Got Your Back!

Got Your Back! camp is back for a second year. Oh my neck, Oh my back, my-neck-and-my-back! We’re here to help relieve muscular aches and pains through quick 10-15 minute muscle therapy sessions by professional therapists.

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Gratitude Grove

Gratitude Grove is a welcoming oasis dedicated to fostering kindness, gratitude, and community spirit within Black Rock City. Join us for interactive activities including our Gratitude Wall, where you can leave and receive anonymous notes of appreciation, or create your own positive affirmation bracelet at our Kindness Bracelets workshops. Join our nightly Candlelight Gratitude Circle, a space for reflection and gratitude sharing. Engage in storytelling and workshops centered around spreading Tiny Acts of Kindness throughout the week. Embrace the spirit of radical inclusion and join us in spreading kindness and positivity throughout the playa.

Hometown: San Francisco


Camp Gravity is welcoming participants to exploring their inner child with art installations, activities, and workshops for adults and children alike. Looking to open up who you really are and wake up that child that’s yearning to play, feel, and love? Visit us!

URL: https://www.gravitycamp.org/ Hometown: San Francisco

Grilled Cheese Experiment

Serving gooey grilled cheese realness, the One Sin Spa, Playa Name Change Booth, and Literal Table Flipping to fine creatures of Black Rock City!

Hometown: Vancouver

Grilled Cheese Incident

To the weary wanderers of the playa. May your ventures draw you in with the sounds of String Cheese Incident bellowing down the dusty road. It is there you will be barked into line to grasp your fingers around the cheesiest sandwich beyond the veil of a white out. Don’t pass us by, because we operate incidentally. When the mood moves us, we spark up the griddle. Either way, this will be the best Grilled Cheese of your burn. But remember, it was always better next year.

Hometown: Chico

Gritty Garden

Gritty Garden is a diversity driven camp offering a wide variety of workshops from glamor bar (for glamorizing vulvas, faces or other body parts) to heart-to-heart hugs. Offerings will also include a Monday-Friday bar and light dinner.

URL: https://grittygarden.com/ Hometown: Yucaipa, CA

Groove Oasis

Groove Oasis is your refuge in the dusty desert to rest or move your body. We are hosting dance workshops and parties throughout the week so check the playa schedule and come get your groove on!

URL: http://www.grooveoasis.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Groovy Sexy Funky

Where you can come climb up to catch a sunset view of the playa from our dome. Stay and play with our aerialists, acrobats, and fire/flow spinners, and get your virgin burner cherry-popped! We’ve got a BIG surprise for you if you’re feeling too hot… come shine under our disco ball. Let’s DANCE!

Hometown: Bellingham


Groundhaus is a poorly planned community featuring BRCGC spinning Industrial, EBM, Cold Wave, Dark Wave, Deathrock, Synthpop, RETRO, New Wave, and more.

Hometown: Los Angeles


Groundswell Surf Lodge is an Oasis from the playa heat. We have a beautiful shade structure with projection mapping at night, comfy couches, and an abundance of beverages at our tiki bar.

URL: https://groundswellfoundation.org/ Hometown: San Francisco

Guano Loco Lounge

We are a sanctuary for those who embrace the mystique of the winged wonders that navigate the darkness. Take a break from the stimulation of BRC with a visit to our Bat Cave, a sensory deprivation experience featuring sound blocking headphones and inversion tables inside a cooling cave environment. “Hang out” in our lounge equipped with surround sound, moody lighting, craft cocktails for 21+ burners, and a variety of NA beverages. We encourage a sense of unity and Radical Inclusion. Sane or Bat Shit Crazy, with wings or without, it doesn’t matter to us. All creatures are welcome in our colony.

Hometown: Grand Junction, CO

Guerrilla Cheese Camp

Bay Area Food Camp serving hot quesadillas and cold beer & lemonade. Get your ass stamped too!

Hometown: Sab Francisco


Gymnasium celebrates acceptance of everyone in their most natural form, naked. Come enjoy the freedom of social nudity and take part in some of our recreation events including naked oil wrestling, naked beer mile fun run, yoga, carnival games, the Gym at Gymnasium and gymnastics on a suspended ring. We hope to see you there!

Our camp is a great mixture of gay and straight burners, men and women of multiple ethnicities and nationalities. Come by and say hi, experience some of our events, or just take your clothes off and enjoy some shade (it’s just about the only area of our camp where the sun doesn’t shine).

URL: http://www.gymnasiumburningman.com Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Gypsy Nebula Carnival

Gypsy Nebula Carnival welcomes you!
Eat some Gourmet cotton candy, adopt a mutant monkey, play games, and win prizes. You can ride the biggest cock on the playa or go for a rowdy romp on the Bucking Beaver. The Gypsy Nebula Carnival lounge is shady during the day and black-lighted at night and always welcomes the weary traveler to rest and enjoy our ambiance and snark.


GYST - Get Your Shit Together

Because we definitely don’t have ours!
Come get tips for hacking your burn while sipping at our bar.
Forgot your tutu? We got you!
Rest in the lounge, cheer, and race in the Caucus Races!
Want a banana? Well, yes, we have no bananas, but we’ve got a banana party for you!
Or maybe Stevie in Wonderland is more your style?
Whatever your fancy, GYST has it and then some!

URL: http://www.gystburn.com/ Hometown: Sacramento