2004 Theme Camps

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Rainforest Refugee Camp RRC

Rainforest Refugee Camp (RRC) Returns as the Playa’s premier relief station where over heated Participants from lands graced with lower temperatures and higher humidity can seek Refuge and ask for asylum from the harsh treatment they are enduring on the Playa. The entrance of the RRC has an overhead misting system giving the appearance of mist covered forests and clouds. . it is a clothing optional camp because it is just to darn hot out there on the playa. Hours are daily from about noon until it cools off late after noon about 5pm. We do accept membership of folks from all over the world. Space is limited.

URL: http://snursery.com/rrc/rrc04.htmHometown: Hoquiam, WA

Raptor Explosion

This year we will reach for the Heavens and celebrate our experience here on Earth with the Tower of Babble. Touch the sky, some new friends, or simply bathe in the caucaphony of voices.

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Re-evolution Village

re-evolution Village is a incredible group of artists aimed to create a interactive sacred space to share music, performing arts, spoken word, sculptures and much more. our entire village will be powered by re-newable fuels and made of mostly recycled materials to express a sustainable message. Lost at last will be camping and performing at our camp along with many amazing artists. we will have a 60 foot dome and a state of the art stage and sound system, which we will open to guest speakers and performers from other camps.Our camp will feature huge art project based on sacred geometry. the whole idea is we statred out on this planet in unity and we fell into polarity,we belive we are returning to unity an RE-Evolution. expect over 150 experienced burners at our village ready to share much love

Hometown: Reno, NV

Recess in Excess

Come play with us! Recess in Excess will bring back all of your favorite elementary school memories as you join us on the see-saw, compete at four-square, and throw yourself into the finger painting arena. Come meet us at the Golden Showers where we’ll be handing out lemonade and mixing with our fellow burners.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY


Back for a sixth ridiculous year, the RECHARGE!!! gang will be doing THERAPY: YANG Therapy, that is. If you need to vent some aggro Yang energy, come play with us!!! We’ll be pummeling each other with Yang Clubs, pelting each other in SURPRISE!!! DODGEBALL!!! games, and pulverizing Funky Pinatas (with Bonus Innards). Then when you get all yanged out, you can hope for some attention from the YIN side, where we’ll have massage and yoga classes from time to time. But watch out for the Dodgeballs…

URL: http://recharge.zillabit.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Recycle Camp

Recycle Camp is an all volunteer supported Community Services camp dedicated to educating participants about reducing, re-using and recycling as well as other sustainability practices. Located in Center Camp, we spend the week collecting as many alluminum cans as possible from participants and then we crush them using our state of the “Art” can crushing machine, bag them up and donate them to the Gerlach School. Please come by and see us in action, bring us your alluminum cans and join in the fun while we do are part to save the world.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Regional Information Center

Burning Man doesn’t end! Sure you’ll feel sad leaving the main gate on Monday but that is not the end of your adventure by far. Across the US and Canada, and in Asia and Europe there exist Burning Man Regional groups that keep the fire burning near you. The Regional Information Center or RIC is your chance to get an idea of the world of Burning Man that exists today. View Regional posters, get information, meet Regional Contacts, find camps from your home area here on the playa, even sign up for email lists. Get involved with the local burner community near you, visit the RIC to help you along the way.

Hometown: Haleiwa, HI

Republic of ChinaTown

The Republic of China, for those who don’t know, means Taiwan. And we’ll be bringing the best of Taiwan with us to the playa: betelnut beauties, high mountain Oolong tea, tattoo translation services, heavenly Chinese therapies, and philanthropic gangsterism.

Hometown: Taipei, TW


RISA is just like the resort planet from Star Trek, renowned for its breezes and easy-going, uninhibited sexuality. We play the Blues at RISA! Our main attraction during the day is our Speed Dating Service. 10 people will meet 10 people 3 minutes each, in hopes of a Playa Date. Dates and times will be posted in the calender.

Hometown: Carson City, NV

Rule Britannia

BY DAY: a colonial-era British outpost, bringing civilization to Black Rock City one Union Jack at a time. Join us daily for high tea, or relax in your camp and await colonization by (exceedingly polite) force. BY NIGHT: The playa’s toppermost mod/britpop/indie dance club. DJs spinning everything from Animals to Zombies, plus gratis gin & tonics and *no bloody trance!* Dress code: Swingin’ London… but all cool cats welcome. By tube: Piccadilly line to Uxbridge station, in the village of Gigsville.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA