2004 Theme Camps

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AAA 24 Hour Confessional

Father Nick makes his triumphant return to the Playa with a whole rectory full of playa bound priests ready to hear your very best confessions, grant you eternal absolution, and (assuming your confession is good enough) get you good and drunk. Be pure, get absolved, and meet some really cool priests – remember, we’ve got god on our side!

Hometown: Greenville, CA


Abstininthe is the friendly bar on the playa, serving the public for the last seven years. Come try our many flavors and enjoy the music, ambience and conversation of our neighborhood bar.

URL: http://abstininthe.tribe.netHometown: Berkeley, CA

Acknowledgement Camp

Come to Acknowledgement Camp to learn who you are to the people around you. Through this simple act of authentic communication, we acknowledge the *you* in you. This is the you that you – at some level – know yourself to be. Unfortunately, you don’t probably don’t often relate to yourself that way. But you can count on us to relate to you only as generous, loving and courageous.

Come by our Altar of Acknowledgement to be acknowledged, or bring a friend or partner and we’ll hold an Acknowledgement Ceremony where we teach you how to create love through acknowledgement.

New this year: we will be holding a wedding ceremony in which Angels of Acknowledgement will line up on either side of the marrying couples (complete with angels wings!) and teach the couples how to create love at any time through acknowledgement.

URL: http://www.acknowledgementcamp.orgHometown: San Rafael, CA


A place to go when you have somewhere else to be.

Hometown: Denver, CO

Alien Monkey Love Nest

Alien Monkey Love Nest returns for the 457th year on the playa! Come participate on our Alien Monkey Love Stage TM and show your talent, in which you will be rewarded for your participation with our famous pendants. Alien Monkey Love Nest is located at the Area 47 Village.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Alternative Energy Zone Village

Come visit the Alternative Energy Zone Village and learn how to make your own night-lite toys. Watch the sun and wind power everything in our village. See a whole village run without the noise and smell of gas or diesel generators.

URL: http://www.ae-zone.orgHometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Analog Frenzy

Welcome to Analog Frenzy. Where you can enjoy that place you came from.

Hometown: Van Nuys, CA

Angelic Airways

Angelic Airways will help you fly the friendly skies above the clouds with our Angelic Flight Attendants on our one way flight on the Angelic Airliner. At night you can catch our flying fire performances on the playa or ground shows at camp. During the day come and receive your wings by going through flight attendant training. Who knows, you might even make co-pilot. So, come join us in a flight through the heavens on Angelic Airways.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

ANnotated ODYssey of NEphology

Consistantly, we accompany poignant memories into our personal vaults, perpetually building an identity of personal philosophy, to be documented with ANODYNE this year. Our camp, acting as a canvas, will be a physical manifestation of everyone’s journey to bliss. We offer a kaleidoscope of mediums for this expression as well as a score of phat beats for bass junkies.

Hometown: Chicago, IL


Have you yet been AnOinted on the Playa?

This is the hallowed ground where the Sybarite indoctrinates you to Oneness and Spirit. Here you receive a healing salve, prepared with love of nature and health, to heal the sunburned masses, the alkali-flat weary feet, and ravages our beautiful surreal community may impose upon our hides. Your AnOintment is a pure and simple unguent prepared by the nymphs and sprites from the highlands of Boulder Colorado. This is AnOintment. Become AnOinted within the Vault of Heaven.

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Anonymous Camp

12-step meetings of any type held here, scheduled and impromptu.

Hometown: Minnetonka, MN


While Cosmic Charlie cavorts w/Rosemary in the Mars Hotel, St. Stephen wanders among happy trails of Sunflowers that oddly grow throughout the Mountains on the Dark Side of the Moon, in search of the Baby, who was last seen chasing China Cat over at the Dupree Diamond Bar.
AOXOMOXOA camp is aka ‘Beyond the Dead’, ‘The Dead Sea’, ‘Dark Star’,’Eyes of the World’ and, ‘Scarlet/Fire @ the Mars Hotel’!

URL: http://the-garrison.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=6&sid=06896a1a93cc50be551b2b9d148afc37Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Area 47

From the Vault of Heaven Area 47 opens it safety deposit box for you. An empty glass, a ticket, a small box of innocence lay amidst a veil of child like laughter. A flash and the door closes behind you, is it a conspiracy? Aliens? Your only tools are the ones you have with you. Can you take on the hazards that await you? Enlist the help of Martians and Virgins unless your in DeNile. Solve the mystery of Area 47 and you’ll ascend the heavens.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Area 54 - Spiritual Observatory

Rings of Saturn seen from afar will draw desert walkers into our dome chill lounge, where they will relax on furry pillows, rehydrate & recharge with fellow burners, and experience a kaleidoscope of spiritual & cosmic imagery against the observatory sky. Participants are encouraged to work at the arts & crafts table to create their own spiritual and cosmic mobiles & artwork to hang in splendor from the observatory sky.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Astral Headwash

Good day dirty dwellers We have a pleasure for you… we will be washing hair in the desert again this year Come visit us with your happy spirits, your smiling faces and your dirty hair and we’ll do our best to make you feel like you’re in heaven. We ask that you share with us something… something that makes BM such a special place — That could be a story, a song, a dance, a turn at washing someone else’s hair, a goodie, a little shoulder work for our hard worked muscles, a little humor or a little love =) And of course, we can’t exist without your H2O contributions, so bring some for yourself and a little more to share.

We’ll see you Monday – Saturday noon – 5 PM. Remember, we are limited with how much we can wash, so come early to make sure you get wet with us.

URL: http://www.AstralHeadwash.comHometown: Lafayette, CO

Astral Vortex

The Astral Vortex will offer an intergalactic, interactive mix of music, spirituality and cocktails, all brought to you via the Mobile Groove Pod, a human-powered pulsating vessel of funk.

Hometown: Portland, OR

AstroPups: The Dog Star Saloon

AstroPups present “The Dog Star Saloon – for the Sirius Drinker” on the Main Street of the Avalon Space Station.

In 2001, we brought you the now infamous AstroNaughty Show. For 2002, we created the hottest chill space on the playa, the Happy Dolphin Lounge. In 2003, we joined forces with the Avalon community, and create a space for stray pups to find redemption: The Temple of Eternal Dalmatian. In 2004, were creating our biggest adventure yet – The Dog Star Saloon!

The AstroPups have journeyed to the Vault of Heaven from the far distant Dog Star Universe. The AstroPups will be sending out “AstroPup Space Probes” – official explores of the Vault of Heaven sent into the Universe to collect images and samples of what they find there. The Probes will then return to the AstroPup Base Camp (aka, the Dog Star Saloon) in the Avalon Space Station and deliver what they have found as a part of their journey into the universe. Materials and images collected during the Probe exploration will be posted on the AstroPups web site (http://www.astropups.com/playa) once the AstroPup Scientists have had a chance to analyze the data.

We are looking for adventurers who wish to be AstroPups Space Probes. Candidates can come by the AstroPups Dog Star Saloon to pick up their official Space Probe Packs at our Space Probe Launch Party on Wednesday evening. To be an official Space Probe of the AstroPups, candidates must demonstrate sufficient Puppy-ness, and a willingness to probe the most interesting, and possibly dangerous, parts of the Vault of Heaven.

Once sent off into the Universe, AstroPups Space Probes are encouraged to find images and samples of all parts of the Vault of Heaven. After collecting the appropriate materials, the Space Probes are encouraged to bring the results back to the Dog Star Saloon on Saturday afternoon at our Space Probe Return Party. Rewards will be given to those Space Probes that bring back the most interesting materials from the Vault of Heaven.

Everyone is invited to join the AstroPups at the Dog Star Saloon for all of our events. The AstroPups will celebrate each day with a different theme event. In addition to the parties and performances that we have scheduled, the Pups will have souvenirs from the Vault of Heaven for our guests. More information will be updated on our web site – so don’t miss out on the fun! Come and scratch with us!

WEDNESDAY: Space Probe Launch Party
Starts at 7 pm

For all those wishing to be official explorers from the Dog Star, this is your chance! Come by the Saloon on Wednesday evening to pick up your AstroPups Space Probe Pack – all of the materials that you will need to explore and collect samples of the Universe. Well be giving out Space Probe Packs to those guests that demonstrate the appropriate Puppy-ness as they will be representing the Dog Star in their explorations.

Also on Wednesday, join the filmmakers of “Welcome Home: Living at Burning Man”, a documentary exploring how 30,000 people can come to a barren desert and call it home. Besides meeting the filmmakers, attendees will have the chance to contribute and be interviewed for the film. For more information on the film, check out http://www.adogandponyshow.com – be sure to add your own “home” stories!

THURSDAY: Scratch and Sniff Lounge
Starts at 2pm

Take a break from the heat of the day, and join the AstroPups in the Dog Star Saloon with our special Scratch and Sniff Lounge. Pass into the light with the AstroPups at our dog grooming parlor. Refresh and renew yourself with funky beats, a flea dip, and your favorite dog treats.

FRIDAY: Second Annual Cirque du Sharpei
Starts at 8 pm

Come run away with the circus! Join the AstroPups and the Fire Mystics of Avalon for an evening of fire spinning, music and magic. Performers of all types are invited to enter our ring, clown around, or just enjoy the show.

At the close of the Cirque du Sharpei, the AstroPups will initiate all those new Pups – first year Burners and strays that we pick up on the playa. Dogs of all types are welcome — be you pedigree or stray — just come with an open mind and prepare to be licked. The initiation ritual will be followed by a celebration of Puppy-ness with AstroPups, ChewToys, and all the friends that we’ve made on the playa!

SATURDAY: Space Probe Return Party
Starts at 2pm

What interesting things did our AstroPups Space Probes find on their trips around the Universe? Come and find out at our Space Probe Return Party. Rewards will be given to those Probes that bring back their Probe Packs full of interesting items from the Vault of Heaven. Special cool drinks and chill treats will be available for all dogs that come our way.

URL: http://www.astropups.com/playaHometown: San Jose, CA


Those who seek refuge from the world at large come not only to Burning Man, they come to ASYLUM! Born in New York City, this village also includes a myriad of temporary ex-patriots from the UK to Lisbon and from Colorado to Boston. Theme Camps in the sanctuary of Asylum include: New Day’s Eve, Labyrinth Lounge, Kostume Kult & Whirligig, Beaucoup Bucks Camp, Whiskey & Whores Saloon, Viva la Orgasmateria!, Camp Power Exchange, Miss Black Rock City Camp, Super Lucky Camp, SmoochDome, Our Boston Crew and Marauder Camp. Just look for the big red “A” on the Esplanade and you’ve found us.

URL: http://www.asylumvillage.comHometown: New York, NY

Automatic Subconscious

carefully peel back the surface of your mind
expose and explore your subconscious
[or explore ours instead ]
exploration facilitated by: various performances, public space, stilter (and stilt-free) bars, elevation, sculpture, untrained professionals.

Hometown: Somerville, MA

Avalon Space Station

Avalon Space Station is the interstellar village of Faeryland Artists Guild, AstroPups: The Dog Star Saloon, Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp, Lyglasses, the Avalon Fire Mystics, the Space Vault and the Interplanetary Dance Commandos.

Drift to the shores of Avalon and create a comet with flames and learn to spin fire in our Faerie workshops. Join the Astro Pups on their Space Probes through the Vault of Heaven and bring back findings for perusal at the Dog Star Saloon. File through the Cargo Doors of the Interplanetary Dance Commando Space Lounge and chill to cosmic musical vibrations. Follow the Avalon Fire Mystics to the playa for fire performances. Cool off during the day with a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, take home a pair of Lyglasses, and return in the evening to the Space Vault for the Playa’s only working steam room!

Avalon Village is a jewel in the cosmos. Come find us!

Hometown: Sacramento, CA