2004 Theme Camps

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K-Svert 106.5 FM Radio & Stage

K-SVERT 106.5FM the 1/10 watt flame-thrower on the playa. K-Svert FM radio is your source for music, information, dis-information, rants, and grooves as well as YOUR public forum. Musicians, poets, pundits, priests and pornographers are invited to share our airwaves 24/7! Confirmed radio hosts for 2004 include longtime regulars Rabeye, Mistress Aida, Playa Monkey, Skid, DJ Spill, DJ Badtouch, TexasBob, Sacramento Dave with Sonny the Honey, The K-Svert Honeyz(tm) and the triumphant return of The Black Derby. After a wildly successful 2003 our large performance/shadow stage will return in 2004. See the best of Black Rock City talent on our stage. In 2003 we had the Mermen, Seratonins, The BONG show, and German Uber group SHUNT perform as well as hundreds of participants just like yourself! Many will be back again in 2004! Look for us on the Esplanade. Let our mighty 54ft broadcast tower be your guide. Community radio for Black Rock City. Bring your FM radio to the playa!

Hometown: Campbell, CA

Ka Pilina

Your official home for Kama’aina on the Playa. Stop by and experience Hawaiian culture and learn how local burners do it “Island Style”.

URL: http://www.kapilina.orgHometown: Kailua, HI

Kabala Kabana

Under the Vault of Heaven there are many maps to help you find your way – the Qabalah, Runes, the Medicine Wheel, Tarot, Twister. Kabala Kabana offers a participatory experience with metaphysical and just plain physical fun. Rune and Tarot readings will be available throughout the week, or come and make your own set of runes. Experience the Tree of Life of the Qabalah or ceremonies in the Medicine Wheel. Express yourself on the painting wall or join in a giant game of Twister.

Hometown: Arvada, CO

kamp karmic kuisine (kKk)

This kamp will visit the world of other kultures through konversation and (near) karmic events.

this may include (but not limited to) the nurturing of the body, mind, and spirit in the following ways:

1. prepared food from different kultures of the world (for the body)
2. a simple hypnotherapy relaxation workshop session (for the mind)
3. a presentation of the history of house music (for the ear)

On three different evenings, one may include tasting samples of prepared kuisine (prepared appetizers) from kountries that our kosmic guests have been through as we taste prepared food/beverages (alcoholic and non-), an interactive lecture on the history of house music from the klub kulture. In addition, we may conduct a short, one hour relaxation/meditation workshop using advanced hypotherapy techniques.

Hometown: San Leandro, CA

Kamp Karpe

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Karma Police, Precinct 37

The Karma Police will be on the beat this year citing Black Rock Citizens for Good and Bad Karma. When showing acts of kindness, creativity, intending to inspire… be aware, you may be cited with an actual citation.

URL: http://www.sunshinex.com/karmapoliceHometown: Tulsa, OK

Kathanika Garage & Gifting Center

Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, without a single question in our minds we present to you the wonderfullest and amazing-est, most spell-binding, incredible, edible, kooli’iwigable, schlebatical, meatanical, eerily blombatable version of **KATHANIKA** Black Rock City has ever seen. In our third year Kathanika will again be doing Storytime Shisha (with one big phat adventuresome twist), and Give A Gift Take A Gift. Poets, story writers, play writers, song writers, character voicers, good readers and bad readers alike (not to mention listeners) are all warmly welcomed. No wheelchairs, beef eaters, or red-heads allowed. Just kidding.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


The Village for today’s Burning Families. Bring the family and camp with us or stop by and see the event through a child’s eye. KidsVille is open to all families and their friends.

URL: http://www.blackrockkids.orgHometown: Oakland, CA


Polar opposites attraction; religious anti-anti hodgepodged next to kosher living and sabbat services. Black flags, burning undead, jewish love and prosperity.

Hometown: Lawrence, KS

Kosmic Karaoke

Come enjoy a fresh mix of karaoke and margaritas that flow from the breasts of Venus. We have selected all your favorite Vault of Heaven hits!!!

Hometown: Chico, CA

Kostume Kult

*Kostume Kult*, located on the Esplanade in Asylum Village (7:15), offers costuming supplies and fashion advice for the aspiring fabulous. Donations gladly recycled, our costume fairies and gnomes will help you participate in style.

URL: http://www.KostumeKult.comHometown: NYC, NY