2004 Theme Camps

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Madame Dante's Psychic Salon

Madame Dante will change your life.
Clairvoyants, palm readers, wisdom.

Hometown: Oakland, CA


Marauder camp brings you, the infamous Marauder, mutant vehicle created by a team of New York Art Stars. We will be at BRC for the third consecutive year, giving the notorious art tours for which we have received so much acclaim. You too can ride in the most dangerous art car on the playa that spits fire and dances. We have a limited amount of space in the vehicle and there will be sign up sheet for advance reservations if necessary.

The Vehicle is designed is a manner to allow seating and standing with an over heard grip bar that is the spine of the creature similar to a NY city subway car with open air 360 degree viewing. A signboard will be posted out in front of Camp Marauder, which will be in Asylum Village. We like to shower and eat just before sundown, so dont bother us then. If you like to work on vehicles or think you might, come on by as we can always use an extra hand. We will also be giving an occasional lecture or workshop on vehicle mechanics. Secret Hint: For those of you entering the Miss BRC pageant, auto mechanic aptitude will be an important part of the preliminaries so now is the time to get that gear head running.

Tours will be periodically given through out the day and evenings. We intend to give participants a unique perspective of the Black Rock City and it’s citizens. We will explore the hows and whys of the city that does not sleep from the perspective of jaded New Yorkers. Expect scathing reviews, historical perspectives, delicious critiques, sarcastic wit, some good humor and the dirty bits. Feel free to tag along if you are lucky enough to have your own transportation, such as a bike. We move slowly so you should be able to keep up. People will be given preference if they are pregnant, disabled or injured.

We have mechanics, guides, drivers and safety personnel on hand to enhance your experience and we do expect participation. We can use some more help so come on by the camp to help out especially if you have want to assist with the tours as a guide or safety personel. Artists with work on site are welcome to hop aboard and give a presentation when we come by.

This is not a Taxi Cab service but we have been known to make special trips to pick up people under certain circumstances, like broken leg.

AND DON’T FORGET OUR GIFT. Oh yeah, free rides to the medical tent.

URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~taraballHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Massage Confessional & Diyafa

The shaman Gecko returns to the playa to liberate the mind. Make your pilgrimage and release your internal disturbances while receiving a relaxing aloe massage in a cool, shaded space. While waiting, step inside Diyafa, a haven for weary travelers. Enjoy hot coffee, cool tea and impromptu raks sharqi and drumming performances. Hospitality offered to all visitors. Located at Shangri-La Village.

Massage Confessional: 2-5pm, Tue-Sat
Diyafa: Anytime

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Maui Yumtribe

Maui Yumtribe camp unites the world’s most delicious dakinis and demigods into a super-conscious collaboration of creative energy. Focusing on live foods, yoga, meditation, community building, and hemp legalization, the Maui Yumtribe crew will spread artistic awareness and bubbly bliss to all the Playa fairies and freaks. Some of the organizers of the Yumtribe will be returning from a three-month tour of Europes hottest festivals, in collaboration with the Raw Temple crew (rawtemple.org), the Green Goddess family (greengoddess.info), and the Enlightening Film Corporation (enlightening-films.com). Ignited by island mana and sparked with international inspiration, our tribe is going off the hook to make this years Burn a luscious and luxurious experience. Our camp will feature a throbbing sound system radiating basswaves of enlightening psytrance and naughty breakbeats; a full live foods kitchen serving up a raw gourmet meal every day; a languid tropical lounge; and a healing zone for shamanic clearings, chakra healing, and therapeutic massage. Firedancers from Mama Maui and the rest of Planet Earth will congregate daily for pyroritual and fire alchemy. If youre coming from Maui or just an islander at heart, contact us and contribute your goodness to our mission. See you on the Playa!!!

URL: http://www.greengoddess.infoHometown: Haiku, HI


MedCamp is a camp designed for the volunteers, friends and families who volunteer for the BurningMan Emergency Services Department (Medical, Fire, Communications, Mental Health). We will be arranging community meals, a community shower, community shade, and the volunteers will have 24-hour access to Branch Chiefs, schedules and ESD resources.

Hometown: Rocklin, CA

Mellow Mountain


Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Militant Love Warriors

The Militant Love Warriors is a theme camp with dedication to our theme of LOVE, therefore, our camp color is pink, look for us in one of our pink cars! This is our second year on the playa, last year was an enourmous success. With the addition of a 2nd art car and a party dome, we plan on bringing it up a notch or two this time around. We will be throwing day/evening parties with several dj’s well known to the SanFrancisco, Portland and Salt Lake City areas… we will gladly accept walk-in dj’s as well.

Hometown: Park City, UT

Mind Shaft Society

The Mind Shaft Society is a conceptual, hallucinatory collaboration of artistically oriented pseudo-scientists utilizing anthropology, astronomy, archaeology and chemistry to embark on extraterrestrial expeditions.

Concurrent with the 2004 Burning Man theme, Vault of Heaven, the Mind Shaft Society is in Search of The Cosmic Giggle.

URL: http://www.arewereally.com/mindshaftsociety.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Ministry of Statistics

Do you wonder what your fellow Burners are REALLY like? Visit the incessantly cute and scientifically accurate Ministry of Statistics to find out. Take a break from the heat and help us collect this year’s data!

URL: http://www.ministryofstatistics.orgHometown: Portland, OR

Miss Black Rock City Headquarters

Calling Miss Texas and Miss New York! Calling Miss Disorient, Miss Thunderdome, Miss TOA, and Miss HOTD!

Its time to take beauty out of the hands of corporate America and back into the eyes of the beholder. At the 2004 Burning Man, Asylum and Disorient will hold the First Annual Miss Black Rock City Beauty Pageant. Participation in the preliminaries at Asylum is open to all men and women, all sexual preferences or identities, all theme camps, villages, tribes and tents! Ten finalists move on to the main pageant event on Friday afternoon at Disorient!

URL: http://www.missblackrockcity.comHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Mohammeds Mini Martini and Erotica

Mohammeds Mini Martini Camp has the coolest martinis and the hottest erotica on the playa. Come savor a teeth numbingly cool martini while perusing “Scheherezades Tale of 1001 Erotic Nights” written by YOU,the sexy burner. Inside this ancient tome we have the true stories of the erotic encounters at Burning Man. Come lay on our seductive poofs and pillows and read about”The Nun and the Pizza Delivery Boy”,or “The Frenchman by the Fire” or better yet write your own true story about getting laid at BurningMan. No story will be rejected for being too lame or implausible. So dredge up those deep dark secrets and head over to Mohammeds for a nice cool stiff one. We are open most hours and closed most hours but when the sun is as high as a camels bum we will probably be shaking our martini thing.

Hometown: Incline Village, NV

Monkey Puzzle

Heal your weary Playa souls in rhythmic step with the good folks of the Monkey Puzzle tribe. Stretch your limbs amongst celestial themes of the illustrious Monkey Dome, then jig over to the mighty Amphitheater and shake your new found tails like monkey rock stars. POWER UP!

Hometown: Portland, OR

Monkey vs Robot

Monkey vs RobotThe feud between the monkey and robot stretches back so far that neither of them can recall how it started. Somewhat clearer are the reasons why the battle continues: The monkey and robot see themselves as counterposed enemies, destined to be in an eternal struggle over the soul of humanity. The permanence of the fight figures prominently in their philosophy, and they believe it will only end when the world does.

The monkey looks at the robot and sees a soulless automaton, disconnected from nature, emotion, and hedonistic pleasures. It deals in inscrutable formulas that keep it repressed and divorced from the honest world of existence. The robot looks at the monkey and sees a base, simple beast, unable to transcend its roots and progress. It is obsessed with biological function and the past, barred from abstract thought and the deeper life that comes with it.

Take a deep breath and look inside yourself… Who are you at your core? Do you identify with the primal, artistic, and traditional – the Monkey? Or are you analytical, technological and in the pursuit of innovation – the Robot? The realization should come quickly. Take a moment to recognize this center of your Being. Be prepared to represent it in all it’s beauty side by side with your fellow creatures. For you, and everyone at Burning Man, will be banding against the enemy team in a week-long series of games for control over Black Rock City, the key to gain supremancy over the MultiDimensional Universe.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Moons of Mongo

At long last Burning Man has succumbed to our cosmic influence! The Vault of Heaven awaits our third playa landing. Once again, our Mothership brings you Bicycle Laser Tag at every setting of your earth’s sun; nightly samplings from our consumable liquid science bar, Ming’s; tutelage in creating your own space tiara, antennae or other stellar accessories; a spectacular evening celebration of your own planets’ space dance music, featuring a selection of Mongo approved earth “D.J.’s”; and, as always, our quest for data collection continues through our roving expeditions, probing and scientific experiments.

Our Mothership is fully equipped with the necessary blinking consoles and intimidating instruments, and sparkly costuming for a complete interplanetary experience. If your puny earth body finds our scientific beverages and data collection processes strenuous, you will be permitted to rejuvenate in our sister pleasure moon Cythera.

Hometown: Oakland, CA


Moooo – welcome to Mootopia – a haven for your tired hooves – rest in our pasture of pleasure – graze upon some healthy grass / food – let our soulful music ring your cow bell- come and have your utters milked at Mootopia!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Muppetville – Come to the Muppetville command center… FLY the giant ship, see pigs in space, refuel at the docking station, be a muppet. Or just play one of the really big games. yay.

Hometown: Portland, OR

MYSDOM Glow Puppet Theatre

Another world of giant beast, silly creatures and beautiful beings all under a blacklit sky. Our theatre is a one of a kind event for all using large costumed dancers, marrionette puppets, engineered sound, interactive audience participation forum and incredible floresent enclousure, come see, come join, come alive.

Hometown: San Mateo, CA

Mystik Krewe of the Man

Who builds the Man? Is he getting smaller? Visit the Mystik Krewe of the Man and learn how the Man gets built every year. Learn the history behind the Man and interesting facts about his construction. Did you know that the Man has a heart? Each afternoon one of the builders will give a presentation and share with the participants what it’s like to be a member of this special group. Visit the graphics depicting the steps in building the Man and how he gets to his position in the center of it all.

Hometown: South San Francisco, CA


A mytheme is a basic element found in similar myths of different cultures. So, at [mytheme] we discover our place in the great myth being written by the collective human mind. Read, meditate, converse and beautify with us; come get a mythical make-over.

Hometown: Portland, OR