2004 Theme Camps

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Dear Diary

Dear Diary invites you to share your Burning Man thoughts, feelings, reflections and experiences by contributing to a collabortive journal. Burning Man offers different experiences to thousands of people, but we often take home only our own. Help to create a journal that personifies Burning Man 2004 and the countless pleasures it bestows upon its particpants. Take a break from the heat, and relax in our shade as you reflect; two words or ten pages, we welcome whatever you have to share. We will collect entries in journals, which will be compiled after the event into one complete chronological diary of Burning Man 2004 and published on the internet with a link to be provided on the Official Burning Man site.

URL: http://www.deathguild.comHometown: Austin, TX

Deep Heaven: Heart of the Universe

Deep Heaven provides 24hour excursions to the center of the Universe, the Heart. The re-creation of our alien love resort provides a variety of experiences, including Burner-button making, black- light-body-paint dancing, intimacy playshops (non-sexual in nature), and art installations, such as a Camera Obscura and a Heart Portal filled with heart graffiti.

URL: http://www.graphicondesign.com/deepheaven/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Department of Tethered Aviation

Come fly with us at the Department of Tethered Aviation! We have hundreds of kites for your aerial pleasures. Thursday at 4:20 we will have our 5th annual kite festival. Please bring kites or come by and we can set you up.

URL: http://www.dotarocks.netHometown: San Geronimo, CA

Disco Headhunters

Disco Headhunters unite every year at Burning Man and deliver the best electronic music on the Playa. Period.

URL: http://www.disorient.comHometown: Portland, OR


DonutLove is full of good people, great energy and sweet loving. Our toroidal camp will feature the Harvey Wallbanger installation, on which participants will swing on a rope into a padded wall, then drop onto cloud-like cushions. Should you be suffering from questions of the spirit, the WWJD Footbath and Pedicure station may guide you towards enlightenment. And don’t miss out on a little sump’n sump’n on Body Shot Night, where the omnipotent Wheel calls the shots. Our chill houses will provide oases where weary travelers may pause, rest, reflect, and fritter away the day. And if, just if, you’re lucky… you might find that succulent pastries can be found without a [corporate brand removed] in sight.

URL: http://www.donutlove.comHometown: Elk Grove, CA

Doomtown Laboratories

QUESTION: Has the Big Bang created a universe indefinitely expanding or will it reach a firey finale and evaporate back into oblivion? Doomtown Laboratories commits the highest level of scientific research into delving into the dangers of existence in the universe and most particularly the playa. The Doomtown research center will host willing participants in experimental adventures including a massive maze testing the subjects ability to negotiate the puzzle to the party in the baramazing dome under a variety of stimulants. The pavilion lab cabaret bar will provide opportunities to consume expermental toxins designed to alter your conscienciousness as you enjoy impromtu entertainment. Mobile research facilities will be used to transport subjects to various sites around the playa for field study. The entertaining presentation of Doomtown Research in no way releases its volunteers answering more serious questions regarding plaua exiostence. Whatever they may be. Be prepared.

Hometown: Reno, NV

DPW Ghetto

Your Department of Public Works camping at the DPW Ghetto. Feel free to bring a cold beer or soda and come say hi.

URL: http://www.brc-dpw.orgHometown: Gerlach, NV

Dreams 2 Reality

Burning Man is a place where fantasies come true. Visit “Dreams 2 Reality” and write your wish on a flag that will be offered to the fire Burn Night. You will also recieve a sticker emblem to remember your Burn all year long.

Hometown: Lake Balboa, CA


In other times, many decisions ago, beings knew a fresh world. Forms of things were less familiar, more surprising, prone to shift or fade or flow — in need of investigation. Certainty laid no claim to durability but always kept its options open. Dreamtime will immerse you in expanded possibility through storytelling performance and participatory games every afternoon. The Dreamtime Journal will invite collaborative composition from all who visit. All storytellers and other spoken-word artists are invited to contribute — please email with your plans and ideas.

URL: http://dreamtime.bluedream.comHometown: Denver, CO