2004 Theme Camps

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Wabi. Home of the Cosmonuts. Come make a story.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Wacky Shack

The Wacky Shack returns as a part of the Infinite Oasis village. A village of healers, art and we’re providing the sonic backdrop with Downtempo and Ambient soundscapes right on the Esplanade during the day and pulsating Goa & Psytrance rhythms @ night. A plethora of blacklight tapestries, mandalas & installations will satisfy the eyes as our Aural Shamen will deeply move your soul. Just look for the blue & red disco ball high above our camp. Also be on the lookout for our roving parties far out on the Playa many nights.

URL: http://www.WackyShack.orgHometown: Denver, CO

We Crashed in the '80s!

The interstellar roach coach Galliano was forced to earth in the 1980’s by a Star Wars defense laser. Galactic Mixoligists Box and Sandman now hawk their invention, the Harvey Wall Banger to earthlings for a mere song or dance in the 80’s genre. High tech dance media and karaoke equipment available for assistance. 80’s music.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Web of Destiny

The Spider is particularly sacred to Tiphereth. It is written that she “taketh hold with her hands and is in king’s palaces.” (The most characteristic title of Tiphereth is “Palace of the King.”) She has six legs and is in the centre of her web exactly as Tiphereth is in the centre of the Sephiroth of Ruach.

Now of course Spiders have eight legs. On the Tree of Life, the Art card is on the vertical path from Yesod to Tiphereth, so it is as if we enter Tiphereth through a cobwebbed portal. Spiders have the ability to span distances through silken threads, and cobwebs of course span space. Another interesting point is that Tiphereth is masculine, particularly the Son/Sun, but we refer to the Spider as ‘She’, so we may well infer that the Spider enables us to access different worlds Tipareth to Malkuth or Kether of Trees above and below.

To the Native Americans, Grandmother Spider is the weaver who brought the gift of fire from the other side of the world. Gary Buffalo Horn Man says:

…her webs bind all things together and form the foundation of the Earth. Still other stories talk of Spider as the weaver of the threads of life. Spider’s gift is the ability to shape the patterns of one’s life. If Spider has walked into your awareness, it is a reminder that a person’s Earth walk should be like a web, balanced and even and cohesive, made according to the design that Creator has given us. Watch the Weaver and see where your life has gaps and snags, and rebuild the web of your life.

Hometown: New York, NY


Wheeee!villle is a the collective gift of the 3playa bulletin board community. Between rounds one day, someone suggested a village as a way to entice new participants to come over and play. Theme camps within the village will lure in unsuspecting dustmonkeys in a number of highly varied, moderately disturbed ways: Smite Camp will return to deliver its peculiar flavor of liquid justice (and croquet). Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro will bring back the sick-not-funny art of the friendliest concentration camp on the playa. DonutLove will explore the romantic/erotic possibilities of deep-fried pastry. Dreamtime will weave stories and word play into a fantastic fabric of perpetually renewed possibility. Belly Dance Boot Camp will get you maggots up & groovin’, and Black Rock Body Paint Shop will help you accessorize your birthday suit.

URL: http://dreamtime.bluedream.com/wiki/index.php/3playaVillageHometown: Denver, CO


Located on the Esplanade in Asylum Village (3:40), features the performance art troupes Groove Hoops, FireFlyDance, House of Saint Eve & Darlinda’s Polyester Players. Come by for interactive performances/classes in hoola hooping, burlesque, belly dancing and aerial dance.

URL: http://www.quietempire.com/whiskeyandwhores/whiskeyandwhores.htmHometown: NYC, NY


The Whiskey and Whores Saloon is the Headquarters for Asylum. The name says it all. Get your whiskey. Join the whores. Dance on the bar. Be entertained. Be entertaining.The Burning Chicagoans Present: Camp Tanabata Featuring The Raku Ceramic Studio and WhistleWorks Steam Sculpture and Drumming Performance. Participate in the mythical Asian celebration – Tanabata – and wish upon a star at the Tanabata Tree. Camp Tanabata is where visitors write their wishes, their heart’s desires or perhaps a haiku on tanzaku paper strips. The strips will be gently hung on theTanabata tree before being cast into the river of fire. The river of fire then becomes the fire that starts the WhistleWorks steam sculpture and drumming performance.

The WhistleWorks performance will honor the two separated lovers from the myth, Altar and Tanabata’s daughter Vega who are only allowed to meet once a year on the bridge over The Milky Way. But the flame of Tanabata lives on! Come to Camp Tanabata during the day and glaze your very own ceremonial Japanese tea bowl. Your bowl will be fired one of five nights, in the tradition of Japanese Raku, a true fire-spectacle. Support our self-sufficient gift economy by gifting your bowl made at Black Rock City’s only established ceramic studio – a gift you created right on the playa! Stop by, glaze your very own Japanese ceremonial tea ceramic bowls, learn the Tanabata mythology and “prepare to fall into the sky.”

URL: http://www.barkley.org/whistle/Hometown: Chicago, IL

White Dragon Noodle Bar

Come for noodles, fortune cookies, drinks and voight kampf tests. The off world colonies are your chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure.

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Wire Donkey

‘Bicycle’ translates as ‘Wire Donkey’ in parts of Africa. In Sebastopol, California, we train and employ handicapped adults in bicycle restoration. At Black Rock City we will deliver 100+ of these bikes (pre-reserved) for the event.

Hometown: Sebastopol, CA

Women's Temple

Women’s Temple is a place where every woman’s boundaries and unique growth process are deeply respected. It’s a place where women believe in the healing powers of coming together and sharing the wisdom of their embodied spirits with each other. Our vision is to create a sacred space for women to rest, rejuvinate, nurture and learn from each other.

URL: http://www.womenstemple.comHometown: Portola Valley, CA


Come wonder, come lounge, have a drink and dance on the bar. Learn how to yell, “Screw you, we’re from Texas” shaking your fist at the Sun and laughing at the moon. Please, BYOcup, a sense of humor and adventure and above all remember, “This is just a ride.”

Hometown: Austin, TX

Woonami Village

We will… Woo will… ROCK YOU! Be ready to shake your booty, watch the sun rise, snuggle with champions, and hang out with some of the most amazingbeautifulphenomenalinspiringhotheartburstingsexyexpansivelovemonkeys that you’ll ever meet. Woo represents Portland, S.F., Seattle, L.A., N.Y.C., B.C. and beyond… A continual heart and soul freedom jam that’ll get you where it counts. Woonamaste… Woo do you love?…Woo fuckin’ WOO!

URL: http://xanadu.freeservers.comHometown: Portland, OR