2013 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.


BADLANDS…live funk jams, yo! bring an instrument and jam with us. We want to make it funky for you! Home base of the MOOPsquad: leave no trace, make your mark!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Baggage Check

Experience Burning Man baggage free! Check your baggage with us—emotional baggage only!—by writing it in our book, which we will burn at the Temple Burn. Also, join us for movie nights (Mon, Wed, and Fri), our foot poll where you vote with your feet, our Christmas crawl, and our workshop on personal presence.

Hometown: Seattle

Banana Hammock Republic

Banana Olympics! Hammocks! Make your own Banana hammock (for all genders)! A place to balance your potassium level while joining a spontaneous act of performance art, or balancing your physical or metaphysical Banana.

Hometown: Winnipeg

Bar(e) Dairyaire the Fundue Bar

The friends of fundue at Bar(e) Dairyaire will be serving Swiss cheese fondue in nothing but cute aprons, and welcoming you to a giant Snuggling Pot.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bare-Dairyaire-The-Fundue-Bar/223999570977223Hometown: Portland

Barbarella and the Sparkle Bronies

A camp for Badass bitches and Prancing Pretty boys

Hometown: New Honolaskami

Barbarella Bootcamp

Barbarella Boot Camp has crash landed in Black Rock City. We beckon you into Barbarella’s spaceship, where travelers can journey across the Mathmos to discover the hidden treasures that lie within. Our spaceship is a fully interactive diorama with sounds, lights and live performances inspired by the cult classic, Barbarella.

Hometown: San Francisco

Barber Ella Shop

It’s three days into the Burn and you’re already cursing that tangled mess that used to be your hair. Come get it cut, styled, or just plain buzzed at Barber Ella Shop, the interplanetary playa salon that wants to give you a mohawk while surrounding you with sexy sci-fi impersonators. Hey, are you a haircutting pro? We always have chairs and equipment open for guest stylists. Bzzzz.

URL: http://barberellashop.wordpress.comHometown: San Francisco

Barbie Day Spa

Barbie Day Spa: Get pampered at the best Day Spa on the playa; now in our fourth year!! Fingernail painting, foot washing, foot or full body massage, body washes, wine, and friendly conversation. Next door to Barbie Death Camp.

Hometown: Austin

Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro

Come on in to the Friendliest Concentration Camp on the Playa to enjoy a game of Fizzball or recline on an overstuffed sofa in the shade while enjoying fine wine from a cheap paper cup! Take in live music from the piano in our Bistro (if we can find someone sober and/or talented enough to play it)or chat up A Barbie – we have 1400.
Don’t miss your opportunity to mingle with Black Rock City’s elite at Barbie Death Camp.

URL: http://barbiedeathcamp.comHometown: PLACERVILLE

Barbie Death Village

Now in our glorious fifth year on the playa, Barbie Death Village with its infamous sub-camps Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro, Barbie’s Day Spa, Eden, BRC Body & Paint, Loose Nutz, Dye With Dignity, Dred Pirate Barbie, The Ohio Boyz, and Clan O’Crash welcome you to the best damn Village on the playa. Come by and enjoy a nice glass of cabernet sauvignon or Otter Pop while being entertained by the Barbiebarians, the sickest bastards on the playa.

URL: http://www.barbiedeathcamp.comHometown: Newcastle, CA

Barechested Baristas

Cold coffee and beautiful baristas. We provide a nice pick-me-up, in more ways than one.

URL: http://barechestedbaristas.com/Hometown: San Francisco


Have a love affair with bass and the mystical energies of the playa? Join us at Basshenge and experience The Great Wall of Bassia ~ Featuring 28 Dual 18s!!!, All Turbo Sound!!, Epic Laser Display, Huge Video Wall, Shaded Dance floor. Off the hook DJs and Performers will welcome you into the sweet arms of music and mystique. Come feel what can only be experienced.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Basshenge1Hometown: San Diego

Bat Country

Bat Country. Home of the weird, depraved, mostly-trustworthy, voluptuous, skinny, and all types of benevolent visitors you can imagine. Come by for piano lessons, or a drink from our spinning, flaming, carousel bar. Or to listen to scary electro-circus-gonzo music played by BC Dj’s and some special guests.
The pope is also camping with us, and bringing John Frum. They go back, apparently.

URL: http://www.visitbatcountry.comHometown: San Diego


The best little whorehouse on the Playa, Bawdyhaus erects a cock-eyed cabaret certain nights, hosted by Doktor Bordello and the Cult of Inanna. During the day, come by for workshops and explorations of the body.

URL: http://www.bawdyhaus.comHometown: San Francisco

BC Village

Anyone who thinks everything is bigger in Texas hasn’t been to British Columbia. Come to the camp where jousting takes on a whole new meaning, magnificent robotic beasts roam, there are board games large enough for giants, and Mario’s castle comes to life. A joint effort of Kimchi Camp, Team Awesome, Electromek Apotek, and Another Castle.

Hometown: Vancouver

Be There Now

Take a deep breath and allow us to transport you to an Alien Landscape. Souvenir photos of you in a faraway place will be delivered to you, all you have to do is show up.

URL: http://goo.gl/mY1BUHometown: Oakland

Beach @ the End of the Universe

Don’t Panic. Come out and party at the end of the Universe with us!

URL: http://universebeach.comHometown: Sparks


Once again the mighty BEARWHALE saunters forth from Kamchatka in search of migratory cucumbers, elk fairy dust, and playa shenanigans. Stop by to bask in the glow of this evolutionary marvel!

Hometown: Lodi

Beats, Booze, Boutique

This camp is devoted to turning your energy UP!! We will have Beats Droppin, Booze Flowin and a Boutique to enhance your style on the playa! Our positive and loving vybes will make your stay at our camp EPYK!

Hometown: Las Vegas


The bEES are cHARGING!!! We wear the bLACK and yELLOW. In all kinds of awesome ways. We bUZZZZZZZZ. We sWARM! Once again we will sWARM the mAN! Wednesday at sixish. Before that, at 2, YOU bEE up and come to our camp for lABEETOS: Honey kISSED Mojitos. yES and wAGGLE-dANCE oFF!!! wE lOVE newbEES!!!! Think aHEAD: bLACK and yELLOW… Come bEE with us, find a new way of bEEING: bEEUTIFUL bEEING!!!! bUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

URL: http://www.beecharge.comHometown: San Francisco

Big Puffy Yellow

There is hope for Mankind. All things Big, Puffy, and Yellow – a collective of artists and techies that enjoy visitors of all walks of life, camp camaraderie, music, communal cooking, drinking morning coffee and ice cold beer – enjoy an overabundance of all things Big, Puffy, and Yellow.

URL: http://puffyyellow.com/Hometown: Charlotte & Dallas & Etc.

Bike Rock City

Bike Rock City – swing by for rubber, lube, and screws, to turn a wrench or to just say “hi”.

Hometown: Various

Billion Jelly Bloom

Our Burning Man-ifested polyp-morphic performance art transforms the night air into a deep ocean inhabited by an undulating, luminous jellyfish bloom. Our mobile, 15 foot tall, 640 lumen bright performer articulated jellies dip and swarm to interact and engage surrounding creatures, sounds and environs.

Hometown: San Fran

Binary Solace

A mythical tree that is both an overlapping geometric shade structure and scintillating interactive lighting installation. Come here to find solace from the day or night and listen to deep, beautiful music and soundscapes.

Hometown: Vancouver

Bioluminati / Pimp Yr Bike

Bioluminati has been illuminating BRC for 16 years with art, quests and now PIMP YR BIKE; the bling-ification station where Black Rock Citizens upgrade their rides with that extra get-up-and-glow. Open daily. Donors of non-moopy craft materials get VIP access! And every evening, Micro-Cinema!

URL: http://www.bioluminati.orgHometown: Berkeley

Bitchin' Braid Camp

Out of control hair taking over your life? Come on over to Bitchin’ Braid camp and enjoy a refreshment, music, conversation while we braid your nappy locks in the shade.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/braidcamp/Hometown: Reno

Black Rock Academy

Black Rock Academy is an immersion program for students—a gentle touchdown for people experiencing Burning Man for the first time.
Visitors to the Academy can participate in a curriculum designed to improve their Burning Man experience.
Optional: fast forward your learning through our advanced Montage program.

URL: http://blackrockacademy.comHometown: San Francisco

Black Rock Bakery

Fresh breads, pastries, and pizzas, prepared in the heart of the Black Rock French Quarter, and delivered hot to theme camps around the city! Last year we produced everything from caramel espresso brownies to a lovely wedding cake, and this year we want to expand with your help! If you aren’t able to camp with us, bring your team and supplies and work under the direction of our master bakers – what would Burning Man be without beignets and eclairs?

URL: http://www.facebook.com/blackrockbakeryHometown: Los Angeles

Black Rock Beacon

We produce a daily newspaper for Black Rock City with a mix of fun articles and serious news. Our Press Club & News Room provide shade and refreshment for ourselves as well as other members of the press, bacon-bearing volunteers, and interested Burners.

URL: http://blackrockbeacon.org/index.htmHometown: San Francisco

Black Rock Boutique

Since 1996 we have provided fabulous & funky fashions to the citizens of BRC. Our fashionistas will help you create and even alter your outfit. Strut your stuff on our runway to some of BRC’s hottest DJ’s. Volunteer fashionistas always welcome. Playa worthy clothing donations accepted.

URL: http://www.blackrockboutique.comHometown: Portland

Black Rock Brewery

In eternal devotion to the magic of hop and yeast, the Black Rock Brewery brings together home brewers from around the world, to share their honey ales, lavender meads, ginger beers, and dozens of other exotic concoctions for your drinking pleasure. Join us for daily tastings and learn more about the different styles of brews!

URL: http://blackrockbrewery.orgHometown: Salt Lake City

Black Rock Cantina

Mingle with bounty hunters, smugglers, and imperial officers in our cantina! Jobs will be posted on the bounty board for those looking to become bounty hunters.

URL: http://blackrockcantina.orgHometown: San Francisco

Black Rock Center for Unlearning

Washing all of that knowledge out of your head since 2009. Fuck what you know.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BRCU1/Hometown: Reno

Black Rock City Airport

The BRC Airport provides an alternative gate for burners arriving by air and for burners making jumps into the city, taking scenic rides and photo shoots, and other various excuses for flying airplanes, helicopters, balloons, and ultralights around the event. There is usually a pancake breakfast for all burners on Thursday morning and entertainment at the Terminal on departure weekend.

URL: http://www.portofentry.org/Hometown: Austin and the SF Bay Area

Black Rock City Animal Control

Since 2001, Black Rock City Animal Control (BRCAC) has tagged and inoculated countless playa “animals,” keeping the streets of Black Rock City safe and secure for all residents. BRCAC also continues to act out all over playa with playful schticks you’re come to love such as Tequila Pit Crew, Chapstick Commandos, Bad Idea Camp, and our quest to find the “Winner” of Burning Man with Trophy Camp.

URL: http://brcac.com/Hometown: San Francisco

Black Rock City Body and Paint

Black Rock City Body & Paint, nestled within Barbie Death Village, has been voted “Best body paint camp on the playa” and is your Critical Tits headquarters. Whether you want your boobs highlighted or your entire chest and face done by our “Playa Picassos”, come by for the finest body painting around. We’ll be open most days and all day Friday, preparing all of the lovely sirens for the big Critical Tits parade. Wine served too.

URL: http://www.barbiedeathcamp.comHometown: Newcastle

Black Rock City Dimensions of Mobility

Our focus is making Burning Man accessible and possible for All. We offer wheelchair accessible Art Tours 4 times Daily to the Deep Playa Art and to the major burns. We run a “Short Bus” shuttle service within the city. We also provide education and information on how to prepare and survive the Playa environment and support for those with mobility equipment charging needs.
We want to work with any Art Cars that would like to be wheelchair friendly.

URL: http://brcmobility.comHometown: Bridgeport

Black Rock City Hardware Shoppe

Black Rock City Hardware Shoppe will be on-site with a variety of tools and supplies to help fix or build things that are broken or need to be built on the playa. We are proud to have spent over 10 years serving Black Rock City in this capacity.

URL: http://brchardware.org/Hometown: Seattle

Black Rock City Post Office

Send your mail to and through the Black Rock City Post Office, on and off the playa, we deliver! Get your Green card and join the SOUP Advisory Board investigating alien arrivals, apply for your Black Rock City Passport with us at The Embassy becoming a true citizen!

Hometown: Portland

Black Rock City Recycle Camp

Black Rock City Recycle Camp!!! We are located in Center Camp at 6:00, directly behind the Cafe. The camp is “Open” and ready to accept your cans Monday through Sunday, 9am to 5pm. Bring your clean, separated aluminum cans only. We don’t accept any other recyclables, you must pack them out. And we definitely don’t want your trash. All proceeds from the aluminum are donated to the Gerlach K-12 School in Gerlach, NV. Come join in the fun..!

URL: http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/environment_concerns/recycle_camp.htmlHometown: San Francisco

Black Rock City Transportation History Museum ("TranspHist")

Come celebrate the fake history of fake transportation in a fake historical Black Rock City. Contemplate the future by learning about the fake past–because those who ignore fake history are fake doomed to fake repeat it. Check out our exhibits, hear fake stories and fake presentations on BRC’s fake transportation fake history, and tell us your own stories of fake transportation fake history from BRC’s fake past.

Hometown: San Francisco

Black Rock Disc Golf Cult

If you want to play disc golf, learn, or simply like large blinky mushrooms, come stop on by and say hello!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/groups/blackrockcitydiscgolf/Hometown: Santa Cruz

Black Rock French Quarter

The heart of the Big Easy come to Black Rock City, including cocktails, bakery, fresh roasted coffee, botanica and voodoo shop, live music and burlesque, gumbo cookery, brewery, wine cellar, Mardi Gras, jazz funeral for the Man, vineyard, and a few other surprises. Our French Quarter buildings are based on an open design that your camp can build to join us!

URL: http://www.blackrockfrenchquarter.orgHometown: Los Angeles

Black Rock Gift Shop

A trip to Black Rock City wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Black Rock Gift Shop! We have, or can help you find, all the trinkets, souvenirs, and useful supplies you might need to make your visit to BRC as comfortable and memorable as it should be!

Hometown: Minneapolis

Black Rock Jungle: Dust n' Bass

BOH! Escape the desert to come drink and party in the jungle! Black Rock Jungle: Dust n’ Bass (sound camp) is a group of Jungle/Drum n’Bass enthusiasts from around the world uniting on the Playa to revel in Junglist culture.

Hometown: Knoxville

Black Rock Lemonade

Ice Cold Lem0nade for Dusty Humans…
It cures Scurvy!!!

Hometown: Tahoe-ish

Black Rock Power COOP

Black Rock Power COOP is a collection of some of the most unique camps in the City. Everyone will find something that will draw their interest.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Black Rock Press Corps

Documenting the sweeping spectacle that is Burning Man, through photography, film, and the written word, from the heart of the Black Rock French Quarter. Journalists and documentarians, join us in capturing the magic…

URL: http://www.facebook.com/blackrockpresscorpsHometown: Los Angeles

Black Rock Rest Stop

Black Rock Rest Stop is a yoga, dance, and tea camp offering a meditative space for yogis of all levels. Fortune-telling, dread maintenance, crafting and ecstatic dance are just a few of the things we will create together.

Hometown: Denver

Black Rock Roller Disco

Got Skates? Don’t worry about it. We got you covered. If you like to boogie with wheels on your feet, come by the Black Rock Roller Disco and get your skate groove on with us!!!

Hometown: San Francisco

Black Rock Spatial Delivery

Our uniformed bike messengers have served our community with playawide delivery services for your missives, parcels, letters, schwag since 1999.

This year we are recruiting the stout of heart and the sturdy of sinew to join our legions of deliverators . . . more riders, more bikes, more deliverators! Interested parties should contact BlackRockSpatialDelivery at gmail.com

URL: http://www.cheetowagon.com/brsd/brsd.htmlHometown: PDX/SEA

Black Rock Vineyards

Black Rock Vineyards
Producers of the first and only wine grown, pressed, and aged entirely in Black Rock City! Established in 1999, the vineyards have nurtured a cutting of the nearly extinct carnivorous Cabernet Dionaea for 12 years to yield the acclaimed Vinum Pejorative – vintners and wine lovers, stop by for a sip! We especially need experts and trainees to start our first batch of Dandelion and Lilac wines!
URL: http://www.blackrockvineyards.org

Black Rock Wine Cellar

Black Rock Wine Cellar
The unrelenting heat of the Black Rock Desert is no place for wine! If you have a special bottle in need of tender loving care, we invite you to check your bottle into our refrigerated subterranean facility, where it will await your return under lock and key. And while you’re here, why not join us for a tasting? And if you have construction skills, our excavation crew always needs hand…
URL: http://www.blackrockwinecellar.org

Black Rock Year Book

Come to Black Rock Year Book in your playa best to get your official yearbook photo that will be posted in our grand yearbook on blackrockyearbook.com!

URL: http://blackrockyearbook.comHometown: Los Angeles


Breaking Lovely Dirigibles since 1996!

Hometown: Distributed, principally San Francisco

BLM Interpretive Camp

The goal of this years exhibit will be to educate and involve Burning Man participants in understanding the important role BLM plays in the protection and management of America’s public lands. Safety in and around the Black Rock Desert and surrounding areas.

Hometown: Gerlach, NV


Several amazing camps came together in 2012, Camp Rainblo Fishy, Camp Dickstracted and Camp Bearin’ Oasis…to form a village…and that village is BLOASIS…ASIS…ASIS.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Block Party

Camp Block Party is an interactive camp that believes in the solidifying force of the Block, the unit, the power of one. When many combine and act as one, limitless heights can be reached. However, when units are removed, the unit becomes unstable leading to ultimate collapse.
Come by anytime to play with our blocks.

Hometown: Homewood

Blood Bath & Beyond

The most delish Bloody Marys on the Playa served with a side of Punk! OI OI OI!

URL: http://burnon.wix.com/bloodbathandbeyondHometown: Marshalltown

Blood, Rust & Gin

All will know the glory and horror of Blood, Rust & Gin. We are the unholy alliance of Camp Grrr!! and Rancho Amarillo. Just try to resist.

Hometown: Long Beach & Seattle

Blue Oasis

Each evening movies will be presented in the Blue Oasis Theater. Enjoy movies on a big screen under the stars with full stereo sound. Our film collection includes big name feature films, cult movies and true art collectables. Or, bring your own (DVD format only) and arrange for special shows.

Hometown: San Francisco

BMIR-FM, Burning Man Information Radio 94.5

BMIR, Burning Man Information Radio is the official radio station of Burning Man. We start broadcasting live from the playa on Wed. August 21st. Tune in online then and year round at http://www.bmir.org
Bring an FM radio with you to the playa and tune in 94.5 FM for all the latest Black Rock City news and information. We broadcast 24/7 and offer a wide variety of music and information. Stream us on your smartphone while traveling to BRC!

URL: http://www.bmir.orgHometown: San Francisco

Bojon Balance Camp

Test your balance skills at our playground whilst sipping late afternoon cocktails.

URL: http://bojon.comHometown: San Francisco, Seattle, Barcelona, New York

Boo Boo City

Boo Boo City is a teeming borough and twisted version of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood that incorporates a Mikey’s Hug Deli, a theater (The Litter Box), pirate yoga – arrr, and the biggest, most sweetie-pie stray cat art car – Boo Boo Kitty.

URL: http://thebunkerla.wordpress.com/camp-boo-boo-city/Hometown: SoCal & NYC

Boonville Cabaret

An intimate cabaret venue for spontaneous theatrical performance.

Hometown: Boonville

Boosh Camp

Comprised of members spanning the globe, this year we’ll have members residing in Canada, Australia, UK, Israel, USA, Mexico, Nicaragua attending.
Keep an eye out for our famous blender bike parties (and maybe even the biggest ballpit this side of 6 o’clock)!

Hometown: Vancouver

Botanica Bodhi Manman nan Bejeezus

Tarot and palm readings, candle magic, essential oils and infusions, talismans and other expressions of the mystical arts find their home behind our unassuming storefront. Join us in crafting spirit masks, and helping visitors to customize voodoo dolls with trinkets from the object of their desire or ire. Offerings of the sacred and the profane are encouraged to keep our little Botanica and Voodoo Shop stocked.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/botanicabejeezusHometown: Los Angeles

Bounce Camp


URL: http://www.thebouncelife.comHometown: Santa Cruz

Brain Freeze / Got Stickers

Brain Freeze / Got Stickers Camp is back again bringing you all the “must have” stickers and frozen margaritas along with scorching entertainment.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Brand-UR-Ass N' More

Brand-UR-Ass ‘N More will stimulate your entire being, from your mind to your ass. Bare your butt at the hitchin post and get a fun temporary brand. Bathe in gong vibrations, do some cock ropin’, enjoy some tunes and everything in between. Y’all come N play!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/BrandURAssHometown: Reno

Brass Tax Radio Malibu

Tune in to 101.9 for 24-hour coverage of Brass Tax shenanigans on Radio Malibu: music, sing-a-longs, live interviews, morning calisthenics, and intraplaya sunrise traffic cone sports reportage. A winner could be you!

URL: http://thebrasstax.comHometown: San Francisco

BRC Emergency Services Department, Station 3

The Black Rock City Emergency Services Department provides fire protection, emergency medical services, and crisis mental health services to the citizens of Black Rock City.

URL: http://www.brcesd.org/Hometown: San Francisco

BRC Emergency Services Department, Station 9

The Black Rock City Emergency Services Department provides fire protection, emergency medical services, and crisis mental health services to the citizens of Black Rock City.

URL: http://www.brcesd.org/Hometown: San Francisco

BRC Weekly

BRC Weekly is Black Rock City’s own city-wide newsweekly. From the makers of Piss Clear — BRC’s much-loved alternative newspaper — the BRC Weekly features insightful articles, opinionated rants, and of course, the annual Out/In List.

URL: http://BRCWeekly.comHometown: Black Rock City, NV

BRC Yellow Bike Project

At the end of the event, lost bikes (e.g. abandoned ones that have been gathered up) can be recovered at BRC Yellow Bike Project. Unclaimed bikes are donated to Reno-based non-profits that fix them up and provide them to underprivileged kids.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/bikes/on_playa.htmlHometown: Black Rock City


We are the Black Rock City 3 O’clock Post Office. We handle inter-playa, extra-playa, and ultra-playa mail services. Next!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brc3po/489763854372794?ref=ts&fref=tsHometown: Sebastopol

Bread Camp

Bread is at once modest and infinite. Simple grains unfold into energy with limitless possibilities. The smell of toast draws out a memory nestled deep within. The warmth of the hearth seeps into us the feeling of home. May the bread from our oven sustain you on your journey of exploration and discovery. May the beauty of our Breadwood Tree unfurl your sails, inspire you to climb onward, or rest entirely as you are.

Hometown: San Francisco

Bright Young Things

Bright Young Things seek to brighten the days of you, the dynamic desert denizens swarming the playa. Stop by our campliment for an deep validating obersevation – a direct compliment, or perhaps a sharp jab that reveals a wonderful truth.

Hometown: New York - San Fransisco - LA - San Diego

Brokedown Palace

Come lounge or dance under the liquid lights of Brokedown Palace. And of course, “Reach out your hand if your cup be empty, If your cup is full, may it be again…”

Hometown: Los Angeles

Broken Angel Bathhouse

Join us in crafting the soaps that cleanse us, the oils that fortify us, the perfumes that caress us. Join us in creating this house of water and copper and silk. Join us in sharing the gift of scrubs, salts, and massage, in sharing the essence of life.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/brokenangelbathhouseHometown: Los Angeles


Brulee brings Cirque du Kinque’s unique blend of performance, spirituality, community, fetish and fabulousness to the playa. While we are Colorado based, we have kinksters from around the globe joining in our particular brand of madness.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/brulee/Hometown: Denver

Bubble Camp

Thai iced tea camp is excited to be back at Burning Man and serving up more delicious Thai iced tea than you can handle! Plus we have Burner Post Exchange, an art project where you can get and send post cards to burners you’ve never met before.

Hometown: San Francisco/ Stockholm

Bubbles and Bass

We will be rockin’ you out during the morning hours with bubbly basstastic house music as you watch the sunrise over the playa, dance without inhibition, and cheers with a free glass (or five) of bubbly! Relax your feet in our lounge, come meet old friends and new, enjoy the afterhours fun with Bubbles and Bass.

URL: http://www.bubbleandbass.comHometown: NYC

Buddha Lounge

The “Buddha Lounge” is an Art Installation, Sound/Light Camp & Outdoor Chill Space that Tours Burning Man, Sonic Bloom & Lightning in a Bottle (LIB). Powered by Soulfood Music, Buddha Bass & Various Artists including Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, Kalya Scintilla, Pumpkin, Emancipator, Quade, Ilya, Boolean, Dela Moodtribe, Idiot Savant, Pocket Underground, Random Rab, DJ Jezus Juice, Luxe Moderna, Dub-Virus, Bartek & DJ Free. Genres: Chill, Bass House, Tribal, Electronic, Dance, Ambient, Yoga & World Music. 61

URL: http://facebook.com/buddhaloungethemecampHometown: Santa Fe


When deluded one is an ordinary being when enlightened one is called a Buddha. Every human being can manifest their ultimate potential and live a life of true happiness through chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. BuddhaCamp@theLotusDome Bringing True Buddhism to the playa since 2007!

URL: http://www.buddhacamp.orgHometown: Seattle


Bumblepuss brings a spa theme to the playa. With the addition of the aromatherapy focused Lavender Lounge. Visit and soak in the aromas as you relax in the shade.

URL: http://www.bumblepuss.comHometown: San Francisco

Bumpbed sound camp

Hometown: Oakley

Burners Without Borders

BWB invites you to discover how your passion and creativity can make a positive impact in your local community. You are invited to participate in our daily salons where we will workshop your ideas and connect you to others who can support your project. Making change should be fun, so you will want to check out our live music daily line-up and and be sure and bring a shirt for screen-printing.

URL: http://www.burnerswithoutborders.org/Hometown: Global

Burning Band

The Burning Band is here to perform for you and enliven whatever event you have going on. Come by and play with us, or have us play for you!

Hometown: Palo Alto

Burning Man Bike Course

Stop by the Burning Man Bike Course and test your skills on our thrilling bike course. Whoop-d-doos, jumps, The Wave, wobble totters and The Knife are a few of the features you will experience. We have something to thrill and challenge riders of all abilities. Fabulous gifts for spectacular riders!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Burning-Man-Bike-Course/220060528027398?fref=tsHometown: Truckee

Burning Man Earth (DEPT)

Burning Man Earth is a geo data project within Burning Man…. We provide digital mapping, aerial photography, gigapan photography and produce the iBurn phone app.

URL: http://Earth.burningman.comHometown: Oakland

Burning Sky

See BRC from the sky and watch crazy skydivers jump from 11,000ft!

URL: http://burningsky.orgHometown: San Francisco

Burning Tarot Unearthed

Archaeologists recently unearthed precious cargo left on the Playa by marauding Tarotists over a century ago: a deck of cards depicting members of the ancient Burner tribe. A simple people, the Burners revered the cards as supernatural; today, actors portraying the cult’s high priestess, Miss Magdalen of Mystical Mayhem, and shaman Steven St. Cheese, give readings, teach workshops, and photograph participants for the next Tarot deck (actors work most convincingly when plied with whiskey, wine, and meat).

URL: http://www.magdalen.com/burningtarotHometown: Portland

Bus Depot for Local Shuttle

Bus Depot is a Burning Man service camp run by volunteers who sell tickets for the Gerlach/Empire shuttle. “We do not drive the buses”. We are very easy going and not very regimented. All members are urged greatly to participate using the 10 principles and to contribute in anyway to the theme of the year. Our location is a perfect place to showcase anything within reason. We also serve as a non certified information booth to those traveling to Gerlach/Empire, NV.

Hometown: Milwaukie, Oregon

BUS Perimeter Camp

URL: http://blackrockbuscamp.comHometown: Mount Shasta California