2013 Theme Camps

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Earth Guardians

We inspire, inform and encourage our fellow Black Rock City citizens to apply the Green & Leave No Trace principles and practices to life in our temporary desert home and to leave positive traces in our desert home. Come, volunteer and participate in our daily yoga, talks about Black Rock and Leave No Trace or just grab a MOOP bag!

URL: http://www.earthguardians.netHometown: Nevada City

Earthlings Are Easy

Looking for some hot alien love? Interested in having your brain melted by space technology? Come check out Earthlings Are Easy, where your intergalactic fantasies come alive.

Hometown: San Francisco

East Bay Burners Camp

Come learn about First Home, our beautiful CORE project on the playa, get your photographic portrait taken by the Bluefox.

URL: http://sites.google.com/site/eastbayburningman/Hometown: East of the San Francisco Bay

Easy Village

Who doesn’t need a little bit more easy when it comes to your Burning Man experience? 24 hour activities to bring you joy! Bubbly in the AM with Bubbles and Bass. Mid afternoon relaxing at the Heroes & Super Villain’s Bar. Rat Camp’s Gold Bikini party. Sunset writing workshops courtesy of the Royal Safarians. Snowcones by Galactic Jungle. Nighttime dancing thrown by DJs from House of Lords, H&SV and Mosaic Lounge in the Zomes by the The Society!

Hometown: NYC, Philly, DC, LA, SF

Ego Trip

Ego Trip – Where the hottest on the playa come to play! Get pampered at our beauty bar, capture that stunning playa outfit at our photo booth, check out all your good sides in the EgoNOMitron, and dance to our sexy beats on the Vain Stage. We’ll get you drunk on your own vanity (and our delicious drinks) until everyone looks as good as you do!

URL: http://www.egotripcamp.comHometown: San Diego

Electromek Apotek

Electromek Apotek is a camp formed around the intersection of engineering, the arts and energy. Our mechanical beasts will be found here when not roaming the playa. We believe that art is an essential component of a more energy-conscious future, and as shapers of this future, we can all help expand the notions of what is possible. Come see what we’ve cooked up in our Vancouver lab. Stay for a drink and chat with one of our many Energy Apothecaries.

URL: http://www.eatart.orgHometown: Vancouver

Elements Village: Wind+Fire+Earth

Elements Village: Wind+Fire+Earth represents a view that is universal in many of the worlds mythologies. Join the Fire Spinning Cowboys of Gedi Prime, the Wind Kite Art of the Department of Tethered Aviation and the Metalurgical Magical Serpents of Empire of Dirt, as we bring experiences to thrill your senses, hone your humor and open your eyes to the wonder all around us.

URL: http://www.dotarocks.netHometown: San Francisco

Elvis Wedding Chapel & Salvage Gardens 2013

The Elvis Wedding Chapel & Salvage Gardens 2013 returns to BRC servicing your nuptial needs! Sojourn through the Salvage Gardens. Primp and prepare in the legendary Bridezilla Lounge with our trained attendants. Bring the whole wedding party and come on down to the King’s Chapel and let our audio-animatronic Elvis hitch you up for eternity… or just one dusty week!

URL: http://elvischapelbrc.wordpress.com/Hometown: Los Angeles


Elysium- a place or condition of ideal happiness!
Air conditioned lounge/bar with a separate hookah corner where you can relax while grooving to some beats by our DJ. If your feeling perky frolic in our playground! take on fellow burners in our full sized blow up obstacle course, soar into the sky on our swing or up for a little race on our bouncing balls? No matter what your idealized description of paradise Elysium has something for all!

Hometown: Reno

Empire of Dirt

Empire of Dirt provides a down home Valhalla to an art collective, a myriad of kinetic art projects, 8 mutant vehicles, oilpunk gatherings, and the The Serpent Twins. At any time there may be a blacksmith lecture, tech talks about led technology, dancing to a swing band, or the Ramp of Death. Valhalla!

URL: http://www.oilpunk.comHometown: Oakland


Class acts, professionals, mirth maestros, savage clowns, dashing dandys, the flagrantly fashionable, traffic hustlers, comfort eagles, tactile sportsmen, luminous beauties and shark hunters bring you the world of all that is Enchante. 100% Coreganic and truly made in the shade by said folks, for said folks.

Hometown: San Francisco, San Luis Obispo

Enchanted Oasis

Enchanted Oasis brings you a playground set in a magical forest! Come to swing, climb and have some fun with us!

Hometown: Denver


The Enclave is a rich tapestry of Santa Barbara area artists, designers, engineers, and performers who are driven to bring a strong character of ceremony, play, and performance to the BRC. Our space is defined by a unique architectural presence that is a play of shadows and interactivity in the day, and an eerie, eclectic place of fire and chaos at night.

URL: http://theenclave.usHometown: Santa Barbara

End of Line Club

We are a camp that is Tron themed find info at www.endoflineclub.simdif.com. We will be providing original music and equipment and a stage for any DJs that want to sign up and spin through the festival, as well as a Tron Lightcycle art car, and Tron themed gate and 3D End of Line Club stage backdrop.

URL: http://endoflineclub.simdif.comHometown: Vancouver/Porltand

Endless Censorship


Come chillax and chat with the good peeps at Equilibrium. Be sure to say hello to Michael.

Hometown: San Francisco; Eureka

Eridu Society

The original cargo cult, dating back to ancient Sumer. The righteous ones (known as Anunnaki) established Eridu as the first city on Earth more than 70 centuries ago. Since they left, we’ve traveled through time, space, and several of the better dimensions looking for signs. We believe they are returning, and we’re planning to meet them in the Black Rock Desert. We’ll build a ziggurat in their honor, and offer up tributes while we await the return of the Anunnaki.

URL: http://www.eridusociety.orgHometown: San Francisco


Tactical espresso service. Serving NAKED ESPRESSO — no foo-foo froth, mocha, frappa-crappa, soy, latte drinks; just the real stuff. Open when we get up, for a few hours. BYO cup, we don’t have any to go. Stop by, say hi, have some of the last legal high.

URL: http://home.comcast.net/~espressocampHometown: Vancouver

Everywhere Pavilion

Visit with Burning Man-affiliated groups and learn how the Black Rock Arts Foundation, Black Rock Solar, Burners Without Borders, the Burning Man Regional Network, and the Burning Man Project are bringing the playa to the world the other 51 weeks of the year! Check the What Where When for hosted cocktail parties, mixers, lectures and interactive art activities.

URL: http://www.burningman.comHometown: San Francisco


A camp of, by, and for Singularity University and all exponential thinkers, doers, and makers.

Hometown: Mountain View

Eyeland Oasis

“An eyedyllic oasis for soothing astonished eyes and weary feet. At the Oasis, your peepers and/or creepers will be attended to by “doctors” without orders, with cooling cucumber eye masks, mists, lotions and potions.”

Hometown: Sonoma Co/Mendocino Co

Ezh Camp

We are prickly, we are bright, we make shiny beams of light. We are hedgehogs in the fog, we will give you a big hug.
Come play with us!

Hometown: San Francisco