2024 Camp Listings

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2024 Camps

qt pies

The qt pies are an eclectic collective of souls inviting you to explore quixotic transcendence. We’re on a mission to understand the temporal nature of identity and imagine new versions of self, community, and world. Spend time with us and embrace your pie-in-the-sky ideas. Our doors are open to the most curious.

Our camp is a cozy, intimate home base for all of our adventures. We curate a wide spectrum of experiences from serene and sensual to hypnotic and party-popping. With us, the boundaries between dream and reality dissolve. Come find the magic in boundless possibility.

Hometown: New York

Quarks and Recreation

Games for Progress! Play! Scientists vs. Jabberwocks! Discover! Nuclear Fusion Bocce-Golf! Learn! The modern wonders of the Atomic Age! Your local Quarks and Recreation department invites you to experience our comprehensive catalog of nuclear-inspired games, physics trivia, labyrinthian bureaucracy, and definitely-not-radioactive “drinks” at the elusive h-bar. (Void where the strong nuclear force is inhibited; the electromagnetic force may apply).

Hometown: Berkeley, CA


Queer Retirement Community – Hang with the queer playa elders, drink lemonade, bring magic, love, and gifts and receive great wisdom.

URL: http://www.genderillumination.com Hometown: San Francisco

Questionable Camp

Welcome to Questionable Camp, where the lines blur between reality and imagination, and the only certainty … is a questionable one. If you’re seeking a dose of whimsical play and art, join us for some questionable times!!!

Hometown: Reno