2013 Theme Camps

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Painting Your Patootie

Body painting and related silliness. Come by for simple, clean? fun.

Hometown: San Jose


PajamaJamaRama is a fun, playful group devoted to the simple joys from childhood. Blanket forts, lemonade, playground games and more, we aim to spoil our inner kid with nostalgia and take them on a trip back to our carefree, younger days.

URL: http://www.pajamajamarama.comHometown: Los Angeles

Palace of Balunsia

URL: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/balunsia/?bookmark_t=groupHometown: internet

Pancake Playhouse

Pancakes and soft rock: Two great tastes that taste great together.

URL: http://pancakeplayhouse.org/Hometown: San Francisco

Panda Lounge Sky Bar

The Panda Lounge is a relaxing oasis in the sky: a chance to escape the hustle of Black Rock City, enjoy a cool beverage, dance to some funky tunage, while experiencing panoramic views of the Playa. Come during day or night, we are always open.

URL: http://thepandalounge.comHometown: San Francisco

Pandora's Lounge & Fix-It Shoppe

When you’re broke down, it is no joke – never fret, you won’t regret a visit to Pandora’s Lounge and Fix-It Shoppe! Tools and gear are waiting here for you to bring your ingenuity and creative spark and your bikes, costumes, fire performance gear, non-mohawked heads, and various and sundry items and persons that are in need of fixing or lounging.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/pandorascamp/Hometown: Saint Louis

Papa Legba

Papa Legba operates a free-use cellular service supporting texts and short calls on-playa and to (but not from) the outside world.
We also provide a gathering point for people interested in VoIP, telephony, software radio and cellular technology.

URL: http://papalegba2013.wikispaces.com/Hometown: San Francisco

Paradise Motel

Search the sands and you may find the Paradise Motel: a lost oasis where natives serve Snow Cones and play oddly rhythmic music to lure back the ones who brought the blessed SPAM but also mad scientists who performed experiments. Horrible, horrible, experiments. So beware the mutant creatures that lurk within. Look for the palm trees, flamingoes and Paradise Motel sign for snowcones every afternoon.

URL: http://desertparadise.orgHometown: San Francisco / LA

Particle Camp

Particle Camp will measure airborne particles at Burning Man. We’ll host Particle Camp Theater, with its projected graphs of real time and historic particle measurements, and the PartiScience lecure series where burners will be served libations by bartenders in lab coats while listening to talks on all manner of popular scientific research.

Burners will be able to checkout measurement units. Camp technicians will integrate your information into the larger data set and give you a printout of your particle j

URL: http://particlecamp.org/Hometown: Berkeley

People's Art Congress

People’s Art Congress, where the people and the art are one. Home of four interactive art experiences: the EL-UV Collider and Levitation Kaleidoscope, Riding the Wind (a meditation experience), Virtual Helicopter Ride, and Portrait Colorization of 4′ x 6′ canvases.

Hometown: Muscatine


Petting ZOO welcomes newcomers and only hopes to share the experiences of the playa all while offering an array of creative cocktails, ice-cold bubbling brew, imbibing beverages, and our classic and exclusive ‘moon juice’. Daytime Only. 21 and Over. Donations Accepted.

Hometown: San Jose

Phoenix Camp 2013

Phoenix Camp will provide art and interaction with the “Phoenix.” We are a place to share hopes and dreams or come just come to stay and play!

Hometown: Auburn

Pickle Joint

Serving you pickles, straight up, since 2003. Stop by for a pickle or a spicy pickle-tini – it’ll give you the edge.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pickle-Joint/223260524364455Hometown: Los Angeles

Pickleback Mountain

Interactive Bucking Pickle. Ride the pickle at Pickleback Bar!

Hometown: San Francisco


Follow your nose to the sweet smell of bacon.

Hometown: San Francisco

Pillow Punch

Come try the Ambrosia known as PlayaPunch and step in the ring with your fluffy weapon of doom. Pillow Punch is a Pillow Fighting ring where all participants are invited to drink heavily of our specially brewed punch then do battle with pillows in an all out melee. Settle that grudge with pillows! Like Thunderdome only softer!
This year Burtlandia joins the camp. Celebrate all things Burt Reynolds. You know what time it is…It’s Burt-thirty.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/153814804706493/?ref=ts&fref=tsHometown: Fort Lauderdale

Pink Fuzzy Monkey With Superhero Underwear

Get twisted at Camp Pink Fuzzy Monkey with one of the largest twister boards on the Playa, a sparring ring, sunset deep house dj sessions, and crazy fun nightly theme parties. Learn various forms of karate during the day from black belt experts, lectures and physics experiments, and then get ready to release some steam in our large sparring ring. Top it off with some amazing tunes and black-light twister.

URL: http://pinkfuzzymonkey.com/Hometown: Reno

Pink Heart

Pink Heart brings to you shade, shelter, fur couches and chilled cucumber water in the comfort of the Pink Lounge, Esplanade Viewing Station & Alien Return Viewing Deck area. Recalibrate your body, mind, and spirit while you sit & gaze at the open Playa. Enjoy delicious vegan ice cream if you time your visit right!

URL: http://pinkheartcamp.wordpress.com/Hometown: San Diego

Pink Lightning

Pink Lightning is the home of the Burning Man Ultramarathon, where ultrarunners come to congregate, run, stretch, & have fun! It is also the home of the Librarian Cocktail Party, and some crazy kids from the East Coast.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/burningmanultramarathon/Hometown: Brooklyn

Pink Mammoth

Pink Mammoth is a not for profit house music and creative arts collective based in San Francisco. PM is also a family. We strive to nurture a sense of closeness among us, a bond between us, and to create an environment of love and compassion, selflessness and support, health and vitality, that encourages each of us to be our best, to shine and to thrive.

URL: http://www.pinkmammoth.orgHometown: San Francisco


International hub of Art, Music, Performance, Yoga, Absinthe, and BINGO!

Hometown: Seattle

Planet Earth

Black Rock City’s 80s night club.
Open every day from 8pm to 4am, featuring all the top new wave hits and videos from the 80s.

URL: http://N/A (using facebook these days)Hometown: San Francisco

Platybus & The Band.

We’re all stars. Especially you. Join the daily Rock & Roll sessions performed live on the rooftops of the world famous Purple Platypus and Galactic Crusader. Play our organs, strum our banjos, help make the music only you can.

Hometown: Oakland

Play Practice Poi Camp

We gift sets of practice poi & teach basic moves of spinning poi (no fire.)

Hometown: Boulder


Play)A(Skool: Naughty boys and girls, degenerate fakulty, kids in the playground of life; adherents to the ethos of Burning Man with a mission to sprinkle the globe with Playa dust. Calling all Lovers, Rock-stars, Scholars, the Opulent and the Mystics: our belief is that we share, we learn; we learn, we grow — we grow — we evolve. Come check out our daily classes, one-of-a-kind art and experiences, our legendary lounge and parties, and this year’s host of TEDxBlackRockCity.

URL: http://(in development now)Hometown: Lake Tahoe


PLAYA 54 – An Afternoon Delight!! Los Angeles based DJs spin the Best of the 80’s, Disco, House, and More – Check the What/Where/When for our playa famous “BLOODY” Themed Party – Come by, Grab a Drink and LETS DANCE!!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/playa54Hometown: Los Angeles

Playa Bike Repair

“Playa Bike Repair” is both a service and a theme camp. ON-Playa: We run a “Bike Lounge,” with a bar, mist, music, shade, and tools. Mechanics drop in. Friendly, nurturing, and supportive, they will gladly help you fix your bike! Last year, we helped over 2000 people fix their bikes!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/playabikerepairHometown: San Francisco

Playa Info

At Playa Info you’ll find:
° Oracles who will help answer any questions with their profound wisdom, and help you locate just about anything you need within the vast resources of Black Rock City
° Directory computers to: register yourself and your camp; find friends’ and theme camps; browse or add events and art; find or offer rideshares; send and view messages
° Lost & Found

URL: http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/infrastructure/info_services.htmlHometown: San Franciso

Playa Jazz Cafe

The PJC is returning to the Playa for our 10th year, with nighty interactive explorations into the universe of jazz music and our signature Irish coffee. Bring your instrument and join us in a celebration of live jazz improvisation.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/PlayaJazzCafeHometown: San Francisco

Playa Name Help (f/k/a Namers at Rest)

PLAYA NAME HELP provides meaningful Playa Names for Black Rock City citizens. We welcome namies and namers both. Open Mon-Wed from 1-6pm.

URL: http://playanamehelp.info/Hometown: Seattle

Playa Pail Kids

Are you a Vicky Virgin? Beware of Scotty Scalper. Don’t be a Darkwad Dan! Stop by to browse inside our shade gallery of Playa Pail Kids artwork and collect our stickers to trade with your friends.

Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Restoration

Come sit in our shade and look at things left behind.

Hometown: Black Rock City

Playa Surfers

For 2013 Playa Surfers return with guided lessons on motorized surfboards, tarp surfing, and a mega party surprise! Join us and dance in the shade of our huge wave structure during the day! Come visit the the original Lifeguard Tower #33 that beautifies the playa as a beacon to Surfers everywhere looking to find their way home. Don’t forget the Baywatch Lifeguard daytime and sunset parties with sick DJ line-ups!

URL: http://www.playasurfers.comHometown: Los Angeles


Wonder lost? Come chill at Playa-Denity & get your completely awesome personalized ID badge with your photo and playa address a great memento of your experience and proof of Black Rock City Citizenship as well as a year round reminder of your playa home.

Hometown: Reno

Playagon Village

PlayaGon contains futurists, philosophers, technologists, artists, yurt-builders, polyamorists and wifi. Join us for thoughtful conversation, coconut-electrolytes and a gorgeous array of silvery yurts.

URL: http://PlayagonVillage.comHometown: San Francisco (primarily)

PlayaGrounds Cafe

Welcome to the PlayaGrounds Cafe. Get some fresh, finely-brewed coffee in the morning, lounge around in our dome, or maybe play on the teeter totter or swing set. We’re always up for some play.

URL: http://playagrounds.orgHometown: Oakland

Playasophy Camp

Playasophy camp is a haven for the exchange of ideas. Come relax and enjoy our hookah lounge while sharing knowledge with other denizens of the playa!

Hometown: Seattle

PlayaWaste Raiders

An oasis of refuge from the happiness and organization of the surrounding tranquility of the playa. An island of chaos and mayhem festooned with the grisly remains of those that have bored us.

URL: http://playawasteraiders.com/Hometown: Dallas

Playfully Yours

Playfully Yours is avaiable for couples and singles to come and experience the lighter more sensual side of BDSM play in a safe and supervised envionement. Our camp is well equipped with crosses, benches, tables, cages, and a suspension station and we provide a variety of toys such as floggers, paddles, cuffs, ropes, crops, violet wands, feathers, and more for you to use or you can bring your own.

Hometown: Monterey


An interactive Playground will be available 24/7. With a spinning swing, a single Tall swing a large multi swing and a swing set, along with some other challenging games at the front of camp, at the street.

Hometown: Healdsburg

Plays Well With Others

Suburban Slippage offers a slip-to-decorate, Winging It has materials to create butterfly wings, the Mobile Creation Station has everything you need to make a beautiful mobile, and the Lavender Handwash Booth is here to pamper your dusty paws. On Friday at 5:00 come by our cocktail cart for our Mad Men Party! Music and libations 60’s Style so do dress accordingly!

Hometown: Reno area

Pleasure Island

Pleasure Island is a haven for wayward girls and boys, encouraging them to drink, gamble, smoke cigars and exhibit lusty behavior while gradually turning into donkeys. Visit our Donkey bar to enjoy specialty cocktails, scarf down gourmet ice creams, and listen to the beats.

Hometown: Orange County


Come play with us! We collect interactive games from around the globe, try the custom Genga and our Volley ball-sized Beirut game or come chill in our shade while learning to play D-20 and other card and dice-based drinking games (we I.D.) Stop by and get twisted off a Pfist Punch, and don’t forget to Check out our Event schedule for Tournament and Pop-Up-Bar times.

URL: http://www.PleasureFist.comHometown: Eugene, Miami

PO9 Village

The Post Office 9 Village is the place to send mail and messages throughout the playa and world. Our happy staff will assist you in getting the message out in style.

URL: http://brcpo2oh.weebly.com/Hometown: Littleton

POC (People of Color)

Our mission is to celebrate the many colors of the Burning Man Community, while creating a multi-colored network of people, providing a vibrant look at diversity and the wonderful flavors and facets of life!

URL: http://portal.sliderocket.com/BVGPW/279FEF3A-8E6C-465D-AECF-81906F06883FHometown: NYC/San Francosco


Life in the desert is harsh; Polegasm is the perfect place to relax and unwind. We believe bodies are great, every BODY can dance and build it right. A visit to our Temple offers an ideal way to start your journey; come on over, grab a Pole and have a Gasm!

Hometown: Seattle

Polygraph Camp

Are you in need of a BRAIN, a HEART or COURAGE? Come forward if you dare! The all-knowing Wizard of Camp Polygraph can provide what you seek. Connect to the all-seeing Polygraph and experience its diagnostic magic. Next, imbibe the Absinthe of Truth and embark on an otherworldly quest with a mysterious companion. At the end of the road lies the Wizard. The most intrepid among you will be granted a meeting and then…all will be revealed.

Hometown: Los Angeles


PolyParadise has been influencing the Hearts & Minds and Washing the Bodies of Playa Citizens from ‘2:00 – 10:00’ for the past 14 years.

We are a group of Polyamorists seeking to live our dreams, and this camp is one manifestation of that. Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty among all partners.

Join us in a variety of events – Come in from the sun….take a load off your feet…

URL: http://www.polyparadise.comHometown: Phoenix

Porn and Donuts

We serve hot fresh donuts on the playa accompanied by tasteful vintage porn movies.

URL: http://www.pornanddonuts.comHometown: Berkeley

Porta-Potty Pigs

The Porta-Potty Pigs are back with their legendary comfort station. Stop by the potties at 4:00 and D for unlimited toilet paper, wipes, lotions, shade & hydration!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/portapottypigsHometown: Reno

Post Nuclear Family


URL: http://www.postnuclearfamily.comHometown: Los Angeles

PRED: Cult of the Wheel

Join our cult. Confess your sins with pride and testify! No religion, faith, or guilt required.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CultOfTheWheelHometown: Davis

Present and Positive

Join us in fostering the qualities of Awareness (Present) and Equanimity (Positive) within ourselves and others by experientially engaging the Ten Principles.

URL: http://www.PresentAndPositive.comHometown: Idyllwild

Pretentious Fox

A very international and inter-state gathering of pretentious foxes and other eclectic and venerable animals! We provide an essential neighborhood BAR with good MUSIC, visitor bar-top ART, a STAGE with instruments for OPEN-MICS, and several EVENTS including RUSSIAN kitsch night with pel’meni!

URL: http://pfoxy.tumblr.comHometown: Chicago, San Francisco, New York

Pretty Pickle Camp

Pretty Pickle Camp: A relaxed outpost on the road to nowhere featuring cold pickle service to passers by in the afternoon. Also offering artisanal pickle warmers for the more adventurous among our population to adorn their naked pickles.

URL: http://prettypicklecamp.p1r8.netHometown: Black Rock City

Primate Playground

Come and get some Monkey Lovin’ at the Primate Playground. Join in our Gorilla Samba dance event, Hula Hoop swinging, Self-Love educational workshops and more entertaining events. Chill on our shady luscious astro-grass.

Hometown: Cupertino, CA


A community of LED light artists. Join us each night at dusk for prismatic reception, followed by mobile community light show on the night Playa.

URL: http://www.prismaticamp.orgHometown: Berkeley

Pro Leisure Tour

Come to Pro Leisure Tour for comfort, respite, and burner fun. Let us professionals give you an oasis to recharge for esplanade escapades, grab an outfit from the Coslopus Closet, and some good ‘ol southern hospitality.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/groups/173316726119178/Hometown: Memphis


Bringing the Gift of Fire to Humankind since the Dawn of Time! Come experience the fully immersive Tesseract Mirror Box (Put on the rainbow glasses and be dazzled by an infinity of strobelights!), enjoy edifying Flow Temple workshops during the day; then join us for full-on fantabulous fireshows at dusk and dawn.

URL: http://www.prometheatrics.comHometown: Los Angeles

Psychic Taxi

Psychic Taxi provides rest for the wicked and transportation for the unwary. Trust us to take you somewhere.

URL: http://psychictaxi.com/blog/index.htmlHometown: Oakland


An interactive electric garden that explores alternate forms of energy and music, as well as the ramifications of producing genetically identical individuals and objects through cloning.

URL: http://PsyCloneCamp.comHometown: New York


Run from the wub-wub and escape the oontz-oontz at Pubstep, your local playa pub. We’ll drown out the playa noise with pub music while you enjoy drinks, shade, and homebrewed mead. Pub trivia starts at 5, midnight mafia starts at midnight (duh).

Hometown: San Francisco