2024 Camp Listings

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2024 Camps

Y Knot Saloon

A late 1800s western town with its saloon on wheels, apothecary, and water tower. Come for a refreshing beverage, views and live music.

Hometown: San Francisco

Yeah Man!

The playa fabulous version of your favorite small town dive bar. Music selection includes but is not limited to: Hip-Hop/Rap, Latin (Cumbia, Salsa, Reggaeton, Pop Latino), Old School, Jam Bands, Classic Rock, House, Techno, and more. Carpeted, shaded dance area with a bar and a pink silicone stripper pole. Ambient lighting at night. Spank stamp paddles and Misguidance Counseling.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campyeahman Hometown: Los Angeles

Yellow Balloon

Clean and Sober camp

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2106589816343311 Hometown: Oakland

Yellow Bike Project

The mission of the Yellow Bike Project (YBP) is to oversee the build, release, maintenance, and collection of Yellow Bikes on playa to foster community participation in the goal of sustainable transportation within Black Rock City and to help reduce the number of abandoned bikes. Yellow Bikes are meant to be used for point to point transportation and are free for anyone to use. Yellow Bikes are not meant to be locked up or decorated.

Yellowstone Burners

Step right up to the Yellowstone Burner’s Playacebo Experience! We have collected artisanal water from our home area around Yellowstone National Park, infused with the natural powers of this geothermal wonderland. Your Lifetender will guide you through the process of selecting the specific water elements that are meant just for you, creating a customized elixir guaranteed – and backed by research – to give you exactly what you need.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/yellowstone_burners/ Hometown: Cody


Say YES to MORE! More love, more dancing, more awkward interactions. We’re here for a good time, not a long time. Come say YES to being MORE in the moment.

Hometown: Reno

Yes Please

Yes: adv. – Used to express affirmation, agreement, positive affirmation, or consent.
Please: adv. – Give pleasure to or to be pleasing to; give satisfaction.
Yes Please is the answer to every question. Come chill in our calm and revitalizing sanctuary, dance with new friends, and experience our inclusive oasis of sex-positivity, queer empowerment, and love. Be sure to visit our infamous Non-Monogamy Advice Booth.

Hometown: San Francisco

You Are Here

Welcome, weary travelers! Whether you are looking for an escape from the sun, need a disco nap, or simply want to meet like-minded folks to share experiences with, You Are Here is open to all!

Hometown: Denver

You Light Up My Ride

Disappointed by a poorly lit bike last night on the playa? Never fear! You Light Up My Bike is here to help and inspire you to fabulously light up your rig! Come visit us to get you bike better lit up and stay for a while and share a deep laugh or two.

Hometown: marin county

You Look Amazing

You Look Amazing is not just a camp name, but a state of mind. We LOVE each and everyone of you and want to get to know you better.

Our camp is an oasis of wellness at Burning Man. Where mind, body, and spirit converge in a harmonious dance of rejuvenation and exploration. Nestled amidst the pulsating energy of the playa, our camp offers a sanctuary unlike any other—a haven where participants can immerse themselves in a holistic journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Join us for yoga, mindfulness, workshops, dancing and the best crepes you’ve ever had, we promise. They’re better than sex.

So come, weary travelers, and let us wrap you in dusty hugs and smiles. Tell us your stories and we’ll tell you ours.

Hometown: Hermosa Beach

You're Doing Great

Hometown: New York

Your Dad's Couch: Chill Zone

A Conversation Corner

Hometown: Boulder


Yummm is a camp dedicated to creating Yummmy (non-food) moments for everyone on playa!

Hometown: San Francisco

Yummy RUMInations

Come taste anything real or imagined at the Yum Cart! Playfully-mindful camp uniting burners through laughter, curiosity, and consciousness. Daily experiments in vulnerability, intimacy, self-discovery, and storytelling.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/yummyruminations/ Hometown: Los Angeles